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I tried, but…..



Mom: Again you made that new dress dirty? Did you ever try not to make my life miserable?

Me: I tried, but……

Mom: All my fate, you and your father, just alike. Now I have to sit and wash them for hours.


Teacher: Have you had a look at your report card? It was really hard to look at it though.

Me: I tried, but……

Teacher: I pity your parents, such highly educated people have such an illiterate son.


Dad: When will you be standing on your won feet? How long I have to feed and provide you?

Me: I tried, but……

Dad: Shut up. I can’t show my face in the neighbourhood. The next door Chatterjee’s son got into an MNC with such handsome package.


Girlfriend: So, have to try to find a better job? When can I tell my parents about us?

Me: I tried, but……

Girlfriend: Tried my foot. My parents already found a guy, tall, handsome and US settled with six figure salary. Do me a favour, don’t try to call me again.


Boss: it’s been two days that the deadline has passed. Could you kindly tell me please why this one is not completed yet?

Me: I tried, but……

Boss: Don’t give me excuses, I don’t like excuses. If it is not finished by EOD, you are finished.


Me: Why couldn’t you make me a better man?

Life: I tried, but……







[This is an old story I wrote back in 2011 and posted in a different blog. Unfortunately that blog site is not available anymore, hence posting it in my primary blog. Let me know how you like it through your comments and take the poll]


{This below story is an erotic drama, with heavy sexually explicit and adult contents. Viewer/reader discretion is absolutely necessary, please do not read it if you don’t like or you are underage. }


Preface: If you read the definition of rectangle you know or you already knew that it has 4 angles aka 4 corners. I don’t how many of you actually felt that our life is also like geometry. It’s starts with a simple point or straight line and as we go on it starts getting complicated. As a matter of fact the whole universe depends on geometry. Now I am writing this preface so you know why the name of this story is rectangle. Let’s begin…


It happened just a year ago, sometime during April 2011. The city was just started getting hotter and I was paying a regular visit to beaches. Somehow I always liked a particular beach nearby.
Mostly I used meet a friend over there. Mathew, an Anglo Indian and a good friend of mine. I spent a lot of time at his place with him and his girl friend Michelle. She was a real gorgeous girl, brown eyes, perfect figure and tall. Mathew was like a strong bull, 6 ft 2’’ and all muscles. Together they weren’t exactly like beauty and beast, but they were close enough.

I clearly remember that day, it was Friday afternoon, and I came home early from office. I was all set to travel to another city that night to meet my girl friend, Rishita. She was doing her MBA there, we started going out a few months back and then she got this opportunity in one of the reputed business school and left. Mostly I used to travel there to meet her. In case if you are wondering, we broke up. How? I am going to tell you in this story, have a li’l patience.


So as I was home early, I thought it would be good to chill out with Mathew for sometime as my train was leaving only around midnight. Him, me and Michelle, few beer cans and chilling on his terrace that was my whole idea. Little did I know what was waiting for me there and littlest did I know that it was going to change the course of my very life.

So I reached at his door around 5 o clock evening and hit the doorbell, there was no answer. I rang it twice, thrice, but nobody got the door. I was wondering if they were busy romancing in there. I almost started to leave and then I heard somebody opening the door. I turned around, it was Michelle standing there. Looking at her I could sense something was wrong. Her hair was all messy, eyes were red and swelled. She also looked a little surprised seeing me. She greeted me and asked me to come in. I was hesitant but nonetheless I entered.

Normally I feel quite at home in their place but today there was something wrong. I sat on the sofa and asked for Mathew. She was standing near the television. She mumbled something and went inside the kitchen. I called out his name a few times but there were no answer. I saw Michelle was bringing tea and snacks for us.

Michelle: He isn’t here.

Me: Oh! Where’s he?

Michelle: Who knows…?

Me: What’s wrong? You look… different, and where did that bull go?

Michelle: (Trying to smile) Am I? I really don’t know.


Now I was not that close to her but I was close enough as a guy should be to his friend’s girl friend. I looked into her eyes and said I won’t ask her what happened if it’s too personal and I could sense it very well that they got into some kind of fight. She kept silent. I stood up and was about to leave.


