Ashok and his family

20121115_AMERICAN_FAMILY_LARGE02 of 2007








It’s exactly 9:20 am in the morning, as always, Ashok is sitting on the branch of this mango tree just outside his house. This is where he can see his room right through the window.

He knows everybody in this house uses his room for their secret despising acts. Yes! Every one of them. But they don’t know Ashok knows about everything.


Now he can see his elder sister Preeti came into the room and locked the door. She is now calling her boyfriend Mahesh. They will speak for 15 mins and then she’ll leave for her college. Ashok knows this Mahesh is married with a kid and having relations with another 3 girls. How can her sister be so blind!!! Wish he could warn his sister.


As Ashok’s sister left, his elder brother Kishore comes in, within 5 mins. He’s got handful of money which Ashok know for sure is stolen from his dad’s purse. Kishore is pushing all the money in his school bag hurriedly. It’s just a year back his brother got dope addicted. Now he needs bore money to buy his cigarettes and daily doses of dopes. Ashok knows about this too. And he can hardly do anything about it.


It’s almost 10am now; he knows his dad is going to enter his room. He needs to discuss his dealings about the financial irregularities with his friend and partner in crime Rakesh uncle. It’s been a while his father is cheating his business partner ‘Agarwal’ with the help of his friend Rakesh. Ashok felt heavy in his heart. Is there no one who isn’t twisted in his family? He knows Agarwal came to know about his father’s murky dealings and planning to set trap for him. How can he save him from all these?


Ashok’s mother never comes in to his room; it’s been a year almost. Wait… what Ashok is seeing now?

His mother is in his room. She is turning pages of his drawing book and weeping. And in a flash he remembers. This is 12th August 2010. Same day last year, when he was sitting here, in the same tree, on the same branch. As he was peeping through the window of his room, he found his mother and Rakesh uncle was with each other. As he eagerly tried to stand on the branch to see what they were doing…..

Ashok will never forget that moment. When he was falling of the branch, horror in his mother’s eyes and the shocked look of Rakesh uncle.


Ashok felt the wetness in his eyes as he sighed heavily. Only if, he was alive now to tell every one of them of his family, how much he loves them.

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