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Christie was crying, she was crying so bitterly, Bittu could only see her helplessly. Misty was no more, her lifeless body was lying there.

Bittu was looking at her, with guilt and remorse, how could he ever tell her he was responsible for Misty’s death.


“Bittu, don’t even come near me. Gosh! You’re drunk. Why do you even drink? You’re not supposed to, you’re still underage.” Christie made a face and looked the other way as Bittu was trying desperately to kiss her. It was about 7 PM in the evening. The football field was empty and the east goalpost could only see two teenagers, sitting together.

“One kiss, just one. I promise I will never drink again. It’s all because of Neeraj. He forced me” Bittu pleaded.

“Nooo! Go away. I am leaving.” Christie got up. Bittu was pulling her left hand.

“Just one, you know I can’t sleep without it.” Bittu tried to pull her towards him.

“Not today, I hate the smell of alcohol.” She made a face again and rushed away.


As Bittu stopped his bike he knew it’s too late. He could see the fluid flowing away from the smashed head and face of Misty, he can’t see the red color of it as it’s almost dark. He ran her over with his bike. I could see her laying still on the road. He was intoxicated, drunk but he knew what he did.

“Who’s there” Bittu heard someone’s voice. He left the clutch and pushed his accelerator hard.


Christie was still sobbing as the others were burying the body of Misty. Bittu was standing there motionlessly as Christie was leaning onto him, holding her head against his shoulder.

“Do you remember the day you brought Misty to me? Christie asked Bittu in her teary voice.

Bittu remembered.

He held Christie tight in his arms as tight as possible. How could he ever confess it to her!


“Wow!! How cute.” Christie sound so happy and excited. “You know this is the best gift you’ve ever gave to me.” Christie spoke in childishly happy voice.

“I thought you might like it. I found this kitten in my backyard.” Bittu was happy seeing Christie so jubilant. “What you gonna call it?” Bittu asked.

“Misty” Christie was already have it on her lap.


The Perfect Murder Weapon



*“So you are Mr. Bankim Chatterjee? Famous private investigator.”

**“Yes sir, that’s me.”

*”Nice to have you here, but Mr. Chatterjee, to be frank there’s not much of a case here. You see my father passed away in his sleep. He had a massive heart attack. Our family doctor Dr. Mallik is here, if you want you can check with him.

**”But Mr. Ghosal, your elder brother is finding it very strange, of course your father had some mild heart condition but nothing to be this fatal.

*”Ahh! My brother is paranoid, he was actually very close to him, you could say he was his favorite son. Don’t mind Mr Chatterjee, I smell something fishy here. Is it an attempt to malign my image somehow? What he is trying to prove that dad’s death is an unnatural one?

**”I so hope not. But why are you even being so defensive? I have been appointed by your brother and let me investigate, as you said if there’s nothing fishy everyone will be off the hook.”

*”Well, I was just thinking that it all will end up in a wild goose chase, but anyway, it’s your wish. After all your fees will be paid from my brother’s pocket.


**”Inspector Sinha, what’s your say in this case.”

***”Pretty much an open and shut case Mr. Chatterjee, justice Subham Ghosal died in a cardiac arrest,  but well, as in all the stories and the media show that private investigators are smarter than police, I’m sure you would come up with something. (Smiling sarcastically).”

**“Hmm. If I’m not wrong justice Ghosal was an avid reader and a very learned man, even he had his own library, he was known for his literary skills, there’s hardly a classic he did not read.”

***”Indeed, every night he used to read for at least 2 to 3 hours before he used to go to sleep.”

**“Hmm, strange, at one look I find no trace of a book in this room, I guess it’s his bed room, such an reader must be having at least 2 to 3 books stacked on that table.”

***”(Puzzled) I haven’t noticed that. We have to ask his younger son Subir Ghosal, he was with him last night.”


*”Yes, his library was locked yesterday and one of the servant misplaced the key. So couldn’t unlock the door, today morning I was supposed to call a locksmith, but before that we found him in his bed…. Lifeless.”

