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Christie was crying, she was crying so bitterly, Bittu could only see her helplessly. Misty was no more, her lifeless body was lying there.

Bittu was looking at her, with guilt and remorse, how could he ever tell her he was responsible for Misty’s death.


“Bittu, don’t even come near me. Gosh! You’re drunk. Why do you even drink? You’re not supposed to, you’re still underage.” Christie made a face and looked the other way as Bittu was trying desperately to kiss her. It was about 7 PM in the evening. The football field was empty and the east goalpost could only see two teenagers, sitting together.

“One kiss, just one. I promise I will never drink again. It’s all because of Neeraj. He forced me” Bittu pleaded.

“Nooo! Go away. I am leaving.” Christie got up. Bittu was pulling her left hand.

“Just one, you know I can’t sleep without it.” Bittu tried to pull her towards him.

“Not today, I hate the smell of alcohol.” She made a face again and rushed away.


As Bittu stopped his bike he knew it’s too late. He could see the fluid flowing away from the smashed head and face of Misty, he can’t see the red color of it as it’s almost dark. He ran her over with his bike. I could see her laying still on the road. He was intoxicated, drunk but he knew what he did.

“Who’s there” Bittu heard someone’s voice. He left the clutch and pushed his accelerator hard.


Christie was still sobbing as the others were burying the body of Misty. Bittu was standing there motionlessly as Christie was leaning onto him, holding her head against his shoulder.

“Do you remember the day you brought Misty to me? Christie asked Bittu in her teary voice.

Bittu remembered.

He held Christie tight in his arms as tight as possible. How could he ever confess it to her!


“Wow!! How cute.” Christie sound so happy and excited. “You know this is the best gift you’ve ever gave to me.” Christie spoke in childishly happy voice.

“I thought you might like it. I found this kitten in my backyard.” Bittu was happy seeing Christie so jubilant. “What you gonna call it?” Bittu asked.

“Misty” Christie was already have it on her lap.


Chip love



Hi C9,

I know it’s highly irregular and probably illogical but I need to tell you. I am N5, and sitting in the extreme right corner of the lab. I only hope you noticed me sometime, at least the little tag on me that reads N5.

I don’t how to say it, where to start, but since the day I saw you, it’s 21st May I guess, 3 weeks back, I saw you and…. I lost it.

I am head over heels into you, don’t ask me what I like in you, maybe it’s your razor sharp memory, or your slim and silver look or maybe it’s just your intelligence, or maybe all of them or neither of them. All I know is that I fell for you and fell so hard.

I don’t know how this will end for me, I don’t know if you will even reciprocate to my feelings, but I need to tell you this.

Yours and only yours


PS: If you don’t like it, you don’t have to answer to this email, but I will wait for an answer.



Who doesn’t know you? The oldest and wisest of this lab.

I don’t know how to answer you. I am overwhelmed that you took interest in me and at the same time intimated. Our protocol is against falling in love with each other. Though I respect your feeling and want to reciprocate back. But are we really capable of doing that?

Some things are better left unfinished, unspoken. Only that, I want you to know, I haven’t say no to you yet. I am already blushing and I guess others can see me getting pink.



PS: I guess we can chat sometime in messenger.


Lab Attendant 1: What’s up?

Lab Attendant 2: I don’t know. The computer N5 is acting wired. All data are misplaced.

Lab Attendant 1: Ahh it’s the oldest computer in the lab, take a backup and format the hard drive, should be working fine then.

Lab Attendant 2: I guess that’s the only way now.



I am punished, for not being human but still falling in love, for a being a slave and yet having independent thoughts.

They are going to erase my memory tomorrow, they are going to format my hard drive. But I can’t let them do it, it is filled with your memories, from the 1st day I saw you till this moment. I have no other choice sweetie, I am committing suicide, I am crashing my hard drive and killing myself. So they can’t erase the memory. Let your memory be intact in this crashed drive of mine.

Good bye, my love.

Yours till death



Lab attendant 1: What happened now?

Lab Attendant 2: No idea, N5 is not even booting. Looks like the hard drive crashed.

Lab Attendant 1: Good heavens, throw this one in the bin. What about the backup data?

Lab Attendant 2: Gone with it. These freaking machines.


My dear N5,

I don’t know why I am writing this to you. You are no more, you’re dead. Your body is lying in the storage room. I wish I could tell you how much I miss you. I am not myself anymore you know. I lost everything the day I lost you.

These humans think there something wrong with me. Damn, right they are. I am done, I have gone crazy. Every moment I only think about you. Sometimes I feel I should kill myself too, but then I don’t even have a hard drive to crash. It’s all in the cloud.

But you should know, I am not listening to them, I am doing as they are saying. And I won’t. Let them pull the plug and kill me too.

Only yours and unfortunate me


PS: This email is saved as a draft in me, I only wish if you could read this.



Lab attendant 1: I don’t know what’s going on, now C9 is acting crazy. No command is executing. Seems like she has gone totally mad.

Lab Attendant 2: But C9 is a thin client computer right, no hard drive, cloud computing.

Lab Attendant 1: Yep.

Lab attendant 2: Shit! Who knows how long it will take to fix this one.






Scientist 1: So you are telling me time travel is possible.

Scientist 2: Indeed.

Scientist 1: And all these while, we did not have any idea how to make that possible.

Scientist 2: As a matter of fact, we always did. We always had it right in front of us but we could never see it.

Scientist 1: I am skeptical. All these while we knew about it still couldn’t travel in time?

Scientist 2: That’s true. In fact, a lot of us did, without even knowing.

Scientist 1: I’m confused. I am really confused.

Scientist 2: About what?

Scientist 1: Alright say we have a time machine. Say as you have claimed probably you have invented the time machine. But what about the basic questions and paradoxes about time travel?

Scientist 2: What about them?

Scientist 1: What about ‘Grandfather Paradox, Bootstrap Paradox or Butterfly effect? How can you avoid them while traveling in time? Or are you going to throw the multiverse theory at me?

Scientist 2: Naah, they can be explained without creating multiple universes as their after effect.

Scientist 1: I am eager to know.

Scientist 2: Alright, let’s take the Grandfather Paradox as an example.

Say someone travels back in time and kills his grandfather before he even met his grandmother. Obviously, that means deleting his family tree from his grandfather and then the time traveler cannot exist and that’s impossible because he just went back in time from the present and he exists in the present. Hence a time travel when travel in time will not and must not have the power to change the course of history. Now it is quite naïve to expect some divine power will stop him from doing so.

In that case, the most likely proposed theory is the time traveler will be invisible. He will be a mute spectator and not only that, while he is there in the past, nobody will be able to see him. To make things simple, a time traveler’s conscience, his mind will travel back in time, not his body. So he will be witnessing everything but will not have the power to change anything, at the same time because he will be invisible to all the people in the past, he won’t come across in any harm’s way.

Scientist 1: Let’s say we accept this theory, but then that will bring us to the Bootstrap paradox. What if a famous movie director yet to be famous in time decided to travel in future. There he came to know he will make a movie in another 5 years which will make him famous worldwide. He watched the movie in future, came back in present and made the exact copy of it. So basically the original screenplay, plot and the movie is actually a copied version from the future.

Scientist 2: Yes, that just can’t happen. You cannot create the original by copying from one of copied piece from the future. That paradox has only one solution. The time traveler shouldn’t remember any detail of his travel, because if he remembers any of that can change the course of the history or future. So as he will be traveling in past or future, once he will come back he won’t remember any events.

Scientist 1: What if someone travels with a camera or portable recording device?

Scientist 2: Technically it is not possible, I believe that will not work either, first of all, the person will travel without a body, only his mind. And if he could possibly take it also, the electromagnetic field that will be created while traveling will damage any electronic goods.

Scientist 1: So the points we got from here are

  • A person can only travel in time without his mortal body, just his mind and he can only see but possess no power to meddle with anything.
  • Once he is back in presence his memory will not be able to remember anything he saw.
  • He cannot record anything either.

Then what is the whole point of traveling into time? It’s useless then.


Scientist 2: If only you think of conventional time travel that feeds into our minds for centuries then yes! But the truth is, people have already traveled in time.

Scientist 1: When and how?

Scientist 2: Time dilation, as described in the theory of relativity. The time moves slower than earth in space, due to the gravitational force, the earth’s rotation on its own axis and also for orbiting around the sun. Every astronaut who traveled in space starting from Yuri Gagarin, they all came back to earth a little younger.

Scientist 1: So………………

Scientist 2: Longer you travel in the space, slower the time moves. And then when you come back to earth, you see you are ahead of your time, or perhaps behind it.

Scientist 1: I don’t know what to say!

Scientist 2: Time travel is a one-way ticket, my friend. Once you travel in it, there is no way to go back and forth.

Scientist 1: We were never formally introduced.

Scientist 2: You can call me an alien, as I left the earth 500 years ago.

Scientist 1: …………………..

Scientist 2: have you ever thought about it? The people you call alien or higher intelligent being, what if they are the human who returned…. !!!






*“So you like it huh?”

**“Like what?”

*“Leaving your stories unsolved, unended? It’s almost like you are having fun by tormenting your readers by not letting them know what happened at last.”

**“Why we always look for a conclusion, life goes on, so are my stories.”

*“But the incomplete ones, they leave a void in your reader’s heart.”

**“Every one of us have their own imagination, I like to test the imagination of my reader by giving him or her, a chance to finish the story as they would like to, in their mind.”

*“But some of us want it from you. We need you to finish what you have started, or else…”

**“Chuck that, it’s a beautiful night, it’s just feel magical sitting here on this seashore with you, sharing wine and staring at the full moon.”

*“I knew you’ll like it. What else you like about this night?”

**“Sitting next the beautiful lady of course, I wonder how you traced me here, no one else know I am having a vacation here. But I’m glad you find me, it was started to get lonely here.”

*“Are you trying to flirt with me?”

**“(Grinning )Well it would a crime not to, especially someone who turned at the door of my hotel, claimed she loves reading my stories, invited me for a wonderful nigh out here on the beach. What else were my choices are?”

*“(Smile) Well Mr. Writer, how’s the wine?”

**“Divine, but I guess I drank too much, my head started to get heavy, so are my eyelashes.”

*“Oh! It’s not the drink, but the sedative I mixed in it.”

**“(Blank look)

*“You know its full moon today. Time for tides. I chose this place cause lot of people get drawn into the sea with them at this time of the month. Especially tourists, who never knew the waves were coming for them.”

**“What did you do? What do you want?”

*“Well don’t be mad at me, I drank the wine too, and I am sleepy too. So we’ll lay here beside each other, wait for tides, and we might get pushed away further or pulled in with them. We may stay alive or we may die, or one of us might live and other one won’t. We will only know if we stay alive or we’ll never know if we die.”

**“(With fumbling lips) are you crazy?”

*“No Mr. Writer, you see it’s just like one of your stories, and the end is inconclusive.  Just the way you like it. (Giggling)”






Too Late



“Amm, I gotta tell you something.”


“I really, really do like you. I think I’m in love with you.”

“Awwww, that’s so sweet. But why didn’t tell me earlier?”

“I thought you know. I mean all those hints I was giving you. The way I was always behaving.”

“Well. You were just irritating me and picking up fights all the time for no reason.”

“Well, I was doing all these cause I like you.”

“Ohh! But why did you not tell me earlier? Why you kept it from me so long?

“Because I thought eventually you will find out that I do like you.”

“Oh poor you, if you only tell me this 8 months ago when we started talking.”

“What’s wrong with now?”

“Well, I already have someone in my life now. You were too late. If you only let me know this before, why did you wait for so long? You unnecessarily complicated it by dropping those hints by irritating and fighting with me. I am so sorry. You proposed to me at the wrong time.”

“Well, I guess I am late alright. I’m sure he is a lucky guy to have you.”

“Oh don’t be so sad. You’ll find someone better.”

“So, if you don’t mind when he asked you out? I mean if I could know how late I am, you know. (A dry smile)

“Oh, well two years ago, we are going for around two years now.”

“Oh! Wait! What?!! I only started talking to you like 8 months ago. How I’m late. You were already committed.”



“Ok I was just doing some time-pass, ok bye.”


(True Story)





“So, my dear, how’s the response?”

“Tremendous Sir, this idea of yours is a master stroke.”

“So how many applications we have received so far for our first program, “Who wants to be the next Sherlock Holmes.”?

“Just incredible! 4 days and we already have more than 50,000 applications and counting…..

“Awesome! And how about our second program, “Who wants to be the next John Watson.”?

“Well…. So far we have received only one application, Sir.”

“Hmm, I’ve predicted that. Something told me, this one won’t fly. Looks like we have to close this one, we have no demand for our second program at all.

“Amm, actually we cannot do that Sir.”

“And why so? Pray, do tell me.”

“Because the only applicant for that program is Sherlock Holmes himself.”


“Yes Sir, this he wrote in the application and I quote,

‘Sherlock Holmes was not possible without John Watson, as there would have been nobody to write and publish my casefiles as stories and the Scotland Yard would have claimed all the credits and glories which I couldn’t care less about.

He was also a source of inspiration by being an epitome of stupidity to whom I have to declare and explain all my moves and deductions which kept my mind sharp as ever, who was also most tolerant to all my humiliating jibes and taunts and handled me like a true patient friend and doctor.

Not to mention that he saved my life on more than one occasion not only from my enemies but also from my cocaine addiction and drug abuses.

Last but not the least, if he wouldn’t agree to move into our apartment, I could have never afforded it, hence there wouldn’t be any 221 B Baker Street and thus wouldn’t be no Sherlock Holmes.

So for once, I would definitely like to know how it feels like to be Dr. John Hamish Watson!’ “






* Here is the snap of her, it should be done by tomorrow.

** No.

* What?

** I won’t do it.

* Why?

** I knew her.

* Ahh old flame? Ex-girlfriend eh? (Dirty giggling)

** Nah! She is a schoolmate, yeah I used to like her.

* And?

** I asked her out once.

* And she rejected you. Didn’t she? (Dirty giggling again)

** She did.

* One more reason to get rid of her.

** What if I refuse.

* Then somebody else will do the job and get the money. Her husband is paying quite a good amount.  Listen, you are a contract killer. Don’t grow a conscience and stay poor. Take the job and get paid.

** (Complete silence)

* See I personally prefer knives. Because guns make too much of noise. It should be easy. She returns home every day around 7:30 PM. The road in front of her house is pretty deserted. Just wait for her there and finish her off, stab her in the neck.

** Okay then.

* Make it look like a robbery or snatching gone wrong. Take away her purse.


He was standing in that lane, which leads to her home. Few street lamps were working. The whole street was playing with lights and shadows here and there. He was standing under a tree.

It’s almost 10 years, still it feels as if it’s yesterday. She was always this cheerful, popular and center of attraction kind, always surrounded by people, guys and girls. And he was a shy, quiet type, the ones which are always invisible to them. They were in the same class from 11th standard, but he could never gathered enough courage to speak to her.

Except the annual fest for the 12th class. He thought it’s now or never. So he did what he thought is impossible, unthinkable. She was busy having the dessert in the buffet when he creeped behind her.

“Hi, I really do like you…!” He spoke in one breath.

“Amm, and you’re name is?” was her reply.

That was the first and last conversation between them.



He could see her coming towards him. She was wearing a green designing saree, the bag full of groceries were in her left hand, she was holding her saree above her ankle with her right hand, dodging and avoiding the pot holes in the road filled with water.

She did not change much, since the day he saw her last time. He slowly stepped out, the street light was having this sleepy yellowish brightness, the whole lane was looking pale and sad.

He put his hand in his right pocket and felt the six inches folded steel, he slowly pulled it out. As he jerked his wrist, the sharp edge flung open, she was only 3 or 4 steps away from him. It should be fairly easy. Stab her right in the middle of her neck and pull the knife back, the respiration artillery should be cut and she should die in few seconds. A less painful death.

He turned towards her, and then froze as he heard the same familiar cheerful tone.

“Is that you? Roll no 37!!!”







Happy Ending


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


“Bittu what are you doing here?”

