It was 3 o clock in the afternoon today, I had a heavy breakfast so wasn’t feeling that hungry till that time. But after 3 I suddenly got my appetite back, so I thought of heading to Sea Shell restaurant in mount road, precisely in Greams road. I tell you guys, if you really want to have a taste of real biriyani in Chennai, you should go there.

I am sure you are confused after reading the preface because it has no relation what so ever with the tittle of it. dear friends, there is a link, a deep link. so let me not try your patience anymore and come straight to the point.

For the very first time I have felt something so new. no, I didn’t mean that for the first time I was jealous. no, of course, I am no saint, I have been jealous about so many things before, I was jealous about so many people. but this time I felt jealous about something, which is purely different for me, may be not different for others. But for me, it is the first time.

So I was reached there by 3.30 pm. ordered a mutton biriyani and a mint lemon juice for myself, it’s always my favourite combo there. after ordering i was checking out the other people sitting in the restaurant and then eyes got glued to this cute college couple or to the girl to be honest. Fair in complexion, wearing a very loose top and a 3/4th jeans. The guy was alright, tall, dark and handsome. Where I was sitting from there I was only able to have a partial view of that girl, except occasionally when she was turning her face this way.

I kept staring at her and I was feeling so jealous. I was so jealous that i felt like pushing that guy out of that chair and sit with her. She was wearing such a loose top that her blue bra was visible,a pint of hair was brushing her cheeks and she was waving them off. The guy was showing her something in his mobile and she was giggling, may be some forwarded message. Almost everyone in the restaurant was looking at them, but they were so reluctant about that. Two lovebirds, it’s only two of them and the rest of the world is at their feet, that’s how it seemed. And I was getting plunged into jealousy, so much that i had to muttered myself, ” Come on, what is it with you? Have you gone nuts? It’s just another regular couple in restaurant.” I have seen so many couples in so many places, I never felt this way. I don’t know why today I felt this way and I was getting more jealous in every passing minutes.

I tried to refrain myself from thinking about it, questioned myself, why today I am feeling this way? Part of me answered, probably my loneliness were exposed brutally by their presence that it came out as envy. another part of me said “You too need someone who will hold your hands and giggle at your every lame joke”.Then again I looked at them, they were holding hands and was talking while looking at each others eyes. They were looking so cute.

I paid the bill, looked at my half eaten food, and stormed out of that place.

One thought on “Jealousy!!!”

  1. Damn it!!!!!!!! Why meeeee?????
    Now when I am all alone, all of a sudden I am surrounded by these stupid couples. They are everywhere. They are in my workplace; they are on the road, in malls, at the movie theatre, even on the streets. I hate to see them now, walking hand in hand, making small talks and laughing, giggling. I feel jealous, I feel hopeless, and I feel a strange loneliness. And I don’t like it 😦 😦 :(.



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