Voice 1: “This earth, so beautiful it is.”

Voice 2: “Yes it is a wonderful place indeed.”

Voice 1: “But it was almost ruined, almost pushed to destructions, almost!

Voice 2: “There are 9 million species in this planet, yet humans alone lead it to wreck. Don’t they have love for their home?

Voice 1: “You’ve answered yourself. Do you see any other species in need of cooked food, clothes, concrete houses or automobiles to travel? Why humans are so so different from every other living beings of this earth?”

Voice 2: “Because Human beings didn’t originally breed in here, they are migrants; they were either travelled or brought in here.”

Voice 1: “Exactly. Now you know why I am not developing a guilty conscious about wiping out this race. After all we are going to do same as they did. And planet earth will be a little better and little superior under our watch.”

The spaceship which was orbiting in the exosphere of earth turned and headed towards its galaxy. They have done their jobs, now it’s the time to call in their army to invade earth and wipe out clean the race called humans.


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