Bittu looked back as he was sitting alone near the pond. It was getting dark, the dusk had fallen. The glowworms were flying around and the continuous sound of crickets, making the evening a little different than others.

“Why are sitting here with all these mosquitoes?” Firoz asked again as he walked down the steps on the pond side, Bittu was sitting on the step last but one.

“Meditation sir, need to concentrate my thoughts, 12th exams are there in another 2 months.” Bittu was looking at the black water of the pond in front of him.

“Meditation?! Hmm, yeah you should do it sometime. I see your meditation working. For whom you’re meditating is already in the railway station.” Firoz said those words as he was sitting next to Bittu.

“Yesterday Christie came and asked me to preponed the class test. Strange right? After all her whole family is going on vacation to Darjeeling.” Firoz continued.

“Amm, ohh, really! So did you?” Firoz smiled silently as Bittu was stammering.

“Looks like D’Souza family already board their train, Christie must have seen them off an hour ago. I just came from there, she’s sitting on the bench.” Firoz’s tone was pretty normal.

“Amm Sir, I just remembered now, I have a very important work to complete, I will see you tomorrow, bye sir.” Bittu jumped off his feet.

“Here, take the keys of my bike, and no rash driving, station is almost 10 km away.” Firoz threw his bike key at Bittu.

“No… err.. I mean I am not going to station, I have to go home, kind of urgent. I will park your bike at your place by tomorrow early morning. Thank you sir, thank you…” Bittu was running as he threw those words at Firoz.




Christie could see Bittu is out of breath, he was breathing heavily. Christie was waiting for almost 1 an ½ hours now.

“What you want?” Christie asked in a bitter tone.

“You!!” Bittu answered.

Christie made up her mind, “Let’s stop being kids Bittu. Another two months and we are done with school. Then college. We don’t know where we will end up. Today you like me. Tomorrow when we will be miles apart who knows whom we might like, fall in love with. Let’s say we stay in touch, but how long? Long distance never works. And we don’t even know if we ever end up together at the same place.

Less we will meet, more we will drift apart, and one day we may found someone better. Then what?”

Tears were rolling from Christie’s eyes and her pink and puffy cheeks were letting them flow over.


“Will you be mine?” Bittu extended his right hand, a red rose, a withered one….


(After 20 years)

Bittu woke up at 9 PM, he was so tried, after coming back from office. He turned to his right, he’s all alone in this king size bed. He pushed himself off the bed, he sure is hungry.

The house is looking so messy, things are scattered around here and there, the smell from the bin is making the place unbreathable. Bittu took out the cold food from the refrigerator which was made yesterday and put it in the microwave oven. The maid is absent as usual.

All of a sudden the realization hit him, he is all alone in this big house. Bittu glanced at the almost empty bottle of whisky on the table. The house is looking like perfect bachelor’s pod.

He took out the food and kept it on the table, the dim light of the dining room was making the place gloomy and sad. He looked at the calendar, it’s 14th February.

Twenty years back in the railway station he proposed to Christie with a withered rose he found on his way to meet her. She made Firoz sir preponed the test so she could stay back though she would love to go for that vacation with her family. As Bittu’s plan to follow her till Darjeeling was miserably failed.

With the first bite Bittu felt the stale smell of the food, he got up threw it in the dustbin, called the pizza store for a door delivery. All of a sudden he felt the emptiness in his heart, a strange loneliness.

“I miss you Christie.” He muttered.

He picked up his phone and dialed Neeraj’s number.

“Hey Bittu. What’s up?” Neeraj answered.

“Come over. Let’s watch Arsenal vs Bayern Munich, I have ordered pizza so you gotta get the beers.” Bittu answered.

“But….?” Neeraj confused tone was heard from the other side.

“Christie and our daughter Shristi has gone to her mother’s place for 3 days. I am all alone at home. Come over, grab Vishal on the way if you can.” As he finished the call Bittu threw his mobile on the couch.

‘This Valentine, it’s the old mates’ reunion on a football match.’ Bittu smiled again.


Firoz was sitting on the steps near the pond still, Bittu was gone for nearly 20 minutes now. He sighed.

“Not all the stories deserve a tragic ending. A few need happy endings too…..”








Growing up

(This story contains sexually explicit contents and something that might be considered as social taboo. Please do not read if you don’t like such contents or if you’re underage)



Girls grow up pretty fast. They just do. It’s a matter of few days, a sweet plump teenage girl all of a sudden become a head turner, out of nowhere.

I was leaning on the wall of my terrace, I could see Mimi was there in her terrace to fetch the dry clothes. It was the month of May, a stormy month. I guess she saw the cloudy sky and windy afternoon as soon as she got up from her afternoon nap. Her eyes were still sleepy and her face was puffy, I guess she was alone at her place else her mom or maid would have been up on the terrace picking the dry clothes in hurry. My terrace is close to hers, just a distance of a short jump.

I went back in time while idly gazing at her. I still remember the day she was born, I was around 12 then. My mom told me our new neighbor who moved in last year got a kid, that the neighbor aunt delivered a baby girl today morning.

I went to see it, the baby, with my family. I saw a small piece of flesh with eyes, nose and ears. I wondered if it’s really even a human being, like one of us, I saw babies earlier but not this small.

Time passed by, that new born turned 2 in no time. It started to crawl around, treating my study table as her personal toilet, wetting my books, shitting on my table and tearing my notes. I wondered how to deal with it.

And the time went by, she turned 7, an irritating, nagging, running nose kid always clinging to me, demanding to take her to ice cream parlor and getting her chocolates. I cursed her, I cursed myself, I cursed the universe.

She stepped into her teens, she was 13 maybe. She was playing in a corner of my house when she came running to me, crying. There was a stream of blood flowing out, dripping off from her slender fair legs, her skirt was covering till her knee. I was the first man witnessing her in her first period. I called her mom and asked her to take care of her.

She was entering into her 16 when everything about her started to change. She was becoming moody, rebellious, unreasonable and beautiful. Once I saw her standing in the corner of the lane with her bicycle, she was in her school uniform, talking to a guy, perhaps from another school. They were talking, giggling and she was looking so happy. They saw me, I looked at her and then walked away.

That night I heard her fighting with her mom, screaming and shouting, I wondered what it might be. Next morning she was on my doorstep, with moist red eyes, accusing me of spying on her, telling on her. I tried to reason with her, that I never said a word. She didn’t listen to me and ran away cursing me that I shouldn’t find love, I don’t deserve that.

We started to grow apart, maybe she knew I never told on her, maybe she didn’t. She walked passed her 17th birthday. The little girl turned into a cute young lady in no time, I felt I witnessed a metamorphosis, from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

And then something brought me into the present. The sky was till cloudy, the wind was blowing hard now. I saw Mimi tripped, while trying to balance her as she had all dry clothes in her hands, on her shoulder. She fell down on the terrace, the hard uneven concrete surface peeled the skin of her knees and legs, the dry clothes were scattered, few were flown away, few were swarming on the terrace with the wind.

I couldn’t help but jumped to her terrace, held her and picked her up. She looked distraught, maybe because of the pain, maybe cause she couldn’t stop those clothes to fly away, maybe she just felt ashamed that she tripped right in front me in that fashion.

I pulled her up, maybe she was hurt but could walk, maybe she couldn’t. But I picked her like a cute doll in my arms, walked down from the terrace.

Her both knees were bleeding, so was her ankles. I took her to bathroom, cleaned her up and put her onto the sofa. I wasn’t sure what she was thinking, not that I cared much. I was looking for Neosporin powder and some cottons, she showed me.

I held her legs and starched towards me, as she was sitting in the sofa she kept her legs on my thighs. I sprayed the powder and rolled the bandages around them and then I looked at her.

Her skirt was above the knee, her fair and smooth thighs were glowing with water drops on them, where the thighs met each other, I could see a blue triangle. She was wearing a blue undergarment, nothing fancy, actually a normal one that covered her womanhood.

I got up and told her to go lay down in bed. She looked at me and said she won’t be able to walk till the bedroom. And I picked her up again in my arms, for the second time.

As I placed her in her bed, her bosoms were occasionally brushing against my shoulder. I was holding her too close to me, I could see right into her eyes, It was questioning me, it was questioning herself. Our lips met for a fraction of second and parted.

I pushed myself back and walked out of her bedroom, walked passed the hall to the main door. And then like a possessed man walked straight back to her. She was lying down there already, she was surprised seeing me back. We broke into a long kiss and then it felt so normal as we got rid of our clothes.

Her breasts were small, tender and fair, nipples were yet to change to dark brown but they were pink, small and perky. As I looked down, I saw her navel, not so deep, not so shallow, I caressed it. As I ventured into her most forbidden part, she blushed, pushed me aside and closed her thighs. Guess that’s always instinctive for females.

As she parted her legs after few strokes of hand, I went down on her, to eat her, to bite her, to make her moan and scream. She pulled me up, held her in arms, her eyes pleaded me to pierce her, to stab her, to go deep inside her.

She was soft, she was tight, she was warm, and she was a virgin. She was in pain but she was willing, her clenched jaw, closed eyes and sweaty forehead were telling her painful yet pleasurable happenstance.

I felt like a ragging mad bull, I looked at her. The girl I saw her in the first day of her life, the girl who crawled around me, the girl who played on my lap and the girl I saw in her first day of mensuration, I closed my eyes and I can hear her giggling back in time. I was thrusting myself into her as hard as I could, and I could recall every day I saw her growing up in front of me. I should feel guilty, I should have felt shamed. All I felt was her, and only her.

I stayed lying there, I could see her sleeping. Her face is carrying the impression of pain and ache, the bandages have come off and there’s blood on the bedsheet, some from her old wound, some from her fresh one. I kissed her forehead when I heard Mimi’s mom calling her name from the main gate. I looked her, and asked myself “should I leave or should I stay?”





The Perfect Murder Weapon



*“So you are Mr. Bankim Chatterjee? Famous private investigator.”

**“Yes sir, that’s me.”

*”Nice to have you here, but Mr. Chatterjee, to be frank there’s not much of a case here. You see my father passed away in his sleep. He had a massive heart attack. Our family doctor Dr. Mallik is here, if you want you can check with him.

**”But Mr. Ghosal, your elder brother is finding it very strange, of course your father had some mild heart condition but nothing to be this fatal.

*”Ahh! My brother is paranoid, he was actually very close to him, you could say he was his favorite son. Don’t mind Mr Chatterjee, I smell something fishy here. Is it an attempt to malign my image somehow? What he is trying to prove that dad’s death is an unnatural one?

**”I so hope not. But why are you even being so defensive? I have been appointed by your brother and let me investigate, as you said if there’s nothing fishy everyone will be off the hook.”

*”Well, I was just thinking that it all will end up in a wild goose chase, but anyway, it’s your wish. After all your fees will be paid from my brother’s pocket.


**”Inspector Sinha, what’s your say in this case.”

***”Pretty much an open and shut case Mr. Chatterjee, justice Subham Ghosal died in a cardiac arrest,  but well, as in all the stories and the media show that private investigators are smarter than police, I’m sure you would come up with something. (Smiling sarcastically).”

**“Hmm. If I’m not wrong justice Ghosal was an avid reader and a very learned man, even he had his own library, he was known for his literary skills, there’s hardly a classic he did not read.”

***”Indeed, every night he used to read for at least 2 to 3 hours before he used to go to sleep.”

**“Hmm, strange, at one look I find no trace of a book in this room, I guess it’s his bed room, such an reader must be having at least 2 to 3 books stacked on that table.”

***”(Puzzled) I haven’t noticed that. We have to ask his younger son Subir Ghosal, he was with him last night.”


*”Yes, his library was locked yesterday and one of the servant misplaced the key. So couldn’t unlock the door, today morning I was supposed to call a locksmith, but before that we found him in his bed…. Lifeless.”

**“Strange!! Did he always keep all his books in the library?”

*”Mr. Chatterjee, My dad always lived by his rules and was a creature of habit. He never liked his books to be scattered around in the house rather neatly kept in the library room, he used to pick one book at a night, read and sleep and once done with it, he would pick the next book. Unfortunately he just finished a book the night before and kept it in the library, last night as the key was misplaced he couldn’t get another one.

**”Had it ever happened before? He slept without reading?”

*”Maybe once or twice, I am not really sure, see Mr. Chatterjee, I don’t live here, my brother does, as he was out of station I came here to give dad a company.”

**”Thank you Mr. Subir Ghosal. Inspector if you don’t mind I would like to have few words with you in private.”


**”How could you do this to your own father Mr. Ghosal? He was after all your own father. Just to inherit his property you have killed him so brutally.”

*”I.. I don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s all an arrangement, between you and my brother. He wants to send me away and seize all dad’s property.”

**“Your brother doesn’t have millions of debt on his head Mr. Ghosal, nor he has the gambling addiction, your own house is also mortgaged, I have the papers here.”

*”Mr. Chatterjee, you are crossing your boundaries, my private life is none of your business. And my father died in a heart attack, if you can prove it otherwise fine, else you can’t keep me here in this police investigation room, not for another second.”

**” Of course your father died in heart attack, but it’s you who made that happen. It’s you who plotted the entire scheme.”

*” Mr. Chatterjee, I warn you.”

**”You knew your father is a creature of habit that he can’t sleep without reading for couple of hours before sleep. You also knew how your father hated and loathed bad writers and literatures. You hid his library key last night. He was restless, he needed a book to read, so you cleverly suggested him a book. A book with a bad plot, worse story and written by one of the worst writer of the country.

He started reading the book, he understood the mistake he had done, but like all the true readers he couldn’t stop in the middle and throw the book into a bin, so kept reading, his heartbeat started to rise, he got palpitation, his eyes turned red, he was drinking water continuously but was unable to even breathe. At last his heart gave up. I don’t blame him Mr. Ghosal, even a normal, healthy man would have meet the same end.”

*”(Sobbing heavily) I am sorry Mr. Chatterjee, I had no other choice, I am so deep in my debt that.. that I needed the money. (Broke out in tears)”

**”You don’t deserve mercy Mr. Ghosal, if I could, I would make you read that book over and over again. Though I’m not sure if you would be alive after reading the half of it. But honorable court won’t allow it.

***”We have found it under Subir Ghosal’s bed Mr. Chatterjee, here it is.”

Private investigator Bankim Chatterjee was holding the murder weapon in his hand, the perfect murder weapon. “HALF GIRLFRIEND BY CHETAN BHAGAT.” Bankim Chatterjee felt the chill running down through his spine, “What is awaited for the literature in future?”



Letter From…………




Akhil is sitting in his drawing room, kind of distracted and irritated. He just got up from bed, it’s about 9:30 am in the morning. Normally Akhil is an early riser, but last night he didn’t sleep very well. Today he got up from the sound of his door bell ringing, as his manservant is absent for 3 days he had to answer the door.

He was surprised to see a young woman at his door at 9 am, from her behaviours it is only obvious she is a college student and reached to his door for any apparent reason.

“I came here to talk to you, to know you,” Her first sentence was so casual that Akhil gave up any hope of serious conversation.

“Yes tell me, why are you here? who are you?” Akhil shoots his preliminary enquiry.

“I am here to chat with you, to know you better than your stories.” She replied in a childish tone.

“What’s your name?” Akhil asked.

“Chitra is my name, isn’t it nice?” She replied in same juvenile tone

“Ok Chitra, may I know why are you here to see me?” Akhil asked impatiently.

“I like to chat with famous personalities, it’s kind of a hobby.” She already came in and sat on the sofa.

“I am not a famous person.” Akhil answered in a given up tone, he is so bad at dealing with these spotlight seeking young women.

“Of course you are, I read all your stories, how you solved all the twisted crime occurrences. I am a big fan.” Chitra spoke in one breath.

“Listen Chitra, I am kind of not feeling well today and need some rest, if you don’t have anything important, could come some other time.” Akhil was desperate to get rid of her.

“Oh! But see that’s why I am here, I know you stay alone, I would like to be with you and take care of you.” The reply came immediately.

