Time and time again





Just like every day, Vishnu was looking at Swati in the physics class. While professor Verma was lecturing about time and space Vishnu could only think about those deep dark eyes of Swati, she just joined his college, a late joinee. Rumor is that she is a close relative of Principal Chatterjee.

Vishnu sighed, why all these beautiful girls have to be related to high and mighty. In this case related to that stupid old fool!

“What are you looking at?” Swati whispered.


Year 2015:

“What are you looking at?” Swati whispered.

Vishnu felt like he woke up from his dream, his wife swati was looking at him with question and surprise in her eyes. Even their 5 years old son and 8 years old daughter also had the same expression in their faces.

“You’ve been starting at me for like 10 minutes now! Are you alright? Anything wrong?” Swati blurted. She had this uneasy feeling about this look of her husband. It’s the same silent stares he had way back in college.

“I don’t know, I might have been dreaming. Dreaming about our college days. You know, how I used to stare at you from the last bench. Only it felt so real, as if… as if I was there, right there.” Vishnu spoke.

“Ok, alright, enough of dreaming, now drink your juice, you’re getting late. Kids! Fast, finish your corn flex; dad will drop you up both at school.” Swati was feeling warm and li’l shy in front of her kids, she remembers the sweet old days.


Year 2000:

“What are you looking at?” Swati whispered again.

Vishnu felt like he just woke up from a dream. Was it for real? He and Swati are married and have kids?

What a weird dream! Also a dream he wants it come true. He looked at Swati and gave a stupid grin. Swati was looking at him with half curious half disgusted eyes. Man! How he wants her to be his life. Forever.


203 light-years away from Earth:

“Sorry Sir, there was a glitch found in the in space-time continuum in earth, it is promptly identified and fixed”

“Damn it. How long was the glitch? Was any living species of earth got affected?

“Only one reported Sir, a human called Vishnu shah. The glitch was hardly for a minute sir, as per the time calculation system of earth.

“Ok, is he aware of it? Is he suspicious about anything?”

“No Sir, the human thought he was dreaming. We had his brain scanned, his memory about the incident is slowly fading.

“Alright. Next time be careful, this shouldn’t be repeated again.”







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