**“Strange!! Did he always keep all his books in the library?”

*”Mr. Chatterjee, My dad always lived by his rules and was a creature of habit. He never liked his books to be scattered around in the house rather neatly kept in the library room, he used to pick one book at a night, read and sleep and once done with it, he would pick the next book. Unfortunately he just finished a book the night before and kept it in the library, last night as the key was misplaced he couldn’t get another one.

**”Had it ever happened before? He slept without reading?”

*”Maybe once or twice, I am not really sure, see Mr. Chatterjee, I don’t live here, my brother does, as he was out of station I came here to give dad a company.”

**”Thank you Mr. Subir Ghosal. Inspector if you don’t mind I would like to have few words with you in private.”


**”How could you do this to your own father Mr. Ghosal? He was after all your own father. Just to inherit his property you have killed him so brutally.”

*”I.. I don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s all an arrangement, between you and my brother. He wants to send me away and seize all dad’s property.”

**“Your brother doesn’t have millions of debt on his head Mr. Ghosal, nor he has the gambling addiction, your own house is also mortgaged, I have the papers here.”

*”Mr. Chatterjee, you are crossing your boundaries, my private life is none of your business. And my father died in a heart attack, if you can prove it otherwise fine, else you can’t keep me here in this police investigation room, not for another second.”

**” Of course your father died in heart attack, but it’s you who made that happen. It’s you who plotted the entire scheme.”

*” Mr. Chatterjee, I warn you.”

**”You knew your father is a creature of habit that he can’t sleep without reading for couple of hours before sleep. You also knew how your father hated and loathed bad writers and literatures. You hid his library key last night. He was restless, he needed a book to read, so you cleverly suggested him a book. A book with a bad plot, worse story and written by one of the worst writer of the country.

He started reading the book, he understood the mistake he had done, but like all the true readers he couldn’t stop in the middle and throw the book into a bin, so kept reading, his heartbeat started to rise, he got palpitation, his eyes turned red, he was drinking water continuously but was unable to even breathe. At last his heart gave up. I don’t blame him Mr. Ghosal, even a normal, healthy man would have meet the same end.”

*”(Sobbing heavily) I am sorry Mr. Chatterjee, I had no other choice, I am so deep in my debt that.. that I needed the money. (Broke out in tears)”

**”You don’t deserve mercy Mr. Ghosal, if I could, I would make you read that book over and over again. Though I’m not sure if you would be alive after reading the half of it. But honorable court won’t allow it.

***”We have found it under Subir Ghosal’s bed Mr. Chatterjee, here it is.”

Private investigator Bankim Chatterjee was holding the murder weapon in his hand, the perfect murder weapon. “HALF GIRLFRIEND BY CHETAN BHAGAT.” Bankim Chatterjee felt the chill running down through his spine, “What is awaited for the literature in future?”






* Is this heaven?

** No!

* But I am supposed to be in Heaven.

** Why?

* Because I am true servant of the almighty. I killed and get killed for him. I slew the infidels anyone who do not believe him, mock him and deny his existence

** And do you think you deserve heaven for that?

* Yes!

** I don’t know who your God is and where is your heaven. You are in the hospital and I am your doctor, I have removed the bullets from your body. Cops are waiting outside, once I am done they are free to interrogate you and arrest you.

* You saved my life. You must be sent from above by my God.

** No. I am just a human sent by no one, cause I still don’t know how to receive orders from somebody and take innocent lives and been promised heaven. Now if you excuse me, I have to carry my 9 years old son’s body to burial ground, whom you killed this morning along with another 31 people.

A series of unfortunate events



Aniket was standing near the door in his white kurta and pajama, miserable and poignant he was looking at his wife resting in peace. Her body was covered with a white sheet as all the near and dear ones and other relatives are paying their homage before performing the last rites and rituals.

The neighbours are murmuring as how the misfortune has befallen upon this poor family. This is the 4th tragic death in this family. First it’s Aniket’s father-in-law Manoj Pradhan died in a cardiac arrest. Then it’s his eldest daughter Neeta, died in a freak accident. The youngest daughter of Manoj, Geeta, she was always too sensitive, all these tragedies were proven too much for her. She committed suicide by jumping off from the terrace.

