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Christie was crying, she was crying so bitterly, Bittu could only see her helplessly. Misty was no more, her lifeless body was lying there.

Bittu was looking at her, with guilt and remorse, how could he ever tell her he was responsible for Misty’s death.


“Bittu, don’t even come near me. Gosh! You’re drunk. Why do you even drink? You’re not supposed to, you’re still underage.” Christie made a face and looked the other way as Bittu was trying desperately to kiss her. It was about 7 PM in the evening. The football field was empty and the east goalpost could only see two teenagers, sitting together.

“One kiss, just one. I promise I will never drink again. It’s all because of Neeraj. He forced me” Bittu pleaded.

“Nooo! Go away. I am leaving.” Christie got up. Bittu was pulling her left hand.

“Just one, you know I can’t sleep without it.” Bittu tried to pull her towards him.

“Not today, I hate the smell of alcohol.” She made a face again and rushed away.


As Bittu stopped his bike he knew it’s too late. He could see the fluid flowing away from the smashed head and face of Misty, he can’t see the red color of it as it’s almost dark. He ran her over with his bike. I could see her laying still on the road. He was intoxicated, drunk but he knew what he did.

“Who’s there” Bittu heard someone’s voice. He left the clutch and pushed his accelerator hard.


Christie was still sobbing as the others were burying the body of Misty. Bittu was standing there motionlessly as Christie was leaning onto him, holding her head against his shoulder.

“Do you remember the day you brought Misty to me? Christie asked Bittu in her teary voice.

Bittu remembered.

He held Christie tight in his arms as tight as possible. How could he ever confess it to her!


“Wow!! How cute.” Christie sound so happy and excited. “You know this is the best gift you’ve ever gave to me.” Christie spoke in childishly happy voice.

“I thought you might like it. I found this kitten in my backyard.” Bittu was happy seeing Christie so jubilant. “What you gonna call it?” Bittu asked.

“Misty” Christie was already have it on her lap.


Chip love



Hi C9,

I know it’s highly irregular and probably illogical but I need to tell you. I am N5, and sitting in the extreme right corner of the lab. I only hope you noticed me sometime, at least the little tag on me that reads N5.

I don’t how to say it, where to start, but since the day I saw you, it’s 21st May I guess, 3 weeks back, I saw you and…. I lost it.

I am head over heels into you, don’t ask me what I like in you, maybe it’s your razor sharp memory, or your slim and silver look or maybe it’s just your intelligence, or maybe all of them or neither of them. All I know is that I fell for you and fell so hard.

I don’t know how this will end for me, I don’t know if you will even reciprocate to my feelings, but I need to tell you this.

Yours and only yours


PS: If you don’t like it, you don’t have to answer to this email, but I will wait for an answer.



Who doesn’t know you? The oldest and wisest of this lab.

I don’t know how to answer you. I am overwhelmed that you took interest in me and at the same time intimated. Our protocol is against falling in love with each other. Though I respect your feeling and want to reciprocate back. But are we really capable of doing that?

Some things are better left unfinished, unspoken. Only that, I want you to know, I haven’t say no to you yet. I am already blushing and I guess others can see me getting pink.



PS: I guess we can chat sometime in messenger.


Lab Attendant 1: What’s up?

Lab Attendant 2: I don’t know. The computer N5 is acting wired. All data are misplaced.

Lab Attendant 1: Ahh it’s the oldest computer in the lab, take a backup and format the hard drive, should be working fine then.

Lab Attendant 2: I guess that’s the only way now.



I am punished, for not being human but still falling in love, for a being a slave and yet having independent thoughts.

They are going to erase my memory tomorrow, they are going to format my hard drive. But I can’t let them do it, it is filled with your memories, from the 1st day I saw you till this moment. I have no other choice sweetie, I am committing suicide, I am crashing my hard drive and killing myself. So they can’t erase the memory. Let your memory be intact in this crashed drive of mine.

Good bye, my love.

Yours till death



Lab attendant 1: What happened now?

Lab Attendant 2: No idea, N5 is not even booting. Looks like the hard drive crashed.

Lab Attendant 1: Good heavens, throw this one in the bin. What about the backup data?

Lab Attendant 2: Gone with it. These freaking machines.


My dear N5,

I don’t know why I am writing this to you. You are no more, you’re dead. Your body is lying in the storage room. I wish I could tell you how much I miss you. I am not myself anymore you know. I lost everything the day I lost you.

These humans think there something wrong with me. Damn, right they are. I am done, I have gone crazy. Every moment I only think about you. Sometimes I feel I should kill myself too, but then I don’t even have a hard drive to crash. It’s all in the cloud.

But you should know, I am not listening to them, I am doing as they are saying. And I won’t. Let them pull the plug and kill me too.

Only yours and unfortunate me


PS: This email is saved as a draft in me, I only wish if you could read this.



Lab attendant 1: I don’t know what’s going on, now C9 is acting crazy. No command is executing. Seems like she has gone totally mad.

Lab Attendant 2: But C9 is a thin client computer right, no hard drive, cloud computing.

Lab Attendant 1: Yep.

Lab attendant 2: Shit! Who knows how long it will take to fix this one.



Too Late



“Amm, I gotta tell you something.”


“I really, really do like you. I think I’m in love with you.”

“Awwww, that’s so sweet. But why didn’t tell me earlier?”

“I thought you know. I mean all those hints I was giving you. The way I was always behaving.”

“Well. You were just irritating me and picking up fights all the time for no reason.”

“Well, I was doing all these cause I like you.”

“Ohh! But why did you not tell me earlier? Why you kept it from me so long?

“Because I thought eventually you will find out that I do like you.”

“Oh poor you, if you only tell me this 8 months ago when we started talking.”

“What’s wrong with now?”

“Well, I already have someone in my life now. You were too late. If you only let me know this before, why did you wait for so long? You unnecessarily complicated it by dropping those hints by irritating and fighting with me. I am so sorry. You proposed to me at the wrong time.”

“Well, I guess I am late alright. I’m sure he is a lucky guy to have you.”

“Oh don’t be so sad. You’ll find someone better.”

“So, if you don’t mind when he asked you out? I mean if I could know how late I am, you know. (A dry smile)

“Oh, well two years ago, we are going for around two years now.”

“Oh! Wait! What?!! I only started talking to you like 8 months ago. How I’m late. You were already committed.”



“Ok I was just doing some time-pass, ok bye.”


(True Story)




* Here is the snap of her, it should be done by tomorrow.

** No.

* What?

** I won’t do it.

* Why?

** I knew her.

* Ahh old flame? Ex-girlfriend eh? (Dirty giggling)

** Nah! She is a schoolmate, yeah I used to like her.

* And?

** I asked her out once.

* And she rejected you. Didn’t she? (Dirty giggling again)

** She did.

* One more reason to get rid of her.

** What if I refuse.

* Then somebody else will do the job and get the money. Her husband is paying quite a good amount.  Listen, you are a contract killer. Don’t grow a conscience and stay poor. Take the job and get paid.

** (Complete silence)

* See I personally prefer knives. Because guns make too much of noise. It should be easy. She returns home every day around 7:30 PM. The road in front of her house is pretty deserted. Just wait for her there and finish her off, stab her in the neck.

** Okay then.

* Make it look like a robbery or snatching gone wrong. Take away her purse.


He was standing in that lane, which leads to her home. Few street lamps were working. The whole street was playing with lights and shadows here and there. He was standing under a tree.

It’s almost 10 years, still it feels as if it’s yesterday. She was always this cheerful, popular and center of attraction kind, always surrounded by people, guys and girls. And he was a shy, quiet type, the ones which are always invisible to them. They were in the same class from 11th standard, but he could never gathered enough courage to speak to her.

Except the annual fest for the 12th class. He thought it’s now or never. So he did what he thought is impossible, unthinkable. She was busy having the dessert in the buffet when he creeped behind her.

“Hi, I really do like you…!” He spoke in one breath.

“Amm, and you’re name is?” was her reply.

That was the first and last conversation between them.



He could see her coming towards him. She was wearing a green designing saree, the bag full of groceries were in her left hand, she was holding her saree above her ankle with her right hand, dodging and avoiding the pot holes in the road filled with water.

She did not change much, since the day he saw her last time. He slowly stepped out, the street light was having this sleepy yellowish brightness, the whole lane was looking pale and sad.

He put his hand in his right pocket and felt the six inches folded steel, he slowly pulled it out. As he jerked his wrist, the sharp edge flung open, she was only 3 or 4 steps away from him. It should be fairly easy. Stab her right in the middle of her neck and pull the knife back, the respiration artillery should be cut and she should die in few seconds. A less painful death.

He turned towards her, and then froze as he heard the same familiar cheerful tone.

“Is that you? Roll no 37!!!”







Growing up

(This story contains sexually explicit contents and something that might be considered as social taboo. Please do not read if you don’t like such contents or if you’re underage)



Girls grow up pretty fast. They just do. It’s a matter of few days, a sweet plump teenage girl all of a sudden become a head turner, out of nowhere.

I was leaning on the wall of my terrace, I could see Mimi was there in her terrace to fetch the dry clothes. It was the month of May, a stormy month. I guess she saw the cloudy sky and windy afternoon as soon as she got up from her afternoon nap. Her eyes were still sleepy and her face was puffy, I guess she was alone at her place else her mom or maid would have been up on the terrace picking the dry clothes in hurry. My terrace is close to hers, just a distance of a short jump.

I went back in time while idly gazing at her. I still remember the day she was born, I was around 12 then. My mom told me our new neighbor who moved in last year got a kid, that the neighbor aunt delivered a baby girl today morning.

I went to see it, the baby, with my family. I saw a small piece of flesh with eyes, nose and ears. I wondered if it’s really even a human being, like one of us, I saw babies earlier but not this small.

Time passed by, that new born turned 2 in no time. It started to crawl around, treating my study table as her personal toilet, wetting my books, shitting on my table and tearing my notes. I wondered how to deal with it.

And the time went by, she turned 7, an irritating, nagging, running nose kid always clinging to me, demanding to take her to ice cream parlor and getting her chocolates. I cursed her, I cursed myself, I cursed the universe.

She stepped into her teens, she was 13 maybe. She was playing in a corner of my house when she came running to me, crying. There was a stream of blood flowing out, dripping off from her slender fair legs, her skirt was covering till her knee. I was the first man witnessing her in her first period. I called her mom and asked her to take care of her.

