Alternate Ending



Clark: Lois, what is this drink ? I’m feeling dizzy.

Lois: I know about you and Diana for a while now Clark. May be for the world and beyond Superman and Wonder Woman might be a power couple. But I can’t witness quietly about this injustice to me.

Lois Lane was watching eagerly weather the love potion he mixed in his drink is working or not, as the kryptonite is slowly mixing in Clark’s blood.

Lex Luthor is smiling to himself. A jealous woman’s jealousy can be fatal, even for superman.


Peter is constantly having these problems. His spider web is getting thinner and not able to bear his weight, it seems his spider sense is getting weaker. Not only that, the other day when he was chasing these goons and while climbing the climbing the skyscraper, he slipped and fell off on a garbage can, which eventually neutralized the impact.

Peter doesn’t know what is causing him losing his power. But the other day he sure dreamt of Gwen, but it was so real, he almost felt her touch. But how can it be? Gwen is dead. He still loathe the night when Gwen died. He caught her when she was falling from the bridge by his webs, but eventually the whiplash of those very webs killed her. Peter slept as his tired mind gave up.

Gwen was slowly entering into Peter’s room. She wants her revenge, as she is doing now for a while. She sunk her teeth again into Spiderman’s neck.


“Alfred!! You too!!!”

“I hate to see you die Master Bruce, after all I raised you, made you what you are today, from that fragile, scared child you came long way”

“Why Alfred why?”

“I am a member of ‘League of Shadows’, Bruce Wayne. And my master is Ra’s al Ghul. As his command I was with you all these years, all these time. But I cannot be a traitor to my Master. He ordered that Batman must die tonight”

Alfred Pennyworth stood there watched Bruce Wayne dying with his gunshot. The same gun which he used years ago to kill Thomas and Martha Wayne.



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