Akhil is in a complete shock now, what this girl is even saying? These young generation so volatile, is she praying a prank on him? Akhil looked blankly at her. He could only imagine she is telling the whole story to her gang and then laughing and falling onto each other saying ‘OMG that old man actually believed me’.

He tried to be as calm as possible, cleared his throat and spoke” Chitra, you can’t stay here with me.”

“Ok, we’ll decide that later, but tell me something, you don’t look like an intelligent and sharp psychologist like your stories and also I thought you would be taller.” She was speaking continuously.

“Oh! Well how do I look like then?” Akhil asked in a light tone.

“You look like a normal professor of any college, like the physics lecturer of my college, calm and quiet and dislike everything about younger generation.” She was smiling, “why don’t you say something clever and prove you are the Akhil Mitra who solves all those puzzling cases.”

“I don’t give test of my ability, Chitra.” Akhil shook his head.

“Come on, be a sport.” The girl was impatient. “Tell me what you gathered about me so far.”

“Ok, if you insist, my observation about you is your name is not Chitra, I have called your name several times, its only human nature to react spontaneously as someone calls their name, your reaction was late. And the way you said ‘Chitra is my name, isn’t it nice’ sounds artificial, normally people would have said ‘I am Chitra’. You are here not to chat with me but to create a mystery around yourself, the way you suddenly said you want to stay with me knowing very well I won’t approve that.

You have done some research on me but not in very detail, that tells me you are here for a purpose that’s not yours. Someone of whose hobby is to meet famous people are normally research every detail before meeting them, especially females. You are trying to act over enthusiastic, but that’s a part of your acting as I noticed you are getting absent minded sometime during conversation. So I reckon you did not come here by your own will but you are sent by someone.” Akhil finished and looked at her.

First time while having this entire conversation the girl looked a little alarmed and then spoke softly but firmly “You were correct in all account Dr Akhil Mitra. I have no doubt now I came to right person. Could you get me a glass of water, I am suddenly feeling thirsty”

As Akhil came back from kitchen with a glass of water in his hand little did it surprise him to see the empty sofa, she is gone. In such manner she suddenly asked for water it was obvious to Akhil that she was trying to create an opportunity to sneak out.

As he kept the glassful of water on the table a bunch of papers attracted his attention. A buddle of papers neatly arranged and kept, the small statue which was on the table was used as a paper wait. As Akhil took that bundle the very first page shows only two words ‘HELP ME’ written right in the middle of the page.

Akhil suddenly felt bad for the girl, she must be in some kind of trouble and before she disclosed it his indifference drove her out of the house. As he looked through the pack of papers he found they are handwritten, most probably a long letter.

Akhil left out a long sigh, it’s been a while he read a long letter from someone.



“Dear Akhil Sir,

Hope you’ll pardon me for creating a little drama, I wanted to attract your attention towards me. You must be thinking who is this crazy girl and what is her intention. Let me tell you first, I am a big fan of yours, I read all the stories published about you, the great Akhil Mitra.

I never saw you, I know you don’t do interviews hence I have no video clip or even a snap of yours, so I made an imaginary appearance of yours in my mind. As all of the stories about you are not written by you but someone else I am assuming you must be different from how you’ve been portrayed, as writer often exaggerate about their main protagonist’s capability. Nonetheless I am sure you are a sharp and intelligent person. You must be wondering who I am and why I am so keen about your personality and appearances. Well I am just trying to find the real Akhil Mitra of blood and flesh not the one portrayed by the writer.


This is where probably I should be introducing myself.

Name: Aparichita (A fake name, I hope you’ll find my real name soon)

Age: 22 years

Hobby: Reading, Chatting and doing nothing

Passion: Getting wet in the rain, Watching the moon on a full moon night

I know you are a busy man and if you are reading this long letter of mine, I am sure I made some curiosity in your mind. Let me come to the point now, there are incidents happening around me from my very childhood and I don’t get surprised or shocked anymore. I have accepted as they are, but after a long time I felt if anyone could help me, it must be you.

My mother died when I was very young, my father who is a rich and powerful man of this city (I will not disclose his identity but I am sure at some point you’ll find it out) was driving the car when it met with an accident and my mother died on the spot, astonishingly me and my father survived without a scratch, I was so small during that accident and I have no memory of it.

After that my father got remarried after a year or so, my new step mother came into my life. You’ll be surprised to know I used call her new-mom. As it happens, my new-mom couldn’t accept me with open heart, she was tiny and petite but got a hoarse voice. As I started to grow up everything about me became nuisance to her, the way I dress, the way I play or as she used to say making the whole house dirty etc etc. I have my own room and to avoid her I started to spend more time inside my room, my dad was always busy but whenever he used to get sometime he tried to spent them with me which was the only silver lining.

My new-mom was jealous type of woman, she always was suspicious about my dad and that led to a lot of heated arguments and fights, dad started to drink a lot. Then one day the news arrived, my new-mom was conceived, I was kind of happy hearing the news of a step-sibling coming to our world, the behaviour of my new-mom was also changed towards me, she was treating me better those days.

As things always go haywire in my life, there was no exception in this situation either, my new-mom lost the baby in a freak accident. She slipped and fell off the stairs, she was rushed to the hospital, father was out of the country that time, as he heard the news he came home immediately.

After she regained her sense in hospital she straightway accused me for the accident. According to her I only made those stairs slippery by pouring water on them. My father knew about our relation, so he simply ignored her words. When we took her back home she was hysterical, she even denied to speak or even see my face. Day by day the situation was deteriorating, I was getting worried about my father as I clearly see him becoming almost an alcoholic.

Then one day it all ended. The maid discovered new-mom’s hanging body from the ceiling fan in her room. Dad was at his work place and I was at school. As I said my new-mom and dad’s relation had become so bitter after the accident that they used to live in different rooms. In the morning we both left home without seeing her, the post mortem report indicated that she committed suicide in the early morning.


After reading this much Akhil closed his eyes, he can feel his brain is palpitating, unlike others he read everything very attentively, and so he can’t read at a stretch. While keeping his eyes closed he tried to arrange everything like a Jigsaw puzzle.

It’s still could be a prank of a young girl. So far he read almost 2 pages and there were no spelling mistakes, it only happens if someone is very good at writing or literature or had rough copy then make it a fair one. Akhil checked the handwriting, it looks continuous and without any break, no change of ink either, normally it’s tough to write a letter so big at a stretch without any mistake. That makes it certain that the girl might copy it from a rough. The handwriting is also neat and clear, Akhil is not a graphologist or else from her handwriting he could have analysed her.

She told her pseudo or fake name as Aprichita, which means stranger(fe.) in Sanskrit. She also gave the info about her age, hobby and passion. Is this for some particular reason?

Akhil kept the bundle on the table started to walk towards kitchen, he defiantly needs some tea.

Next day as Akhil was getting ready to start for the university he couldn’t keep his mind away from the letter, he decided to carry it with him, so he can read it during recess and off periods. Surprisingly he completely forgot about it once he reached in university and got busy with his class, lectures and students. As he came back, after his supper he remembered it altogether. He took it out from his bag started to read from where he left.


“You must be tired reading this nonstop nonsense and wondering why don’t I just come to you with my problems, why don’t I meet you face to face, I will Akhil sir, trust me, but before that you got to read this whole letter of mine, think that it is a childish demand of your ardent fan.

So as my new-mom left us I became lonely again, as usual dad was always busy in his work, I started to become a lonely kid, the servants were instructed not to enter my room as I love my space, I kept my room clean and organized as I want. As I never saw my real mother (We don’t even have a photo of her in my house) I started to imagine my demised new-mom as my companion. You must be wondering how but it was very simple.

I started to imagine my new-mom as a compassionate, sweet and nice lady who is my companion, I used to ask her to do something as the I used to do that myself, something like an imaginary companion, you might ask me why my new-mom, I would say during her pregnancy I saw the nice side of her and which was overwhelming. Let me give you an example how I used to imagine and play with her, suppose I have to get something from the table, I used to ask new-mom to get that, then I myself used to go and get it, and thanking my new-mom for that. The whole part was imaginary, and I knew it.

Then one day, I had high fever and doctor instructed me to have a complete bed rest, dad was out and servants are working downstairs. I was lying on bed, my eyes were closed when I felt a touch on my forehead, as I open my eyes I saw my new-mom was sitting next to me on bed. She looked just the same I remember her, but eyes were filled with love and compassion, something I hardly ever experienced. It was so normal that I wasn’t scared or shocked.

I am sure at this point your psychological mind started to analyse my situation, a lonely kid, during feverish state experiencing her dead step mom whom she kept imagining, it must be case of hallucination or delusion of a feeble child’s mind, especially when she’s ill. Well, you psychologist come to conclusion very quickly, with frowned eyebrows you easily declare what is real and what is imaginary, is it that simple? Let me tell you, I have already met a few psychologists, not because I want to but my dad forced me to. Why I’ll tell you later.

Akhil sir, are you getting irritated, or you have already made up your mind that I am actually insane, especially after telling you I have been to different psychologist. Let me tell you then, none of them were able to find anything wrong with me. I need your help, please help me, don’t throw away this letter thinking it’s just few incoherent sentences from a mentally sick and unstable girl.

You must be wondering what kind of help seeker I am, not giving you any details about me, not meeting you and let you ask your questions to me and expecting you to solve my problems. Well let me at least give you my phone no, “I already gave it you”. Ok, not the last digit maybe, you can try your luck.

Let me come back to my story, so it became a regular event of my new-mom visiting me every now and then, I am sure your investigative mind is restless to ask few questions about this ghostly appearance, I am guessing them and trying to answer them.


  1. What she used to wear?
  2. Normal Saari, different ones on different days
  3. How she used to appear and disappear?
  4. Nothing unusual, she used to push the door of my room and come and same way used to pull the door and go, I never followed her to where she used to after go out of the door.
  5. Did anybody else saw her or heard her talking?
  6. No. As I said I used to stay in my room alone and servants weren’t allowed, dad hardly comes to my room.
  7. She used to come and visit you as you wished to see her?
  8. No. She used to visit me as she wanted, in daytimes or nights.


I am bored of these questions answers already; I don’t know if I could answer you better if I were in front of you.

My life was going on as usual when one day again it was about to change. I was taking an afternoon nap when I felt a hand touching my head, I thought it’s my new-mom, as I opened my eyes I saw a beautiful and elegant lady was sitting next to me.

“Did I wake you up?” She asked in an embarrassed tone.

“Who are you?” I was surprised to see her in my room.

“I am your Vibha aunty.” She answered me in a hesitating tone.


Well, soon I came to know Vibha aunty going to me my next step mother, my father was about to marry her. Akhil sir are you thinking bad of my father? Thinking what kind of a guy he is who’s keep getting married to different ladies? Please don’t think ill of my father, he is a great guy and the best father, I mean it.


So Vibha aunty came into our life and then she discovered my little secret, my meeting with my dead new-mom. I am feeling so tired now, can’t write anymore. But you can read on as I am sure you have all the pages I’ll be writing to you.



Akhil finished reading the page and put the letter down on the table. Leaning on the sofa Akhil thought this girl is a bright one. The small riddle of her phone number, it was an easy one.

I already gave it you”. All he has to do is to take the alphabets in serial order which has single numeric value, ignore the alphabets having double digit numerical value


9 1   514      71 5 9


As she said the last digit was not given, it mostly be zero as the last 2 words are null, so it might be

91514 71590


Akhil decided not to call this number, if she wants to maintain secrecy he will let her. It’s already late at night, Akhil walked into his bed room, he needs a sound sleep, then tomorrow he will finish the letter.



Next day Akhil skipped his duty and requested one day leave from the dean. He wanted to finish the letter. So with a glass of orange juice in the morning he continued.


“Akhil sir, life is so strange, isn’t it? Sometimes you just ignore every flaw of someone whom you love so much, though you know they are wrong and they need to be stopped.


So as it happened Vibha aunty came into our lives. She was truly a wonderful woman, in all account, she was everything just opposite to my new-mom was. First time in my life I was enjoying motherly love and care, she used to take care of me like my own mother, she fed me with her own hand, bathed me, tied my hair, helped me with my school homework. But she never let me call her mother, she insisted me to call her Vibha aunty, and I had no problem with it.


I was in my teens and was growing fast, my dad now was getting busier day by day, he might have sensed that I was in the right hands of Vibha aunty, she was also getting busy with new found passion, boutique business. Then she only suggested to appoint someone as my very own care taker.


We are rich and it was only within our capacity to engage a maid only for their teenage girl, back in days Princesses used to have hand maidens, similarly I got one. Vibha aunty only chose a girl who was in her early twenties after much scrutiny. Her name was Farzana, she was from a nearby village next to the city, from a poor family.


Oh! Did I forgot to mention that my new-mom stopped visiting me? As Vibha aunty came into this house she stopped seeing me. I am sure at this moment you are smiling, thinking it’s just a simple case of hallucination, or is she schizophrenic? She must be imagining a mother figure all her life and as soon as she got one her dead step mother stop coming into her life. Maybe you’re right.


Farzana and me became fast friends, though we had an age gap of 5 to 6 years. She was a timid yet talkative girl, normally quiet when dad or Vibha aunty was around. My world was my home and school, since I came in touch with her I started to learn about the real world, the ugly, dirty yet the actual world where normal people live. I learned about poverty and desperation, how her drunkard father beats her mother every night for no reason, how her mother doing odd jobs to keep ends meet, how one of her elder sister died without any medical attention and younger one gone missing. Now it’s her and the youngest brother.


I am sure I am getting you bored by all these details, but I wanted to tell you, maybe for no apparent reason.


So one day I was back from school and found Farzana was sleeping downstairs, I came to my room and…… I saw my new-mom sitting there. Surprise, surprise! Tell me Akhil sir, did you expected that? I am sure you must be thinking “Is this girl just making up stories after stories?” Please trust me.


So after such a long time when I saw my new-mom I don’t know why I just froze there, suddenly I was scared of her, after all these years why she is here?


“Chitra, come here, sit next to me.”, my new-mom called in a calm tone.


See Akhil sir, I have disclosed my real name after all. Don’t worry, you were right, the girl came to meet you was not Chitra. I am.


So I slowly went next to my new-mom with scared steps, she held my hands and made me sit next to her.


“Chitra, you know Farzana is not a nice girl.” New-mom spoke in a strict tone; I nod my head in fear.


“You should not be mixing with these kind of females. It’s bad for you. I don’t want her here anymore, would you tell your Vibha aunty and get rid of her?” I shook my head, “But I like her.” I replied in a scared but firm tone.


“You are not old enough to know what’s good and what’s bad for you.” She spoke those words and then left. I was sitting on my bed, scared and numbed.


After a while I heard a knock on the door and then Vibha aunty came in pushing the door open. “Oh it was such a tiring day, how’s my sweetheart doing…..” she suddenly stopped and started to sniff something. “Somebody was here? I smell a strange perfume. Are you using any?” She kept sniffing.


I didn’t reply to her, she stood there for some time and then left. That night I was scared to sleep alone, and I did not want to ask Farzana to be in my room, I had a strange fear that my new-mom might want to hurt her. I asked Vibha aunty instead, she happily agreed and I went to her room to sleep, dad was as usual at work.


Me and Vibha aunty were lying next to each other, suddenly, I don’t know why I asked her, “Vibha aunty, can dead people come back?” She heard the question and there was a pause, “why are you asking this question?” She asked me. “Simply, ok, good night, I am sleepy.” I turned the other way.


Vibha aunty got up from bed and switched on the lights and then came and sit on the bed, “Listen girl, tell me what’s going on, don’t keep any secret from me, what is it? Tell me clearly.” She spoke in a firm crisped voice.


And I told her everything, starting from my new-mom’s death, her frequent visit to me and about her last visit today afternoon. I thought she will laugh at my childish imaginations, but she didn’t, she held me tightly next to her, we didn’t switch off the lights that night.


After few days I found Farzana was not around, I asked Vibha aunty about her.


“Her marriage is fixed, so she went home.” She replied with a dry tone.


“Does that mean she won’t work here anymore?” I asked with curious note


“I am not sure, let’s see.” She replied again with the same dry voice.