Michelle: are you leaving?

Me: Yeah, guess am not good enough to know your secrets but if you got anything to say…

She looked at me blankly and the burst into tears. I wasn’t prepared for it at all. She was crying inconsolably and I was trying my best to condole her. After a few minutes she stopped crying, but still she was sobbing. Then she told me they got into a bad fight few hours ago and Mathew slapped and punched her. I never knew Mathew could hurt her this way; they looked such nice couple so much in love with each other.

I didn’t know what to do at that time. A friendly hug seemed to be a good idea then. As I hugged her she was still sobbing and she held me tight. Now, she is really an attractive female and to be honest I had a childish crush on her when I saw her first time. I could tell from her hug that she is not wearing her garments under the t shirt. It was a strange feeling. After a while she tried to be normal and asked me if I am hungry. Her eyes were still teary; her hands are lazily resting on my chest and thigh. She wasn’t looking like the’ gorgeous Michelle Rodriguez’ but a cute, poor thing. I was still trying to console her and about to kiss her forehead when the accident happened. I don’t know what she was trying to do but she pushed her chin up, maybe she was trying to get up. My kiss landed right on her lips; damn I missed her forehead by miles. It was an awkward yet pleasurable silence as our lips parted not before 60 seconds almost. I could feel the taste of her lipstick; it tasted like orange.

We are speechless for around 2 minutes after that. Then she stormed into her bedroom. I was completely baffled and perplexed. I decided to leave, as I was crossing the door I remember I left my mobile inside. I went back in and took it. I don’t know if the devil himself whispered into my ears but something sure told me I owe an apology to her. So I went right into the bedroom without thinking much. I saw she was lying down on the bed on her stomach and it’s so easy to understand that she is crying on her pillow. I went and sat quietly next to her, kept my hand or her shoulder. She almost knew it was me as she did not seem to be surprised. She moved head from the pillow to my lap. I whispered,


Michelle: For what?

Me: For…. For kissing you, I swear I did not mean to kiss you that way; I just wanted to kiss your forehead

Michelle: You know… You know you are hundred times better than Mathew, your girl friend is so to have you.

Me: Really??

She got up and kept her head on my shoulder.

Michelle: Yes

Me: I should leave now

This time she looked right into my eyes, those big brown seductive eyes.

Michelle: (Whispered) No you won’t. No you won’t…

Our lips met for the second time and this time it was more passionate, more willing. She almost pulled me onto her. Her fingers were unbuttoning my shirt and I was removing her t shirt. I was so right; she is naked under her loose t shirt. Those big, firm and round breast and on top of them the pinkish nipples, they were more than perfect. My palms were holding and pressing then as she was kissing me vigorously. I tried to position myself, slowly coming down to her navel and kissing that cute body hole. My hands were working over time to get rid of her jeans shorts. As they come out the only thing hiding her lovebox now was her fancy thong. As I pulled that off from her, she was in front of me with her full glory. A pair of fair thighs hiding her womanhood, the pubic hair is trimmed and the lips are little swelled. As I parted her legs, I could see the tip has a drop of crystal looking liquid; I lost my sense and jumped in like a hungry wolf. It was an ecstatic journey of lust and desire. As I entered her it seemed like forever I can be in her, around her. She was moaning like a wounded animal as I was really hitting her libido. At last we reached to our climax, a rare feeling which I never felt with any of my ex or current girl friend and I bet neither she did. We were lying in be side by side and I was thinking what I had done. I turned to her and found she is already asleep after our exhausting and sinful encounter. I left almost immediately as I saw her sleeping, I have no idea how she would behave after getting up.

It’s around 8 o clock in the night, I was so confused what to do or what is the right thing to do. I am feeling so guilty about sleeping with my friend’s girlfriend. I wasn’t sure if I should travel to Rishita, my girlfriend, what would be the right thing to do. Should I tell everything her about this… no it would be too much for her to take. My final hope was my long time friend Shruthi.