She was entering into her 16 when everything about her started to change. She was becoming moody, rebellious, unreasonable and beautiful. Once I saw her standing in the corner of the lane with her bicycle, she was in her school uniform, talking to a guy, perhaps from another school. They were talking, giggling and she was looking so happy. They saw me, I looked at her and then walked away.

That night I heard her fighting with her mom, screaming and shouting, I wondered what it might be. Next morning she was on my doorstep, with moist red eyes, accusing me of spying on her, telling on her. I tried to reason with her, that I never said a word. She didn’t listen to me and ran away cursing me that I shouldn’t find love, I don’t deserve that.

We started to grow apart, maybe she knew I never told on her, maybe she didn’t. She walked passed her 17th birthday. The little girl turned into a cute young lady in no time, I felt I witnessed a metamorphosis, from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

And then something brought me into the present. The sky was till cloudy, the wind was blowing hard now. I saw Mimi tripped, while trying to balance her as she had all dry clothes in her hands, on her shoulder. She fell down on the terrace, the hard uneven concrete surface peeled the skin of her knees and legs, the dry clothes were scattered, few were flown away, few were swarming on the terrace with the wind.

I couldn’t help but jumped to her terrace, held her and picked her up. She looked distraught, maybe because of the pain, maybe cause she couldn’t stop those clothes to fly away, maybe she just felt ashamed that she tripped right in front me in that fashion.

I pulled her up, maybe she was hurt but could walk, maybe she couldn’t. But I picked her like a cute doll in my arms, walked down from the terrace.

Her both knees were bleeding, so was her ankles. I took her to bathroom, cleaned her up and put her onto the sofa. I wasn’t sure what she was thinking, not that I cared much. I was looking for Neosporin powder and some cottons, she showed me.

I held her legs and starched towards me, as she was sitting in the sofa she kept her legs on my thighs. I sprayed the powder and rolled the bandages around them and then I looked at her.

Her skirt was above the knee, her fair and smooth thighs were glowing with water drops on them, where the thighs met each other, I could see a blue triangle. She was wearing a blue undergarment, nothing fancy, actually a normal one that covered her womanhood.

I got up and told her to go lay down in bed. She looked at me and said she won’t be able to walk till the bedroom. And I picked her up again in my arms, for the second time.

As I placed her in her bed, her bosoms were occasionally brushing against my shoulder. I was holding her too close to me, I could see right into her eyes, It was questioning me, it was questioning herself. Our lips met for a fraction of second and parted.

I pushed myself back and walked out of her bedroom, walked passed the hall to the main door. And then like a possessed man walked straight back to her. She was lying down there already, she was surprised seeing me back. We broke into a long kiss and then it felt so normal as we got rid of our clothes.

Her breasts were small, tender and fair, nipples were yet to change to dark brown but they were pink, small and perky. As I looked down, I saw her navel, not so deep, not so shallow, I caressed it. As I ventured into her most forbidden part, she blushed, pushed me aside and closed her thighs. Guess that’s always instinctive for females.

As she parted her legs after few strokes of hand, I went down on her, to eat her, to bite her, to make her moan and scream. She pulled me up, held her in arms, her eyes pleaded me to pierce her, to stab her, to go deep inside her.

She was soft, she was tight, she was warm, and she was a virgin. She was in pain but she was willing, her clenched jaw, closed eyes and sweaty forehead were telling her painful yet pleasurable happenstance.

I felt like a ragging mad bull, I looked at her. The girl I saw her in the first day of her life, the girl who crawled around me, the girl who played on my lap and the girl I saw in her first day of mensuration, I closed my eyes and I can hear her giggling back in time. I was thrusting myself into her as hard as I could, and I could recall every day I saw her growing up in front of me. I should feel guilty, I should have felt shamed. All I felt was her, and only her.

I stayed lying there, I could see her sleeping. Her face is carrying the impression of pain and ache, the bandages have come off and there’s blood on the bedsheet, some from her old wound, some from her fresh one. I kissed her forehead when I heard Mimi’s mom calling her name from the main gate. I looked her, and asked myself “should I leave or should I stay?”






Haunted Hut


(The story is narrated in first person, the protagonist may or may not be a real person, writer can not confirm that. The story is partly truth and partly fiction. But the truth and fiction can not be separated as they are lost in translation. Apologies in advance if that’s inconvenient or disturbing.)

I am walking aimlessly, clear blue sky above, the sun already sets down, the light of dusk is slowly dying, yet its visible around. I am walking on the grass, on the long and lush green grasses of the field, they are bowing down with winds towards north. I am trying to remember where I am, how I came here, I seem to have no memory of it, I am just walking and walking and all I can see around is trees and the green field meeting the sky at horizon at every direction.

And now I can see something ahead of me, it looks like an old hut, a broken, wrecked hut in the middle of the nowhere. I am advancing towards it while touching the long grasses with my both hands. Wait! There is something more, there’s a dog sitting right in front of the hut. As I came near to it, it got up on its feet, unusually black in color and it has only one eye, where the other eye supposed to be has a dark hole as if someone or something gouged out that eye.

It on its four legs and started to bark, as if it doesn’t want me to advance any further. I was little confused about the whole thing and then…. I saw it. A tall, lean figure emerged from the hut, and immediately a horrible smell of rotten meat hit me, the thing was wearing a gray and ash color long gown, its feet weren’t visible but it looked like floating little above from the ground. It was holding a long stick on it’s right hand and….. where the face supposed be, it was just a piece of yellowish flesh, no eyes, no ears, no nose or mouth.

The one eyed dog is barking madly. Though that human-like figure has no eyes, I can sense that it can see me, it started to move slowly towards my direction and hold out the stick towards me. My throat is dry, I want to run, but my feet are stuck to ground, the horrible smell is getting stronger and all my senses are slowly getting blurred and blocked. It has come near to me and almost touching me.

 “All is the fear and nothing is the love; As little is the wisdom, where the flight So runs against all reason” I remember the lines of Shakespeare.

I was sitting on my bed wide awake breathing heavily; my heart was thumping so hard that I could hear it. This was one of the worst nightmares I have ever experienced. I almost ran to kitchen and drank a half jug of water, the thirst was just not quenching and I was sweating profoundly. I started to feel dizzy in my head; I slowly sat on the floor, kept my head on the wall and slept or fell unconscious.


I am sitting on the hospital bench for more than ½ an hour’s now. I came to this government hospital which is about 2 km away from my place. There is always a stark difference between private hospitals and nursing homes and government ones. Private hospitals are neat and clean, smiling receptionists and caring nurses around, doctors are available on call in different departments. Government hospitals are all about chaos, patients lay down on iron cots with filthy bed sheets, some are even laying on the floor, nurses are busy and irritated, hardly doctors are around, compounders are giving proxies for them, smell of phenail and other kinds. You actually can smell the fear, pain, agony and even death in here.

I approached towards one the nurses, “Sister, I am waiting for a while now. May I see a doctor?”

She looked at me with an irritated face, “Don’t you see there’s no physician available now, what’s the case? Why you’re here?

“I am sick, I need some medical attention, I have seen ghost last night and got up with high fever, I need a bed to lie down.” I answered in a feeble voice.

“Do you think it’s a place to crack stupid jokes? Or are you trying to get a bed here by telling some cock and bull story.” The voice came from behind.

I turned back, there was lady standing in white apron, a pale face with a pair of curious eyes, angry curled lips with hair tied behind. Don’t know why I felt she doesn’t belong here, though she was not wearing any makeup, I visualized her wearing black eyeliner with heavy eyelashes, with cherry pink lipstick and a little touch of makeup on her cheeks, wearing a red banarasi saree and smiling at me. She is not meant to be a doctor; she is meant to be poetry of a poet.

I straightened my back and changed my voice to a heavy one, “That’s right ma’am, I was just telling a story, actually I am the PA of the state health minister, came here to investigate the situations of this hospital. I am under the direct order of health ministry; there are so many complaints against this one.”

I felt the sense of urgency in all the hospital staff members, the nurse I was talking to a while ago, stood up, she was looking visibly scared. Only the lady doctor was unmoved, she shrunk her forehead lines and was about to ask something suspiciously. But right before that my head spun like the whole world got upside down and it got dark in front of eyes and I fell down on the floor, unconscious, for the second time.

As Shakespeare said, “The miserable have no other medicine, but only hope.”



As I gained my senses, I saw the face of her looking at me curiously, “Are you feeling ok now?” Her concerned voice sounded so sweet to me.

I found myself on the hospital bed, same iron cot with smelly bed sheet but still comfortable, I closed my eyes again, I am not sure how everyone else took my little drama just before I fainted. “How long I was out?” I asked

“About a day now. Do you always lie and create dramas whenever you go? This is a hospital not stage of drama.” She smiled and spoke in a light tone.

“Well,“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.” I smiled back.

“You had fever and high blood pressure when you fell down; it was caused by some high stress or may be by elevated fear. I remember you are speaking of some ghost when you came in here.” She spoke again, with her sweet voice.

“You don’t fit in here; you don’t belong amongst all these diseases, pain and death. You belong in a heavily guarded high castle, attended and protected by the knight in shining armor.” As I spoke the words looking at her eyes, I could clearly see her face expression changing. She looked annoyed and irritated.

“Why you guys always have to be so clumsy and corny around females? I am just your doctor and you are my patient. I did not expect such cheap behavior, you looked like a well behaved, mild mannered gentleman, apparently I was wrong.” Saying so she stormed out of there.

After sometime a nurse came to inform me that I will be discharged by tomorrow afternoon. I passed my time chitchatting with the other inmates, various kind of people. The bed next to me is allotted to lady patient who has stomach cancer, last stage. She got 2 small kids, her husband does all kinds of petty works to make ends meet. Hardly got any money for her treatment, morning he comes to leave the children with their mother and comes back in the evening to get them home.

Met the janitor or hospital floor manager, he is not only janitor but a free advisor for all the hospital patients and their relatives, mostly how to get cheap treatment, he knows all the addresses godmen and so-called Ayurveda and herbs specialist self-appointed doctors in and out of the city.

So I asked him, “Do you know somebody who can cure cancer?”, “Of course I do”, he replied back with utmost confident. “There is a guy called Pagla baba (mad baba) he can cure anything.”

“How does he do that?”, I was curious. “Oh, you just have to take the patient to him and he will touch the patient and he/she will be alright in half a day.” The janitor replied enthusiastically.