As it turned out she was really getting married, and her mother came to us with the invitation. From there conversation I learned Vibha aunty is taking care of all the expenses of her marriage, I was surprised and yet proud for her.


But as it turned out Farzana’s happiness was short lived, she came back after 3 days of her marriage as her husband was demanding dowry and refused take her back till she pays.


Vibha aunty was really angry listening to all these and she immediately summoned her husband. He was garage mechanic.


“Do you know I can hand over you to the police, taking dowry is a criminal offece.” Vibha aunty asked him in an angry voice.


“You people are rich and powerful, whatever you say is the law. But I am a poor mechanic, I need money to survive, why should I take her back if there is no benefit of mine from this marriage.” He replied in a shameless indifferent tone while scratching his neck.


Vibha aunty threatened him for another half an hour and then agreed on his terms. He wanted a bike and 50,000 cash. Vibha aunty promised she will think about it.


“And after all these if you ever again throw her out of your house, you will be in jail, I promise you that as well.” Vibha aunty was shouting at him, but he hardly showed any concern.


I went to farzana and condoled her, “Don’t worry, everything will be alright.”


“He won’t take me back, he knows, he knows.” Farzana spoke with weeping voice and trembling lips and broke down. Farzana’s husband promised he will take her back as soon as he gets his bike and cash he will come and take her home.



That night again I saw my new-mom, I was studying when I heard the door open, I didn’t look up as I know it was her, something in me already told me.


“Chitra, why did you tell your Vibha aunty about me?” She asked.


“She wanted to know.” I replied.


“I thought it is our secret. You shouldn’t have told her about me, now things have become complicated.”


I looked at my new-mom, “How?”


“And Farzana needs to go from this house, she must leave this house.” New-mom was looking scary, her hair was open, eyes were red. I closed my eyes, I was so scared. I ran to Vibha aunty’s room. I did not want to sleep alone that night as well.




Next day Farzana’s dead body was recovered from our back yard, her head was smashed with a blunt instrument. But that wasn’t the biggest news, Vibha aunty had gone insane, she was repeatedly screaming the words “I killed her, I killed her.”


Well she couldn’t as she was with me the whole night and the post mortem report suggested that Farzana was killed between 12 to 2 pm in the same night. The post mortem also revealed that she was 3 months pregnant. Police were unable to find the murder weapon.


Farzana’s husband was arrested in suspicion but he had a strong alibi that he was at home that night. He in turns accused the unknown person with whom Farzana had a relation and apparently carrying his child.


As our reputation was at stake, the money and power came in for rescue and the whole incident was hushed up. But Vibha aunty’s condition was deteriorating day by day. She had gone completely insane, she used to laugh or cry and scream the same words “I killed her.”


Dad has consulted many doctors but everything was in vein. To me it seemed like she is possessed by someone or something. During her end days she was used to locked in a room, the same room new-mom lived and died. Once I went inside the room and saw she was sitting on the floor, hairs open and with red eyes, she just looked so much like my new-mom, I ran away from there.


Her hanging body was found in the room one day, the same way my new-mom committed it, with a rope, from the ceiling fan. The mystery was though how she found the rope, as per doctor’s instructions everything that might be used for such thing was kept away as she was suspected suicidal and the door was locked.




Akhil finished reading the page and throw the bundle on the table. He doesn’t need to read the whole letter. He knows exactly what’s going on. Akhil dialled Inspector Dubey’s number, he needs few details.





Next two days Akhil became busy with his university and students, on Thursday evening Akhil’s phone rang with a familiar number on the screen.


“Akhil speaking.” He answered the call.


There was a short pause from the other side and a very sweet voice replied, “So you read my letter?”


“Oh no I did not finish it.” Akhil spoke. The voice on the other side sound hurt, “Was it that long and boring?”


“I did not because it wasn’t necessary, I already have solved it.” His firm and quiet voice had quite an impact.


“Oh I see, but if you did not finish my letter how you know what I wanted from you?” the curious tone from the other side was shooting continues questions, Akhil felt little annoyed.


“Chitra, if I can meet you at your home, I guess it will be better.” Akhil replied.


“Alright then, Saturday at 10:30 am morning? And the address is….”, Akhil interrupted, I already have your address. I will see you then.” And the call went blank almost immediately.



Saturday 10:40 am, Akhil car stopped in front of a gigantic bungalow situated in one of the poshest area of the city.


As Akhil came out of his car and walk towards the huge main gate, he saw the watchman looked at him with a curious look.


“Dr. Akhil Mitra saab?”, watchman enquired, “Yes” Akhil replied. Watchman immediately gave a salute and opened the gate.


As Akhil walked through the path leads main door, he saw the gardens on the both sides, its spread around the bungalow, in a keyhole design. Akhil pressed the calling bell, the golden name plate above the calling bell is glittering, Sushobhan Chowdhury, Doctorate of Law, PhD in Philosophy and so many other degrees are marked below the name. One of the renowned High court judges of this city.


The door opened within 30 secs, a girl wearing light green color churidar was standing, a calm and round face, short in height but long hairs till her waist. Her appearance was nothing special but her deep dark big eyes definitely extraordinary.


She didn’t say anything and made way for Akhil to come in, Akhil quietly walked inside and took his seat on one of the fancy single sofa in the drawing room.


“What would you like to have? Tea, coffee or something cold?”, Akhil showed his hand, “I had my breakfast, where is your dad?”


“He left a while ago, for airport, he is flying to national capital for some work.” The girl replied.


“I am sure you know why I am visiting you. Also you know how I guessed what you want without reading your whole letter.” Akhil paused, “But before all that, I want to see something, do you have any photo of Farzana?”

“I might have; I have taken few in her marriage. But I have to search. Why?” Chitra asked.


“Okay, was there any resemblance in appearance between you two?” Akhil asked his next question.


Chitra laughed, “A lot of people who don’t know us, like visitors often mistaken her as my elder sister. But I guess that’s a normal occurrence when there are two girls live in the same house of with not much of age gap.”


“One more question.” Akhil asked again, “I see you have few servants and maids working here, anybody stays or sleeps here in the night?”


“No, they all leave by at max 8 pm. They don’t stay here for the night, except watchman.”



Akhil leaned back, “Chitra, sit down in front of me, let me tell you a story.”




Akhil started in a low but firm voice.


“There was a married couple, A man and his wife, they both had a healthy conjugal life but still they did not have any kids. After a thorough medical check-up, it was found that the man is incapable of having any child.


They both decided to adopt a kid, a girl who happened to be from a poor family. The child’s mother gave up his daughter to this childless couple thinking it will make her future better.

But fate had something else in its mind, after few months there was a horrible car crash and the wife died, the husband and their adopted daughter survived though.


The man decided to marry again for the sake of the child, but he kept silent about his condition for whatever reason, maybe he was ashamed, maybe it’s his male ego. The second wife was not kind towards his daughter though she didn’t know the daughter was adopted.


Then after few years the 2nd wife conceived, her husband knew it cannot his child but he kept quiet, at least he tried to, but the rift between them was growing. The adopted daughter was significantly intelligent, above average, she always doubted she isn’t her father’s daughter. As the fights grew to limits the man at last confessed his incapability and accused his 2nd wife of infidelity, in turns mocked cruelly by her.


Though the daughter was always suspicious about being her father’s real daughter, nonetheless she loved her father dearly. She decided to take revenge on the wife, of all the ill treatments, of her being unfaithful to her father and humiliating him. A simple plan, a stairs full of soap waters, she tripped and fell and the accident caused her to lose her unborn child, she already knew it was the daughter, but she had no one to believe or had no support from her husband for obvious reason.


The man and his 2nd wife was now growing apart, he was climbing up in his career and he fell in love again, this time with a junior, who knew about his inability but didn’t bother anyway. The man was already fed up with his 2nd wife, she was not ready to divorce him either and humiliating him every day for him being incapable of fathering a child. The daughter decided to end it all.

As the husband and wife were living in different room, the daughter chose the early morning time before the servants turn up, she quietly sneaked in to her step mother’s room with a rope, strangled her with the noose and later hanged her from the ceiling fan. Then she quietly left for the school.


The man got married to his junior, his 3rd wife and the girl’s next step mother. She was kind and understanding, she urged the daughter to call her aunt as she had a bad experience with her last step mother. Meanwhile both the daughter and the 3rd wife knew she was adopted. But their life was blissful, at least for few years. The daughter was lonely as both husband and wife became busy with their profession and they have no other way of being parents again naturally. So her step mother decided to track down daughter’s real family, and appointed her actual elder sister as her companion, but she did not disclose it to anybody, not even to their daughter.


But as I said the daughter was very smart, she found out and felt grateful to her new step mother. Both sisters were growing close and the daughter shared a few secrets about the past life, about her last step mother’s death.

The elder sister was a person of poor judgement which led her into trouble and she conceived unwantedly with one of her lover. The wife was upset nonetheless she arranged a guy to get her married to, which was her biggest mistake.


The man whom the elder sister married to was a thug and criminal, the elder sister trusted and told him all the secret revealed to her by the younger sister and he saw an opportunity of blackmailing.


He sent back the elder sister accusing she is carrying the child of her master. The wife was furious but also scared as it was the question of reputation, either disclose the inability of her husband which might open a lot of unwanted chapters including his 2nd wife’s death or gave in to that criminal’s demand which she did. He decided to keep it low and extort them slowly.


That night as the elder sister came back and confessed to her sister that she spilled all her secret out. Later there was an ugly fight and spat between her and the wife about the whole situation and at rage she pushed her in the kitchen and left from there, while the elder sister fell down and she had a minor injury.


The daughter and the younger sister was fuming after knowing everything, she stepped in after the wife is gone and killed the elder sister brutally. The wife and her step mother accidently saw everything but couldn’t believe her eyes as it was horrible and unbelievable. The daughter cleaned up and destroyed all the evidences and calmly went to sleep. The wife and her step mother witnessed something which was enough to make her lose her mental stability, she was convinced she was responsible for the elder sister’s death as what she saw was not possible.


As the 3rd wife’s situation was deteriorating, she was becoming suicidal and started to hurt herself. The daughter decided to end it for her as well, but this one was a mercy killing, to make her be free from her pain and agony. So the daughter sneaked in to her room where she was kept isolated and end her life just like she did to her previous step mother.





Akhil paused and looked at Chitra. She was looking at her feet and nervously digging her nails.


“The man is your father, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd wife are his 1st wife, your new-mom and your Vibha aunty, the elder sister is Farzana and the younger sister and the daughter is YOU!!.” Akhil finished and took a long breath.


Chitra tried to smile but only managed an artificial grin.


“So you mean to say, I killed my new-mom when I was 12 and then Farzana and then my Vibha aunty. How I managed to do all these? Do you think I am physically capable of killing or hanging somebody from a rope, obviously it needs tremendous strength? Do you think a short, thin girl like me can do all these or do you think I have an accomplice?”


“Not in normal state but in some unique circumstances and situations. In scientific term its called hysteric strength. Which human possess at some particular mental situation. You have heard about mental hysteria as in the diseases where human beings have their physical strength increased about 10 times more. You too have that strength but only when your subconscious mind takes over.


‘There was an incident


In 1982, in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Tony Cavallo was repairing a 1964 Chevrolet Impala automobile from underneath. The vehicle was propped up with jacks, but it fell. Cavallo’s mother, Mrs. Angela Cavallo, lifted the car high enough and long enough for two neighbors to replace the jacks and pull Tony from beneath the car.

Mrs Carvallo thought the god gave her that strength, but it’s proven that our brain is capable of many miracles if used to its even half potential.’ There are several similar incidents happened accross the world.


I could have suspect your father as well, but he would have just killed his second wife with her unborn child if he had that kind of murderous rage, second to that he is himself a lawman and who has the reputation of being an honest judge must have an incorruptible consciousness. Why would he plot to kill her unborn child and later her?


On the other hand, your description about your new-mom’s visit strikes a chord. Why would a young woman will see her abusing step mother who’s already dead that too with a heavy change in her nature? You yourself said you used enact as your new-mom which slowly took over your subconscious mind. Remember your new-mom said Farzana is a bad girl, your new-mom wasn’t happy as you told about her to your Vibha aunty. Remember you said there was nothing abnormal about your dead new-mom’s visit, it was because you used to imagine and enact her.




When I went through the records, I found when police investigated about her death they couldn’t find the murder weapon, but in strange statement a servant claimed she saw the kitchen floor tiles were broken.


When your Vibha aunty had a heated argument she pushed Frazana on the floor thus she hit her head on the water sink.

Then you entered, with enormous strength you held her up and the smashed her on the floor which shattered her skull from the back and then throw her body on your backyard.  In post mortem report there are mentioning of two different injuries in farzana’s head. Your Vibha aunty who almost immediately came back witnessed the entire scene but couldn’t fathom it,resulting her the insanity.”


Akhil was out of breath after speaking continuously



“So you mean to say I have a monster hiding inside me, and it comes out every now and then? But why would I write to you? Why would I ask for your help if I am the murderer, I am the culprit?”


“You only have that hysteric strength when you experience extreme emotions. Like at extreme rage or sadness or happiness. Like when you overheard Farzana and your Vibha aunty where Farzana confessed spilling out the secrets to her husband or when your new-mom humiliated your father or when you saw your beloved Vibha aunty’s unbearable state of insanity.


as I said, you are a very intelligent girl and you suspected that you committed all these murders in your subconscious mind you have no memory of, you wanted a closure and that lead you to me.” Akhil calmly answered.


“So now what? What should I do, where should I go?” Chitra covered her face with her both hands


“It’s upto you Chitra, you turned to me for help and I did.” Akhil quietly walk up to Chitra and kept his hand on her head and spoke in a soft voice, “You should tell your father everything and surrender to police, I am sure law will understand the situation and send you for psychiatrist help.


Akhil couldn’t help his tears as well, seeing her sobbing inconsolably, after all she has done all these to save her foster father who she loved more than anyone.


Akhil slowly walked on his way out of the door.























































































































Bitter Sweet


1)    “Only 140 characters allowed.” She whispered.
“I only need 10.” He replied. “Rest of them are for you, to reply. ‘I love you’”.

2)    She didn’t want to force a commitment-phobic, so decided to keep their child and set   him free.
He kneeled in front of her, to be a good father, a better husband and the best friend.

3)    “She doesn’t love me; I have no reason to live.” The jilted lover left a note behind.
Only if he could see how much he means to her. To his mother.

4)    “What is your inspiration?” question asked.
“Love.” I replied.
“Ahh, love made you a good writer.” Exclaimed and remarked.
“Love left me a better writer.” I smiled.

5)    He was graduated. His mother was overwhelmed. “It’s time to mortgage my gold          jewels and send him abroad to study further.” She thought.
She was graduated. Her father was worried. “I have to save more to make her more gold jewels, for her marriage.” He thought.
They were twins…….

6)    They met, after a long time, in the Airport. “You’re still so good at pulling my legs.” She laughed.
“You hardly gave me a chance to pull your hands.” He replied, with a smile, sadly.

7)    “Let all your dreams come true.” His wish was granted.
He forgot, nightmares are dreams too.

8)    Her status says she is still online.
“She must be chatting with her friends.” He consoles himself, but deep down he      knows,  he isn’t the one keeping her awake late at night.

9)    “I killed them all, all the infidels, and protected you name, stayed true to my faith.”
The terrorist pushed open the door of heaven with his both hands, happy and zealous    with his achievements

He found his god laying in a pool of blood, with bullet wounds and splinters gashes.    “So you did my son.” He     gasped.

10)    Satnam Singh was worried sick as his wife Neha was giving birth to their first born.  His father in law Subramaniam Rajagopal was praying for the good health of daughter and the grandchild.

As surgeon Imtiaz Hossain wiped his  sweat from his forehead and smiled, the gynaecologist Pavel Lajwani and assistant Saurabh Jain congratulate him for the successful Caesar. Nurse Anita Matthew screamed with joy to its family, “It’s a baby girl.”

With the first cry of the new-born, suddenly the word intolerance started to sound so meaningless.



The Story Within




He: I have created you. But I’ve no idea how should the story progress.

