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The Plan


[Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.]

Amit: “Anita, where is my blue necktie?” Amit seemed irritated and that was reflecting in his tone.

Anita: “Here, and your clean socks are in the 2nd shelf in cupboard. Your mobile, car keys and laptop is on the dining table. Would you come home early at least today?

Amit: “Let’s see. Don’t stay up late for me.” He spoke in an uninterested voice.”


During lunch hour at office, while taking a quick look around and Amit was speaking in a cautious voice.

Amit: “So how are things coming up?”

Rubina: “Things are good. I have already got Chatterjee’s laptop password and all we need to do is install the spyware.”

Amit: “You are the best. Remember after the fraud happens, it should look like Chatterjee has done this scam and when police found the trail, out of guilt and shame he killed himself”.

Rubina: “(In an emotion clad voice) I can’t wait to fly out of here with you Amit”.

Amit: “(Smiling) All in good times, I always knew it’s worth making you our Chatterjee’s secretary.”


That night, at Chatterjee’s house. Three of them were sitting in his drawing room.

Chatterjee: “So he thinks, he is playing me. Feeling pity for that fool Amit.”

Rubina: “(Grinning) He thinks I will ditch you for 3 millions. I wish he knew how his master plan is leaking out to you.”

Chatterjee: “Inspector Arshad, I want this moron to send in for at least 10 years.”

Arshad: “Sure, can do. But how much we are talking about here?”

Chatterjee: “Don’t you worry. There will be a scam, there will be a guilty party and there will be beneficiaries. Both of you will get your shares, and Amit is going jail for what he thinks he will do. Rubina you keep doing as he says, don’t let him get suspicious at all.”

Rubina: “(To Chatterjee) I can’t wait for our vacation together after all these ends.”


Arshad was waiting at the Kolkata Airport, unshaven, unkempt and wearing almost a dirty shirt.

Arshad: “Why are you so late? Everything is taken care of?”

Anita: “(While catching her breath) Yes. Today morning I mixed poison in Amit’s tea. His body is in the bed room, I kept the suicide note next to him. What about you?”

Arshad: “Everything’s gone as planned. Chatterjee was so heavy that it took a while to hang him. I shot Rubina right in front of him and hit Chatterjee unconscious then. Everybody will think now that Chatterjee came to know about the affair of Rubina with Amit. At rage he shot Rubina and then hanged himself.”

Anita: “Ya and everybody will know as Amit’s loving wife is leaving him because of his extramarital affair, so he couldn’t take it and poisoned himself.”

Arshad: “(Stepped forward and hugged Anita) I love you Anita, I am so happy we are together. Can’t wait start our new life”

Anita: (Having tears in her eyes) Me too Arshad. Me too.

Arshad: Let’s go in. Our flight should be on time.

Anita: “Keep an eye on the luggage. Let me go check in first, you follow me in a while. Let’s not go in together.”

As Anita walked inside, Arshad saw two guys were approaching at him. Being a cop he knew something was fishy. As he tried to escape, a strong familiar voice heard from behind, “Inspector Arshad, you are under arrest for the murders of Mr. Chatterjee and his secretary Rubina”. It was his superior, the DSP.


He was getting impatient. Where is Anita? Then he saw her, she just came into the custom area and was waving at him.

Anita: “Sorry darling, I had to make sure Arshad is grabbed by police, no point taking a chance after all we have been through.”

Amit: “So he bought the story about you poisoning me! You were amazing, I am so proud of you; I couldn’t have pulled this without you.”

Anita: (Smiling wickedly) I am proud of you too my hubby. The idea of installing the hidden cam at Chatterjee’s place by Rubina was incredible. Everything was videotaped and police already have it, Arshad has no chance. Poor Rubina had no clue that she was installing the camera to record Chatterjee’s and her own murder.

Amit: And all of them thought it’s all about a con, while it’s just about a simple steal. I have transferred all the money to the Swiss account from Chatterjee’s all bank accounts. Rubina proved so useful getting all his net banking passwords.


As they were approaching their flight to Bangkok, Amit’s mobile phone beeped.

Amit: “Anita, did you get my aspirins? You know I get a headache every time I travel in flight.”

Anita: “I have them right in my handbag.”

Anita was feeling a little restless within, she hopes Amit doesn’t doubt about those special aspirin are coated with methyl isocyanides. One tablet should be enough. As they won’t be sitting together in the flight, it shouldn’t be a problem sneaking out alone, leaving Amit’s corpse on the seat.

Amit checked the massage and deleted it. As planned the Thai contract killer confirmed he will take care of Anita as soon as they will land in Suvarnabhumi Airport. All he has to do is not to accompany her after the flight lands. He will think of some excuse for that, in this long flight.