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A tired soul with blues feed on empty words

Harnessing darkness, cultivating depressions

Smiling at its fate and gardening its worst fear

An endless loop call life and its gloomy inspirations


Standing aside, quietly and carefully, let them pass

Deserving happiness, sweet memories of glorious past

The screaming heart, while it’s getting skinned alive

And getting roasted in the low flames of betrayal of trust


Nothing seems so perfect, nothing seems so complete

Like it feels today, counting days, counting minutes and seconds

Yet hoping, perhaps there is solace, pieces of peace somewhere

But then all hopes fade away, leaving me on my own to fend.


I want to feel you there, feel you in me                                                                   7039704-pink-love-backgrounds

To see if my heart truly missing you

So I can make it through, one more time

And make you say, you want me too.


Things won’t be the same, as they were                                                                                  sos_apps_1-750x375

And we shall not expect them to be

As broken hearts and wings never mend,

But we can be there, for each other maybe.


I need to feel your touch, your warmth                                                                                    Sun-Island-Resort-Spa-1

I got to feel you your love, if not a lie

To figure it out, you are not a dream

So save my soul, before I wake and die       .


The Fall

large the fall blu-ray6


I had a fall. I had to fall.

Couldn’t fall back, as I’ve to stand tall

A tell a tale, before the nightfall

As it ends, how we know all


I was trying to stall my great fall

Dear o dear, haven’t I heard the call?

Of all the reality, dreams above all

With all insanity, I am drawn to a brawl


And I fell on my face, fall flat after all

Pulled myself up, bloody nose I growl

Wounded and hounded, like a fighter Gaul

And then, slowly and painfully, I took a stroll


Cat and Dog





There’s a cat runs in my mind and the dog chases it
As the cat runs out of mind, the dog runs out in the street
So it happens every night, the cat creeps into my mind
And the dog goes right after, as they play seek and hide.

The cat with glowing eyes, leaves it’s footprints behind
The poor dog chases every night, to see her go out of sight
And the dog whispers himself, one day he shall make it right
He won’t give up till he catches the her, one of these nights.

But the cat comes back every night, to run in my mind
To be chased by the dog, until she looks back and find
There’s no dog chasing the her anymore, inside my head
More than one way to skin a cat, as it to be done and said.



It wasn’t long ago, I was all about me
Then I saw you, and it wasn’t about me anymore.
As everything now turned you, wherever I see
Losing my mind, over my lost heart for sure.
I’ve felt that before, only never felt this strong.
I sit hours for nothing and answers are all gone.
Hollow eyes and empty mind, but I ‘vent got it wrong
I am so unsure, but I guess I am not anymore alone.
So you found the forbidden door unlocked, unanswered
And you walked straight into my head.
To find the other forsaken door that leads to my heart
But the path, my love, has no end and long dead.
Nonetheless, I let you into this undone and unseen
With that naughty smile and determined pair of eyes.
I knew, you’ll always find your ways to reach in
As you already belong in there and to you, it’s no surprise.

Will You Be My Valentine?

They say you can’t find love but love finds you
I’ve been waiting so long, for that to come true.

Yet these arms are empty, this heart’s waiting forever
Till she finds me or till I find her.

I have nothing, but my love to give her
What if she comes by asking for diamonds and car?

It makes me so scared still I know,
When I will call you tomorrow.

With you everything’s going to be fine
So tell me princess, will you be my valentine?

Just Friends…

Now it’s all over, we fell apart. So you have to ask me, “Can we still be friends?”
You want to play nice, you want to act wise, but you know broken heart never mends.
So you want to offer me a consolation prize, for the game we both played, but I lost.
The winner should leave with a winning note, so you took me, where once our path crossed.
Where once we met and promised to be together, forever. But promises are meant to be broken.
So now, as everything between us, turned into nothing; a few words though left unspoken.
But you don’t want to hear them, you are too blind to notice me, devastated and forsaken.
Standing in the rain and watching helplessly, as my beloved possession is snatched and taken.
So you touch my hand and ask me if I am ok, if I understand why I have to set you free.
“We will be friends, we will always be”, I know they are your last words to me.
Because you know, friends won’t be angry if you won’t call them before you sleep.
Because they won’t hold you anymore and won’t stop you go down and drown so deep.
I am telling you now, I am no friend of yours and you can forget it, as I will only refuse.
I never wanted a friend like you and I will never be in need of any, so don’t say it anymore.
All I ever asked for is your love and only so, don’t make the word friendship a dirty excuse.
And stop saying, “Can we still be friends? Only friends?”standing very next to my door.


Morning, when I open my eyes, I love you

Day when I am at work, I love you

Midday when I take a break, I love you

Afternoon, when I start for home, I love you


Evening when I sit on my porch, I love you

Night, when I close my eyes, I love you

Midnight, when I wake up dreaming, I love you

Dawn when the birds twitter, I love you


How will make you believe, I love you

How do I show you, I really really do

How should let you know, I miss you

How may I say, I do, do love you.


This heart of mine is still waiting for you

To hear from you, that you love me too

All I can say, baby, let me through

In your heart, where its says, ‘I love you too’.