Chemistry teacher Firoz sir was trying his best to tear off Bittu’s left ear which already twisted by 180 degrees and held by him. But Bittu is still smiling. Which was making Firoz sir even more furious.

Everybody aware of Firoz sir’s temper in Bittu’s class and no one even dare to come to his class without completing their homework. Bittu finished his homework by Friday night itself. When Christi called him, she wanted Bittu’s notes to complete her homework.

As today Monday morning Christi told Bittu she forgot his notes back home. He couldn’t say anything to her, how could he? He has a crush on her for 5 years now. He smiled and told her it’s alright, he will think of something to get away from Firoz sir’s wrath.

Bittu is looking at Christi right now, her eyes are teary, lips are twisted as she was biting the lower lip to control her tears. She’s looking so cute in that white shirt and blue skirt uniform with two hair plaits. It feels so good to see her shedding tears for him. Firoz also noticed it, he knows the reason now for Bittu’s heavenly smile even after the shameful punishment in front of the class, he can see tears rolling down on the cheeks of Christi. Which was making him even angrier. He left Bittu’s ear and start slapping him with his both hands like a madman, trying to wipe out that smile from Bittu’s face.


Firoz remembers, 30 years ago in the maths class, he was standing on the bench catching his ears as he failed to complete the maths homework. While his legs and back was getting assaulted by the maths teacher cane, he looked back to see Vinita. Firoz’s heart sank as he saw Vinita was laughing her head off and falling on her friends seeing him standing on the bench and getting caned. He felt that big lump choking his throat, just like today, its choking him again.


Bittu was looking at Firoz sir astound and with utter disbelief. As his hands are madly hitting Bittu, why their strict chemistry teacher Firoz sir’s eyes are red and teary, why his lips are trembling, Is he crying??



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