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Director: So, tell me your story.

Writer: Sir, it’s about Plagiarism, involving two writers as the main protagonists.

Director: Pla… what?

Writer: Sir it’s Plagiarism, It means stealing another Author’s or writer’s work and posed it as his/her creation. Actually it is the story about two writers, one of them being a renowned one and the other is young but talented.

When the renowned writer steals a story of the later, he was challenged by actual young author in court. By his wealth and fame, the celebrated author proved that it is his piece of creation. In anger and despair the cheated younger author kills himself, but makes it look like he is murdered and thus get the famous author caught into the false charge of his murder.

Director: its sounds like good piece of work, keep the script on my table, I’ll have a look at it.


Director: So, what do you think of this farm house of mine.

Writer: Awesome, away from the city, so calm and quiet, but why did you call me here?

Director: I have a proposition for you, I am ready to make movie based on your story, and you’ll get a remuneration of 2.5 million.

Writer: Wow! I wasn’t even expecting the one fifth of it.

Director: Yes. But there is a condition.

Writer: Yes?

Director: See all these while I have directed many movies, but I always wanted to direct a movie of my own written script. Unfortunately I don’t have that talent that you have. Even though I would like to see my name as ‘Writer and Director’ in that big screen.

So I would like to buy your story as mine. And you’ll bag 2.5 million.

Writer: But…….

Director: Think about it. Either it’s your name in the credit scene and you get 500,000 or it’s mine and you get 2,500,000-/-.

Writer: (After a pause) Very well, I am ready.

Director: Good. This occasion calls for this 20 years old scotch bottle. Come join me.

(After drinking few pegs together)

Writer: The terrace of your villa, it’s so nice. I think you should not be leaning on that edge after those 4 pegs.


Producer: You must have heard about our Director.

Writer: Yes, very unfortunate. Such a talented mind met with such a horrible accident. I heard when he fell from the terrace of his farm house, he was actually drunk.

Producer: I heard that so, but who knows just rumors. However I have called you for a much more important thing.

Writer: Yes sir..

Producer: See as our Director is no more, I would like to offer you to direct your own movie.

Writer: Wow, It’s……….. It’s a dream come true for me.

Producer: Yes. But there is a condition.

Writer: Condition??

Producer: Yes, see I am a hardcore businessman, but my wife has an artistic side. She always wanted me to do something creative for her. I read your story, you truly are a gifted writer and I can’t write like you if I even want to. But I have money and you have needs.

I want to buy this piece of work of yours. You can be the director and I will pay in full 10 million in cash. But in the credits it’s should be my name as ‘Writer and Producer.” Deal?

Writer: Wha……..??

Producer: Think again, if you want, sleep on it. You will be a director overnight if you overlook the money also. All you want is to say yes to my proposal.

Writer: (After a long pause) Ok. Deal.


Lawyer: Sir, we have to stop the release of our upcoming movie.

Producer: What? Why?

Lawyer: Some anonymous person has brought charges of plagiarism on you. It says, the story you claimed is yours, is actually written by someone else. Court has issued a stay order on the release already.

Producer: What? No. I have spent all my fortune on this one; it has to come out in market. Else I will be bankrupt.

Lawyer: I’m sorry sir; I’ve done all I can. But at present we have to stop the release of this movie.


Writer: Oh hello inspector. Early morning?

Police Inspector: We have charges against you. I am here arrest you.

Writer: What? What charges?

Police inspector: the producer of your movie has committed suicide last night. He had a suicide note confessing how you and him conspired to steal the story written by the late director and killed him, a passed it as a suicide.

You have murder, blackmail and abetment of suicide charges, oh also you have the charge of plagiarism on you as well.

Writer: Wait, no, It’s my work, the other two tried to steal it, listen to me inspector, I am innocent….. (The voice gets fainted as the police inspector handcuffed him and dragged him near the police vehicle)



Writer’s block

(Writer’s block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown. The condition ranges in difficulty from coming up with original ideas to being unable to produce a work for years: Wikipedia)


Sunday, 1:05 AM:

I was sitting in front of my laptop, my mind blank. Blank like clean white sheet of paper without a scratch of ink on it. My fingers on the keyboard aren’t running, they are stuck just like my mind.

Monday 2:30 AM:

There’s a plot dangling in my mind, from the morning. But I can’t seem to put it in words. It’s just not flowing out my mind to my fingers. And I am wide awake at this ungodly hour of night. My sleep eludes me, so is the plot in my mind.

Tuesday 1:45 AM:

I am writing few sentences and deleting them from 3 hours now. I am hardly pressing the enter button and frequently pressing the backspace button. Every sentence I am forming just not making the sense I want to make it to. I know I can’t sleep. Probably reading book will be a good idea. Moby-Dick should be an ideal one.

Wednesday 3:15 AM:

Another day, same old story. I am taking a walk on my lane at this lonely hour, dogs barking, and few other sounds making a very peculiar ambiance of this very silent night of September. I checked my mobile; it’s past 3 AM in the morning.

Thursday 2:00 AM

I guess I made some progress at last. I wrote half a page today. But I don’t like the characters in this. They are boring. They are so one dimensional. I am sure readers will find them the same way. May be they will think I am a ‘C’ grade writer, using the same characters in different plots, or is it other way around?

Friday 4:20 AM

I am lost again, and this time I am at sea. I have no clue how and where to go from here. I need a motivation, some driving power. I can’t sleep again; it’s been a week now. Time to watch some classics, I am thinking Godfather trilogy.

Saturday 2:35 AM

I checked my mobile again. There is no reply. It’s been a week and so I have asked her. She doesn’t say yes, she doesn’t say no, her eyes says yes, her lips says no