A series of unfortunate events



Aniket was standing near the door in his white kurta and pajama, miserable and poignant he was looking at his wife resting in peace. Her body was covered with a white sheet as all the near and dear ones and other relatives are paying their homage before performing the last rites and rituals.

The neighbours are murmuring as how the misfortune has befallen upon this poor family. This is the 4th tragic death in this family. First it’s Aniket’s father-in-law Manoj Pradhan died in a cardiac arrest. Then it’s his eldest daughter Neeta, died in a freak accident. The youngest daughter of Manoj, Geeta, she was always too sensitive, all these tragedies were proven too much for her. She committed suicide by jumping off from the terrace.

It was then only Aniket and his beloved wife Meeta. But Meeta was already lost all her willingness to live after the demise of her father and two sisters. Though Aniket tried his level best to keep his wife out of harm’s way, she was completely broken and at last her health gave up.

After the cremation and all other formalities, Aniket returned home after past midnight. Then he sat on his arm chair and lit a cigarette, and recalling the chain of events as they were happening.

Manoj sir was always fond of Aniket, the rich orphan boy and a brilliant student of psychology. So when Aniket passed out of college, Manoj asked him to marry his eldest daughter Neeta. But being a arrogant snob, she refused to marry him. Then Manoj proposed that Aniket should get married to his next daughter Meeta. Whose nature was just opposite to Neeta. Only with that condition that Aniket will agree to live in his Father-in-laws house with his family.

Aniket lit his 2nd cigarette, tonight he can’t sleep. Tonight all the memories are coming alive.

First it was Manoj sir, he had an asthma which was deteriorating day by day. So that night after everyone asleeps Aniket got into his father-in-law’s room. He was fast asleep with his inhaler next to his pillow. It wasn’t tough to hide the inhaler before placing the wet towel on Manoj’s face.

Then it’s Neeta, everyone knew about her insane fear of ghosts. So when she started seeing her dead father’s belongings here and there she was already scared. Then a wig and a walking stick had done the trick with her father’s recorded voice. The stairs can be very slippery sometimes.

Geeta was so emotional. When she found out her Brother-in-law is in love with her and wants her more than her sister, it was too much for her to take. She did not wanted to be a reason of her sister’s broken marriage, as Aniket was keep insisting. So she wrote the letter and took a leap of freedom from the terrace.

He knew, calm and composed Meeta will recover from the shock of the demise of her beloved father and her two adored sister. So Aniket made sure she always had the prescribed medicines from the doctor but never the right ones. It took 6 months, but at last……

Aniket always hated people who try to control him, try to lay a certain path in front of him. So boring. Just like his dead parents. He remembered how much they nagged him to accompany them to the nearby temple they were going to visit. Only if they knew their car brake was tampered with…..


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