It wasn’t long ago, I was all about me
Then I saw you, and it wasn’t about me anymore.
As everything now turned you, wherever I see
Losing my mind, over my lost heart for sure.
I’ve felt that before, only never felt this strong.
I sit hours for nothing and answers are all gone.
Hollow eyes and empty mind, but I ‘vent got it wrong
I am so unsure, but I guess I am not anymore alone.
So you found the forbidden door unlocked, unanswered
And you walked straight into my head.
To find the other forsaken door that leads to my heart
But the path, my love, has no end and long dead.
Nonetheless, I let you into this undone and unseen
With that naughty smile and determined pair of eyes.
I knew, you’ll always find your ways to reach in
As you already belong in there and to you, it’s no surprise.

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