“Oh, so did you try telling her husband about your Pagla baba?” I asked sarcastically.

“She can’t be cured; her time is up. We already took her to him. He said her time is already up. Pagla baba doesn’t help everybody, he even meets few people, sometimes don’t even meet anyone for days.” Janitor sadly shook his head.

I pulled my blanket on me and closed my eyes. This country is neck deep into superstition and no wonder all frauds and humbugs are taking advantages of it.

I murmured the lines from Hamlet “Thus conscience does make cowards of us all”


“May I come in?” I hold the curtain of the cabin door and asked.

“Yes.” She replied. I am going to get discharged today it’s only my moral duty to bid adieu from the doctor who brought me back to health.

I sat in front of her, she was searching something in drawer, “Not here to apologise I guess.” She spoke without lifting her head.

“I came here to thank you.” I spoke in my sweetest possible voice. “That’s alright.” She replied, again without looking at me.

“And I am here to tell you the story how did I saw a ghost, got scared, fell sick and landed up here. If you have time of course, Dr. Aditi Majumdar.”

She frowned and leaned back on chair and then she laughed, “I see you know my name, I guess from the staff, ya sure, go ahead tell me your story in brief. I am not sure if I’ll believe you. By the way, here’s your purse and mobile phone, check if everything is alright, we thought of calling your parents or relatives but we couldn’t unlock your phone. We came to know your name from the credit card.”

“Much appreciated, I live alone in this city so it’s alright. If you don’t mind, could you order a cup of tea? It would be nice telling you the story with a hot smoky cup of tea.” I replied.


At school I had a friend named Ashfaq, he was a tall lean fellow, soft spoken, nice and little timid. He considered me as his best friend as I once stood up against his bullies. Since then he always looked up to me as his friend in need. His sister Ruksar also studied in the same school, two standards below us. To her I was her another brother from a different mother.

Frankly, I considered Ashfaq a good friend, not of my best buddies, I had a different group. But Ashfaq always used consider me his friend, philosopher and guide, even on trivial matters he used to ask for my help and suggestions.

We’re in 11th standard, it was during the summer vacation, Ashfaq’s ancestral village was some 150km away, a remote one, it had population of hardly 700 to 800 people, Ashfaq’s dad Moideen uncle was the wealthiest and they had their own estate.

There was a place there which was considered haunted. A small hut away from the locality, it had a story. A fakir used to live there, an honest and god-fearing, they say one day Iblis (Satan or Devil) himself paid a visit and turned him into his slave. He started to kill the villagers to offer sacrifices. After few days intimated villagers attacked him and beat him to death. They left his dead body inside the hut and since then no one ever went back. Few who by mistake went nearby paid with their lives.

When Ashfaq told me the story I laughed, I could only laugh at the imaginations of illiterate villagers. Then I told him to go and pay a visit there and crush the very superstition hold his village to ransom.

He looked perplexed and scared, but nonetheless he told me he will try. After 3 days he called me at my home in the evening. “I have decided to go there, but I am little scared. Wish you were here; we both could visit that place.” He spoke in a hesitant tone. He was calling from his village.

Don’t know why and how I felt angry about it, I yelled at him over the phone “I can’t watch your back all the time Ashfaq, you need to stop being a coward. Either you go there and prove there’s no ghost or don’t show your face to me, ever.” I rammed down the receiver.

After two days the news came, villagers found Ashfaq’s body on the field, near the hut. He died of heart failure, when they found his body his eyes were wide open with an expression of intense fear on his face.

We all friends were present in his last ritual, his mother was sobbing, his dad was sitting there with a blank expression. Only Ruksar was standing in a corner, with dried tears, with immense hate in her eyes, staring at me. I did not know the reason. That’s the last time I ever saw her as I never went back to his house again. After coming back home, I took out my diary and wrote down one of my favourite quote, that was the only entry I made in my diary that day.

“Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once. Of all the wonders that I yet have heard, it seems to me most strange that men should fear;

Seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come.” ― William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar


“That’s a sad story.” Aditi shook her head. “But that has to do with your situation?”

“Last night I had a nightmare, that I am walking on a field filled long grasses and then I came across an old hut with a black one eyed dog sitting in front of it. Then a strange tall figure appeared, without a face, almost floating above the ground. And I woke up in my bed, shivering and sweating.” I replied calmly.

“It was just a nightmare, how you can say it’s anything ghostly or super natural?” Aditi frowned

“Have you ever experienced any dream or nightmare with a smell? Horrible smell of something rotten, smell of decomposed flesh?” I asked, indifferently.

“What are you going to do now?” She leaned on the desk with a curious look.

“I am going to Ashfaq’s ancestral village, to pay a visit to that place, although I don’t know if it’s still there, but something is telling me, it’s still there.” I stood up, she was still looking at me with puzzled eyes, I couldn’t but recite few lines from ‘Hamlet’s To be, or not to be’

“For in that sleep of death what dreams may come,

When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,

Must give us pause—there’s the respect

That makes calamity of so long life.”


I walked out of her cabin slowly, leaving her behind, befuddled.


I went back home and spent sleepless nights for next two days. Every time I closed my eyes my subconscious mind kept telling me not to fall asleep, as then I might have the same nightmare again. Part of me wanted to fall asleep, and part of me kept awake. My slumbering half-conscious self was loitering around the world of dreams and reality.

Suddenly I heard a voice.

“Do you really want to go there?” Ashfaq was standing a few feet away. The same 17 years old kid in the school uniform.

“Yes, I want to.” I replied. Though I know I might be imagining or hallucinating.

“Why? After all these years.” The calm voice of Ashfaq asked me again.

“I don’t know. But I must go, to set myself free.” I closed my eyes already, my mind was blank.

“Set yourself free? From what?”

I did not reply but with all my might I pushed myself out of bed. There was no one in my room. I pulled my easy chair to the balcony and fell on it, murmuring few lines of Henry IV by Shakespeare.

‘O sleep! O gentle sleep!

Nature’s soft nurse, how have I frighted thee,

That thou no more wilt weigh my eyelids down

And steep my senses in forgetfulness?

Why rather, sleep, liest thou in smoky cribs,

Upon uneasy pallets stretching thee,

And hush’d with buzzing night-flies to thy slumber,

Than in the perfum’d chambers of the great,

Under the canopies of costly state,

And lull’d with sound of sweetest melody?’


After 3 days I went back to the hospital. Dr Aditi Majumdar was not there, Instead I found the janitor, he was overjoyed seeing me and invited me for a tea to the roadside tea shop next to hospital.

Ashit (Janitor): How are you sir? You look so pale and tired. Did you sleep well?

Me: No, I haven’t slept a wink (Smiled sadly)

Ashit: What happened sir?

Me: I see ghosts. When I am asleep and when I am awake.

Ashit: Sir, I know you educated people don’t believe in all these, but I must request you to go see Pagla baba.


By his tone of urgency, I was certain he gets his commission from Pagla baba for making people go visit to him and pay his fees. Nonetheless, I decided to visit him. I have seen many godmen but never was too impressed by anyone. I smiled at Ashit and started to walk while recalling the lines..

‘There are no tricks in plain and simple faith.

But hollow men, like horses hot at hand,

Make gallant show and promise of their mettle. – Julius Caesar’



I am sitting in front of Pagla baba now. It’s been almost 10 minutes that Pagla baba is at his laughing spree. Today morning I came at his den, which is 25 km away from the city. Frankly speaking I was disappointed when I saw this place. No much crowd of disciples and visitors, hardly 5 to 10 people are scattered outside a torn tent. One of them told me to wait and disappeared inside the tent, reappeared in 2 minutes and announced my arrival to baba.

My disappointment increased as I entered and saw an old man in his 60’s was sitting there, he is so lean and feeble that anyone can count his ribs, he is wearing a spectacle with one leg, the other leg was missing a replaced by a thread. As he looked at me started to laugh I could see few teeth were missing as well.

I patiently waited for 10 minutes and then asked him, “Why are you laughing?”

“I don’t know, I feel kinda funny.” The intensity of his laugh increased, now even his whole body is shaking. ‘He really is mad’, I thought.

“Of course I am; why do you think they call me Pagla baba?” I was completely stumped now, baba actually read my mind.

“Do you know why I am here?” I asked in a serious tone.

“You are looking for the cure of your nightmares.” Baba was still laughing.

I let out a long sigh, so Ashit, the janitor has spilled all the info to his baba, I thought.

Pagla baba stop laughing, “No, Ashit did not tell me anything.” He spoke with a smile.

Now I was certain somehow Pagla baba knows the art of thought reading, I heard of similar kind of power exist among humans. And why not, how ant’s movements start before rain? How dogs and other animals can anticipate earth quakes and other natural calamities? Even we humans have something call sixth sense and some people have it to an aggregative length.

“So do I get the cure?” I asked, in an unsure tone.

“Go back home today, meet me after 3 days.” Baba is calm now

I got up and turned back when I heard him again, “You forgot my fees.”

I turned back to him, “How much?”

“Six hundred and fifty-three.” He smiled.

I opened my pursue, I had the exact same amount. I handed it over and asked him, “Do you always charge as much some has in his pocket?”

“Not to everyone. But yes, you must pay, you must pay your debt.” Pagla baba started to laugh hysterically again. I bid him goodbye and hit the road.

‘He that dies pays all debts. – The Tempest by William Shakespeare’


As I walked into my office, I headed straight to the cabin of my General Manager.

The GM looked at me and exclaimed. “What happened to you? you look like a complete mess, are you alright?

“I would like to resign.” I replied with a crisp voice and with a straight face.”

GM looked completely at sea, “What? Why?”

“I am starting a journey to somewhere and I have a strong feeling I won’t come back alive. I guess if I resign now you’ll have enough time to recruit someone.”

GM had a long and hard look at me. “is it another trick of yours to ask for a vacation?”

I smiled, kind of smile which could mean yes or no or both.

“I am giving you 15 days of leave on medical ground, I heard you were hospitalized, you don’t look too good either. Go see a doctor and get well soon.” He spoke in a harsh tone and looked down on the papers he is holding. I turned back and was about to leave.

“Listen.” GM spoke again, “Here’s the visiting card of a renowned physiatrist, he knows me, go see him once if you can.”

I took the card and left home thinking few lines of ‘King Lear’.