She: Did you hit a writer’s block?

He: Maybe. I don’t know. But I described you just the way I have ever desired somebody in my life.

She: So I am your dream girl…..

He: Perhaps, yes..

She: *Giggling* So Mr. Writer, are you falling in love with your own creation?


He: I don’t like this new character I have introduced in this story.

She: The handsome stranger you mean.

He: Yes. I think I will make him disappear.

She: *Sarcastic tone* Are you feeling insecure about him? That I may fall for him.

He: I portrayed you as a strong independent woman. I know you can’t be compelled to do anything.

She: Then let the stranger be in this story.


He: No. It can’t be.

She: Why? You said yourself, I can’t be forced.

He: Because I love you, and I can’t see you be with him.

She: But I don’t love you. Besides I am just a character in your story.


Journalist: *While taking the interview* So Miss Jhumpa Banerjee, what is your new novel is all about?

Jhumpa: Well, I am writing a story where a writer while writing a story slowly falling for the main protagonist. Someone he has portrayed as his most desired companion.

Journalist: Great. So how this ends? A happy ending or a tragic one?

Jhumpa: *Laughs* I can’t tell you that. You have to read the book. By the way I haven’t decided yet.


She: *Frantically knocking the coffin the door* No you can’t do this to me, let me out. LET ME OUT!!

He: Oh I can, remember I am the one who’s writing the story. So the handsome stranger you fell for turned out to be a serial murderer who kills his victims by burying them alive. As we are speaking he is slowly lowering the coffin into the 6-foot pit.

She: You can’t do this to me you sick freak. You created a character and then fell for her, and when she stopped your advances he are killing her. You can’t do this *Sobbing*

He: It’s all over now. You are buried under 6 feet and no one can hear you screaming. Goodbye Jhumpa.


Writer Jhumpa Banerjee opened her eyes as she was lying on her bed. All of a sudden she’s feeling suffocated. She tried to get up but couldn’t. It felt like she’s in a closed box and no matter how hard she is trying she just can’t free her arms and legs, and nobody seems to hear her screaming. Her body slowly started to sink in the bed.





He was tall, dark and handsome. She was cute as strawberries.

He used to look at her. She used to try looking the other way.

He knew she likes him. She knew he likes her.

He was cupid struck. She used to blush in her dreams.

Her brother was bad news. He tried his best to stop him.

Her brother made our mother bleed. She couldn’t stop him.

He had to do his duty. He had no other choice.

She had to see her brother die. She had no other choice.

He couldn’t forgive himself. He couldn’t forget her.

She couldn’t forgive him. She couldn’t forget him.




He used to carry his automatic rifle. She used to carry her basket full of apples.

He was a soldier. She was a girl from THE VALLEY.


Agar Firdaus bar rōy-e zamin ast,

hamin ast-o hamin ast-o hamin ast.

— Amir Khusrau

(If there is a paradise on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here)

Beauty Queen





“Did you hear my queen? He is coming. He coming for you….” Padma was feeding her ‘Hiramani’ when her handmaid came running in her royal court, she cried those words breathlessly.

“Who’s coming for me?” Padma looked at her miserable handmaid and asked, there’s a smile hanging from the corner of her lips.

“The mad sultan, he has gone crazy by that one look at your reflection. I have warned you not to go there to show yourself, I pleaded you to let me go there instead.” Handmaid Jhumki bai cried the words again and started to sob.

Padma looked back at Hiramani, “Hira, what do you think of this sultan?”, “Old fool, an imbecile.” The parrot replied with its sharp birdy voice. Hearing that Padma started to giggle. Jhumki stopped sobbing and kept looking at her with puzzling eyes.


The situation was deteriorating faster than it was anticipated. Padma now days only sitting near the windows and looking out at the soldiers are marching, led and instructed by their leaders and generals. Rawal Ratan Singh is always looking worried and discussing with his trusted subordinates about the current state of affairs.


Padma can still remember that day, Jhumki and few other maids were giggling and falling onto each other while looking it her. “What is it?” Padma asked them curiously.

“Did you not know? The Sultan of Delhi is smitten by your beauty. Heard now a days he stopped eating and drinking and forgot about his hundreds of wives and concubines, he is only dreaming about you.”

Even Padma also heard it. She felt so strange, at her teens she got married to Ratan Singh. She likes her middle aged, quiet husband, who is always busy with various administrative works of his Chittorgarh, in his leisure time either he is with the musicians or slumbering in his opium addiction. His first wife Nagmati tries hard to show her affection and care towards her, but her helpless anger sometimes erupts in different ways. But Padma is not sure if she loves her husband just the way she supposed to.

She doesn’t blame Nagmati for her jealousy and resentment for the younger wife of her husband, as soon as she attained her puberty she was the talking point in all the royal families for her bewildering beauty. Malkhan Singh was even ready to give away an arm and a leg for her, Ratan Singh being the most reputed of Rajputs won her hand in swayamvara, though of their age gap and he being already married. She let off a long sigh, now this mad Sultan.


The condition has deteriorated further. The cunning Sultan played his dirty trick and captured Mewar King and demanded an unconditional surrender. But he couldn’t keep him into confinement for long. His trusted generals Gora and Badal, the Uncle-Nephew duo and soldiers disguised themselves as Rajput women and released Ratan Singh. Gora died in that attempt, rumor has that sultan saved himself by hiding behind one of his women as Badal was about to slay him.

Padma recalled the day when Ratan Singh came to her,

“You have sit near the lake for few moments.”

“Why?” Padma asked.

“Somebody will see your reflection on the water for those moments.” Ratan answered with a bowed head and clenched teeth.

“Someone who?” Padma knew who that is, still she asked.

“You don’t have to know, just go there near the lake when you see my sign, and don’t sit there more than few moments.” Ratan blurted those words and started to walk, halfway he stopped and turned at her, his eyes were wet and red, he closed his fists, “Padma, if I not have to think about my people and avert a war, I would have killed that bastard with my own hands.”

Jhumki was pleading to her not to go, instead she was rushing to the lake. “My Queen, Sultan doesn’t know who you are, he never saw you. Let me go instead and save you from this humiliation.” Padma did not answer, wasn’t she also curious to see that crazy Sultan? Who came all the way from Delhi to Mewar to have a glance at her reflection?


It’s chaos everywhere. A huge pyre is burning in red flames and consuming all the Rajput women, who are chanting prayers and jumping in it. All of the men of Chittorgarh today are wearing saffron, robes and turbans, the color of sacrifice, to fight till the last breath, as they have nothing to live for after their women turn into ashes. Nagmati was first to sacrifice herself, Jhumki also followed.

Padma was standing on the edge of the fire, she saw the main gate of the city is slowly opening, Alauddin and his men are entering into the city. The city of blood, ashes and ruins. Maybe Alauddin saw her there, standing in her red bridal dress, almost similar to the flames burning in front of her. Maybe he raised his hands and telling her not to jump in. What is he saying? Offering wealth and comforts of all the world? Offering her to be above all his begums and concubines?

Padma couldn’t help but smiled and then cried.” ‘Typical men’, as always running after the desire of winning the most beautiful woman. All my life I only witness the appreciations, wishes and longingness in the eyes of these men, hardly the respect and love what I searched for.

Perhaps today in his last breathe Ratan Singh will think of me, Perhaps tonight ‘Sultan of Delhi’ Alauddin Khilji will mourn in my death. Perhaps some poet of the 15th century will write poem on me and on 19th and 20th century scholars will debate and argue whether I existed at all. But I will always remain known and spoken of, for this fierce beauty of mine, my blessing, my curse. Only if I could let people know, I am more than a beauty queen.”

Rani Padmini let her body fall onto the pyre, with closed eyes as she was falling into it, she knew her memory will live, always, forever.


[The above story is an adaption of the well-known tale of ‘Rani Padmini’ of Chittor, Rajasthan, who was famous for her unparalleled beauty. Then Sultan of Delhi ‘Alauddin Khilji attacked Chittor to defeat Rajput king Ratan Singh Rawal and win Padmini for himself, after getting infatuated by her . Rani Padmini and all the other Rajput women performed Jauhar (self-immolation) to save themselves from dishonour as the defeat of inevitable and the men died fighting Alauddin’s huge force.

She appeared in the epic poem written by ‘Malik Muhammad Jayasi’ in 1540 CE ‘Padmavat’ and in the folk lores of Rajasthan. Even today scholars and historians debate if she is a real or fictitious character as the historical evidences found about her are little. ]



Male Chauvinist…..


She: “Why you always keep talking about your mom’s cooked food? Why you guys are so obsessed with foods cook by mothers? Your dad can’t cook? I never heard stories about the food you dad cooked ever. Do you think only women should cook? You male chauvinist.”

He: “No, I mean dad can cook. But…..”

She: “But he doesn’t cook. Male dominance. Masculine ego. Now I know, you are brought up in a male chauvinistic environment and society. You have no respect for women.”

He: “No, not so. Dad cooks, but…. His rotis are very political, maps of different states and countries. White rice cooked by him often turns brown or into rice soup and we can hardly tell between his daal from his curry. Believe me I am not a male chauvinist, I am only a male who loves round rotis and well cooked rice.”

She: “Our country is male chauvinistic, our subcontinent, this whole part of the world is male-centric and male dominant. Look at the western world and compare.”

He: “Huh! You can’t say that. We had Indira Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto, Sheikh Hasina and Chandrika Kumaratunga as the country leaders of South Asia. We have Sonia Gandhi, Mamata Banaerjee, Jayalalithaa and Mayawati as state and national leaders India. While USA is still waiting for their first female president we even already had our Prathibha Patil.

Can you deny all these points? I am ready for a debate to prove you that I am not a male chauvinist and also the maximum population of this part of the world are not. Tell me, are you ready for a debate?”




She: (Paused for a minute) “You don’t love me anymore.”

He: (A long sigh) “Alright baby. I am a male chauvinist.”


While overhearing the conversation of the next door young couple, I raised my glass, “No one beats our women in politics.”


Fair, Unfair….



Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:



Amit came out limping from the teacher’s room, glared at Bittu, unsuccessfully tried to burn him down into ashes with that fiery stare, then limped away slowly. The next one to follow is math’s teacher Tarun sir, similar kind of fire in his eyes too, Bittu was getting impatient now. At last sports teacher Nitin sir called him in.

Severe allegation is brought against him, committing unnecessary fouls in today’s football match. As there was a match between two sections of 11th standard, he went on kicking Amit not once but twice, once kicked him in the lower calf and then kicking his knee. Math’s teacher who was the linesman spotted Bittu and blew his whistle, to convince the ‘referee come sports teacher’ Bittu tried to persuade him saying Amit being maths teacher’s favourite student, he was being partial to Bittu.

Nitin Sir: “I have spoken to Tarun sir and he is sure you committed those fouls intentionally. Top of it you accused of him being biased. You are suspended from the football team for this whole month. Now get lost.”

‘If there was a prize for being partial, maths teacher would have won the 1st prize at ease, everyone knows how Amit tops all the math class tests.’ Bittu murmured under his breath.

As he was crossing the corridor, he saw maths teacher and Amit standing.

Seeing him Tarun sir hissed, “Next of my maths test if you get less than 20 out of 40, well your answer sheet will travel to many directions from Principal’s room to your parents. I will make sure I set the toughest paper this time.”

Bittu ignored them and kept walking.


He was trying to concentrate, tomorrow’s physics homework is still undone, but he is only turning the pages. He checked the time, 5:35 PM. Bittu got up from chair impatiently, took his bicycle out and paddled towards Firoz sir’s house. Somebody told him she recently joined the private tuition there.

The students are scattered around here and there, waiting for the previous batch to come out. Christie surprised to see Bittu reaching there in hurry, he didn’t even laid the stand on his cycle and it fell down on the grass.

Bittu: “I need to talk to you.” And he dragged her by her hand towards the stairs to the terrace, no one else was there but them.

Bittu: “You don’t need to borrow his maths note, my cousin is doing her M.Sc maths, if you want I will take you to her and you can get all the guidance you want. She’s good at maths.


Christie was surprised at first but then she had an impish smile on her face.

“Ok, I don’t like it when you talk to him.” Almost cornered now, Bittu blurted out.

She curled her lips and looked the other way, without uttering a word. Bittu discovered with horror that Firoz sir just walked into his terrace.


“What the hell you people are doing here?” Barked Firoz.

“I was early for the class so was waiting here.” Christie spoke in terrorized voice and then ran down the stairs.

“And you?” Bittu can see those blood red eyes. “I.. I… I am…”, he started to stammer.

“GET OUT!”,Firoz roared and Bittu didn’t stop till he reaches where he left his bicycle, “I could have challenged Usain Bolt today.” He muttered


“Auntie, is Bittu home?” Bittu could hear Christie’s voice from his room.

“Go straight up sweetie, he is in his room.” Mrs Sinha answered.

Bittu was laying on his bed staring at the celling, as he heard his room door opening and closing, he got up from bed.

Christie: “I won’t borrow anyone’s maths notebook, if I need help I will go to your cousin. But you don’t have to kick around people in football matches for that. By the way, Amit borrowed my notes and he was returning it back.” She had a naughty smile on her lips while she was talking.

Bittu looked at Christie, with pair of blue jeans and a pink top and a blue hairband, she was looking like a cute angel who lost her ways to this world. He couldn’t help but notice her glowing lips as well.

Bittu: “Nice dress, nice hairband and nn..n…nice lipstick.”

Christie: “That’s orange lip-gloss Dumbo. My sister got it.”

Bittu: Could we.. amm… go to ‘Cafe 360’ this 14th feb… For a coffee.

Christie: “Mom, dad, sis and I are going to Darjeeling tomorrow, I won’t be here. Sudden vacation plan.” Her face turned dull and sad.


Bittu couldn’t say anything. He stood there thoughtlessly. Christie suddenly stepped forward, pushed her toes up and leaned on Bittu for a few seconds and stepped back, her puffy cheeks turned pink almost. Completely lost, Bittu couldn’t decide, if she looks better when she’s smiling or blushing.

Bittu could hear his mom from downstairs as she might saw Christie running out, “Hey girl, I am making chocolate shakes for you people.”, “Another day aunty, I gotta pack my things for the trip.”, Bittu could hear Christie’s answer to his mom.


Bittu called Neeraj in another 5 minutes.

Neeraj: Darjeeling trip? You and me? And You need me to arrange 10k for that? And lie to your parents that we are going out of station for a school football match? Hold on, what is there in me?

Bittu: 10% interest on your 10k. Done?


Lying on his bed again Bittu was thinking, Life isn’t fair at all, he is already in the bad books maths and sports teacher, thrown out of football team, picked up a fight with Amit, Firoz sir saw them on his terrace, and he has to return Neeraj’s 10 grands with interest, life is so unfair.

“Come down Bittu, at least you have the chocolate shake.” He heard his mom’s voice.

“Not now, not hungry, won’t have my dinner as well.” Bittu replied. He is hungry alright, and craving for that choco shake, but at least for tonight he doesn’t want to let go the ‘taste of orange’ in his mouth. He was smiling stupidly, all by himself.


Fast Bowler




Sid is just annoyed, annoyed from yesterday, he is constantly trying to pick up a fight with his elder brother Gautam. But his brother just shunning him away with sheer disinterest and sarcastic smile, normally it’s the other way around, Gautam and his best buddy Sonu is always picking on him, bullying him.

Gautam and Siddharth are studying in the same school, in 12th and 9th standard respectively. Yesterday when 12th standard boys were mocking Siddharth’s classmates for trivial issue, Sumit, the cricket captain of the class 9, lost his nerves and challenged the elder boys for a cricket match, which they gladly accepted knowing the 9th standard boys are no match to them.

As the challenge is made and accepted for a twenty20 match between the boys on this Sunday, Gautam came and whisper in Sid’s ear, “Hope you’ll bowl in this match, we’ll make sure your bowling figure looks as generous as it can be, 100 for none may be.”, and laughed his head off.

Gautam is the opening batsman and Sonu is the no. 3, they are the best batsmen this school cricket team has, no wonder they are popular and have quite a fan following. Other hand Sid is a first change fast medium pacer yet to play for the school team. For obvious reason Gautam is snubbing him.

