Bitter Sweet


1)    “Only 140 characters allowed.” She whispered.
“I only need 10.” He replied. “Rest of them are for you, to reply. ‘I love you’”.

2)    She didn’t want to force a commitment-phobic, so decided to keep their child and set   him free.
He kneeled in front of her, to be a good father, a better husband and the best friend.

3)    “She doesn’t love me; I have no reason to live.” The jilted lover left a note behind.
Only if he could see how much he means to her. To his mother.

4)    “What is your inspiration?” question asked.
“Love.” I replied.
“Ahh, love made you a good writer.” Exclaimed and remarked.
“Love left me a better writer.” I smiled.

5)    He was graduated. His mother was overwhelmed. “It’s time to mortgage my gold          jewels and send him abroad to study further.” She thought.
She was graduated. Her father was worried. “I have to save more to make her more gold jewels, for her marriage.” He thought.
They were twins…….

6)    They met, after a long time, in the Airport. “You’re still so good at pulling my legs.” She laughed.
“You hardly gave me a chance to pull your hands.” He replied, with a smile, sadly.

7)    “Let all your dreams come true.” His wish was granted.
He forgot, nightmares are dreams too.

8)    Her status says she is still online.
“She must be chatting with her friends.” He consoles himself, but deep down he      knows,  he isn’t the one keeping her awake late at night.

9)    “I killed them all, all the infidels, and protected you name, stayed true to my faith.”
The terrorist pushed open the door of heaven with his both hands, happy and zealous    with his achievements

He found his god laying in a pool of blood, with bullet wounds and splinters gashes.    “So you did my son.” He     gasped.

10)    Satnam Singh was worried sick as his wife Neha was giving birth to their first born.  His father in law Subramaniam Rajagopal was praying for the good health of daughter and the grandchild.

As surgeon Imtiaz Hossain wiped his  sweat from his forehead and smiled, the gynaecologist Pavel Lajwani and assistant Saurabh Jain congratulate him for the successful Caesar. Nurse Anita Matthew screamed with joy to its family, “It’s a baby girl.”

With the first cry of the new-born, suddenly the word intolerance started to sound so meaningless.



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