Diary of the Day (Night?)

Well, in my watch it is 1.27 am in the night, did not go to office today… reason??

I don’t know exactly. all it seems is that i m kind of emotionally imbalanced to attend my boring office work.

Actually it’s been a while that I m in such mood, in such condition. why?

Well it is too open a place to discuss or explain.

But I guess that’s not the point, the point is…

I have already been through such situations. Then why m i so vulnerable still??

I guess I m still not tough enough to handle lots of thing in life. I want to be a complete man yeah.. but nobody is perfect, and i can not be ‘nobody’.

i had no idea that i would start this blog with topic, but then again , life is so unpredictable and mysterious. so…

Let it be

Anyway….. Signing off for today i mean for tonight… ciao

P.S: And please, blog viewers, please leave your comments…….

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