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* Is this heaven?

** No!

* But I am supposed to be in Heaven.

** Why?

* Because I am true servant of the almighty. I killed and get killed for him. I slew the infidels anyone who do not believe him, mock him and deny his existence

** And do you think you deserve heaven for that?

* Yes!

** I don’t know who your God is and where is your heaven. You are in the hospital and I am your doctor, I have removed the bullets from your body. Cops are waiting outside, once I am done they are free to interrogate you and arrest you.

* You saved my life. You must be sent from above by my God.

** No. I am just a human sent by no one, cause I still don’t know how to receive orders from somebody and take innocent lives and been promised heaven. Now if you excuse me, I have to carry my 9 years old son’s body to burial ground, whom you killed this morning along with another 31 people.