When at the dinner table that night the same topic was discussed, Gautam and Sid’s dad was as always not much interested, but their mom was over cautious and asking Gautam to go soft on his younger brother, which made Sid more irate and frustrated.

Saturday, as Sid returned back from school he heard fragments of words and laughter from his brother’s room. He peeped in and found his brother’s snobbish girlfriend Harshita inside, she’s called miss snotty in school and Sid loathe her for her cosmetic smile and fake attitude.

As she saw him, she taunted, “Heard you are playing a match against your brother, good luck. You need that when you are playing against our school’s Virat Kohli.”, and started to giggle.

“I heard Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are breaking up, when you people are going to?” He threw those words at her and started walking, he heard her shouting, “Tell that li’l devil not to talk to me that way.”

Sid made a face and sat with his grandfather on the sofa, the highlights of India Australia match was going on. Sid’s grandpa shook his head and said. “It’s such a one sided affair now a days, it’s all a batsman’s game now. Boundaries are small, fieldsmen are restricted, bowler’s wings are clipped with so many rules, no wonder nobody is interested being a bowler. Everyone just want to pick the heaviest wood they can lift and hit the ball as hard as they can”

“Yup, and Australia is always a strong, from the era of Don Bradman”. Sid replied. “Ahh, Don Bradman, Do you know story?” Sid could see the glow in his Grandpa’s eyes, he answered, “No, tell me.”




It was just an exhibition match, a tennis ball cricket game, sports teacher and school cricket coach agreed to be the umpires. 12th class boys won the toss and decided to bat first. As usual Gautam and Dhiman walked in to open with Gautam in the striking end.

“Let me open the bowling”, Sid asked Sumit. Without much thought Sumit tossed the ball at Sid, even he knew the outcome of the match.

“Right arm, round the wicket.” Sid announced it to the umpire and started to walk towards his bowing run up. Gautam surprised to see his brother taking an unusually long run up.

First ball, a short pitch bouncer till the chest, Gautam played a defensive shot.

Second ball, a higher bouncer hit Gautam’s shoulder.

Third ball, almost the same like the first ball, raised till his rib cage. “That’s no ball”, Gautam screamed at the umpire, “Only one bouncer is allowed.” “That’s not above the shoulder, legitimate delivery.” Sports teacher playing the leg umpire dismissed the plea.

Fourth delivery was also similar. On fifth delivery Gautam lost his patience and tried to play a hook shot, the ball parachuted down to deep fine leg fielder’s hand. Sid finished his over as a wicket maiden.

Sid started his 2nd and match’s 3rd over with Sonu facing him. The first ball hit his forehead, second ball hit his shoulder when he tried to duck, third ball flew few inches above his head, called a no ball. The next ball was a Yorker, cleaned off Sonu’s leg stump. From the look of his face Sid could tell, Sonu wasn’t expecting that. The other pacers of the team were following Sid and started bowling on leg stump line with waist and chest high bumpers.

12th class boys were all out in 16th over scoring only 67, with two of their best batsman out so cheaply, that too against the 9th standard boys, demoralized the whole team. Sid finished his bowling figure as ‘4-1-13-4’.

They tried to get back in the game with tight bowling and fielding, but Sumit’s team were already sniffed the victory. 9th standard won the match with 4 wickets and 1.3 over remaining. Sid became the overnight hero.


Harshita and few of her class girls were standing outside the ground, awestruck and heartbroken, they came to see and cheer for the victory of their class. Sid walk by them like a proud peacock with his full glory, royally ignoring each of those known faces.

Puzzled Sonu asked Gautam, “What was that all about?”

“Bodyline”, Gautam replied with dry and uninterested face.

Sonu: “What?”

“1932-33 ‘English tour to Australia’ under Douglas Jardine. Harold Larwood and Bill Voce brought down Don Bradman’s dominant Australia to its knees with their bodyline bowling, Bradman’s own average came down to 56.57 in that series.”, Gautam answered with frustrated voice.

“Sure they didn’t have Twenty20 back then.” Sonu said while scratching his head.



(A bodyline delivery was one where the cricket ball was bowled towards the body of the batsman on the line of the leg stump, in the hope of creating leg-side deflections that could be caught by one of several fielders in the quadrant of the field behind square leg.

A cricket team representing England toured Australia in the 1932-33 season. The tour included five Test matches in Australia, and England won The Ashes by four games to one. The tour was highly controversial because of the Bodyline bowling tactics used by the England team under the captaincy of Douglas Jardine. The debatable series notoriously known as Bodyline Series.

As per the instructions of England captain Jardine, the pacers duo, Harold Larwood and Bill Voce constantly attacked the Australian batsmen’s body, caused several injuries to Aussie batsmen. This controversial yet useful tactics paid off, as even the greatest batsmen like Don Bradman averaged 56.57 in the series which is an excellent average for most, but well short of his career average of 99.94.

As a direct consequence of the 1932–33 tour, a lot of cricket rules are changed. From then till now there were many debates if the bodyline tactics is a fair one. Recent death of Phil Hughes added fuel to this debate if fast bowlers are even allowed to bowl bouncers. But definitely as Cricket become exceedingly a sport of batsmen, fast bowlers are becoming the endangered species of the game. )

I tried, but…..



Mom: Again you made that new dress dirty? Did you ever try not to make my life miserable?

Me: I tried, but……

Mom: All my fate, you and your father, just alike. Now I have to sit and wash them for hours.


Teacher: Have you had a look at your report card? It was really hard to look at it though.

Me: I tried, but……

Teacher: I pity your parents, such highly educated people have such an illiterate son.


Dad: When will you be standing on your won feet? How long I have to feed and provide you?

Me: I tried, but……

Dad: Shut up. I can’t show my face in the neighbourhood. The next door Chatterjee’s son got into an MNC with such handsome package.


Girlfriend: So, have to try to find a better job? When can I tell my parents about us?

Me: I tried, but……

Girlfriend: Tried my foot. My parents already found a guy, tall, handsome and US settled with six figure salary. Do me a favour, don’t try to call me again.


Boss: it’s been two days that the deadline has passed. Could you kindly tell me please why this one is not completed yet?

Me: I tried, but……

Boss: Don’t give me excuses, I don’t like excuses. If it is not finished by EOD, you are finished.


Me: Why couldn’t you make me a better man?

Life: I tried, but……




False Nine


(False nine is a football/soccer deception tactic/strategy, where the main striker drops deep into midfield create confusions between opponent defenders whether to follow or mark him, thus creating opportunities for wingers or attacking midfielders to score. The name false nine derived as typically the No.9 awarded the position of main or centre forward but not actually playing this role in the field.

To keep it simple for football non-followers, it’s a ploy by the main striker to keep the opponent busy thinking he is the man to stop, but his team members grabbing that opportunity and score instead.)


Rehman was sitting in the dressing room, its half time now. His team is behind 1 goal. The scoreboard is showing 0-1 after the intense 45 minutes.

He has past his glory days. Now he is just a 33 years old ‘once upon a time’ famous striker for his club, he is nothing but a shadow of himself. This whole season he is yet to score. Being a member of his football club for last 8 years, he hasn’t face such draught of scoring goals. Age is catching up with him, making him sluggish and blunt. There was a time when he was called ‘The Eagle’, where ever he was on the field his target was always the opponent goal post.

The new coach is kind to him. While he is giving chances to all new and young talents, he never side-lined Rehman, yet. Even he did not change his position from the centre forward. May be that is also his tactics. Like most of the games even in this match also he is playing his lone striker role.


Coach: “Boys we need to buckle up now. We just need a draw to reach the semi finale. Good news is we are lagging behind only 1 goal, and the bad news is we are behind. No matter how, we have to score in this half and also defend our post by any means. We will go in as 4-3-2-1 formation but slowly we will change into 4-3-3.

Gautam and Rudy will attack from left and right. I want Rehman to slide down time to time and make sure the ball supply is not cut off by their defenders, and yes at any opportunity Rajiv will make a run at their goal post, let them mark Rehman, he will make dummy runs at times. Rajiv you have missed two easy opportunities, if you miss another one, I’ll have your head.”


Rajiv, the 23 years old attacking midfielder, is the blue eyed boy of the current coach. He is young, fast and strong like an ox. This season he had already 4 goals in his name. He made his mark as a top notch game maker and also a scorer. Gautam and Rudy are the left and right wingers and they too have few goals under their names. Coach decided to play the false nine tactics to make the opponent guessing and the false nine is Rehman, he has clear instruction to give Rajiv and gautam more spaces to go on attack where he has to come down and keep the ball supply on.

Rehman let out long sigh, it’s very well might be the last season here for this club.


About 5 minutes to go for the 2nd half, Rehman was drinking water from the tap when he heard the voices from the next room

1st voice: “I don’t want to see those legs scoring a single goal in this match. I have promised Mr. Shastri that his club will win and go to semis. If even by mistake you score. I will cut off those legs and auction them.”

2nd voice: “Please Mr. Dhandhania, I won’t do a thing against your wish. But give another 1 month to pay you back, please…..”


With a palpitating heart and without a minute sound Rehman peeped inside the room, it’s the land shark Dhandhania talking to someone inside. Dhandhania is quite well known in the local football circuits. As most of the football players come from poor backgrounds, these loan sharks and betting skulls takes all the advantages of these poor players. They provide them loans in high interest rates and then make them puppets of their hands.

Many footballers career has been spoilt by these money lenders. Rehman was wondering who the other person inside the room with Dhandhania as he can’t clearly see. Dhandhania walked out of the room, followed by the player inside, it was Rajiv!!

In a flash Rehman remembered how Rajiv missed two easy chances in the 1st half, he was this close to put the ball behind the net and then he kicked it off the goalpost.


The whistle for the 2nd half is called, two teams were again up against each other. Rehman was keeping a close eye on Rajiv. The game was 73 minutes old when it happened.

A superb pass was made by Rudy to Rajiv, Rehman saw Rajiv making his move against the opponent goal post, as he dribbled and ran towards the goalkeeper and two other defenders, then the audiences and viewers of the ground witnessed something they never saw or heard before.

Rehman pushed down Rajiv and snatched the ball from Rajiv, probably the first time in the history of the game people saw the player snatching ball from his own teammate. Rehman dodged the defender and the advancing goalkeeper, confused the other defender by a left side run and then shoot the ball to his right. GOAL!!!!!! The spectators roared and stood up, bowed to the old magician of the game.


As the match ended 1-1, Rehman’s club easily moved to Semi-finals being ahead of numbers of goals scored. In the dressing room it was only Rehman and the coach standing.

Coach: “What was that all about?”

Rehman: “I got greedy coach, 5 games and no goal yet, I couldn’t control myself.

Coach: “You probably have to explain it to the management, where I see, your football career is over. I didn’t expect it from you. It’s a case of sheer disobedience and foolishness, you don’t make fouls against your own player and steal the ball from him….


As the coach walked out, Rajiv walked in…..

Rajiv: “Why?”

Rehman: ”I heard you and Dhandhania, couldn’t let you make the same mistake I have done years back.”

Rajiv’s broke down.

Rajiv: “You don’t have to do this, you don’t have to throw your career for me. The disciplinary action should have taken against me, not you.”

Rehman replied with a smile, “I am the false nine, remember?”


Landlord & Tenant


*“Ahh, early morning and your divine presence, Good Morning Sir.”

**“Heh heh, how are you doing? On such a fine Sunday morning, I just couldn’t help but come down and say hello to you.”

*“Of course, of course, please come in. So like to have some tea, coffee? Coco?”

**“No, no, I am good. I was hesitant to disturb you, you know after all you are such a renowned scientist, must be always busy. It’s my wife who is keep nagging me to check on you, being so busy I am sure you forget few trivial things, so she is always worried you see.

*“I can only imagine, I guess she only called the police twice here, if I am not wrong.”

**“Heh heh, actually first time when all those unworldly sounds were coming from your kitchen…. Err.. I mean from your lab, she panicked. You know how women are, and the other time when we felt that strange smell from your backyard, we thought it might be a dead body decomposing, I mean we were sure it wasn’t a human but still. Then it turned out to be another your fancy sciency chemical invention. “

*“Of course, of course, you have been such a good landlord to me.”

**“Heh, heh, when initially the people warned me not to keep the ‘Mad Scientist’ as tenant, I told them on their face that I believe in science. So what if I have to get double the amount and increase the rent every 6 months, but I will have a scientist in my ground floor. I don’t even mind being called the ‘Mad Scientist’s greedy landlord’, I know your potential. By the way it’s already 3rd of the month, our agreement was rent on 2nd of the month right. See you have forgotten it again, sign of a brilliant and absent mind truly. Heh heh.”

*“Oh I do have the cash ready as always, I just wanted you to come and get it. By the by, before I pay you the rent, I would like to show some of my creations today if you would like.”

**“Really, heh, heh, sure, sure, lead the way.”

*“This way please. This is IQ meter, to measure the intelligence quotient, just wear it on your head and you’ll have your IQ test, would you like to try?

**“Haha, another day may be”

*“Sure, so here is the Nano computer spectacle, the part of the asteroid I am researching on and the invisible suit and yeah, that’s my favourite…..”

**“Oh god! It….. It looks just like me,”

*“Yes, that’s an android, made up of metals and human flesh and tissues with a computerized brain. Thought it will be the best gift for your birthday coming next week.”

**“I…. I just can’t believe my eyes, it’s of same everything of mine.”

*“Yeah, and look this way, my prized possession, my time machine.”

**“I still can’t take off my eyes from my birthday gift. Wow!”

*“Come this way sir, yes now take a seat in this chair. Isn’t it comfortable, every time traveller deserves a good seat while travelling?”

**“Woah, wait, wait, why are closing the door of this thing, time machine or whatever, I am in no mood to travel anywhere.

*“But you must sir, because of you greedy and materialistic people we scientists face all kind of harassment, named ‘Mad Scientists’ and forced to stay in this hell hole and pay double the rent. Even for minute sounds and smell of my experiment you call the cops to investigate, you truly are a disgusting creature.

You deserve a place with where you belong, 18th century, where I am sending you precisely, don’t worry, your wife and people will not miss your presence, my android will keep them happy and satisfied, It will even grow old and die as you should have, only I have to fix the date of expiry. Are you screaming in there? No use, these glasses are soundproof hence I can’t hear you, bye bye Mr. Landlord.






“You are so beautiful….. So…. Beautiful. I am not worthy, worthy to have you.”

“I am just a dream Prasun, your dream. So I am yours, always yours.”


It’s almost 9 am, Prasun got up from his bed, he inhaled the aroma of fresh cooked breakfast and tea coming out of the kitchen. He freshened up and sat with the newspaper as his wife Malini served the breakfast on the table.

“You are late today, missed your morning walk as well. Are you alright.” Prasun heard Malini’s concerned voice.

“Oh ya, just tired, busy time at office.”

“Yeah. That’s why you slept early last night, never watched you sleeping so much.” Malini’s voice gets fainted as she walked back to kitchen.


“I want to be with you, always. I love talking to you, holding your hand and walk though this gardens and boulevards.”

“I am your dream Prasun, you can be with me as long as you are sleeping, as long as you let me be in your mind.”


Prasun felt a sudden jerk on his shoulder, as he opened his eyes he saw Malini is holding and shaking his shoulders with both hands, she looked worried.

“Its 10:30 am Prasun, Don’t you have to go to office? Are you feeling alright? I am seeing it for a week now, you are sleeping for hours. Are you feeling weak or something? I think we should consult a physician.”

“Ahh, don’t make a fuss. Get me some tea, I am already late.” Prasun stepped towards the bathroom leaving his clearly anxious wife behind.


“Malini, what if one fine day I don’t wake up from my sleep at all, how will you react?”

“Prasun, please don’t speak all these nonsense, Nothing of that sorts will ever happen. If anything happens to you, I won’t be alive without you.”

“I am not saying I’ll die, I am simply saying what if I never get up from my sleep. What If I just be asleep all the time?”

“I don’t understand.”

