Just Friends…

Now it’s all over, we fell apart. So you have to ask me, “Can we still be friends?”
You want to play nice, you want to act wise, but you know broken heart never mends.
So you want to offer me a consolation prize, for the game we both played, but I lost.
The winner should leave with a winning note, so you took me, where once our path crossed.
Where once we met and promised to be together, forever. But promises are meant to be broken.
So now, as everything between us, turned into nothing; a few words though left unspoken.
But you don’t want to hear them, you are too blind to notice me, devastated and forsaken.
Standing in the rain and watching helplessly, as my beloved possession is snatched and taken.
So you touch my hand and ask me if I am ok, if I understand why I have to set you free.
“We will be friends, we will always be”, I know they are your last words to me.
Because you know, friends won’t be angry if you won’t call them before you sleep.
Because they won’t hold you anymore and won’t stop you go down and drown so deep.
I am telling you now, I am no friend of yours and you can forget it, as I will only refuse.
I never wanted a friend like you and I will never be in need of any, so don’t say it anymore.
All I ever asked for is your love and only so, don’t make the word friendship a dirty excuse.
And stop saying, “Can we still be friends? Only friends?”standing very next to my door.

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