[Disclaimer: Strict adult and sexually explicit contents ahead, please don’t read if you don’t like so or if you are underage.]




As I opened my door unhurriedly, I saw the anxious faces of Mr and Mrs Chowdhury’s outside my main door. I wasn’t really trying to hide the beer can I am holding and I know it’s only 6 P.M, but who gives a shit anyway, the Chowdhury couple looked like they are into a big dilemma, so I lended my helping hand.

“Can I help you?” I asked them with sweet voice.

Mrs Chowdhury hesitated and the spoke, “Our younger daughter Rishita is getting married this weekend. We would be glad if you attend the ceremony and bless our daughter for happy married life.”

‘Ahh! So your less pretty daughter of yours is found a mate after all, do they know I have already did your elder one, Ishita’, I thought so in my mind and laughed. They must be very generous people to invite me, like all the other people in the neighborhood, they must know me as the alcoholic womanizer, a pathetic excuse of human being who picks up fights, use abusive language and stoop below the level of immorality time to time.

As they handed me over the printed card of marriage invitation, I have no choice but to ask them if they want to come in. “Please come in” I said, “Can I offer you something? Tea, Coffee. Beer?” I deliberately emphasised on the word ‘beer’. “No we should be going now, there are so many people to invite and so little time, Mrs Chowdhury thrown those words at me politely but firmly, though I saw a glimpse of light in the eyes of Mr Chowdhury as I uttered the word ‘beer’.

As they left, I closed the door almost immediately and jumped back on my couch, I already missed 5 minutes of the football match.


I remembered Ishita, Chowdhury’s 1st born quite clearly. Medium height, firm breasts, wavy hips and curvy abdomen, she was a big slut. We had fun for a year or so and then she got married to some rich businessman. I didn’t mind, by then I have found someone else, it wasn’t so that when I was sleeping with her she’s the only girl in my life. Never was much attentive towards her younger sister, she’s was little dark, skinny and introvert, not my type at all, truth is, she is not even attractive.

The best part of attending a marriage is you get to wear your ethnic dress which you hardly wear and get free booze and food. So I was in my black sherwani, taking the shots of vodka when I saw Ishita. Sure she has put on some weight, which is only natural for a 2 years old married lady, but she still have those curves. As our eyes met she gave me naughty smile. ‘May be it’s time to get lucky once again.’ I told myself. As I found her alone I striked a conversation with her and came to know she’s staying the 3rd bedroom on the 1st floor, of our whole conversation she was giving me those naughty smiles.

As I was interacting with other guests, I found another attractive girl Reema, turns out that she’s the cousin of the Bridegroom. As we were speaking, she was giving me a mix signal. I was no mood to throw away any opportunity to get laid. It’s almost 11:30, the marriage is over and there was a 6 hour power cut, the generator has already gave away and the everyone is awaiting for the power to come. As I saw Ishita next time I asked her, “Can I use the toilet of your room.” “Why not? Go right ahead.” She said.

I wasted no time and went next to Reema and whispered in her ear, “Meet me in the first floor in the extreme right corner bed room.” She looked at me with full of surprise, by that time I already started walking towards the stair cases. On my way as I saw Ishita I rolled my eyes and told her,” Once you are done, come up there to your room.” She didn’t say much but tossed a scared look.


As she entered the dark room I almost hopped on her. Before she could say anything I sealed her lips with mine. As she was struggling unsuccessfully to move away from my grip, I was mercilessly fondling her breasts and pinching her nipples. Before she could say anything I almost ripped off her clothes, her mehndi clad hands were trying hard to keep me away. As my hands reached to most forbidden place of her body, her womanhood, her resistance were getting weaker. I turned her and pushed her against the wall, her nude back and legs were exposed in front of me.

As I was trying hard to keep her legs apart, her muffled voice was begging for mercy. Franticly trying to get away from my grip. All of her struggle came to a complete halt as I entered her from the behind. It was a heavenly 5 minutes as my body jerked with the absolute sinful pleasure.

As Rishita was weeping and lying motionlessly on the table, I smiled, with Reema ignored me and Ishita failed to turn up So the newly wed bride is deflowered after all. She shouldn’t have mistakenly entered into her sister’s room.




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