Facebook & Lesbianism in India

I mean what is with the girls (especially Indian girls) now a days. As Facebook is growing on this country, seems like the girls are getting more lesbianish. I know that word is grammatically wrong but I don’t have any other words to describe this syndrome. Here are some comments I have read on girls Facebook profiles, mostly the comments are on their so called ‘PIX’ or on their wall. Check ‘em out…….

1)      OMG!! You look so cute, I love you

2)      Can’t biliv its you, muwaaaahhhh…

3)      Where did u tk tht pic?? ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

4)      You are the cutest!!!!!!! Plzzzz marry meeeee

These are the comments posted by girls on their friends’ pictures and profiles. Now tell me what am I suppose to understand from all these? That they are normal friends?? Or is it like a bunch girls hitting on another girl???

Is Facebook promoting lesbianism in India???


I am so confused. I could have consoled my mind thinking probably this is the 21st century trend of girlies showing love to girlies. But how on earth they gonna justify their relationship status??? Janani ‘married’ to Srinidhi? Aishwarya ‘committed’ to Asha? Saniya in an ‘open relationship with’ Divya, Fathima & Annie? That’s the scariest of the bunch. Hell sometimes it feels like the whole city turning into a lesbian circus. Now that hurts. Already in our so called culture the guys and the girls have no freedom to even date properly. Counted beautiful chicks and countless losers have already made the scenario of this country an uncertain one. And now this???? Lesbianism was never been a matter of taboo for Indian guys with few conditions applied.  I remember a funny incident of my friend Samar and his girl friend.

Samar’s gf: (Weeping) I am sorry Samar, I cheated on you last night.

Samar: What????? WTF????

Samar’s gf: Ya, but it was never my fault (Now crying).

Samar: (Red faced and clinched teeth) Tell me that bastard’s name…. TELL ME!! BITCH…

Samar’s gf: It’s my roomy Swati. She brought these CDs and we were watching them, I don’t know what got into her. She seduced me. AAAAAnnnnnn (Crying loud).

Samar: (With a relieved smile) That’s ok baby, don’t cry now… common. Now I can forgive you. If you just let me join you and Swati next time.


So you see we Indian men were never skeptical about lesbianism. We never had a problem watching one chick climb on another if only we are next one in queue. But looks like girls are all set to corner we guys and ready to do things by their own. Situation is very alarming and critical. Cause if a girl give her friend a friendly kiss, we call sweet. If she gives her a lesbian kiss, we call it sexy. And if a guy kisses his guy friend, we call it…………… YUCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!####@@@@@


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