“Noor, My Noor. My ‘light of the world’, where are you?

“Ah! What you want? Early in the morning why you’re screaming your head off?

“Oh Noor, just wanted to see your pretty face my love, my only love.”

“Here, your daily morning wine and by the way, your young love is rotting buried behind the north wall and other loves are waiting for you in your Harem.”

“(Sipping wine without a word).”

“Listen, you do whatever you want, but I want your son Shahryar to be the next Emperor. I am getting him married with my Ladli. Understood?”

“Have I ever said no to you my begum? My Noor, My Mehr, My….”



Prince Khurram was watching an autumn sun set and thinking,

“One of these days, I will remove my idiot father from the throne, will kill that bitch my father married to, eliminate all my step brothers and then I will take the empire.

And when I will be the Emperor, I will marry the most beautiful woman, love her till she die and then will build a monument in her memories that this world will ever see.”

(A fictitious conversation between Jahangir aka Salim and his beloved powerfull wife Noor Jahan, with the reference of Anarkali ofcourse.

Prince Khurram is the real name of Shah Jahan, Jahangir’s son, who built the Taj Mahal in the memories of his wife Mumtaz.)

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