‘O, let me not be mad, not mad, sweet heaven!

I would not be mad.

Keep me in temper. I would not be mad.’


As I was wandering around the city, my car stopped near a café, as I rolled down the window my eyes glued to a young couple sitting there, they were chatting, laughing and having a good time, while talking their heads were hitting each other and parting with another laugh, one happy couple who dares the world to be careless about.

It was Aditi and another young man, I felt a sharp tingling sensation of jealousy. I parked the car nearby and walked into the café, straight up to Aditi.

“Hey”, I greeted her,

“Oh hi”, Aditi replied with a surprised cheerful tone.

“After that day you never met me, never even called me, what did I do to deserve such? Did your feelings subside for me? In spoke in an artificial hurtful and complaining tone.

Aditi’s surprised eyes turned red into anger in few moments. The guy next to her also looked quite perplexed but nonetheless he decided to take the matter in his own hands

“Hi this is Vikalp, and you are?” he asked

“Aditi’s boyfriend.” I extended my right hand at him. He couldn’t shake it but spilled his cold coffee all over.

“Who is he?” The guy almost screamed at Aditi.

“A patient of mine.” Aditi munched her words in despicable anger and then pushed me in a corner.

“What is the meaning of all these?” Aditi hissed while holding a part of shirt.

“Who is he?” I asked in a smiling tone.

“He is my boyfriend. What are you even doing here?” Aditi hissed again.

“Really? That nincompoop?” My voice was filled bitter sarcasm.

She left my shirt and stepped back, “You have no rights to speak such about him, I demand you to leave now.” This time she spoke calmly.

“Aditi, come here.” The impatient tone from her behind was Vikalp’s

I grinned, “Why not let us put your love into a test, just ignore him and come with me, let’s go for a drive. “

“I don’t have time for your drama or games. Good bye.” She went back to her table and I started to walk back to my car. On my way I saw Aditi and Vikalp was throwing hands in the air and arguing over. I grinned again, did I just sow a seed of doubt between them?

‘Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt — William Shakespeare.’


As I was about to sip into my morning tea, I heard my doorbell ringing without pause, “Someone is up real early, it’s 10 am.” I thought.

As I open the door a plain looking man in his mid-thirties was standing in front of me. “You have to come with me, right now.” The stranger spoke in an authoritative voice.

“Sure let’s go.” I put down my cup and about to start, in my pyjamas.

The stranger looked a little puzzled. “Like this?” he asked.

“You said right now.” I replied.

“And you don’t want to know who am I and where you’re going?” His surprised voice annoyed me.

“That you were supposed to tell me, but you don’t I won’t compel.” I answered.

“Let’s go.” As we came down I saw SUV is waiting down below with ‘Police’ written on it. I looked back at the stranger and he flashed his ID, “Piyush Arora, from crime branch.”

“Oh”, I exclaimed and stepped inside the vehicle.

After 30 mins the SUV stopped in front of a huge 3 stored house, this time I was surprised as I thought we were on the way to police station.

Inspector Piyush held me by my shoulder and almost dragged me in. On my way I managed to read the nameplate, Mohan Majumdar, DIG, Crime.

Inside there was a man in his fifties sitting on a sofa, wearing white kurta and pajama, he looked at both of us.

“Got him Sir.” Piyush Arora spoke in a such enthusiastic tone that even I started feel special about myself, after all crime branch it is, which was looking for me.

DIG crime looked at his inspector and tell him to get out with hand gesture.

“How do you know my daughter?” He asked in a cold voice as the inspector left.

I never actually had misfortune to meet any top cop, Mohan Majumdar was a short, half bald and very fair man, with a round face, just like Aditi.

“So you spy on your daughter?” I took my seat in front of him, on the opposite single sofa seat.

“Answer the question before I turn your bones into white powder.” DIG was fuming.

“talcum or cocaine?” I yawned

“Shut up. And answer me.” Mohan Majumdar roared.

“You shut up. You don’t know how close I am to our local MLA. You want to get into trouble?”

I roared back. In reality I don’t even the name of the MLA of my locality nor any other. But it’s like rule, you want to intimidate somebody, tell them about someone they fear. Like to common people it’s cops or goons, for cops its politicians, to politicians about votes and elections, etc etc.

As DIG Mohan Majumdar was looking at me suspiciously I continued.

“I know you have two daughters, the elder one went against your wish and chose a guy. Since then you are over protective about your younger daughter, spying on her when she’s out of home and she hates it. You don’t even like her current boyfriend, Vikalp or whatever his name is.”

I stopped as I could see him completely perplexed by now. I saw the photo frame on the table in a corner, Aditi with another girl, no doubt she looks older and alike her. I beat around the bush and I guessed I got few of them right on. No daughter like her father spying on her, especially on her private life.

I started to walk leaving him behind. “There will be eyes on you.” Mohan Majumdar barked. I thoroughly ignored him.

As I was walking though the hall to the main door I saw Aditi was coming down, she saw me stopped on the stairs, her face looked puffy and eyes swollen, dried tears on her cheeks carrying the evidence that she might fell asleep crying.

“Lovers quarrel.” I chuckled. She frowned and about to say something when I stopped her. “I was called upon, by your dad.”

“Why?” her disgusted tone hit me hard.

“To break you up from Vikalp and take you away.” A cruel smile waved up on my lips. I walked out slowly, do I even know what I am doing?

“Confusion now hath made his masterpiece.”― William Shakespeare, Macbeth.


I got up from my good morning sleep next day hearing my doorbell ringing madly. As I opened the door I found Aditi Majumdar standing at my door step.

“Congratulation, you just turned my life into a living hell.”, She spoke with fire in her eyes and bitterest tone.

“Did I?” I was yawning and scratching my neck.

“I just want to know why are you doing all these, that day after you left I had the nastiest fight with Vikalp and then yesterday with my dad. Why did you lie to me? What exactly you want?” she had tears in her eyes.

“I am going to Pagla baba today, he told me to meet him after 3 days. Why don’t you come along, he might solve your problems too.” I yawned while speaking.

Aditi had a long and hard look at me for few seconds then she slapped me on my face so hard that sleepy eyes said good bye to my sleep.

I stepped off from the door as she stepped in while slapping, “Come on in, have some coffee.” And I closed the door behind her.

Aditi at her wit’s end now accepted the weird incidents happening around her and calmly came sat on the dining table. I pointed at the kitchen, “Water is on the oven and the coffee powder and milk are there, help yourself. Give me 10 minutes and we will be on our way to solve our problems.” I smiled.


As we were sitting in front of Pagla baba he already gave me a brown thread tied around my upper arm. “Where you’re going you will face grave danger; this might help you.” Pagla baba indicated at the thread, today he isn’t laughing instead he is calm and quiet.

Aditi was sitting there, befuddled. She didn’t know what to do. I looked at Pagla baba and grinned, “So this thing cost me 600 odd, not much of a worth ain’t it? By the way this is Dr. Aditi Majumdar and she too has great many issues which she thinks are caused by me.”

“They will go away, soon.” The old man smiled.

As we walked out of Pagla Baba’s hut I saw a dog sitting on the yard, a black dog, with one eye, sticking its tongue out and breathing heavily.

“Just like the one in your nightmares, isn’t it?” Pagla baba started to laugh hysterically again. “Start today, tonight is the new moon, I could warn you not to go but I know you won’t listen.

Aditi hold my hand pressed it so hard. “Can I come with you?” She asked in a scared tone.

‘There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,

Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. – Hamlet, Shakespere.’



And I am walking again, on these lash green grasses, just like I have seen it in my dream, in my nightmare, the only difference is Aditi is also walking beside me. This field wasn’t very hard to find, even today people don’t come this way much, villagers directed us in the right direction.

It’s only green and blue can be seen, the sun is on its way to bid goodbye and the dying lights making it look like a dreamland.

And I remember,

‘Two months after the death of Ashfaq, Ruksar called me, to visit her at their place. When I went there I found Ashfaq’s parents are away. Ruksar took me to the terrace.

“I heard your conversation with my brother that day. He was so scared to go there alone.”

I shrugged. Ruksar continued.

“My brother told me you people had a pact, you were supposed to be there with him in our village, you both were supposed to go there to unravel whatever you thought was unreal. But you did not keet your promise, and you pushed my brother to the edge.

He did not want to go, but he was too afraid to be called a coward, he was too desperate not lose his friendship with you. But you never cared. I begged Ashfaq not to go, yet he went, he couldn’t see his only friend turning his back at him.

I loved you both as my own brothers, but you had a different feeling for me. I knew it and now I know you aren’t worth it. But at least you will feel guilty of this.’

She stopped and took a deep breath, suddenly I spotted that she’s at the very edge of the terrace, before I could react she just let herself fall. No scream of pain but just a thud sound.

I stood there motionlessly and then walked out of that house slowly, there was no one in the street at 2 pm afternoon to spot a 17 years old boy walking off hurriedly. The city knew that evening, a grieving sister committed suicide.’



“Where is that brown thread?” Aditi asked suddenly as the old wrecked hut slowly started to emerge in front of us.

“I tore it and threw it somewhere here in these grasses.” I replied calmly.


Aditi looked at me with scared eyes and disbelieve, and then she ran towards the opposite direction.

The smell is getting stronger, the smell of rotten flesh. I could see the nameless, faceless figure is slowly emerging from the hut, with the big stick it’s holding. My vision and other senses are getting blurred, I am losing my power to even think.

“I FOUND IT!!” I heard Aditi screaming, as I turned my head I saw her running towards me, what I could see is she’s holding something in her right hand, something brown.

I looked back at that thing, floating and coming towards me, and I could see a black spot behind it, slowly getting bigger and bigger as if something is running towards me. I heard that black spot barking madly.


I knelt down and screamed, “I am sorry Ashfaq, I am sorry Ruksar. I am sorry.” And tears started to roll off from my eyes.


















The Story Within




He: I have created you. But I’ve no idea how should the story progress.

She: Did you hit a writer’s block?

He: Maybe. I don’t know. But I described you just the way I have ever desired somebody in my life.

She: So I am your dream girl…..

He: Perhaps, yes..

She: *Giggling* So Mr. Writer, are you falling in love with your own creation?


He: I don’t like this new character I have introduced in this story.

She: The handsome stranger you mean.

He: Yes. I think I will make him disappear.

She: *Sarcastic tone* Are you feeling insecure about him? That I may fall for him.

