Love Letter

handwriting chemist-with-vialshilarious-tattoo-of-ex-girlfriend

Anita was standing in the backyard of her house, watching the paper burned to ashes. She got the letter half an hour back.

She was surprised when at morning 9:30 her maid came to her and gave the letter. It was delivered to her by the postman. No one was at home today, her dad is on business trip, and mom is out early for temple. After all, their only daughter Anita is getting married this month.

She was speaking to Mohit, her fiancée, when she got the letter. There was no sender’s name, only her name and address on top, written urgent and confidential.

She opened it and felt a little jolt. It’s from Anant, her ex from college. Curiously she opened it.

As expected, the same old lines. How he missed her, how good they were together. He was always this boring. Comparatively Mohit is way charming and yes Rich!!! Of course there’s no comparison between an investment banker and a second class chemical engineer.

She read the last lines again. A bit strange, she thought. He wrote he doesn’t want any complications in her marriage and so advised to burn the letter. Of course she will. What did he think she will have a collection of his emo letter? Speaking of that, this is the hand written letter she received in years. What’s wrong with a email or Facebook massage?

Anant was restlessly tapping his laptop. Its 4:15pm IST now, he is on the connecting flight to South Korea to join his new employer, one of the largest chemical plant. People always under estimated him and his work but this time he will show the world. It should have been done now. His invention, the chemical which is 10 times stronger the cyanide, the letter is dipped into it and carefully placed in the envelope. As she reads it she will inhale the poison and her habit of keeping her index finger to her lips while reading would help better. Anant hopes Anita burned the letter as he asked her to do.

He closed his laptop. He’ll read the news once he reaches to his destination.

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