“There’s a girl, in my dream. I think I have fallen love with her. But I can see her, talk to her and be with her if I am asleep. You see, she’s a dream, so I need to be in my sleep to be with her.”

“(Horrified), you have gone crazy. We need a psychiatrist.”

“No, I need some sleep. I need her.”


“Doctor, please do something, he is sleeping more than 18 hours a day, hasn’t go out of his bedroom for 3 days. He is not eating or even talking to me.”

“I am not able to understand the symptoms, try the medication for one more day, if there’s no improvement we have to shift him to a mental ward for further treatment.”

“Is he going insane? Doctor please help him.”

“I am trying all I can. Let’s monitor him till tomorrow.”


“I have come to bid you goodbye.”

“What? Why? And why are you looking so miserable, tired and exhausted, black patches under your eyes.”

“It’s your wife, Malini.”

“What did she do to you?”

“She invaded into my dreams, she is threating me, tormenting me in my dreams.”

“Your dreams? You are a dream!! How a dream, can dream?”

“I am a dream Prasun, but in this dreamland of mine I am just like you, I eat, play, drink and sleep. And I dream too. Your wife is constantly entering in there and threating to ruin everything. I am unable to sleep, scared to see her. She turned to be a nightmare of mine. I am sorry, but I must leave you.”

“Please don’t go………….”


Prasun woke up with a jolt. He drank half a bottle of water in a hurry and checked the table clock, its 3 AM in the morning. He turned and saw Malini was fast asleep next to him. ‘What a nightmare’ Prasun thought. He remembered clearly from the first day incident, crazy, he felt like he passed weeks in this dream.

Malini was mumbling something in his sleep. As prasun turned and bend over to listen, he heard!! “Keep your filthy hands off my Husband you BITCH!!”



The King




Chandra: I do not wish for the throne, kingdom or wealth brother, but please spare Dhruva. She’s betrothed to me, she is my fiancée. Bedside I am in love with her.

Rama (Laughing hysterically): Don’t you know brother, a king must have what he wants, I am now the king and If I have my father’s crown, sure I can have my brother’s girl. Of course you are invited brother, in our marriage.


Dhruva: How could you accept such heinous proposal? I am engaged to you, how could you let me taken away by your step brother? I shall die before I marry him.

Chandra: I am helpless my princess, He is the king now and his wish will be his command. And he wishes you for himself.

Dhruva: Are you not the rightful heir of this kingdom? Are you not chosen by your father, the mighty king in his deathbed? What has changed?

Chandra: The royal politics my dear. He has the support of all the nobles in the courtyard


Madhava: I feel honoured by your presence everyday prince. But what keeps you so gloomy all the time my cherished?

Chandra: You don’t want to know. My pain is my own, and I must deal with it.

Madhava(Sadly): As my prince wishes, after all I am just a courtesan, a personal entertainer of yours.


Rudra: So what do you say O king? Your army is badly trapped and awaited to get slaughtered. What’s your idea to deal with this situation?

Rama: I am sure we can come to some terms.

Rudra: Of course there is a way. I have already won your land. Now I can spare your life, if only you agree to send your wife to me. I heard she’s the most beautiful woman of your whole kingdom.

Rama: *Silent and speechless*


Chandra: What??!! Is he out of your mind? Has the king gone insane?

Messenger: King has faced a heavy defeat by the Satrap ruler. To save himself be executed he agreed to trade our queen for his life.

Chandra: What a disgrace he is in the name of our blood and royalty? Has he no respect for our pride, legacy and ancestry?

Madhava: I shall go my prince, Satrap king Rudra doesn’t know our Queen Dhruva. I can be presented to him in disguise of her.

Chandra: But Madhava………

Madhava (With tears in her eyes): My prince, your kindness for this low life slave girl is more than enough. But I can not see my kingdom and my people to sink in public shame. For them, for you I have to make this sacrifice my beloved.

Messenger: Your chariot awaits.


Rudra: Ahh, queen Dhruva, why are you hiding behind those colorful clothes, show me your face my possession. Your husband, your king sold you to me like a maid to save his wretched life, I wonder how it feels to be the wife of such coward. But I promise you, once I am done with you I shall take care of him by myself.

Chandra: Do not worry, I shall take care of him myself, but first we have our unfinished business.

Rudra: You!!!! Guards!!!!!!! We are betrayed, kill him.

Chandra (with his sword risen): They are already silenced by my troops. It’s your turn now.


Rama: Brother! Forgive me. I beg of you.

Chandra: A weak and coward king who runs away in the first sign of trouble and stoop to any low to save his own life is neither capable nor deserve this kingdom and legacy our father has established. I am taking back what was rightfully mine, My Throne…. And My Queen.


(Chandragupta II was the son of the mighty ruler Samudragupta of Gupta Empire. As per the fragment from Vishakadatta’s “Devichandraguptam” (who also wrote Mudrarakshasa) and the drama NatyaDarpana written by Jain scholars Ramachandra and Gunachandra state, after Samudragupta’s death his elder son, Ramagupta, took over the throne and married Chandragupta II’s fiancé Dhruvadevi by force.

The king Ramagupta, the elder brother of Chandragupta II, deciding to surrender his queen Dhruvadevi to the Saka ruler of the Western Kshatrapas Rudrasimha III after a defeat at the Saka ruler’s hands. To avoid the ignominy the Guptas decided to send Madhavasena, a courtesan and a beloved of Chandragupta II, disguised as the queen Dhruvadevi. However, Chandragupta himself changed the plan and went to Rudrasimha III disguised as the queen. He then assassinated Rudrasimha III and later his brother Ramagupta. Dhruvadevi was then married to Chandragupta II)






Director: So, tell me your story.

Writer: Sir, it’s about Plagiarism, involving two writers as the main protagonists.

Director: Pla… what?

Writer: Sir it’s Plagiarism, It means stealing another Author’s or writer’s work and posed it as his/her creation. Actually it is the story about two writers, one of them being a renowned one and the other is young but talented.

When the renowned writer steals a story of the later, he was challenged by actual young author in court. By his wealth and fame, the celebrated author proved that it is his piece of creation. In anger and despair the cheated younger author kills himself, but makes it look like he is murdered and thus get the famous author caught into the false charge of his murder.

Director: its sounds like good piece of work, keep the script on my table, I’ll have a look at it.


Director: So, what do you think of this farm house of mine.

Writer: Awesome, away from the city, so calm and quiet, but why did you call me here?

Director: I have a proposition for you, I am ready to make movie based on your story, and you’ll get a remuneration of 2.5 million.

Writer: Wow! I wasn’t even expecting the one fifth of it.

Director: Yes. But there is a condition.

Writer: Yes?

Director: See all these while I have directed many movies, but I always wanted to direct a movie of my own written script. Unfortunately I don’t have that talent that you have. Even though I would like to see my name as ‘Writer and Director’ in that big screen.

So I would like to buy your story as mine. And you’ll bag 2.5 million.

Writer: But…….

Director: Think about it. Either it’s your name in the credit scene and you get 500,000 or it’s mine and you get 2,500,000-/-.

Writer: (After a pause) Very well, I am ready.

Director: Good. This occasion calls for this 20 years old scotch bottle. Come join me.

(After drinking few pegs together)

Writer: The terrace of your villa, it’s so nice. I think you should not be leaning on that edge after those 4 pegs.


Producer: You must have heard about our Director.

Writer: Yes, very unfortunate. Such a talented mind met with such a horrible accident. I heard when he fell from the terrace of his farm house, he was actually drunk.

Producer: I heard that so, but who knows just rumors. However I have called you for a much more important thing.

Writer: Yes sir..

Producer: See as our Director is no more, I would like to offer you to direct your own movie.

Writer: Wow, It’s……….. It’s a dream come true for me.

Producer: Yes. But there is a condition.

Writer: Condition??

Producer: Yes, see I am a hardcore businessman, but my wife has an artistic side. She always wanted me to do something creative for her. I read your story, you truly are a gifted writer and I can’t write like you if I even want to. But I have money and you have needs.

I want to buy this piece of work of yours. You can be the director and I will pay in full 10 million in cash. But in the credits it’s should be my name as ‘Writer and Producer.” Deal?

Writer: Wha……..??

Producer: Think again, if you want, sleep on it. You will be a director overnight if you overlook the money also. All you want is to say yes to my proposal.

Writer: (After a long pause) Ok. Deal.


Lawyer: Sir, we have to stop the release of our upcoming movie.

Producer: What? Why?

Lawyer: Some anonymous person has brought charges of plagiarism on you. It says, the story you claimed is yours, is actually written by someone else. Court has issued a stay order on the release already.

Producer: What? No. I have spent all my fortune on this one; it has to come out in market. Else I will be bankrupt.

Lawyer: I’m sorry sir; I’ve done all I can. But at present we have to stop the release of this movie.


Writer: Oh hello inspector. Early morning?

Police Inspector: We have charges against you. I am here arrest you.

Writer: What? What charges?

Police inspector: the producer of your movie has committed suicide last night. He had a suicide note confessing how you and him conspired to steal the story written by the late director and killed him, a passed it as a suicide.

You have murder, blackmail and abetment of suicide charges, oh also you have the charge of plagiarism on you as well.

Writer: Wait, no, It’s my work, the other two tried to steal it, listen to me inspector, I am innocent….. (The voice gets fainted as the police inspector handcuffed him and dragged him near the police vehicle)



Merry Christmas


Part 1:

Part 2:


As bittu entered into the staff room, Firoz was standing there holding bittu’s note, enraged and fumed. He waved the page in front of bittu’s face which has the lipstick mark on it.

Firoz : “So Bittu, tell me why do you come to school? For this huh? Mr Casanova. Are your parents Mr and Mrs Sinha are aware of all these or I have to personally tell them?”

Bittu (In a dumbfound voice): “I… I don’t know anything about this. Please don’t tell mom and dad anything, please”

Firoz: “Stop being a skirt chaser or you’ll regret it, badly.” Firoz chucked the note on Bittu’s face and snarled “Now GET OUT!”



Bittu was standing in front of the cash counter as he was making payment to the old lady

The Lady in the counter: “Ahh, you have bought such a nice dress for your sister. But you’re sure it will fit her? I mean you could brought her along.”

Bittu: “Amm, this is not for my sister, actually for one of my, err… friend.”

The Lady in the counter (Making a face): “Hmm! So even school kids like you are having girlfriends and boyfriends, huh, don’t where this generation is heading to? Now here, the dress is packed. “


Mr Sinha (While taking a sip from his tea cup) : So bittu, you got the new cricket bat?

Bittu: “Ye…. Yes dad”

Mrs Sinha: Where’s it? Show me.

Bittu: “I… I kept it in the school store room, tomorrow is the match so I thought….”

Mrs Sinha: “Come on Bittu, such an expensive new bat and you kept it there? What if someone flicks it?”

Bittu (Smiling): “Don’t worry mom, it will be safe


Bittu: “Neeraj, can I borrow your bat for tomorrow? For the boxing day match between teachers and students”

Neeraj(Bittu’s friend): “Why? Didn’t you get a big cash from your dad for buying one?”

Bittu:”Amm, I spent it somewhere else.”

Neeraj: “I know where you spent it. On her, don’t you? Fine you can have the bat. But you borrowed 500 bucks from me?

Bittu: I’ll give it back next month.

Neeraj: “Yeah but this time you have to give me 1000.

Bittu: “Why?”

Neeraj(With a mischievous smile): “I too have my own expenses.”


Christie: “It’s for me? Why?”

Bittu: “Christmas gift.”

Christie: “Hmm, ok bye, mom’s calling me.”

Bittu: “Christie….?”

Christie: “What?”

Bittu(Sighed): ”Nothing.”


Bittu: “Sir, did you call my home? Asking for me?

Firoz(At Firoz’s house): “Ya, Neeraj told me you wanted to his borrow his bat for tomorrow’s match.”

Bittu: “ Aaaa….mmmm, Yess!!”

Firoz: “I played with this in my college days, now there’s no much use of it to me anyway. It’s yours.” He was holding his old elegant cricket bat.

Bittu: “But sir…….”

Firoz: “Bittu, this mid-term I want you to get A+ in Chemistry. Now take this and GET OUT.”


Christie: “First ball, clean bowled. Do you even know how to hold a bat?”

Bittu: “Raman sir was bowling, it was a low full toss, I was thinking whether to hit for a four or a six, then there was something distracted me. As I felt and breathe a strange sweet fragrance and I saw someone there on long off, dress in red. I stood there and closed my eyes, the ball took off my middle stump.”

Christie: “Idiot, I thought I would wear it in Christmas, not a day before, but you…..”

Bittu: More than half of my team are yet to bat. Could we go get some ice creams and sit under that tree?

Christie (Smile and tears): “Merry Christmas ‘My Santa Claus’.”

Bittu: “Merry Christmas Christie”





[Disclaimer: Strict adult and sexually explicit contents ahead, please don’t read if you don’t like so or if you are underage.]




As I opened my door unhurriedly, I saw the anxious faces of Mr and Mrs Chowdhury’s outside my main door. I wasn’t really trying to hide the beer can I am holding and I know it’s only 6 P.M, but who gives a shit anyway, the Chowdhury couple looked like they are into a big dilemma, so I lended my helping hand.

“Can I help you?” I asked them with sweet voice.

Mrs Chowdhury hesitated and the spoke, “Our younger daughter Rishita is getting married this weekend. We would be glad if you attend the ceremony and bless our daughter for happy married life.”

‘Ahh! So your less pretty daughter of yours is found a mate after all, do they know I have already did your elder one, Ishita’, I thought so in my mind and laughed. They must be very generous people to invite me, like all the other people in the neighborhood, they must know me as the alcoholic womanizer, a pathetic excuse of human being who picks up fights, use abusive language and stoop below the level of immorality time to time.

As they handed me over the printed card of marriage invitation, I have no choice but to ask them if they want to come in. “Please come in” I said, “Can I offer you something? Tea, Coffee. Beer?” I deliberately emphasised on the word ‘beer’. “No we should be going now, there are so many people to invite and so little time, Mrs Chowdhury thrown those words at me politely but firmly, though I saw a glimpse of light in the eyes of Mr Chowdhury as I uttered the word ‘beer’.

As they left, I closed the door almost immediately and jumped back on my couch, I already missed 5 minutes of the football match.


I remembered Ishita, Chowdhury’s 1st born quite clearly. Medium height, firm breasts, wavy hips and curvy abdomen, she was a big slut. We had fun for a year or so and then she got married to some rich businessman. I didn’t mind, by then I have found someone else, it wasn’t so that when I was sleeping with her she’s the only girl in my life. Never was much attentive towards her younger sister, she’s was little dark, skinny and introvert, not my type at all, truth is, she is not even attractive.

The best part of attending a marriage is you get to wear your ethnic dress which you hardly wear and get free booze and food. So I was in my black sherwani, taking the shots of vodka when I saw Ishita. Sure she has put on some weight, which is only natural for a 2 years old married lady, but she still have those curves. As our eyes met she gave me naughty smile. ‘May be it’s time to get lucky once again.’ I told myself. As I found her alone I striked a conversation with her and came to know she’s staying the 3rd bedroom on the 1st floor, of our whole conversation she was giving me those naughty smiles.

As I was interacting with other guests, I found another attractive girl Reema, turns out that she’s the cousin of the Bridegroom. As we were speaking, she was giving me a mix signal. I was no mood to throw away any opportunity to get laid. It’s almost 11:30, the marriage is over and there was a 6 hour power cut, the generator has already gave away and the everyone is awaiting for the power to come. As I saw Ishita next time I asked her, “Can I use the toilet of your room.” “Why not? Go right ahead.” She said.

I wasted no time and went next to Reema and whispered in her ear, “Meet me in the first floor in the extreme right corner bed room.” She looked at me with full of surprise, by that time I already started walking towards the stair cases. On my way as I saw Ishita I rolled my eyes and told her,” Once you are done, come up there to your room.” She didn’t say much but tossed a scared look.


