Male Chauvinist…..


She: “Why you always keep talking about your mom’s cooked food? Why you guys are so obsessed with foods cook by mothers? Your dad can’t cook? I never heard stories about the food you dad cooked ever. Do you think only women should cook? You male chauvinist.”

He: “No, I mean dad can cook. But…..”

She: “But he doesn’t cook. Male dominance. Masculine ego. Now I know, you are brought up in a male chauvinistic environment and society. You have no respect for women.”

He: “No, not so. Dad cooks, but…. His rotis are very political, maps of different states and countries. White rice cooked by him often turns brown or into rice soup and we can hardly tell between his daal from his curry. Believe me I am not a male chauvinist, I am only a male who loves round rotis and well cooked rice.”

She: “Our country is male chauvinistic, our subcontinent, this whole part of the world is male-centric and male dominant. Look at the western world and compare.”

He: “Huh! You can’t say that. We had Indira Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto, Sheikh Hasina and Chandrika Kumaratunga as the country leaders of South Asia. We have Sonia Gandhi, Mamata Banaerjee, Jayalalithaa and Mayawati as state and national leaders India. While USA is still waiting for their first female president we even already had our Prathibha Patil.

Can you deny all these points? I am ready for a debate to prove you that I am not a male chauvinist and also the maximum population of this part of the world are not. Tell me, are you ready for a debate?”




She: (Paused for a minute) “You don’t love me anymore.”

He: (A long sigh) “Alright baby. I am a male chauvinist.”


While overhearing the conversation of the next door young couple, I raised my glass, “No one beats our women in politics.”


3 thoughts on “Male Chauvinist…..”

  1. With all due respect. Feminism, is a scam theory. I do not advise, any serious minded person. To take this theory serious. It is just as valueless. As trying to get a job. With a nursery school certificate. It is also like trying, to use a forged I.D card. Any good theory, should be. An internationally, recognized theory. Most people, who practice feminism. Do it just because, they are copying others. And they don’t even know, that feminism exists. Neither do they know. That it is even, on Wikipedia. I’ve seen a “feminist company”, that employs men to cook food. That has the boldness, to ask a male employee. Why he has, long hair (or female hairstyles). I’ve also seen a “feminist company”, asking a female employee. Why she is wearing trouser. All this, is doublethink


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