“What are scribbling on your note? Be attentive in the class, you can note down later”

“I am not listening to your class ma’am, I am penning down my thoughts”

“What? Show me your notebook. What’s this? This is a physics class and you are writing poetry?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“I won’t allow all these garbage in my class. If you wanted to be a poet why you joined science group then? Go sit with the people in the arts group. Here my pupils come to learn about physics, science.”

“I dream about her, in my sleep, every night

Every morning I won’t let her out of my sight

And when she looks at me with that smile bright”

My heart pronounces love and I’ve got nothing to hide”

“Get out of my class, do your poetry outside. If you want to learn physics then come back”

“You asked me why I joined science group, for you ma’am, for you.”


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