“So, my dear, how’s the response?”

“Tremendous Sir, this idea of yours is a master stroke.”

“So how many applications we have received so far for our first program, “Who wants to be the next Sherlock Holmes.”?

“Just incredible! 4 days and we already have more than 50,000 applications and counting…..

“Awesome! And how about our second program, “Who wants to be the next John Watson.”?

“Well…. So far we have received only one application, Sir.”

“Hmm, I’ve predicted that. Something told me, this one won’t fly. Looks like we have to close this one, we have no demand for our second program at all.

“Amm, actually we cannot do that Sir.”

“And why so? Pray, do tell me.”

“Because the only applicant for that program is Sherlock Holmes himself.”


“Yes Sir, this he wrote in the application and I quote,

‘Sherlock Holmes was not possible without John Watson, as there would have been nobody to write and publish my casefiles as stories and the Scotland Yard would have claimed all the credits and glories which I couldn’t care less about.

He was also a source of inspiration by being an epitome of stupidity to whom I have to declare and explain all my moves and deductions which kept my mind sharp as ever, who was also most tolerant to all my humiliating jibes and taunts and handled me like a true patient friend and doctor.

Not to mention that he saved my life on more than one occasion not only from my enemies but also from my cocaine addiction and drug abuses.

Last but not the least, if he wouldn’t agree to move into our apartment, I could have never afforded it, hence there wouldn’t be any 221 B Baker Street and thus wouldn’t be no Sherlock Holmes.

So for once, I would definitely like to know how it feels like to be Dr. John Hamish Watson!’ “




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