She is someone I know with the coolest head and best decision making power. A friend of mine from college days. I knew if I tell this to any of my guy friends they would just make fun of it or say kudos to me. I knew how insensitive guys could be in all these matters as I myself would have done the same. I called her and told her everything that happened this evening. She listened to me patiently and then…

Shruthi: Do you know in what mess you put yourself in? Do you have any idea if your friend found out about this what will happen?

Me: I am a dead meat then, but I think Michelle won’t tell him, no way she can tell him, Mathew will murder her.

Shruthi: I think you better start to meet your girl, stay there for few days. Find out how things are here and then come back.

Me: you are telling me to run away like a coward?

Shruthi: Yes my Hero, don’t try to show you heroism in this, you will only end up beaten black and blue.

Me: What will say to Rishita? Do I tell her everything?

Shruthi: Are you mad? Of course not, don’t say a thing to her if you don’t want her walk out of your life. No girl can take that kind of shit.

Me: I am feeling so miserable.

Shruthi: You should, now go, catch the train, be with her for few days. You would forget about all these and she will also be happy to be with you for few days.

Me: I am lucky to have you as a friend; you are the best support I have.

Shruthi: Ok mister, enough of your emotional dialogues. Now you better start, you have a train to catch.


So I started for my girlfriend’s city, without knowing what’s awaiting for me there.

On the way I called Rishita. She told me she had some important project work in college, so she is leavening early around 6am and only could comeback by evening. Now she is not staying in hostel as there were some accommodation issues. So she and her friend Sadia decided to move in a rented apartment. I was happy as I could stay in her apartment with her. Last time she had problems with her warden for staying out late. I never met Sadia but Rishita told me she knew about me and it won’t be a problem.

It’s around 7am I reached there. As I reached to her apartment and knocked the door… my throat went dry, there was a female standing with almost a transparent white nighty, she got sleepy eyes, yawning and stretching herself. I could actually see her undergarments through her nightgown, as she was stretching her pointed breasts are getting prominent dangerously. “What is happening to me?” my conscience was asking me this question again and again. Somehow I stepped into the flat. It was a two bedroom flat shared by Rishita and Sadia. I kept all my luggage in Rishita’s room and sat on the bed when I heard Sadia’s voice, she was asking if I need something or if I am hungry.

I badly needed a shower. So I told her I should bathe first and then I could have some food.

Sadia: I am going to cook something for us, would you like to have rice or something else?

Me: Don’t bother yourself, we can order some pizza, let me get freshen up first.

Sadia: As you wish, pizza sounds to be a good idea.

Me: Sure thing.

As the cool water of the shower was flowing on my body, I could remember each and every moment of my encounter with Michelle; it was so so wrong yet felt so so good. I tried to divert my attention from that incident and my attention fell right onto Sadia. She is neither cute nor gorgeous, she’s just sexy. Like with someone you really want to get dirty. A little darkish complexion, seductive eyes, a figure almost like rural women have, tight and curvy.

I hit myself twice, what am I keep thinking about? I am now at my girlfriend’s place and if everything is fine then I am going to have a nice romantic night with her after a long time. What else do I want? I am already guilty of cheating on her and now I am thinking about her roommate? I really started to feel ashamed of myself. I shook it all off and came out of bathroom. I went straight to Rishita’s room and wore fresh set of t shirt and shorts. When I reached to hall I saw Sadia was watching some song in TV and humming it.

Me: do you have pizza hut’s number?

Sadia: oh ya, one sec, and here it is

I have dialed the number and ordered a pepperoni pizza. Then I sat next to her.

Sadia: hey, if you don’t mind asking, how long you are going with Rishita?

Me: Amm, it would be more than a year.

Sadia: Don’t mind me saying this, but I feel you can do better. Sorry for being so blunt and direct.

Me: I don’t know what you are talking about. But I love her.

Sadia: oh don’t mind, just take it as a complement, I was just saying.

Me: love is not always about looks, it’s about love, care, emotions.

Sadia: yeah, I totally get it.

The pizza boy arrived almost in 25 minutes. After he is gone we realized we didn’t order any beverages. I was about go out to get some cool drinks when Sadia stopped me.

