I am single and sad.

“I am single and happy”. I hear or see these words often, from someone or in someone’s status in Facebook or MySpace or Twitter. Are they? I don’t know.

A long tiring day, an almost dead man and a long dead soul, dragging his feet back home. Sitting naked all alone in a corner with a can of beer and his laptop singing ‘Hey you’ of Pink Floyd. That’s a life no guy wants. Eventually that’s the life it becomes in few years of service in bloody IT companies in any metro.

Drifted thousands of miles away from home long long ago, where even faces of the parents going blur in the mind. So he wants to live, try to find life in love and romance. And he finds himself all alone. No love comes by his way. Then he found it and lost it in few days. And again he found and lost it and it gets a routine. All of a sudden the routine even disappears.

Why we feel jealous, envious, when we see our ex partners, our old lovers, our school/college life crushes are happy, satisfied and blissful with their new partners, spouses or boyfriends. May be because of loneliness we have and they don’t. So we get green when we see them happy and find we are not. So we try to hide ourselves behind these words, “I am single and happy”. So we try to convince ourselves that it’s a better life because there’s no one to interfere into our lives. Often find behind that sense of freedom hiding a gloomy aloof creature. So we keep telling our friends what a ‘torture’ he/she was. But in the night when we switch off the lights and go to bed, we think of them so much and darkness seems so scary.

I am not happy. I am single… and SAD!

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