A Story


He wrote. “You look so beautiful in that pink and blue dress. When you smile, the heaven smiles, you speak like a nightingale; I hear the sound of thousand waterfalls when you giggle, those deep dark deep eyes is deeper than any lake of the world and those cheeks are rosier than any red rose. And here I am, looking at you like a fool”.

He looked at her while she was busy writing something and playing with a pint of hair with her left hand. He sighed and glanced back at his piece of paper before he throws it into the dustbin.

She wrote. “You look so handsome in that white shirt and blue jeans. You appearance has a sublime meaning, those strong arms can hold somebody secure and those stronger shoulder can carry anyone till the end of the world. Your soft speaking, naïve yet wise personality, there’s not one thing I dislike about you”.

She finished writing and looked back at him, saw him threw a piece of paper to the dustbin while taking the last few sips from his coffee cup. She sighed and tore the paper into pieces.

“She is so beautiful, so cute and I am such a fool, she must have someone better in her life”, He knew he could never gather enough courage to ask her out.

“He is so handsome and I am so ugly, he must have gorgeous girl with him” , She thought, she could never tell him how much she likes him.

Before he could reach out and shout, she started her scooty. The mini truck she didn’t see coming hit her down. She only saw him running at her and then its darkness.

“She wants to see you for one last time.” Doctor told him.

Miserably, hopelessly he entered the hospital ward room, sat next to her, looked at her pain clad face and closed eyes. He whispered, “All my love declared, for you, to you”. To his surprise, she opened her eyes and replied, “Mine too”.

Puzzled he looked at the doctor now laughing at them. “You kids are awful these days; you people needed an accident to declare your love? Sorry for my theatrics, but just couldn’t help. She just has few minor injuries and a fractured leg. If you take good care of her she would be alright in a month.”


She: isn’t it suppose have a tragic, sad ending?

Me: Yes, it supposes to, but then I thought a happy ending won’t hurt anybody.

She: Strange, so this time you won’t kill your character by the stroke of your pen; I wonder how all of a sudden you become so kind hearted?

He: Because I begged him not to kill you, because I pleaded him for our togetherness, happiness, because I told him, just

because you are a lonely and sad man, you have no rights to play with the lives of your characters.

And then they went back into the story and lived there happily ever after.


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