Arun was following the girl from a safe distance. She just came out of the mall and walking on the footpath. She’s nothing extra ordinary, rather a pale looking average girl in her early 20’s, wearing a green and white churidar.

She’s also not those typical mall rats from affluent families as Arun can anticipate, but his experienced eyes saw what he had to see. About 5 mins ago while passing through the mall security when she opened her bag Arun saw it. Atleast 15 thousands in notes.

As the girl walked into the blind turn of the footpath Arun started to get worried, bus station is few meters away, if the girl gets into a bus, his job will difficult, picking cash out of the handbag won’t be easy at this time after office hours, buses won’t be that crowded to cover him up.

He was busy making his plans when he heard the muffled scream and then he saw a guy running right towards him with the bag the girl was holding.

Arun always hated snatchers; there is no art in their work. They are more like thugs and brutes who know nothing about stealing. Pickpoketing is an art, without any fuss, without any force, just like an artist a pickpockter must not harm his victims physically. Their work should be so fine and artistic that sometimes even their victims couldn’t help but appreciate their work.

Arun shook his head with disappointment and then in a swift motion of his leg he made the snatcher fell flat on his face. As he picked up the handbag unhurriedly, the snatcher did not even bother to look at him but flee out of there in no time.

“Oh thank god! You are an angel sent right from the heaven.” Arun turned at her as he heard those words. He can see the happiness and excitement in her eyes as he was standing like a fool with her handbag.

Next one hour he came to know a lot of things about Swapna while they were having tea in the roadside tea shop. She is working as a salesgirl in one of the jewelry shop in the mall. She has a widowed mother and a school going sister, and she’s the soul earner of her family. She just got her salary today and she would have been at sea if she would have been robbed.

“Don’t forget to come tomorrow; I’ll let the coffee shop owner that you are coming.” Swapna said those words enthusiastically. Arun finds her smile attractive, even her voice, actually everything about her; she isn’t looking just an average girl anymore to him.

Arun told her he is unemployed currently looking for a job. Swapna eagerly told him the coffee shop next to her workplace has a vacancy and that he should try there. Arun was kind of surprised but then he agreed.

As swapna was on her way waving continuously at him, Arun was thinking. After the juvenile home he is into this world for a decade and somehow maintained a clean sheet, his name is not in the list of local police at least. Can he start a new life? Is it so easy to be good again?

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