It was then only Aniket and his beloved wife Meeta. But Meeta was already lost all her willingness to live after the demise of her father and two sisters. Though Aniket tried his level best to keep his wife out of harm’s way, she was completely broken and at last her health gave up.

After the cremation and all other formalities, Aniket returned home after past midnight. Then he sat on his arm chair and lit a cigarette, and recalling the chain of events as they were happening.

Manoj sir was always fond of Aniket, the rich orphan boy and a brilliant student of psychology. So when Aniket passed out of college, Manoj asked him to marry his eldest daughter Neeta. But being a arrogant snob, she refused to marry him. Then Manoj proposed that Aniket should get married to his next daughter Meeta. Whose nature was just opposite to Neeta. Only with that condition that Aniket will agree to live in his Father-in-laws house with his family.

Aniket lit his 2nd cigarette, tonight he can’t sleep. Tonight all the memories are coming alive.

First it was Manoj sir, he had an asthma which was deteriorating day by day. So that night after everyone asleeps Aniket got into his father-in-law’s room. He was fast asleep with his inhaler next to his pillow. It wasn’t tough to hide the inhaler before placing the wet towel on Manoj’s face.

Then it’s Neeta, everyone knew about her insane fear of ghosts. So when she started seeing her dead father’s belongings here and there she was already scared. Then a wig and a walking stick had done the trick with her father’s recorded voice. The stairs can be very slippery sometimes.

Geeta was so emotional. When she found out her Brother-in-law is in love with her and wants her more than her sister, it was too much for her to take. She did not wanted to be a reason of her sister’s broken marriage, as Aniket was keep insisting. So she wrote the letter and took a leap of freedom from the terrace.

He knew, calm and composed Meeta will recover from the shock of the demise of her beloved father and her two adored sister. So Aniket made sure she always had the prescribed medicines from the doctor but never the right ones. It took 6 months, but at last……

Aniket always hated people who try to control him, try to lay a certain path in front of him. So boring. Just like his dead parents. He remembered how much they nagged him to accompany them to the nearby temple they were going to visit. Only if they knew their car brake was tampered with…..


Shortest Creepy stories



  • It was a fallen star on the north sky. I looked at it and an angel appeared in front of me. “Make a wish”, she said. I smiled and replied, “I already did”. The next moment she was in chain, screaming as her wings were burning.


  • I was so thirsty; I walked down to the drawing-room at midnight, finished drinking from the bottle, kept it on the table and looked at the wall mirror. My reflection was still drinking; guess it’s thirstier than me.


  • “What am I doing in a grave yard?” She asked.

“No clue”, I replied, “I just dug you up”.


  • The little girl in my neighborhood sometimes makes me nervous with her uncanny abilities. It gives me jitters when she says she speaks to her dead father often.

Hope he didn’t tell her about that fateful day we went fishing  together; it wasn’t exactly an accident after all!


  • When she plays around, laughing and giggling and whispering in the house, disturbing my peaceful goodnight sleep. Sometimes I regret the decision of burying her in the backyard, while she was still alive.


  • She lovingly placed her hand on the surface of the table, which is his limbless torso. The four legs of the table, are his hands and legs. And the pen holder, ah! Her favorite, his head.


  • As I reach out to my chest pocket to for some changes I could only find fingers.” Last night souvenir”, I chuckled! I should really stop forgetting them in my pocket, pulling out dismembered fingers in public bus isn’t a pretty sight.


  • I love watching horror movies. Only thing bothers me is after watching them when I go to bed at night, I always feel there’s someone under my bed. It gets weirder when I feel the touch when I’m asleep.


  • As I answered the phone, a familiar voice asked, “Do you know who I am?”, “I do”, I replied. As the voice in the phone start laughing hysterically, I was quietly looking at my cold body lying there on my bed, since last night.


  • ‘I don’t know exactly, how to express the last few words of my life. All I could say is I was never good spouse. I guess I am ashamed of what I have done and I know I cannot make it right. May be this is the best way it can end. Sleeping pills and coffee. At least I would go doing whatever I love most, looking at her while drinking coffee.’

*Husband: “Honey, what are you writing?”

**Wife: “Nothing, just trying to copy your handwriting. It’s fun. Now finish your coffee, it’s getting cold. “