Mayank : “Sushil!! All these while I thought you are my friend, you wretched traitor. You betrayed me, my trust, my friendship.”

Sukriti : “No Mayank, he did not. You were never there for me. Now I and Sushil decided to be together. Please, I don’t want any complications. Let’s end this.”

Mayank : “Yes Sukriti, this will be the end. You both have to pay for this.” (Mayank took out the revolver from his drawer)


Inspector Ganguly was inspecting the crime scene. No forced entry, there are 3 glasses on the table, one is empty, rest two are half filled with whiskey. Mayank’s lifeless body was lying on couch, the bullet wound is on the left side of his temple, the blood clot is visible, the gun is on the floor.

He turned to the Mayank’s friend, his personal physician and psychiatrist standing there.

Inspector: “So tell me Doctor.”

Doctor: “Mayank had a rare disorder, DID or dissociative identity disorder, commonly known as multiple personality disorder. There were two or more persona or alter ego was hidden in him and one of them is sure a woman. It’s very hard to say what exactly happened in here. But from last few sessions I’ve got a hint that one of his male alter ego was trying to woo his woman alter ego.

I know it sounds very complicated but to be honest even we psychiatrists are still discovering so many hidden areas of this strange disease.”

Inspector: “So looks like it’s a clear case of suicide or may be freak drunk accident, who knows.”


Doctor Sushil was doing his last minute packing. Once he is out of country his associate can sell off his house and other stuff. Anyway he had transferred all the liquid assets of Mayank to his foreign accounts. Sukriti’s flight should have landed to Amsterdam by now.

The main door bell rang. He hurriedly closed his bedroom door and answered the main door.

Inspector Ganguly: “Hello doctor, may I come in? Are you going somewhere?”

Doctor Sushil: “Oh ya, a patient called. Please come in.”

Inspector Ganguly: “Just wanted to know if any of Mayank’s alter ego was left handed. Cause Myank wasn’t leftie and still he shot himself on his left side.”

Doctor Sushil: “Hard to tell Inspector. Sometimes these alter egos are even capable of changing voice and things of that sort. I won’t be surprised if any of his hidden personality is left handed.”

Inspector Ganguly: “Can they even change their body parts or limbs?”

Doctor Sushil: “Body parts???!!!”

Inspector Ganguly : (Smiling) “Well played doctor. But your story didn’t fly. You cleaned off all your fingerprints and other evidences except those small footprints in the kitchen, seems to be a lady’s. You would be glad to know we have arrested Sukriti this morning from Airport. Let’s go.”


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