Indian History and its Greek tragedies




(Greek Tragedy, in which the main character is brought to ruin or suffers extreme sorrow, especially as a consequence of a tragic flaw, moral weakness, or inability to cope with unfavorable circumstances.

Indian history has its own tragic stories and legends beyond fathomable then any fictional or actual events, I tried bring out few of them in light)


Ajatashatru & Bimbisara(491 BC)

As he was eating with his infant son on his lap Ajatshatru was trying to hold his son on his lap as it was constantly trying stand on him, at last urinated in his food plate.

The king of the kings wiped it clean, finished his food and proudly asked his mother Chelna if she ever witnessed such father-son love.

Chelna: “Yes son, I did. When I threw out in the dumpster knowing I was bringing a monster into this world, only you father ran to rescue you. Seeing you bitten little finger he sucked the blood of and did till it healed. So yes son, I witnessed greater father-son love.”

Ajatshatru walked into the prison with an axe where his father Bimbisara was prisoner as per his order.

Ajatshatru: “Father I came to free you, I came to cut off all your shackles and chains”

Bimbisara did not reply. He already poisoned himself. He saw his son advancing at him with his axe and he did not want to die by son’s hand.


Chandragupta Maurya & Durdhara (320 BC)

The emperor Chandragupta was horrifiedly watching his mentor Chanakya, cutting open 9 months pregnant queen Durdhara’s womb.

As a while ago she took a bite from his platter and then collapsed immediately. Also at the very moment Chanakya came in. Chandragupta had little idea his food is poisoned.

“This is my fault O king,I poisoned your food, to keep you immune, so enemies can’t kill you by poisoning you. It was only for the good of you and your regime. I cannot save the queen but I will save the future of you and the country”, Kautilya uttered.


Kunala and Tishyaraksha (238 BC)

Tishyaraksha was lovingly watching her most precious possession now. A gouged pair of eyes. So at last she had what she fell in love with, Kunala’s eyes. She knew she had little time left till Emperor Ashoka’s guards come and arrest her.

Ashoka : “Kunal !!! Who did this to you? Who?”

Kunala: “I did father, as you ordered in your letter”

Ashoka: “(Screamed in pain and anguish) It’s the deed of that witch. Guards! Bring that wretched female into my court and behead her in front of me”

“If only you never rejected me Kunal. At least I have what I loved in you, your eyes!”

Tishyaraksha took a sip from the silver glass, the poisoned wine started to effect; she heard the footsteps of emperor’s guards as she was going dark

“If only you weren’t the wife of my father. At least you have what you wanted, my eyes!”

Kunala Sighed as he knew all along who sent the letter asking his eyes.



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