Sadia: you know what, just now I remember, we have a red wine bottle in the fridge.

Me: Amm wine? Well…

Sadia: Come on. Wine is way better than Pepsi. Unless of course you have a problem.

Me: ammmmm… Naah, no problem, even better,

So as it normally happens, we ate less pizza and drank more wine. Naturally we started to have more intense conversations.

Me: Hey Sadia, what did you exactly mean by I can do better?

Sadia: well, you know, you are tall, she is short. You are quite handsome and she is so so. To be frank you should have got yourself a sexy girl.

Me: (Not even knowing what I am speaking). It’s all fate, when I was single and alone I couldn’t get anyone better than her, so really got to settle with her.

Sadia: (almost leaning over me) I bet you have enough fun back in your town. It’s so convenient when your girl stays in another city. She doesn’t get to spy on you.

Me: No. not like that. I am true to her.

And the incident of yesterday’s evening was floating right in front of my eyes.

Sadia: I broke up with my guy about 6 months ago.

Me: Oh! Sad.

Sadia: you know why?

Me: why?

Sadia: cause he was a fucking impotent bastard.

Me: err…. Ohhh.

We drank some more wine. My mind was telling me things were out of control but I was hardly in a mood to stop. And then came the shocker!

Sadia: Want to bang me in your girl friend’s bed?

I was shaking my head in disbelief for those blunt words of her, but someone inside of me almost screamed in my ear, ‘you have done your friend’s girl, what’s stopping you now’?

Almost immediately we started kissing each other wildly. I tore open her nightgown and he freed me off my shorts and t-shirt, which were just burdens on our body at that time.

We were standing and kissing each other completely naked. I didn’t have any sense of right and wrong that time, the wine was really working on us. I remember when we are heading to Rishita’s room we hardly stopped kissing. We jumped on her bed. I was fondling her whole body with my both hands where her hands were busy extra time on my crotch. I chewed and sucked her nipples and breasts like a small baby, she was moaning like a real bitch in heat. I came down further to find her deep navel, while biting and licking her I came down to her most private part. Its lips were swelled and I could see the pink spot. I bit the part which is known as the sensitive most part of female body. She almost screamed with pleasure and pain. I was top of her and about to go inside her, when she stops me.

Sadia: No, not like this.

Me: huh!!

She pushed me down and sat on her hands and knees.

Sadia: Do me now.

My god!! That bitch wanted it in doggy style, kinky bitch…

This is the first time I was going to hump somebody in that fashion, I won’t lie, I was a little unsure. I was about to do her when she stops me again.

Sadia: Wait.

Me: ahhannnn!!

Sadia: Give me a minute.

She ran to her room and came back with her mobile and put it on the table.

Me: What are you doing?

Sadia: I am going to make a video of it.

Me: (A little scared) Why?

Sadia: Ah! Don’t worry I won’t show it to your little girl friend.

Me: (A bit assured) Ok, but then…

She jumped on me and kissed me. I stopped bothering about all the stuffs. That was the first time I had sex in that position and it felt heavenly. After we were done, we were lying side by side, the wine was still working on our head.

Sadia: Want to have more????

Me: I guess so…

Sadia: Let’s do something different.

She again positioned her in the same way again

Me: (Trying to smile) what’s the difference?

Sadia: Don’t you want to be a lucky man? Don’t you want to deflower a girl, pop her cherry?

Me: (confused) I think you had you a boyfriend and beside if you were a virgin I guess you are no more.

Sadia: I wasn’t exactly talking about that (Pointing her eyes at her back)

My fucking god! She wants in right in her ass. It was feeling dirtier, kinkier and sexier. It was a bad idea. I only felt that after 30 minutes. I don’t think she would have walked for another 2 days and I was tired and sore like an ox had a sex with 15 cows. This time we slept like logs.

As I opened my eyes it was such a horrid feeling. All the things came alive in my mind. First I thought it must be a nightmare or a daymare if I should say. Then I saw Sadia next me, naked and unconscious. I looked at the table watch; it was saying 3:17Pm.

