Ohhkk… So after a long interval i am back again to honor this blog. So….

Why I was shying away from writing anything in my blog or to be precise in my online diary?? Hmm, Man was I busy??? Hell no…. I was having enough time to juts put at least an entry here.

But I did not do…

Well, Lemme tell you the truth, lets face it guys.. I mean let me face it… I m so so depressed, lately nothing seems all right. I’m calling home again and again and whining to mom and dad that i am so so so down and under. But all they got is a VALID QUESTION… Why are you so???

And i don’t have the answer…. Or…. May be I’ve and simply don’t want to tell them.

Well well well… seems like all the happiness is just drifting away from me, from my life.

Hell I never wanted to lead a life like this, but again… What can I do,  to fight and win with my fate.

Guess for today, this much is enough.. Gotta get up early tomorrow… I have ***** office at 5.30 am

Any way… Chao then..


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