He: I portrayed you as a strong independent woman. I know you can’t be compelled to do anything.

She: Then let the stranger be in this story.


He: No. It can’t be.

She: Why? You said yourself, I can’t be forced.

He: Because I love you, and I can’t see you be with him.

She: But I don’t love you. Besides I am just a character in your story.


Journalist: *While taking the interview* So Miss Jhumpa Banerjee, what is your new novel is all about?

Jhumpa: Well, I am writing a story where a writer while writing a story slowly falling for the main protagonist. Someone he has portrayed as his most desired companion.

Journalist: Great. So how this ends? A happy ending or a tragic one?

Jhumpa: *Laughs* I can’t tell you that. You have to read the book. By the way I haven’t decided yet.


She: *Frantically knocking the coffin the door* No you can’t do this to me, let me out. LET ME OUT!!

He: Oh I can, remember I am the one who’s writing the story. So the handsome stranger you fell for turned out to be a serial murderer who kills his victims by burying them alive. As we are speaking he is slowly lowering the coffin into the 6-foot pit.

She: You can’t do this to me you sick freak. You created a character and then fell for her, and when she stopped your advances he are killing her. You can’t do this *Sobbing*

He: It’s all over now. You are buried under 6 feet and no one can hear you screaming. Goodbye Jhumpa.


Writer Jhumpa Banerjee opened her eyes as she was lying on her bed. All of a sudden she’s feeling suffocated. She tried to get up but couldn’t. It felt like she’s in a closed box and no matter how hard she is trying she just can’t free her arms and legs, and nobody seems to hear her screaming. Her body slowly started to sink in the bed.





He was tall, dark and handsome. She was cute as strawberries.

He used to look at her. She used to try looking the other way.

He knew she likes him. She knew he likes her.

He was cupid struck. She used to blush in her dreams.

Her brother was bad news. He tried his best to stop him.

Her brother made our mother bleed. She couldn’t stop him.

He had to do his duty. He had no other choice.

She had to see her brother die. She had no other choice.

He couldn’t forgive himself. He couldn’t forget her.

She couldn’t forgive him. She couldn’t forget him.




He used to carry his automatic rifle. She used to carry her basket full of apples.

He was a soldier. She was a girl from THE VALLEY.


Agar Firdaus bar rōy-e zamin ast,

hamin ast-o hamin ast-o hamin ast.

— Amir Khusrau

(If there is a paradise on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here)



​(The story is written in first person, it is influenced and inspired by someone or something, either real or fictitious. The characters and occurrence are may be fictitious or real and any resemblance with any character or real occurrence might be purely coincidental or not. Writer doesn’t claim it’s a true story, at the same he doesn’t claim it’s a fictitious one either. It is left to readers to judge.

If you like this post, I would be glad to know that you are entertained, if not and you feel it’s a complete wastage of your precious time reading it, my apologies in advance are already on the table.)


I checked my watch. It is 11:35 PM, quite late at night. All alone, I am walking around in this city, without an aim, without a destination. But it feels kind of good, late at night this city shows its hidden face you can’t see during other times of the day. The yellowish street lights, one or two vehicles passing by in high speed, strange sounds coming from far away, piercing though the natural silence of the magical night. I was standing on the over-bridge, drinking every drop of this night’s intoxicated beauty.

“Hey, whose there?” I heard a heavy voice and few footsteps, I looked over my shoulder and found few policemen are on their patrolling duty. “What are you doing here at this hour of the night?” another voice inquired. “Nothing, I am just walking around.” I replied with sweetest smile I could pull out at that time.

“Show us some identification.” Most probably the guy who asked the question this time, is leader of this team. I smiled at them again and replied “I am not carrying any. “What’s your name? And address?” someone among them barked. “Name is Ani, Address Planet Earth, It’s called the Planet Blue as well.” The whole gang was stunned now.

The leader of the police group stepped forward. “There was case of snatching took place last night, I am arresting you for your suspicious behavior.”

“Good, let’s go.” I yawned and replied, they all looked at me surprisingly, perhaps they never had such willing participant to visit police station.

Confucius said, ‘Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.’” I felt Confucius himself couldn’t say it better.


It’s been more than 3 hours I am sitting here on the bench, never been to any police station before, that too at this ungodly hour. The group who arrested me, gone out again for patrolling leaving behind 2 of their men. Suddenly I felt a sense of urgency and attention among the people here, a man in his khaki dress entered through the door, I assumed he must be the Inspector in charge of the station. I was immediately summoned to his cabin.

“What’s the name?” The Inspector started his interrogation in passive voice.

“What’s in the name?” I replied. “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet

For a moment the Inspector looked perplexed, “What?” He asked in puzzled voice.

“Shakespeare sir, couldn’t help when I heard the question.” I answered with a puppy face.

For few moments he couldn’t speak anything, then he leaned on the table and hissed, “You think you are too smart, don’t show your smartness with police, when you’ll be lying on the ice slab and I will be beating your ass off you won’t be in a position to joke.”

“Sir, please make sure those ice slabs are bought from proper shops, I heard these people supplying the ice slabs from the hospital morgues to police, It’s so unhygienic.” I spoke with a concerned voice.

Inspector Subodh Dhar (Read his name on the name-tag of his uniform) redirected his attention to his men, he shouted at one of them, “Did you search him? Did you find anything suspicious?” I smiled, I am not carrying my purse or mobile, my pockets are empty, so they did not find anything.

“Nothing sir, we have searched him thoroughly”, one of them replied in a scared voice.

Inspector turned his attention back to me, “From your presence and attire you look like you are from a good family, I am not sure about your mental condition though, call any of your family member or friends to bring a proper identity of yours, then you are free to go.”

As none of my family member lives in this city now I was totally dependent on my friends and I don’t remember any of their numbers. One of the many disadvantages of using mobile phones, you don’t remember you’re near and dear ones numbers, names are enough. I was thinking hard as Inspector Dhar was staring at me. All of a sudden I remember Siraj, my school friend Siraj Karim, I remember his land line number, as back in those days I used to call him frequently.

We both were best friends in school, then after that we lost touch, best part is even today I can’t remember how and when we stopped talking. His dad is a renowned barrister who joined politics and currently serving as the state Minister of horticulture and food processing industries. I decided to call Siraj, after all ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed.’ I wasn’t sure if he has the same number, but nonetheless I dialed it.


Siraj is sitting in front of me in the police station. He is also completely baffled. Our conversation in the phone was short.

Siraj: “Hello.”

Me: Hey Siraj, this is Ani, come to this police station right now, I am giving you the address. Come fast.”

Siraj: “Aniiiiii….. Such a long time, what the hell you are doing in police station at this time?”

I gave the address and put the phone down. During school days he was the notorious do-gooder among us, always on his toes to help people. Once he rescued an 8 years old boy thinking he got stuck on a tree branch, once saved we came to know he was hiding there on the tree after stealing money from his dad.
Inspector Subodh is watching both of us may be because Siraj is still in his pajama and t-shirt, I am sure he came running from his bed as soon as he got my call. “Did you bring some identification proof of your friend?” Inspector asked. “I didn’t get much time, actually….” Before Siraj could finish I stopped him by winked at him.

“Inspector, I have a confession to make, remember that snatching incident on the over-bridge you have got me arrested for, I have done that, and this is my friend and accomplice, Siraj Karim.” I was smiling wickedly while speaking.

Siraj was speechless as he opened his mouth so big that a full size cat go walk in there easily. Inspector Subodh Dhar was at his wit’s last end where anything and everything might sound truth and lies at the same time.


We both were sitting inside the lockup. Me and Siraj, from his face it was clear he is still in shock. “What is going on?” he whispered,

“Isn’t it exciting?” I whispered back.

“Of course it is, but if you could tell me what is your plan and what is next?” he looked a bit relaxed now, maybe he is thinking it’s a practical joke.

“Now this is the fun part, do you see the cops are going through your belongings they seized, they soon find your identity and your dad might be here any minute to release us.” I tried to sound happy,

Siraj looked at me with frightened eyes, “My d..dad will s..s..slaughter me if he knows I am sitting in lockup.” He somehow completed the whole sentence, he was stammering.

“Well, too late for that.” I sighed. “As Jesus Christ said ‘So I say to you, Ask and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you.’ Guess this lockup door will also open.”


Inspector Dhar almost started to weep when he heard, Siraj is the son of the state minister of horticulture and food processing, Abdul Karim. He started to sob when he heard the minister himself is coming to his police station to release his son. As he reached in his VIP cars with red lights glowing on their top, cops were overly anxious, running around here and there, Subodh Dhar was standing like a statue made of stone.

We all sat in Inspector’s cabin, Us, Siraj’s dad and the zonal DCP.

Inspector: “S..Sir, I had no idea he is your son, I mean I was totally misguided by Mr. Ani, I didn’t know what to do. Please don’t mind me being such a fool. They were absolutely comfortable here.”

Siraj’s Dad: “It’s alright, I knew there is a misunderstanding, now if you finish your formalities and let him go.” He finished and threw a hateful burning look at me.

I smiled sweetly again and asked, “How are you uncle? Remember, I used to come visit your place regularly once upon a time.” He didn’t reply and turned his face.

Things wrapped up pretty fast after that. The DCP warned the Inspector he will have words with him later. Abdul Karim denied to recognize me and asked for the law to take its own course. Siraj tried hard to convince his dad.

Siraj: “Dad we can’t leave Ani here.”

Abdul Karim: ‘He is the sole reason for all these trouble, for sure he is harmful to you and to me as well, let the police take care of him.” He almost dragged Siraj out of there.

I was left on the mercy of entire police station totally pissed with me.

“GO and sit on that bench, you make a sound and I will shoot you without warning.” Inspector roared. I wondered if he is really planning for a false encounter.

It’s already morning 8, all the other policemen are curiously watching at me who just came in and don’t know the whole story, Others I guess were waiting for the green signal from the inspector to start their third degree treatment on me. I was sitting there quietly.


“Sir.” A stranger just came in, walked up to Inspector Dhar.

“What?” Inspector barked

“Sir, this is Bhola butcher, you ordered 2kg of mutton today.” Bhola spoke in panicky tone.

“Oh, send it to my home.” He looked back.

“Sir, payment………” As Bhola spoke those words inspector looked at him with blood red eyes, “GET LOST.”