It would have taken 15 minutes for me to get dressed and hit the road. My mind was blank, I wasn’t thinking anything. Anything like what if Rishita comes back and see Sadia in that condition or I have even left the door unlocked of the apartment, I only latched it from outside. I took a taxi and went straight to Airport. Luckily there was a flight to my city at 6:45pm. I bought the ticket and was sitting in the waiting lounge. I was too tired to think or analyze anything. It’s almost 6pm; I was already through with the security check when my phone started ringing. It was Rishita. My hands were trembling, there was no way I could attend the call. After sometime I received her text, she was held at her university for some more work, so she would only make it my 8pm. obviously I did not reply anything to her.


As the flight landed in the airport, I was not at all in a mood to go back my place. I tried to reach my friends. Vishal as usual never picked the phone, Rakesh was out of town. I turned to Shruthi with no other choice. I know I got to tell her everything and she is the one who could pull me out of this mess. Frankly in these situations all your guy friends do is to take you to nearby pub or hand you over a beer. Which were the last things I wanted at this moment?

I have called Shruthi; she was glad I was coming to her place but also worried as I returned back so early here. I didn’t tell her anything about the massacre I have done. As I reached to her place it’s about 9.30pm. I was exhausted both mentally and physically. As I entered in her house I noticed it was so quiet.

Me: where are uncle and aunty?

Shruthi: You forgot! I told you they went to to see bro in Dubai

Me: Oh! Ya I remember.

I was relieved; I didn’t know how to face her mom and dad with such guilty and repentful heart.

Me: (With a tired voice) I need a bath Shruthi

Shruthi: Sure, but would you tell me what happened? Why you look so dull and drained? And why you came back from your girl’s place so early? Did you fight with Rishita? Oh my god! Don’t tell me you told her everything about that incident?

Me: Stop it. Let me have a bath first. Please.

Shruthi: (With a little offended voice) Sure, I will get you a towel.

I was standing under the shower and thinking, what I have done, why have I done so. Everything had changed. I didn’t know if Rishita has found out about me and Sadia, I didn’t know if Mathew found out about me and Michelle. I didn’t know anything.

I came out of bathroom and checked and my phone, there were 5 missed calls from Rishita and a text from her. Seems like Sadia told her an important work came up so I had to leave. It was a nagging message from her asking why I did not inform her as left. Well seemed like it all went fine and Rishita did not find anything. It was a big relief.

After dinner we sat on the terrace and I told Shruthi everything that happened in last two days. She hit her forehead several times and was asking me again and again how I could do it.

Shruthi: God, if you boys can just keep the zip up of your pants you don’t run into troubles of these sorts

Me: I didn’t know what I was doing.

Shruthi: yeah! Right! You just fucked your friend’s girl friend and then your girl friend’s friend. How you gonna live with all these?

Me: I don’t know, I am just hoping Mathew and Rishita don’t find anything. Rest what I have done, I have done it already. I can’t make it right.

Shruthi: Do you really love Rishita?

Me: I do, you know I do.

Shruthi: God! I don’t understand you boys. Wherever you see an opportunity you go right in. no matter you are committed to someone or not.

Me: Shruthi, you know I am not like that.

Shruthi: Yeah! Anyway it’s quite late now, time to go to bed

Me: I don’t know if I could sleep

Shruthi: Oh ya! You slept enough these days.

Me: Don’t tease me shru, I think I better watch some TV

Shruthi: (While climbing down the stairs) Oh the TV is in my bed room. No one’s at home so I thought I keep it there so. You can watch it while I am sleeping.

Me: we are sleeping in the same bed?

Shruthi: why? You gonna fuck me too?

Me: Shru, stop it.

Shruthi: Then? I am so sleepy. Keep it in low volume

Shruthi was trying to sleep and I was flipping the channels. The match I wanted to see was abandoned because of rain. There was a B grade horror movie was showing in a channel. As there was nothing to watch, I thought why not some horror flicks. Shruthi wasn’t sleepy at all now and she was also watching it under the blanket, I always knew she is a scardy cat. After a while there was a passionate love making scene by one of the couples. Suddenly I heard Shruthi giggling under the blanket.

