Midnight Talks

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(Time: 12:30 AM, Somewhere in a metro city India)

He: Hello

She: Hello, who’s this?

He: It’s me.

She: Me who?

He: You don’t remember me?

She: No I don’t. Tell me who’s this?

He: We used to speak to each others for hours, sometimes the all the night.

She: Well, I haven’t spoken to anyone for hours in years now.

He: How could you forget me? We even got married, while in phone.

She: Never!

He: Yes we did. I asked you out and you said you want a husband, not a boyfriend. And that night I took you as my lawfully wedded wife and you took me as your beloved husband.

She: *Disconnected the call, turned and looked at her husband* Can we not play this stupid game?

He: *Smiles*

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