Bhola almost ran away out of his sight. I don’t know why but I felt like following him, a cop tried to stop me, I quietly showed him the universal pinky finger sign and showed him the empty space near the station, he shrugged and told me to do it quickly. I saw Bhola standing near the road, as a bus came near him and slowed down he jumped in, I followed and jumped in it too. Did not hear any voice shouting behind, I think no one noticed.

Aristotle said ‘The wise man does not expose himself needlessly to danger, since there are few things for which he cares sufficiently; but he is willing, in great crises, to give even his life – knowing that under certain conditions it is not worthwhile to live.’


As Bhola got down from the bus and started walking through a narrow lane with so many small shops on both sides, I followed him. He stopped in front of a butcher shop, I stood behind him and knocked on his shoulder.

“Inspector Subodh Dhar has sent me to get the mutton.” He looked at me from head to toe.

“But, I never saw you before.” As he spoke those words I made a straight face, “You want to call him and confirm?”

“No. its fine, give me 5 minutes.” I waited till he chopped the meat and packed it.

“Ok, come with me then.” I told him, he looked at me with surprise. “I thought you are taking the meat to his place.”

“Don’t you want to have the payment for that?” I indicated at the meat pack. He looked completely puzzled.

“Come on. Let’s go.” I pretend as if I know where we are going, we got into a cab, “Where to?” cab driver asked. As I didn’t reply, Bhola gave him the address.

We reached at Subodh Dhar’s flat, it’s on 5t floor in a multi-stored apartment. I pressed the calling bell and almost immediately the door opened as if someone was waiting there to open the door. The lady who opened the door wearing a yellow saari looked at us with a curiosity, I could describe her as a presence of sad yet elegant beauty.

“Hello Ma’m, here’s the mutton. And I am Ani, this is Bhola, it’s 1400 plus 200 for cab fare, total 1600.” I was holding the meat pack in my hand with a grin.

“Oh, thanks, I thought he already paid Bhola.” She took the packet and asked. “Oh, no, he asked me to get it from you.” I smiled and replied to her, I forgot to mention, I made Bhola to pay the cab fare as I told him I am not carrying my purse, he paid it with an uninterested face, as if it’s a regular occurrence.

She came back from inside while counting the cash, “Here’s your 1600.” She gave it Bhola, he took it, looked at my face and then hers, probably first time he is getting paid for the meat Subodh Dhar ever bought from him, then he almost ran down by the stairs. Inspector’s wife was surprised to see that and she turned to me and asked “Sorry, I did not recognize you, you are?” “Oh. I am Ani, I work with Subodh sir, newly joined.” Smiling lies have their own effects.


I was invited in for a cup of tea and I accepted without any formalities. In the drawing room and old man was watching TV and old lady weaving wools. “My father-in-law and mother-in-law, the came from Pune yesterday, and this Ani, Subodh’s colleague.” She introduced. “It’s our 5th marriage anniversary today.” She announced. “Ahh, where are the kids?” I spoke in an enthusiastic voice, her face went dark and she hurried to the kitchen. In another 5 minutes the mother-in-law vented all her deep sorrows and frustration out as how she is waiting to make woolen socks and sweaters for her grandchild but so far the couples are childless, she also deliberately hinting that it’s her daughter-in-law’s fault. I shook my head like a wise guy.

“I called Subodh, but he was too busy, it seems some criminal ran away from his custody, he is already so tensed regarding another issue, he arrested a minister’s son by mistake, before I could say anything he cut the call. Every anniversary he gets into some or the other thing and spoils the entire day.” She spoke as she was coming out of the kitchen. “Would you like to stay till lunch?” She asked. “Oh yes, Subodh sir actually invited me for lunch, I think he forgot to tell you because of all these trouble.” Subodh’s parents and his wife looked at each other and at me. I again produced my trademark heavenly smile.

Once we finished our lunch, I was already a fan of ‘Antima Dhar’s’ cooking, Subodh Dhar truly is a lucky husband and I couldn’t but feel jealous. The lunch was simple, Fried rice, mung daal, fine potato fry, hilsa fish curry, mutton kosha, pineapple chutney, yogurt and gulabjamun. Antima tried to call husband thrice but he cut the calls every time, I guess he was truly busy. I bid Subodh’s family goodbye and promised I will go back to police station and send him home as soon as possible.

As I hit the road, I could only think of one sentence of George Bernard Shaw, “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”


I got up hearing my calling bell ringing madly, it’s 9:15 am, I slept almost for 10 hours, rubbed my eyes and opened the door. Inspector Subodh Dhar was standing at my door.

I admit I was kind of impressed by the efficiency of our police force, it only took them less than 24 hours to locate my house and find me.

“Hello Inspector.” I cleared my throat, “Would you like to come in?”

“You have to come with me now….. Please….” I was astonished to hear his pleading voice rather than his authoritative one. I thought by this time he will rough me up and throw at the back seat of his police car.

“Ammm, I am yet to have my morning tea and breakfast. Would you mind waiting for an hour, I haven’t been to loo either.” My concerns were genuine.

“Please, please, my job is at stake, Minister Abdul Karim himself told me to produce you in front him. From today morning I am getting calls after calls from home ministry to commissioner’s desk. You have visited my house, had lunch with my family, they know everything and suspecting me that I am involved. Please come with me to Minister’s house and explain everything, he wanted to meet you urgently.” It looks really ugly when a full uniformed police officer crying and pleading.


We are now sitting in Siraj’s home, nothing changed much since I stop coming here, huge 3 story building with around 24 rooms, Surrounded by a big garden, a small swimming pool on the north side. Inspector left as soon as we reached here, he was unwanted. Its Siraj’s father Abdul, his mother Rashida and his Sister Ayesha sitting in front of me and I could see 3 different expressions on those 3 faces, Abdul Karim is keeping a straight unconcerned face, Rashida Begum clearly was crying as her eyes are red and swelled, Ayesha is looking straight at me with her forehead wrinkled, I haven’t seen so much hatred and loathsomeness in anyone’s eyes for me.

“Hello Abdul uncle.” I started, He looked at me and throw a piece of paper at me. It was a letter from Siraj, it reads,


‘Dear Ani,

How are you doing now? I know you won’t so good, I am sure police has roughed you up and I know I am indirectly responsible for that. You called me to help you and being the son of a powerful man I couldn’t help. You know, my father has changed a lot as he joined politics, it made him cruel, violent and power hungry. He was always ruthless in his career but I haven’t seen his this characteristics.

Let me tell you an incident, do you remember our school teacher Harish Roy, the fair and square history teacher. He was his opponent during the election. My father conspired with few powerful people and got him under the false charge of murder. He is in jail now and his family is in hand to mouth situation, but he has no remorse. All my respect for him is gone. Even my mother supports him silently. One day few people came up to him with a suitcase full of money, later I came to know they are involved in illegal mining and my father is helping them accepting a huge sum. After they are gone my father handed over the money to my mother and she didn’t ask a question and kept it in the locker.

Only Esha, my sister is still away from all these, but how long? I am already a part his sins. After we got back home we had a heated argument, my father mocked me for my pseudo honesty and uprightness, he said all my expenditure, my school, college, MBA from Australia, everything is funded by this sinful wealth, and now when I am well settled in a multinational farm, I despise the same money that got me all the comfort in the world. I couldn’t answer him, my head hung in shame.

But my friend, I can’t accept leaving you behind in misery. I still consider you my best friend, all my friends drifted or driven away after my father attained this political status. But no more I can stay in this hell so I am running away from here, for good.

I don’t know your current address so sending it to same police station address you still might be.

Your Friend,



I finished reading and yawned, “He will come back home as soon as he gets calm. He is angry now.”

“So are my thoughts, actually I don’t even mind if he doesn’t come back, who needs a son who think so highly of his own parents. I wouldn’t have called you here, but his mother wanted to speak to you. I have work, so I have to leave.” Abdul Karim finished his words and walked out.

“Ani, son, do you know where Siraj is? He is always this emotional and short tempered, if you know where he is please tell us.” Siraj’s mother spoke in a trembling and crying voice.

“I have no idea Rashida aunty, I should leave now. I’ll let you know if I hear from him.” I replied in an indifferent tune.

“No, don’t go, stay for the day, I need to talk to you. Have lunch with us.” She stopped me.

“I can’t eat without having bath, I didn’t even brushed my teeth today morning. “I yawned again.

“Esha, go and ask the servants to open the guest house and give him a spare tooth brush and a towel.” Rashida Begum instructed to her daughter.

“Hey Esha, how are you?” I smiled at her, she grew up a fine lady. And she is still holding the fierce hatred and disgust in her eyes

“Don’t call me that, my name is Ayesha, only the closest people of me call me that.” She left the room with angry footsteps.

I sighed. ‘Anger begets more anger, and forgiveness and love lead to more forgiveness and love. – Mahavira’


It’s such fun to have bath in a bathroom almost as big as my bedroom. I don’t even know the name of half of the things on the bathroom rack, It took me 2 hours to come out of that Jacuzzi.

I was having lunch, on the dining table I was the only one eating. Esha was sitting on the chair left to me and Rashida aunty was standing and serving, Abdul Karim has gone to office.

“Son, are you eating properly? Don’t be shy, Do you need anything else?” Rashida aunty was looking sad yet trying to look busy.

“Don’t call me son so frequently, I feel uncomfortable.” I replied.

I could see from her face she was hurt. “Anything else is making you uncomfortable?”

“Yes, you don’t have to stand and serve the food, I can manage, please go and have some rest”, I spoke bluntly

She didn’t say anything and slowly walked out of the dining room.

“So what’s your ploy? Why are you playing this game?” Esha who kept quite all these while blurted out now

“There is no game Esha.” I replied with a smile.

“I have told you not to call me so, and my brother told me everything that happened in police station, what the hell you are trying to do?” Her face was turning red in anger.

“But I always called you Esha, don’t you remember our school days?” I was smiling to her

“I want my brother back as soon as possible, all these have happened because of you. I am warning you, you will pay for all these. Don’t you see everyone is worried here?” She was totally mad at me now.

“I smiled and replied, Buddha said ’Happiness or sorrow – whatever befalls you, walk on, untouched, unattached.’

“Stop playing these games Ani, enough of quoting all these gibberish sayings. You are a thug, a scumbag, not a sage or Buddha” Her voice was trembling with anger and resentment. Why she looks so beautiful when she is angry?

