A bus, one night of december, Delhi.


The sensational and brutal gang rape case which occurred on 17th dec night right in the heart of the capital has shaken this country. I have read it in the paper, saw it in the news, but to be frank I am not really shaken or became speechless. Make no mistake; I do have my sympathy and condolences for the deceased girl and her family. But having said that I also feel this issue has drawn the undivided attention of the nation, because it took place in our National capital right under the nose of the PM, CM and all other politicians and police. This is not the first rape case in Delhi and it won’t be the last, but the gruesome nature of this case also is one of fact that makes this case an important one.

Now let’s see why I wasn’t impacted by this incident. Simply because I am aware of the ground realities.

If we ignore the sex crime statistics occurring in metros and concentrate on the rural India.  Everyday thousands of rape and sexual assaults are happening in those areas. Let that be the systematic rapes by Indian army in Kashmir valley and Northeastern provinces, or the brutal gang rapes of dalit and lower caste women in Up, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, MP or Rajasthan. No one can turn a blind eye about all the incident came to lights which are happening in the other part or rural India.

Protesters were pushing it hard for the strong laws against rape. Let me tell you, there are more cases of murder occurs than rape in a calendar year in our country and we all know what is the punishment for the first degree murder. I have my doubts if the rape laws are strengthening will they be really effective enough!!!

Call me male chauvinist, call me sexist, but I stand by my point. The safeties of you girls are in your hands. Yes we are waiting for the change of mind that provocative clothes and attitude can’t be the reason for rape, yes we are waiting for this country to be a safer place for women, we are waiting for our law and order department to be more competent.

But till then, girls, you have to be cautious. If only modern society and thinking could stop rape, USA wouldn’t be topping this chart. You have to be cautious; you have to restrict your activity. Simply because this nation is not competent enough to save always and also doesn’t want to be harmed anyway.

So as a brother, boyfriend or father when we try to restrict your clothing and activity, don’t bark at us saying we are sexist. Yes there are laws and yes the rapist might get punished for their deeds but we don’t want you to get raped in the first place.


Rape is the oldest crime against humanity. Let that be 1942 Berlin massacre, 1971 Bangladesh atrocities (according to statistics 90,000 women were raped, that’s just a govt. figure, Till date the highest cases of rape reported), Civil wars in African nations, everywhere this occurs repetitively. Few of them are so gruesome in nature that the Delhi case might sound like a normal one.

So girls, don’t generalize we men as rapists, we are also the protectors. If we cannot keep you safe on the roads at least we try to keep you safe inside our houses. I know it’s so tough to digest but we want you to be safe rather than seeing the rapist punished after the committed this heinous crime till we can give a safer road to walk on.


2 thoughts on “A bus, one night of december, Delhi.”

  1. You had asked me to read this in that mail. I haven’t made any remark that ‘all men are like this’ or something! Read the last paragraph! ” I am entirely not blaming the gender as a whole. Neither all the police men” is what I have said!


  2. I was just seeking your agree or disagreement of my blog. I thought you might be able to evaluate my blog better and tell me if you think I am wrong in anyway……


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