I’m not that strong

I’m not strong. I’m not that strong, I realized it today, and the feeling is quite hard on me. Always thought i m stronger, tougher and a hard nut to crack, but seems like the nut is already cracked. I don’t know what is happening to me and how i am been able to admit my weakness so openly, publically.

Guess that what my age has done to me. Am i getting old?? May be i am. But whatever it is, I am hating it with all my heart and hardly anybody can imagine how eager I am to get back to my old days. Some body told me that everything is going to be fine, all it needs is a little time. But i am getting all restless here, and i am scared, very scared. Ohh hell!!!, what is happening to me, why am i speaking like this???

Ani, the great ‘Ani’, is this the end of him???

It can’t be. May be i am weak for a while, may be i am a little old, may be i am going through a tough time which might have made me a little soft, but hey, this Ani is always a fighter, a veteran soldier who pulled off almost all the battle he fought. For win or loss, for better or for worse, Ani will fight, he always fights against all the odds.

So world!!! beware, You can love me, you can hate me, but you can’t ignore me. And you bet, I’ll find my way through the battle

Fate, you can use all your weapon on me, this fighter will either win or he’ll die….

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