Me: Hey, what’s up?

Shruthi: (Still giggling) you got a hard on, gosh you are such a horny dog

Me: Hey! Come out

I was really embarrassed. Shruthi was still giggling.

Shruthi: My my, after banging two chicks still you are horny?

Me: Shru, please stop

Shruthi: (giggling hysterically) what did I do? I am not the one with a tent in the pant

Me: I am a guy alright, there was hot scene on TV, and it’s not that my junior is very obedient and all.

Shruthi: Oii, can I see it?

I almost jump back and sat.

Me: You crazy??

Shruthi: Nope, come on its ok, we are friends know

Me: No wait.

Before I could say or do something she grabbed my penis over my boxers. I gasped; her slender soft fingers were wrapping it around it. She giggled again.

Shruthi: It’s getting harder

Me: WHoaaa!! Stop..

One sudden pull she removed my boxer. I wasn’t ready for it at all. I was naked from waist in front of my best friend. My manhood was the looking like the pole for flag hoisting. Shruti stopped laughing and was watching it so keenly and surprisingly.

Me: Shruuuuutthhhiiiii!!!!

Shruthi: (slowly as if she is talking to herself) It’s so… BIG!!!

Then she did something I would never imagine her to do. She held it firm, brought it near to her lips. And licked the tip of it. It was so good, so damn good. She kept licking it for a while and then start sucking it hard. It was too much to take for me. She gave me a blowjob of my life. Once she was done, I was almost wild. I jumped on her remove her night dresses (A three-fourth and a t-shirt). We did not waste a single minute and once again I indulged into sex with a girl I never thought I would be with.

I was returning the favor by giving her a tongue right in her lovehole and then I realized we were in 69 position and she was giving me a blowjob for the second time. As we were done with that, we were about to make love when she said she always wanted to do it on terrace under the open sky.

We both naked and stripped ran to the terrace. As it was an individual house we had little to bother about anyone’s presence there and the neighborhood was already slept. I reached there, it was dark enough but we could see the stars above us. It was a magical night, we were just not able get enough of each other. How many times we made love… I don’t know. I vaguely remembered us coming down to the bedroom when it was almost dawn.

I got up with a heavy head. There was a nude girl sleeping next to me. Its just stopped feeling weird to me. I dragged myself in bathroom. Felt the cold water splash on my face.

I walked back slowly into the drawing room, took my mobile and sent an SMS to Michelle “Please forget everything that happened between us, it was just a weak moment when we gave in”. I rang up Rishita, she didn’t pick up. Expected as she might not awake by now. Then my eyes were drawn to another mobile phone lying on the table. It was neither mine nor Shruthi’s, but I saw it somewhere, who use Siemens mobile now a days?

All of a sudden my phone rang, it was an unknown number

Me: Hello.

Michelle: Hello, hello, can you hear me?

Me: Michelle?

Michelle: Don’t call or message me in my number. Mathew left his and took mine by mistake. Did you try to call me?

I cut the call, I felt like lightning struck

The phone rang again, this time it was Rishita. like a robot I pressed the green button.

Me: Hello

Rishita: You bastard! What have I done to you that you ruined my life? How could you? Out of everyone I trusted you most, and you!!!!

She was crying bitterly, still whatever bits and pieces she said I figured she was trying to transfer some documents from Sadia’s mobile to her. Unfortunately she transferred the files which were under password protection in Sadia’s memory card. I felt like banging my head on the wall. Why would I ever let that bitch record our kinky sex game?

I pressed the cancel button; the mobile screen was showing there were 3 missed calls already from Mathew while I was on this call. I switched off the mobile and tossed it on the table.

Then I heard 3 loud continuous doorbell rings and a voice…

Voice: Shruthi, open up. This is Abhinav. I forgot my mobile yesterday and you didn’t even notice?

Abhinav, Shruti’s Boyfriend……….


