Pickpocketer – The End


It took a while for Arun to set his eyes in the darkness, small rays of light is falling onto the floor of the shop. Masand Lal’s jewelry shop, where Swapna works.

It’s been 6 months Arun is working in the coffee shop next to Swapna’s workplace. They were happy, Arun did not hesitate to ask out Swapna within a week time and she shyly agreed. Things were going fine when the fate decided to intervene. Swapna’s mother’s health started decorating, as the doctor’s reports came, Arun and Swapna came to know her mother needs a kidney transplant. In front of Arun’s very eyes his happy go lucky Swapna started becoming a shadow of her own self. Arun decided to take the matter in his own hand.

It’s 11:30 PM when Swapna’s mobile rang, it was Arun. The conversation lasted for 5 minutes and all Swapna heard is to pack all their bags as they are leaving the city today.

It’s almost 2 PM when Arun reached at Swapna’s place. “Is everything packed?” He asked. Swapna did not answer but her curious eyes were staring Arun. “I stole the jewels from Masand Lal’s shop, believe me, this is our best bet. Ask your mom and Ashna to get ready, we are leaving now.” Arun barked. “Are those jewels in that bag?” Swapna questioned.”Yes.” “Can I see them?” Arun gave the bag to her. She took it and moved back a few steps and tall figure appeared from her bedroom. Arun’s jaw dropped. It’s the same snatcher!

As Arun looked at Swapna she was smiling impishly standing right next to the guy who apparently snatched her bag that day.

“Bravo Swapna, I never thought your plan would be this successful. How do you know you could have trapped him this easy?” The snatcher was laughing.

“Oh I did not Rashid. That day when I asked you to take my bag and run I was just playing a prank on him, I spotted him long back as he was following me. But as they say, the prey itself walked into the trap. Even I never imagined he would be this useful.” Swapna was laughing too as she answered Rashid.

“Here mister, let me return the favor of that day when you tripped me off in the street.” Rashid face suddenly turned hard and cruel. Arun felt a strong thud on his left cheekbone, Rashid’s next punch landed on his stomach, he fell on the floor catching his belly while cursing Rashid and Swapna.

“Come on Rashid, let’s go, it’s already late.” Swapna pushed Rashid in urgency as they hurried through the main door closing it behind them.

It took few minutes to recover for Arun. His head was blank, got a bleeding mouth and aching stomach, still he was smiling. He is a street kid of his whole life and though the last 6 months changed him lot, he did not lose his instinct. He never doubted Swapna, but tonight after he stole all those jewels, habitually he hid his loots in a safe place. The bag they got has only the imitations, fake jewelries. If the street taught him anything that is never trust anyone.

As Arun wiped the blood with his hand, he heard the vehicles and police sirens. “So that bitch called cops on me as well. Dirty whore.” he cursed under his breath. He quickly checked the main door, it’s bolted from outside. He moved the next room where Swapna’s mother and sister are supposed to be, there were none. Arun now was sure they were skilled actors playing their parts. He rushed to the kitchen; he knew the kitchen window is half broken and that’s the only way of his escape, he flexed his muscles.

As Masand Lal opened the shutter of his shop, he wasn’t surprise to see all his jewelry holders are empty, he expected that. When that waiter from the next coffee shop came twice in his shop with lame excuses he knew something is up. As he found the key of his shop is missing from his drawer, Masand Lal instantly replaced the jewels with the imitations. As usual the key magically reappeared in its place in half an hour but it couldn’t deceive Masand Lal. He was happy, now he can claim the insurance for his lost golds which are not even gold. Masand Lal removed the Lord Krishna’s image from his wall and his hidden vault emerged, as he opened the combination lock he felt a sharp pain in his chest, the vault is empty, the thief took the real jewels as well.

Arun was running in the empty streets. His heart was twitching as his eyes were wet. He really liked Swapna, but a street rat like him shouldn’t have dreamt for such bliss. He wiped his tears and clenched his teeth, he shall have his revenge.

The mall security guard was shocked to see the terrace door was ajar not locked. He took a quick look though and locked the door after him. No one would have noticed an old torn bag was lying with other garbage there, with 5 million worth of gold jewelries in it.

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