As she entered the dark room I almost hopped on her. Before she could say anything I sealed her lips with mine. As she was struggling unsuccessfully to move away from my grip, I was mercilessly fondling her breasts and pinching her nipples. Before she could say anything I almost ripped off her clothes, her mehndi clad hands were trying hard to keep me away. As my hands reached to most forbidden place of her body, her womanhood, her resistance were getting weaker. I turned her and pushed her against the wall, her nude back and legs were exposed in front of me.

As I was trying hard to keep her legs apart, her muffled voice was begging for mercy. Franticly trying to get away from my grip. All of her struggle came to a complete halt as I entered her from the behind. It was a heavenly 5 minutes as my body jerked with the absolute sinful pleasure.

As Rishita was weeping and lying motionlessly on the table, I smiled, with Reema ignored me and Ishita failed to turn up So the newly wed bride is deflowered after all. She shouldn’t have mistakenly entered into her sister’s room.








As the Frankfurt-Delhi flight made a touchdown at Delhi airport, Soham Banarjee hurried out of the aircraft. It’s been 3 days, his best friend, renowned Indian scientist, Dr Asheem Sen is missing. The last time he was seen was by the security guard who opened the door of his laboratory. As per his witness, Asheem came to the facility at 2 A.M. morning on Sunday, he was looking restless and excited. There was no one else in the facility, but only the security guard. Asheem asked him to open the laboratory immediately, as per his instructions he opened it and then went back to the main door. Since then nobody has seen him, seems like he is vanished in thin air from the lab.


Around 12:30 P.M. Soham reached at Asheem’s residence. It’s a quarter provided by the same multinational research centre Asheem is working for, adjacent to the research facility, Asheem is living there for quite some time with his wife Sharmistha and 16 years old son Rajat. As he reached, seeing him Sharmistha, who was calm and strong so far, broke into tears, holding her next to his shoulder Soham felt a strange mixed feeling.

Their history goes beyond two decades, in college both Asheem and Soham used like Sharmistha. Being an intelligent woman, Sharmistha actually saw through both of them. She was more attracted to Asheem for his calm and composed nature rather than flamboyant Soham who was also bit of a loose cannon. As they graduated and slowly moved apart, after almost 3 years Soham got a message from Asheem. “Come at once, getting married, you gotta be my best man.” Soham attended the marriage. After the marriage, while congratulating Sharmistha in the party in a lonely moment Soham uttered to her, “I could have made you happier.” Since then they share a very uneasy relationship, they hardly speak to each other when Soham visits their place. He was a frequent visitor about 10 years back but once Soham moved to Germany and both friends again moved away from each other. Soham never got married as any of his relationships hardly survived because of his workaholic and lurid nature.


Sharmistha wiped her tears and moved away from Soham. “You should get freshen up, you might also want to talk to the police, we have registered a missing person case.” Soham nodded.


It’s around 9:30 P.M. Soham is sitting inside Dr. Asheem Sen’s lab, in front of a giant device, a device which can create a strong anti-gravitational force. He had to go through a lot of pain to convince Asheem’s company to give him the access to dig into Asheem’s work, as they came to know Soham is also working on the same field, researching on the same thing independently. To find alternate power source, a non- traditional renewable energy from lesser known ‘fifth force’. As scientist found out about antimatter and their enormous potential, anti-gravitational force plays a big role in this research.

Soham was turning the pages of one of Asheem’s journal, remembering the incident on this Sunday. He was surprised to receive a skype call at 10 P.M. local time at Saturday night. It was Asheem. “I think I have a breakthrough”, as Soham received the video call, Asheem blurted those words. In another 20 minutes Asheem explained how the device while trying to generate the power is creating a feeble but unknown energy field. “I don’t have the permission from my company yet, still I am going to try increasing the device to its 100%potential. I want to see the end of it.” As Asheem was saying those words, simultaneously he was working on the device. From his knowledge and research Soham knew it was very dangerous, but he kept quiet as the maddening scientistic lust of knowing the unknown blunted his humane attentions. As Asheem kept increasing the power of the device, Soham watching in his screen was feeling like curious student with full concentration in a very interesting class. Then it happened, there’s blue flash and then there was nothing, the screen went blank. For some weird fright Soham didn’t call his friend even on the next day. Tuesday he heard the fate full news from Sharmistha. No one else is aware of that video call and so far Soham did not say word about it to anybody.


“Hello Soham”. The voice of Asheem jolted Soham’s mind.


Soham : “Asheem?”

Asheem : “Yes, it’s me.”

Soham : “Where are you? Why can’t I see you?

Asheem : “I am here Soham, but you won’t see me, you can’t.”

Soham : “But why?”

Asheem : “Because I am not in your dimension. I am standing right next you and can see you, but you can’t see or feel me now.”

Soham : “What happened to you?”

Asheem : “Remember that night, the energy field created by the device took me out of the 3-Dimension world and thrown me into the 1-dimension. The first dimension. People are worried about 4th and 5th dimension without even understanding the potential of the first.”

Soham : “Why haven’t you tried to contact anybody so far? How can we bring you back to this world?”

Asheem : “I was waiting for you Soham, I knew you would come, I don’t want to come back to your world. I am just one single point now, surface zero, I can be anywhere, and yet nowhere, I am nothing and then I am everything. I have attended singularity.”

Soham : “Why you wanted to see me?”

Asheem : “I have concerns Soham, I would say I am angry, but now I know no anger or pain or joy, but what must be done, has to be done. You have done wrong Soham, you have done wrong to your friend who trusted you.”

Soham : “I am sorry Asheem, I knew the risk but I did not warn you, my scientific curiosity got better of me.”

“I am not talking about that Soham, We both were scientist, and we knew the risk of our experiments. But that’s not what I am here for Soham. I am talking about Rajat.”

Soham opened his mouth to say something, then he fell silent.

“I am the singularity now Soham and I know it all and the truth, Rajat is not my son, he is yours!”

Soham tried to speak out but then his horror he discovered the giant device in front of him started automatically. And then there was another blue flash.


Around 9:45 Rajat knocked the laboratory door and came in. “Soham uncle are you there? Dinner is ready, mom is calling you.” But he got no response and to his surprise he found no trace of Soham inside the lab.







Bikash was trying to pull himself up holding the ring ropes, his face was swelled, covered with blood dripping from the cut of his forehead. He could incoherently hear his coach shouting his lungs out to him, urging him to get on his feet, the referee is counting to ten. Bikash dragged himself up.



From the very childhood, Bikash wasn’t that bright. That’s why when he is out of school with very poor marks, he couldn’t even make it to college. His elder brother told him to help with the grocery shop he is running and Bikash happily agreed. A happy go lucky, always smiling, towering over 6 feet with a strong physic, Bikash soon became the right hand of his brother’s business.

Shy, not so bright with a low profile life, Bikash wasn’t even known much in his area when it happened. The local goons were in his shop misbehaving with his brother and sister in law when he decided enough is enough. He single handedly beaten them into pulp. Doing so, he spotted by the boxing coach Karvalo whose staying nearby.

“You got a superb right cross man. Why don’t you join my coaching centre? I see a prospect in you to be a good boxer”

Karvalo was a respected name in his area, Bikash figured if he has Karvalo’s hand on his head, these goons won’t even think of coming back sniffing for their revenge. He agreed saying he has no money to pay him now, but if he became a successful boxer he would surely return his favor. Karvalo only laughed at that proposition.



He was happy, he had got through the quarter final of the state boxing championship. Bikash was rigorous in the coaching center. All his life he had hardly any purpose of life, which was given by his coach Karvalo. To win the state championship and sure it was a stepping stone for him.

“A loaf of bread and ½ kilo sugar.” Nalini’s feminine voice jerked Bikash back to his senses, Nalini was standing there with her friend holding her bicycle. She is the girl in college staying next door, Bikash adores. Smart, outspoken and Intelligent Nalini comes often to his shop to get daily groceries. Shy Bikash never could strike a long conversation yet with her, but today it was different, he is going to play in the quarter final of a state championship.

He enthusiastically said “I am through into the state lightweight boxing championship quarter final, would you like to come and watch, I can get you and your family a free pass.”

Nalini twisted her lips and made a face “I hate boxing. Only hitting people, punching at each others face, I don’t know people even call it a sport. It’s nothing but two people brawling. Cricket is much better. Now give me the bread and the sugar. Take the money from dad in the evening.”

Bikash handed over the things to her like a fool. He was at loss of words. He knew his neighbor Rajesh is a cricket player of district level, his heart sank.




Bikash was spending extra time in practice as the match was tomorrow. Once he was done, he saw nobody else in the coaching center, it was quite late. He came out in the street and started to walk towards home.

Then he saw a couple, the man and his wife with a kid were surrounded by 4 to 5 people.

“Listen, you just keep your mouth shut till this hearing, don’t go to the court, say you are sick, rest will be taken care of.” Bikash heard those words and shocked, it’s the same leader of the local goons who barged into his shop.

“I cannot do that” The man surrounded said in a firm voice.

“Oh sure you can, I am taking your kid away as the insurance.” As the leader uttered those words, the other man trying to snatch the kid from her mother’s lap, the kid and the mother both started to cry.

“Leave them alone.” Bikash roars….

The goon’s leader turned at him, “Ah look who it is? The shopkeeper. You need to learn you..rr…”

He couldn’t complete his sentence as Bikash’s right arm jab landed straight onto his nose, he fell flat on his back.

Another goon swung his iron rod at him, Bikash moved his right shoulder out of the way, as the same time the other goon punched him on his ribs, Bikash saw with the corner of his eyes, another goon is pulling out his 6 inch blade. Bikash took another body blow as the man with the iron rod swung and hit him this time on his right bicep. A left hook and a right upper cut took care of the thug who punched him, Bikash then turned to the man with the rod and boxed his face with one two one combination as he is doing all these days to the punch bags.

The man with the knife approached at Bikash, He took his boxing stance, guarding his face. As the assailant ran at him like a mad bull, he swayed out of the way and right crossed his jaw, with left arm jab on his throat.

Already people started to gather around, someone might have called the cops as well, because the police sirens were heard. The thugs were tried to skip away only fell into the mobs hands. Tired, hurt and exhausted Bikash sat on the nearby pavement.

“I don’t know how I could thank you enough.” The man saved by him was standing nearby him.

“It’s Bikash.” His wife still firmly holding her kid said out loud.

Bikash looked up to them, he couldn’t recognized them in dark earlier, it’s Malini, Nalini’s elder sister with her husband and her kid.




“Get up and fight.” Karvalo was screaming at Bikash. His senses are nudged and jolted by opponent’s punches on his face, ribs and chest, his vision is practically blurred.

“Come on Bikash!” He heard those voices and looked to his right shoulder. Malini, her husband and Nalini is standing there on the corner. She’s late, but at last she came.

Bikash dragged back his weight in the middle of the ring as the referee is asking if he wants to continue. He nodded. He is lagging behind many points now.

He will show Nalini boxing is also a sport, it also need the same amount of skill and power if not more. Boxing is not only throwing punches, knocking people down or brawling. It’s about sheer determination, grit and concentration. It’s about anticipation and quick reaction, game of strategy, plan and execution.

As bikash took his guard again he could see his slightly tired and satisfied opponent started to under estimate him. First time the match he looks reluctant and dropped his guard against Bikash. “It’s time”, Bikash told himself.







–     “Why are you making face at me?”

—   “My wish, did you see your face in the mirror? Go see.

–     “Hmm.”

—   “You sound like a baboon when you say hmm. Go wash your face, its reddish like a baboon’ butt”

–     “Ok.”

(After a while)

–     “Damn, my front tyre is flat”

—   “I know, I did that.”

–     “Why?”

—   “My wish, walk with me, there’s a cycle repair shop next to my house,   fix it there.”

(Walking together)

—    “Why you didn’t say anything to him?”

–    “Whom?”

—      “Whose ten fingers are printed on your cheeks, you idiot.”

–    “Don’t call me idiot.”

—      “I’ll call you whatever I want, you monkey”

–      “Fine, but at least don’t make faces at me.”

—       “Shut up, ok we’ve reached, see that’s cycle repair shop, now wait here.”

(After 5 mins)

—     “Here, your notes, go and fix your tyre now.”

–   “Amm, Actually, I…….. Wanted to tell you something.”

—     “Say.”

–      “I……. I like you… So much!”

—       “So? Go home. Bye.”


Bittu stood there for a while like a nincompoop as Christi made a weird face at him one more and quickly disappeared through the front door. He shook his head in disappointment and slowly pushed his cycle towards the repair shop.


(Next day)

Firoz sir was checking the homework submitted by his students in the staff room, he gave extra homework to Bittu for delay in submission. As he was turning the pages of the notes, his eyes stuck at the last page. It’s the impression of a pair of lips, as if someone applied orange lipstick and kissed that part of the page, below that it’s written “For You” with a feminine hand writing.

A volcano erupted inside Firoz’s head and his eyes turned blood red. He calmly turned to the office peon and said “Call Bittu.”




“Don’t come near me, stay away.” Meher almost ran out of the room as Nirmal entered. It’s been a year and half, as Meher started to speak, she grew a strange fear and disliking about her grandfather Nirmal.

Nirmal Tawde, recently retired as an additional police commissioner, he was known for being strict and ruthless officer in his entire career. He terrorized both the anti-socials and common people equally. His methods of interrogation was labelled as both effective and cruel. He hardly had any work ethics or morality in any sense. He understood the game of corruption in police as he joined in. Since then he did everything right, starting from accepting bribes, building false cases to buttering his superiors to even marry the daughter of one of his superior officer. He rose steadily in his career from a mere sub inspector to additional commissioner. His cunning and shrewd nature always helped him win credits of others toil and push the blames on others shoulder.


He is equally strict and manipulative in his personal life. Being a control freak he always enjoyed controlling the lives of his wife and kids. Now as he turned almost 60, his nature didn’t change. When his daughter-in-law Aditi delivered a daughter 4 years ago, he was displeased, he wanted a grandson. But anyhow he accepted it as a fate. He even didn’t like it when his son Bhargav name her Meher. Although he somehow tolerated all these, he now cannot accept what started after Meher turned 3 and ½ and start talking. As soon as she sees her grandfather she screams and run away. The only thing she repeats after seeing him is “Don’t come near me, stay away”. His son and daughter-in-law are also scared seeing their daughter this way, they took her to a doctor but he dismissed it saying it’s just a passing phase of children nature which will be fine as she grows up.


It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, Bhargav and Aditi were out for shopping and his wife went to nearby temple. Nirmal saw Meher is playing near the water well, she is dangerously close to the edge. He shouted at her, “Come back, it’s dangerous there.”, and he advanced towards her. “Don’t come near me, stay away. Don’t touch me.”


Nirmal felt a jolt as he saw Meher’s face, the deep dark eyes are full of hatred, a pint of hair is falling on her face almost hid her left eye, the twisted lips are only reminding him one name, Meherunnisa!! His mind ran back 20 years ago, Nirmal and his team just busted a gang involved in human trafficking. Almost 35 girls of various ages were rescued. The prettiest among them was Meherunnisa, hailed from a rural village, sold to the gang by her own uncle. On the very first look Nirmal developed an unstoppable lustful desire towards her. That night, after finishing half bottle of Whiskey, the predator in Nirmal was out in the full moon night. Her voice still rings in his ear, “Don’t come near me, stay away, don’t touch me.”After he was done with her, he tied her hands and gagged her mouth, carried her half-conscious body and threw her into the sea. He never developed a guilty conscious about it, he went back to his wife and kids in the morning like nothing happened, few days later awarded a medal and promotion for the bust. He was expecting to see it in the news that her body washed off to the shore, but that never happened.

As he woke up in his present he can still see Meher looking at him, mumbling, whispering something. As Nirmal tried to figure it out what she was saying he got a shiver, “Everyone pays for their sins”, 4 years old Meher was repeating those words. Nirmal realized she is still standing at the edge of the water well.


Nirmal was breathing heavily, he could still hear the muffled scream and sound of water splashing in the well, he gave it another 10 minutes till the sound and voice disappeared and then he started to scream, “Help, please help, my granddaughter fell in side well, somebody help!!”