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Ani and An Apple







Apple is a fascinating fruit. From the very beginning of this world till now this fruit has played an integral part in all the greatest stories of mankind. Turn the pages of bible, and you see how Adam and Eve chewed the apple from the ‘tree of knowledge’ and ahem… After that they chewed something else (and blamed it all on that poor snake).

Now, if we take an instance from the mythology, the Greek mythology. As we all know the phrase ‘apple of discord’ and most of us know the origin of this phrase.

The ‘Goddess of discord’ Strife wasn’t invited in the marriage of Peleus and Thetis, so she played a little prank on the three goddess, ‘Hera, Athena and Aphrodite’ by throwing a golden apple to them and saying the fairest will have the apple. And this, literally jacked up the life of Prince Paris, when he points out Aphrodite to be the fairest.

Well I have no idea why the goddess hooked the prince up with the married lady (Helen of Troy) and which fool actually accept the chance of running away with the wife of someone like Menelaus (Shouldn’t have picked someone double of his size). Any way that golden apple proves too costly for Troy and Paris. Helen saved herself from Menelaus, showing her own apples (Lured by his cheating wife, I Swear, we men will always be men!).

If we look at the history, the apple discovered the Gravitational theory… errrrr… I mean, Newton did, when he saw an apple fell from the tree (I believe it was a tree from his garden, that raises the question, did he not see any apple falling from the tree earlier? What took him so bloody long to discover gravity?).

Now in my childhood I was thoroughly confused who actually discovered the gravity, Newton or the apple? I mean I always felt like giving the credit to the apple. It did all the hard work, it fell from the tree, and Sir Isaac Newton was just sitting on his easy chair, isn’t it??!!. Anyway, hard luck for Mr. Apple.

Then came Steve Jobs with his apple, and by god it was some apple. I bet he liked apples a lot. That’s why the logo is a half eaten apple not just an apple.  Who knows probably he used to get ideas while eating apple (Did Isaac Newton also discovered the gravitational theory while eating that apple which fell down on him? Again who knows but most likely, apples are meant to be eaten aren’t they?)      

I know people, you are thinking why on earth this lad is so concerned about apples? Well let me tell you why, because I am going to use this apple as a metaphor in this blog of mine. Yes! That right, I have just started. Alright, I know 3/4th of my blog viewers have already closed the page, rest please be patient, I am coming to the point.

Let me tell you a secret of my life, whatever in my life I plan, I think to do or I want to do, that never happens and I mean anything and everything. Let it be the most trivial thing or the most important one, but as I think of doing it, something, some very powerful source just spill the water on my whole plans. But queerly enough, they somehow work out fine, not in all cases but somehow things turn better then what I anticipate. But that is not what I want!

I mean look at my life, the wrong man, at the wrong places, in the wrong times, with the wrong jobs, hooking up with the wrong girls and doing all sort of wrong things. If there is a tree of opportunity and that’s an apple tree and the fruits of success are apples. Then I am standing right under it, trying to pluck the sweetest, juiciest and biggest apples which are hanging way above the tree. I am trying all the known tricks in the book to pluck them; big sticks, throwing rocks, trying to climb the tree and using a ladder to get my hands reach to those branches. But all in vein, always all my efforts normally go wasted. So you see me, sitting under the tree, dejected, disappointed; cursing the tree, cursing the apples, cursing myself.

And then, all of a sudden, an apple falls from the tree, right on my lap. It’s just as I wanted, big, juicy and sweet. But I don’t want it now. Why? Why because when I wanted them, when I wanted them so bad, I couldn’t get my hand on single one of them. I don’t want a consolation prize from my fate which keeps depriving me, deceiving me by all possible ways. I want to have the fun of plucking those apples by myself. I am not satisfied with one and definitely not satisfied the way I get it. So I keep trying and trying. Thus I keep failing and failing.

An unusual and unparalleled but everlasting battle continues between me and my fate.

That’s the story so far of ‘Ani and An Apple’.