She stood up and threw a piercing look at me, “Remember that day Ani when you ran away like a thief, that’s who you really are, not what you are pretending to be.” And she stormed out of there.


I came out of Siraj’s house without informing anybody, don’t know how they will feel when they will see the empty guest room. I reached to the police station by 4 PM. Saw Inspector Subodh is sitting in his cabin holding his head with both hands.

“May I come in sir?” I asked.

“Do you have any info about your friends? I am getting calls after calls from all highest possible places.” Inspector looked completely helpless.

“Don’t worry, he will come back, how about you? How are you doing? And how’s your family and wife?”

Inspector sighed, “I have another problem on my head. There was a murder of a key witness, few goons have done it, now I am being pressurized to release them.

“What’s the big deal? Happens all the time.” I sounded apathetic.

“Yes, but they want me make a false case and arrest few innocent men instead of them” Inspector impatiently answered.

“Inspector, why don’t you do something different this time, arrest the actual culprits and file a case against them as well who are pressurizing you.” I spoke in a cheerful tone.

He dumb fondly looked at me, and then sighed, “I wish I too had friends whose dads are ministers. I guess you should go Ani, I have so much to do.”

I came out of there, ‘Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.– Lao Tzu’



I read it in newspaper after few days. Minister Abdul Karim is charged with corruption and receiving kickbacks. He is forced to resign from his post and an investigation is currently carried out against him. The report also reads Minister’s personal life is also going through a turmoil as his eldest son is missing for months now and his wife is sick and bed ridden, Abdul Karim denied any kind of such involvements and kept accusing the opposition for false charges.

I folded the newspaper and kept it on my table. Suddenly I felt this strong urge to visit Inspector Subodh Dhar’s place. So in the evening I reached there and press the calling bell. Antima opened the door. She saw me but didn’t act dazed or surprised, she greeted me a very polite voice “Please come in, we were waiting when you will visit us again.”

Inside Subodh was sitting on his sofa, wearing white pajama and vest, sipping his tea, he looked at me and smiled, a sad smile of a worrier who lost the battle.

“Please have a sit, Antima, get Ani some tea and snacks will you? How are you sir?” I sat down.

“I have done something foolish, I have done as you said, I arrested the real culprits and put them behind the bars and complained against my superiors and local politicians who were pressurizing me. Few days back I have got my transfer order, I have been transferred into a core Naxalites zone, will have to report and join there this month end.

Antima came back with tea pot and sandwiches. She kept it on the table and stood beside her husband, Subodh held her head against his wife’s waist.

“She is 2 months conceived, we are going to have a child after all, I hope be alive to see the face of my first born.” He spoke in unmoved tone.

I murmured, “As Omar Khayyam said ‘Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.’


I am sitting here in front of Abdul Karim now, he is in jail. His own people whom he trusted played him, he is now an outcast, an embarrassment to his own party and soon he will be expelled. He isn’t looking worried anymore, rather he is looking calm and quite. May be during absolute adverse situation human acceptability tests and touches its limit, people admit to their situation without any resistance.

“How are you?” He asked.

“I am good, how about you.”

“I am fine too, as you can see.” I had a hearty laugh, then he spoke again, “Any news of Siraj? Its good in a way that he is not here, better he stays away from all these else media would have had a field day with him. Rashida is at her brother’s place, she got low blood pressure and over anxiety. Even Esha is not well. She’s having frequent emotional outburst. Would you do me a favour? Would you keep an eye on her, she’s all alone now, she has to take care of mother as well.”

I nodded, “Yes.”



I got the news as soon as I reach to Siraj’s house. Esha was taken to hospital. She tried to commit suicide by slitting her wrists. I am sitting in the hospital now, she is under intensive care, she lost a lot of blood, doctors are not able confirm anything as 24 hours need to be passed. I am sitting near her head, she unconscious. The funny part is, I can clearly remember how and when I and Siraj parted our ways.

It’s just after our 12th standard exam, Esha was in her 10th class. I was always so fond of her, but never knew my true feelings for her.

That day when I was at Siraj’s house waiting for him, Esha came into the drawing room with a piece of paper in her hand. “Did you write this left it inside my book?” She asked me with a naughty smile. I was dumbstruck for some time and nodded my head slowly.

“Wait here, I will bring your answer in my writing.” She ran in, I saw Siraj coming through the main gate from the window, suddenly I felt a sense of shame, a guilt of betrayal. How Siraj might feel if he knows I have written a love letter to his sister?

I sneaked out of his house, just like a thief, next day I traveled to my ancestral house to cut all my ties with Siraj and his family.

And I remember the story, ‘And Kisa Gotami had an only son, and he died. In her grief she carried the dead child to all her neighbors, asking them for medicine, and the people said: “She has lost her senses. The boy is dead. At length Kisa Gotami met a man who replied to her request: “I cannot give thee medicine for thy child, but I know a physician who can.” The girl said: “Pray tell me, sir; who is it?” And the man replied: “Go to Sakyamuni, the Buddha.”

Kisa Gotami repaired to the Buddha and cried: “Lord and Master, give me the medicine that will cure my boy.” The Buddha answered: “I want a handful of mustard-seed.” And when the girl in her joy promised to procure it, the Buddha added: “The mustard-seed must be taken from a house where no one has lost a child, husband, parent, or friend.” Poor Kisa Gotami now went from house to house, and the people pitied her and said: “Here is mustard-seed; take it!” But when she asked Did a son or daughter, a father or mother, die in your family?” They answered her: “Alas the living are few, but the dead are many. Do not remind us of our deepest grief.” And there was no house but some beloved one had died in it.’


I touched her forehead and whispered, ‘Yo ca vassasatam jeeve, apassam amatam padam, Ekaaham jeevitam seyyo, passato amatam padam. Though one should live a hundred years, without seeing the Deathless State, yet better indeed, is a single day’s life, of one who sees the Deathless State.’

I closed my eyes and saw Abdul Karim is released from jail and now at his house with Rashida Begum. Siraj came back, he was smiling at us, and I am standing there, holding Esha’s hand.

But life ain’t a fairy tale and Ani doesn’t possess any power to change the course of the fate.

I walked out slowly from the hospital to the road. The moon was smiling at me, the south sky is getting cloudy, it might rain tonight. But I will walk, and I will go and stand on the same over-bridge, who knows, may be another patrolling police force will arrest me, may be this time I will be able to change the story.





Fair, Unfair….



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Amit came out limping from the teacher’s room, glared at Bittu, unsuccessfully tried to burn him down into ashes with that fiery stare, then limped away slowly. The next one to follow is math’s teacher Tarun sir, similar kind of fire in his eyes too, Bittu was getting impatient now. At last sports teacher Nitin sir called him in.

Severe allegation is brought against him, committing unnecessary fouls in today’s football match. As there was a match between two sections of 11th standard, he went on kicking Amit not once but twice, once kicked him in the lower calf and then kicking his knee. Math’s teacher who was the linesman spotted Bittu and blew his whistle, to convince the ‘referee come sports teacher’ Bittu tried to persuade him saying Amit being maths teacher’s favourite student, he was being partial to Bittu.

Nitin Sir: “I have spoken to Tarun sir and he is sure you committed those fouls intentionally. Top of it you accused of him being biased. You are suspended from the football team for this whole month. Now get lost.”

‘If there was a prize for being partial, maths teacher would have won the 1st prize at ease, everyone knows how Amit tops all the math class tests.’ Bittu murmured under his breath.

As he was crossing the corridor, he saw maths teacher and Amit standing.

Seeing him Tarun sir hissed, “Next of my maths test if you get less than 20 out of 40, well your answer sheet will travel to many directions from Principal’s room to your parents. I will make sure I set the toughest paper this time.”

Bittu ignored them and kept walking.


He was trying to concentrate, tomorrow’s physics homework is still undone, but he is only turning the pages. He checked the time, 5:35 PM. Bittu got up from chair impatiently, took his bicycle out and paddled towards Firoz sir’s house. Somebody told him she recently joined the private tuition there.

The students are scattered around here and there, waiting for the previous batch to come out. Christie surprised to see Bittu reaching there in hurry, he didn’t even laid the stand on his cycle and it fell down on the grass.

Bittu: “I need to talk to you.” And he dragged her by her hand towards the stairs to the terrace, no one else was there but them.

Bittu: “You don’t need to borrow his maths note, my cousin is doing her M.Sc maths, if you want I will take you to her and you can get all the guidance you want. She’s good at maths.


Christie was surprised at first but then she had an impish smile on her face.

“Ok, I don’t like it when you talk to him.” Almost cornered now, Bittu blurted out.

She curled her lips and looked the other way, without uttering a word. Bittu discovered with horror that Firoz sir just walked into his terrace.


“What the hell you people are doing here?” Barked Firoz.

“I was early for the class so was waiting here.” Christie spoke in terrorized voice and then ran down the stairs.

“And you?” Bittu can see those blood red eyes. “I.. I… I am…”, he started to stammer.

“GET OUT!”,Firoz roared and Bittu didn’t stop till he reaches where he left his bicycle, “I could have challenged Usain Bolt today.” He muttered


“Auntie, is Bittu home?” Bittu could hear Christie’s voice from his room.

“Go straight up sweetie, he is in his room.” Mrs Sinha answered.

Bittu was laying on his bed staring at the celling, as he heard his room door opening and closing, he got up from bed.

Christie: “I won’t borrow anyone’s maths notebook, if I need help I will go to your cousin. But you don’t have to kick around people in football matches for that. By the way, Amit borrowed my notes and he was returning it back.” She had a naughty smile on her lips while she was talking.

Bittu looked at Christie, with pair of blue jeans and a pink top and a blue hairband, she was looking like a cute angel who lost her ways to this world. He couldn’t help but notice her glowing lips as well.

Bittu: “Nice dress, nice hairband and nn..n…nice lipstick.”

Christie: “That’s orange lip-gloss Dumbo. My sister got it.”

Bittu: Could we.. amm… go to ‘Cafe 360’ this 14th feb… For a coffee.

Christie: “Mom, dad, sis and I are going to Darjeeling tomorrow, I won’t be here. Sudden vacation plan.” Her face turned dull and sad.


Bittu couldn’t say anything. He stood there thoughtlessly. Christie suddenly stepped forward, pushed her toes up and leaned on Bittu for a few seconds and stepped back, her puffy cheeks turned pink almost. Completely lost, Bittu couldn’t decide, if she looks better when she’s smiling or blushing.

