–     “Why are you making face at me?”

—   “My wish, did you see your face in the mirror? Go see.

–     “Hmm.”

—   “You sound like a baboon when you say hmm. Go wash your face, its reddish like a baboon’ butt”

–     “Ok.”

(After a while)

–     “Damn, my front tyre is flat”

—   “I know, I did that.”

–     “Why?”

—   “My wish, walk with me, there’s a cycle repair shop next to my house,   fix it there.”

(Walking together)

—    “Why you didn’t say anything to him?”

–    “Whom?”

—      “Whose ten fingers are printed on your cheeks, you idiot.”

–    “Don’t call me idiot.”

—      “I’ll call you whatever I want, you monkey”

–      “Fine, but at least don’t make faces at me.”

—       “Shut up, ok we’ve reached, see that’s cycle repair shop, now wait here.”

(After 5 mins)

—     “Here, your notes, go and fix your tyre now.”

–   “Amm, Actually, I…….. Wanted to tell you something.”

—     “Say.”

–      “I……. I like you… So much!”

—       “So? Go home. Bye.”


Bittu stood there for a while like a nincompoop as Christi made a weird face at him one more and quickly disappeared through the front door. He shook his head in disappointment and slowly pushed his cycle towards the repair shop.


(Next day)

Firoz sir was checking the homework submitted by his students in the staff room, he gave extra homework to Bittu for delay in submission. As he was turning the pages of the notes, his eyes stuck at the last page. It’s the impression of a pair of lips, as if someone applied orange lipstick and kissed that part of the page, below that it’s written “For You” with a feminine hand writing.

A volcano erupted inside Firoz’s head and his eyes turned blood red. He calmly turned to the office peon and said “Call Bittu.”


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