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Landlord & Tenant


*“Ahh, early morning and your divine presence, Good Morning Sir.”

**“Heh heh, how are you doing? On such a fine Sunday morning, I just couldn’t help but come down and say hello to you.”

*“Of course, of course, please come in. So like to have some tea, coffee? Coco?”

**“No, no, I am good. I was hesitant to disturb you, you know after all you are such a renowned scientist, must be always busy. It’s my wife who is keep nagging me to check on you, being so busy I am sure you forget few trivial things, so she is always worried you see.

*“I can only imagine, I guess she only called the police twice here, if I am not wrong.”

**“Heh heh, actually first time when all those unworldly sounds were coming from your kitchen…. Err.. I mean from your lab, she panicked. You know how women are, and the other time when we felt that strange smell from your backyard, we thought it might be a dead body decomposing, I mean we were sure it wasn’t a human but still. Then it turned out to be another your fancy sciency chemical invention. “

*“Of course, of course, you have been such a good landlord to me.”

**“Heh, heh, when initially the people warned me not to keep the ‘Mad Scientist’ as tenant, I told them on their face that I believe in science. So what if I have to get double the amount and increase the rent every 6 months, but I will have a scientist in my ground floor. I don’t even mind being called the ‘Mad Scientist’s greedy landlord’, I know your potential. By the way it’s already 3rd of the month, our agreement was rent on 2nd of the month right. See you have forgotten it again, sign of a brilliant and absent mind truly. Heh heh.”

*“Oh I do have the cash ready as always, I just wanted you to come and get it. By the by, before I pay you the rent, I would like to show some of my creations today if you would like.”

**“Really, heh, heh, sure, sure, lead the way.”

*“This way please. This is IQ meter, to measure the intelligence quotient, just wear it on your head and you’ll have your IQ test, would you like to try?

**“Haha, another day may be”

*“Sure, so here is the Nano computer spectacle, the part of the asteroid I am researching on and the invisible suit and yeah, that’s my favourite…..”

**“Oh god! It….. It looks just like me,”

*“Yes, that’s an android, made up of metals and human flesh and tissues with a computerized brain. Thought it will be the best gift for your birthday coming next week.”

**“I…. I just can’t believe my eyes, it’s of same everything of mine.”

*“Yeah, and look this way, my prized possession, my time machine.”

**“I still can’t take off my eyes from my birthday gift. Wow!”

*“Come this way sir, yes now take a seat in this chair. Isn’t it comfortable, every time traveller deserves a good seat while travelling?”

**“Woah, wait, wait, why are closing the door of this thing, time machine or whatever, I am in no mood to travel anywhere.

*“But you must sir, because of you greedy and materialistic people we scientists face all kind of harassment, named ‘Mad Scientists’ and forced to stay in this hell hole and pay double the rent. Even for minute sounds and smell of my experiment you call the cops to investigate, you truly are a disgusting creature.

You deserve a place with where you belong, 18th century, where I am sending you precisely, don’t worry, your wife and people will not miss your presence, my android will keep them happy and satisfied, It will even grow old and die as you should have, only I have to fix the date of expiry. Are you screaming in there? No use, these glasses are soundproof hence I can’t hear you, bye bye Mr. Landlord.


Gangsters, Gang-wars and The City





Oruvan was sitting in his arm-chair. He was thinking about his glorious past, “Don’t know what went wrong”, he heard some shouting, screaming and sound of bullets flying outside his porch. He sighed. “It’s time.”

Farookh and Titir walked up to Oruvan with their guns aiming at him. “This time you are done old boy”, Farookh barked those words at him. Then both Farookh and Titir started spraying bullets at Oruvan till his lifeless body covered with blood fell on the floor.

Farookh : “look Titir, I don’t want any dispute between us. Let’s share this business. I have a proposition. You took the rich and famous and I will rule the middle and lower classes of The City. “

Titir : “Sounds like an idea to me.”

Titir was happy with the proposition, he get to exploit the rich and famous celebs. Farookh smiled, he got what he wanted, and soon, he will own The City.


………. Few months later…

The lines on his forehead are getting deeper and bigger. Farookh was visibly upset and worried for the right reasons. There’s a new kid in the town, terrorizing and intimidating the crowd, he almost turned them all into his slaves. Wahatab! That’s the name. His growing stature is even sidelining Farookh and Titir in The City.


Wahatab was sitting opposite to him and looking at Farookh, so this is almighty Farookh, ruler of The City! Titir was sitting next to him. Rumor has that Titir only deal with the rich and popular celebrities, though seldom he found to be dealing with normal crowd.


Farookh: “Listen Wahatab, we don’t need any small talk. You’ll work for me now. Don’t worry about money. You’ll get whatever you want, whenever you want.”

Wahatab was thinking now. No doubt he almost got it in his hands but not without some troubles. Inshi and Santu are controlling some areas of The City; Pintu is also raising his stake slowly. Even the professional contract killer Little John is also trying to be in the game. But Wahatab is not so worried about him; professional killers are hardly considered gangsters.

Wahtab : “Alright, but remember your promise. My price won’t be cheap.”

Farookh smiled again, he is an old player of this game.


Gogol was standing in front of the grave of his father. It is a dark night; drizzling and south sky is getting lighten up every now and then. This is the burial-place of The City. In and around there are other graves of Hiten, fadnus and Mysa, friends and rivals of his dad’s. All died in gang-wars with Farookh and Titir.

Gogol: I am sorry dad, I am sorry. I couldn’t take your revenge. But I promise that I will not give up. If not me then my children will, but one day we will claim back The City.

And then there was a flash of lightening and the writings on the grave came alive.

‘Oruvan. Died : 30th September 2014’


Gogol drove back home. When he entered in his bedroom his seventh month’s pregnant wife was fast asleep. Gogol slowly sat beside her, with clinched teeth and closed fist he whispered. “Andria, give me a son. Give me a son to avenge us.”


Characters and Credits:

Farookh : Facebook

Titir : Twitter

Wahatab : Whatsapp

Inshi : Instagram

Santu : Snapchat

Pintu : Pinterest

Little John: Linkedin

Oruvan : Orkut

Hiten, Fadnus & Mysa : Hi5, Friendster & MySpace

Gogol : Google+

Andria : Android Platform

Gogol & Andria’s unborn child: A next-gen unknown social app which might be the other social media apps killer

The City : Social Media


STAY TUNED! For the sequel. Coming Soon!!