(If you are wondering why the name of the story is rectangle, let me tell you when it happened to me I felt Me, Michelle, Sadia and Shruthi are the four aloof points. And if I consider myself as the Point A, the other points B, C and D unexpectedly met me with three lines somehow related to one another led to a box of life.

Not happy with this explanation. Well, if you did not notice, cell phone/mobile phones played a big part in this story. If you don’t believe me read it again.

Now what is the normal shape of a mobile phone? )




**The chat window opens in facebook page**

She : You and I are done.

Me: Woah, what happened?

She: Why did you send a friend request to my sister?

Me: Well, she’s cute and I kinda like her.

She: You J***! We are so done. *Blocked*

**Another chat window opens**

Her Sis: Hey why did you add me here? Don’t you know my sis doesn’t like all these?

Me: I know, I just like you more.

Her Sis: Gosh! My sis will kill you.

Me: She already broke up with me, I told her.

Her Sis: You m*****, never ever talk to me. *Blocked*

** The door opens**

My Friend: Hey dude, what you are doing? Sorry I forgot to logout from facebook in your laptop.

Me: (Smile) I am doing nothing bro. nothing at all.

Love and Betrayal

three_cheers_for_sweet_revenge_by_ribkadory-d4b8h0g how_to_cheat_and_not_get_caught


*Phone ringing*

Neeta: Hellooo

Rohit: Hey darling, what’s up. What you doing?

Neeta: Nothing jaanu, missing you. At work?

Rohit: Yep. You didn’t go to college I see. Bunking?

Neeta: Ya jaan, not feeling well.

Rohit: Ok take care; I will see you in the evening. Whose there with you? Are you alone?

Neeta: Yes darling, my stupid roommate Ragini is in college.

Rohit: Aww! Take care of yourself. I’ll meet you soon.

*Neeta disconnected the call, made a face looking at her phone and started to check herself out in front of the mirror.*

*Phone ringing again*

Neeta: Hey handsome.

Navin : Hey sexy babe. What are you up to?

Neeta: Waiting for you handsome. I know you are standing there in the ground floor right in front of the elevator.

Navin: Keep the door open baby, I am coming to eat you up.

Neeta: *Giggling* I am waiting for you sweetheart.

*Navin and Neeta meet each other, the hugged and started kissing each other, Navin starts fondling Neeta’s breast*

Neeta: Ummmm…. Baby I need you now, need some hot, steamy sex.

Navin: Oh yeahh babe, you are such a bitch in heat.

* They both started removing their clothes*

Navin: Where is my cute and innocent girlfriend Ragini?

Neeta: Sent her to college. Ohh she is such a boring bitch.

Navin: I got to use the loo. By the time I come back, I don’t want a thread on your body and you should be in bed spreading those beautiful legs apart.

Neeta : *Giggles hysterically*

*Neeta drops her clothes and jumped on the bed. A shadow emerges from the balcony and slowly creeps beside her.*

Neeta: AAAAAaaaaa!!!!! (She screams with pain and horror as she got stabbed in her stomach)

Neeta: Raginiiiiiiii !!!! Noooooo !!

*Stabbed, stabbed, stabbed and stabbed again*

Neeta: Please spare me. *Coughing blood and saliva*. Please, please, please. I did nothing. He seduced me, Navin made me do all these, please don’t kill me.

Ragini: I know, but you deserve to die. I spare nobody who hurts, cheats and do wrong to my Rohit.

Neeta: Wh..oo!! Wh.a..t?? Wha..t are y….ou talking abo..ut?

Ragini: Hahahaha, I never told you and you never figured it out. Did you?

*Neeta looked at Ragini with utmost disbelief but by then her life is all set to free from her body*

*Ragini walks out of the room and enters into her bedroom where Rohit was standing, wiping blood of his knife, Navin’s lifeless body was lying under his feet*

Rohit: Ohh sis, it was so hard to hide in the bathroom for so long, but it was worth it.

Ragini: Hehehe, big bro now it’s time for us to move to a new city. Let’s find you another girlfriend and let me find myself another guy.

*Both smiles at each other, mischievously!!!!!*