Life ‘is’ difficult

Why, I mean why, life has to be so difficult??

Why can’t it be simple? You know, simple in the sense the we should get our expectations fulfilled, of course I am not saying that unusual and extraordinary expectations (some thing like a wish to become king Midas( though he repented it afterwords)) should be fulfilled, but the normal, simple wishes of human kind can be and should be granted (granted by whom?? ).

I am disturbed (of course I am, else no fool will be awake in the midnight, 12:30am to be specific, and will be writing all these so-called nonsense,’ so called I wrote’)

Now, what am I to do? Wish I wish, how much I wish, that I had the power to change the way of the world, at least i really want to do that for me. If this world is a cruel place to live, I want to live in mars, or Jupiter or Pluto( poor guy recently been stripped off from his title as planet, don’t you worry boy, I’m coming). Now behind all these little clueless talk, all I want to say that our lives which are really really complicated, should be  simplified. I know what people will say, they will say it’s in the hand individuals to make things and life simpler. But no, not anymore. I am sure about that, no matter what way human kind will try to make their life’s simple and nice, the wont be succeeded. I never deny the point that human themselves has brought this situation upon them and now we are at the mercy of mother nature and hoping so much that she at least wont abandon us

I’ve learned this from the situation of mine, and I am urging you all to start the process of making your life simple and beautiful. because anything that is complex and difficult are always somewhat ugly!

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