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It’s a new beginning, again. Another year passed and I am now in 2k16. What has changed? I guess nothing.

So how was my 2015? In a sentence, lost some, gain some. The year started with a bang. I had to leave the city I stayed in for long 15 years and travelled 300 kms away. I thought it will be a new beginning of my life, deputation to Bangalore from Chennai. But I was wrong.

As I moved to Bengaluru, I suffered huge personal, emotional and financial losses, I had change my lifestyle, my way of thinking about people around me, my health deteriorate because of the weather I couldn’t adapt, so on and so forth. At times I started hating this place, but slowly I came to terms.

To take away the positives, the biggest one is, I rediscovered my love for writing. I revived my old blog, started to write short stories about facts and fictions, started posting them in my office portal (knome), and found some wonderful and appreciative readers. They kept me going on, with their likes, comments and criticism. I’ll be forever in debt and be grateful to all my readers and audiences.

My resolution this year 2016:

  • Regain my lost health, eat healthy and minimize my alcohol consumption, hit the gym.
  • Find, convince and accept someone true to me and make her a part of my life.
  • I’ll try to be little more optimistic in my life, will fight for my lost hopes and battles
  • Be a better writer in coming years and make my ultimate dream come true.


I guess if I could do those 4 things up above, my year of 2016 will be a better one. So 2k16, please be nice to me, be good to me and make my life a exciting and joyful one this year