Bittu could hear his mom from downstairs as she might saw Christie running out, “Hey girl, I am making chocolate shakes for you people.”, “Another day aunty, I gotta pack my things for the trip.”, Bittu could hear Christie’s answer to his mom.


Bittu called Neeraj in another 5 minutes.

Neeraj: Darjeeling trip? You and me? And You need me to arrange 10k for that? And lie to your parents that we are going out of station for a school football match? Hold on, what is there in me?

Bittu: 10% interest on your 10k. Done?


Lying on his bed again Bittu was thinking, Life isn’t fair at all, he is already in the bad books maths and sports teacher, thrown out of football team, picked up a fight with Amit, Firoz sir saw them on his terrace, and he has to return Neeraj’s 10 grands with interest, life is so unfair.

“Come down Bittu, at least you have the chocolate shake.” He heard his mom’s voice.

“Not now, not hungry, won’t have my dinner as well.” Bittu replied. He is hungry alright, and craving for that choco shake, but at least for tonight he doesn’t want to let go the ‘taste of orange’ in his mouth. He was smiling stupidly, all by himself.





[This is an old story I wrote back in 2011 and posted in a different blog. Unfortunately that blog site is not available anymore, hence posting it in my primary blog. Let me know how you like it through your comments and take the poll]


{This below story is an erotic drama, with heavy sexually explicit and adult contents. Viewer/reader discretion is absolutely necessary, please do not read it if you don’t like or you are underage. }


Preface: If you read the definition of rectangle you know or you already knew that it has 4 angles aka 4 corners. I don’t how many of you actually felt that our life is also like geometry. It’s starts with a simple point or straight line and as we go on it starts getting complicated. As a matter of fact the whole universe depends on geometry. Now I am writing this preface so you know why the name of this story is rectangle. Let’s begin…


It happened just a year ago, sometime during April 2011. The city was just started getting hotter and I was paying a regular visit to beaches. Somehow I always liked a particular beach nearby.
Mostly I used meet a friend over there. Mathew, an Anglo Indian and a good friend of mine. I spent a lot of time at his place with him and his girl friend Michelle. She was a real gorgeous girl, brown eyes, perfect figure and tall. Mathew was like a strong bull, 6 ft 2’’ and all muscles. Together they weren’t exactly like beauty and beast, but they were close enough.

I clearly remember that day, it was Friday afternoon, and I came home early from office. I was all set to travel to another city that night to meet my girl friend, Rishita. She was doing her MBA there, we started going out a few months back and then she got this opportunity in one of the reputed business school and left. Mostly I used to travel there to meet her. In case if you are wondering, we broke up. How? I am going to tell you in this story, have a li’l patience.


So as I was home early, I thought it would be good to chill out with Mathew for sometime as my train was leaving only around midnight. Him, me and Michelle, few beer cans and chilling on his terrace that was my whole idea. Little did I know what was waiting for me there and littlest did I know that it was going to change the course of my very life.

So I reached at his door around 5 o clock evening and hit the doorbell, there was no answer. I rang it twice, thrice, but nobody got the door. I was wondering if they were busy romancing in there. I almost started to leave and then I heard somebody opening the door. I turned around, it was Michelle standing there. Looking at her I could sense something was wrong. Her hair was all messy, eyes were red and swelled. She also looked a little surprised seeing me. She greeted me and asked me to come in. I was hesitant but nonetheless I entered.

Normally I feel quite at home in their place but today there was something wrong. I sat on the sofa and asked for Mathew. She was standing near the television. She mumbled something and went inside the kitchen. I called out his name a few times but there were no answer. I saw Michelle was bringing tea and snacks for us.

Michelle: He isn’t here.

Me: Oh! Where’s he?

Michelle: Who knows…?

Me: What’s wrong? You look… different, and where did that bull go?

Michelle: (Trying to smile) Am I? I really don’t know.


Now I was not that close to her but I was close enough as a guy should be to his friend’s girl friend. I looked into her eyes and said I won’t ask her what happened if it’s too personal and I could sense it very well that they got into some kind of fight. She kept silent. I stood up and was about to leave.


Michelle: are you leaving?

Me: Yeah, guess am not good enough to know your secrets but if you got anything to say…

She looked at me blankly and the burst into tears. I wasn’t prepared for it at all. She was crying inconsolably and I was trying my best to condole her. After a few minutes she stopped crying, but still she was sobbing. Then she told me they got into a bad fight few hours ago and Mathew slapped and punched her. I never knew Mathew could hurt her this way; they looked such nice couple so much in love with each other.

I didn’t know what to do at that time. A friendly hug seemed to be a good idea then. As I hugged her she was still sobbing and she held me tight. Now, she is really an attractive female and to be honest I had a childish crush on her when I saw her first time. I could tell from her hug that she is not wearing her garments under the t shirt. It was a strange feeling. After a while she tried to be normal and asked me if I am hungry. Her eyes were still teary; her hands are lazily resting on my chest and thigh. She wasn’t looking like the’ gorgeous Michelle Rodriguez’ but a cute, poor thing. I was still trying to console her and about to kiss her forehead when the accident happened. I don’t know what she was trying to do but she pushed her chin up, maybe she was trying to get up. My kiss landed right on her lips; damn I missed her forehead by miles. It was an awkward yet pleasurable silence as our lips parted not before 60 seconds almost. I could feel the taste of her lipstick; it tasted like orange.

We are speechless for around 2 minutes after that. Then she stormed into her bedroom. I was completely baffled and perplexed. I decided to leave, as I was crossing the door I remember I left my mobile inside. I went back in and took it. I don’t know if the devil himself whispered into my ears but something sure told me I owe an apology to her. So I went right into the bedroom without thinking much. I saw she was lying down on the bed on her stomach and it’s so easy to understand that she is crying on her pillow. I went and sat quietly next to her, kept my hand or her shoulder. She almost knew it was me as she did not seem to be surprised. She moved head from the pillow to my lap. I whispered,


Michelle: For what?

Me: For…. For kissing you, I swear I did not mean to kiss you that way; I just wanted to kiss your forehead

Michelle: You know… You know you are hundred times better than Mathew, your girl friend is so to have you.

Me: Really??

She got up and kept her head on my shoulder.

Michelle: Yes

Me: I should leave now

This time she looked right into my eyes, those big brown seductive eyes.

Michelle: (Whispered) No you won’t. No you won’t…

Our lips met for the second time and this time it was more passionate, more willing. She almost pulled me onto her. Her fingers were unbuttoning my shirt and I was removing her t shirt. I was so right; she is naked under her loose t shirt. Those big, firm and round breast and on top of them the pinkish nipples, they were more than perfect. My palms were holding and pressing then as she was kissing me vigorously. I tried to position myself, slowly coming down to her navel and kissing that cute body hole. My hands were working over time to get rid of her jeans shorts. As they come out the only thing hiding her lovebox now was her fancy thong. As I pulled that off from her, she was in front of me with her full glory. A pair of fair thighs hiding her womanhood, the pubic hair is trimmed and the lips are little swelled. As I parted her legs, I could see the tip has a drop of crystal looking liquid; I lost my sense and jumped in like a hungry wolf. It was an ecstatic journey of lust and desire. As I entered her it seemed like forever I can be in her, around her. She was moaning like a wounded animal as I was really hitting her libido. At last we reached to our climax, a rare feeling which I never felt with any of my ex or current girl friend and I bet neither she did. We were lying in be side by side and I was thinking what I had done. I turned to her and found she is already asleep after our exhausting and sinful encounter. I left almost immediately as I saw her sleeping, I have no idea how she would behave after getting up.

It’s around 8 o clock in the night, I was so confused what to do or what is the right thing to do. I am feeling so guilty about sleeping with my friend’s girlfriend. I wasn’t sure if I should travel to Rishita, my girlfriend, what would be the right thing to do. Should I tell everything her about this… no it would be too much for her to take. My final hope was my long time friend Shruthi.

She is someone I know with the coolest head and best decision making power. A friend of mine from college days. I knew if I tell this to any of my guy friends they would just make fun of it or say kudos to me. I knew how insensitive guys could be in all these matters as I myself would have done the same. I called her and told her everything that happened this evening. She listened to me patiently and then…

Shruthi: Do you know in what mess you put yourself in? Do you have any idea if your friend found out about this what will happen?

Me: I am a dead meat then, but I think Michelle won’t tell him, no way she can tell him, Mathew will murder her.

Shruthi: I think you better start to meet your girl, stay there for few days. Find out how things are here and then come back.

Me: you are telling me to run away like a coward?

Shruthi: Yes my Hero, don’t try to show you heroism in this, you will only end up beaten black and blue.

Me: What will say to Rishita? Do I tell her everything?

Shruthi: Are you mad? Of course not, don’t say a thing to her if you don’t want her walk out of your life. No girl can take that kind of shit.

Me: I am feeling so miserable.

Shruthi: You should, now go, catch the train, be with her for few days. You would forget about all these and she will also be happy to be with you for few days.

Me: I am lucky to have you as a friend; you are the best support I have.

Shruthi: Ok mister, enough of your emotional dialogues. Now you better start, you have a train to catch.


So I started for my girlfriend’s city, without knowing what’s awaiting for me there.

On the way I called Rishita. She told me she had some important project work in college, so she is leavening early around 6am and only could comeback by evening. Now she is not staying in hostel as there were some accommodation issues. So she and her friend Sadia decided to move in a rented apartment. I was happy as I could stay in her apartment with her. Last time she had problems with her warden for staying out late. I never met Sadia but Rishita told me she knew about me and it won’t be a problem.

It’s around 7am I reached there. As I reached to her apartment and knocked the door… my throat went dry, there was a female standing with almost a transparent white nighty, she got sleepy eyes, yawning and stretching herself. I could actually see her undergarments through her nightgown, as she was stretching her pointed breasts are getting prominent dangerously. “What is happening to me?” my conscience was asking me this question again and again. Somehow I stepped into the flat. It was a two bedroom flat shared by Rishita and Sadia. I kept all my luggage in Rishita’s room and sat on the bed when I heard Sadia’s voice, she was asking if I need something or if I am hungry.

I badly needed a shower. So I told her I should bathe first and then I could have some food.

Sadia: I am going to cook something for us, would you like to have rice or something else?

Me: Don’t bother yourself, we can order some pizza, let me get freshen up first.

Sadia: As you wish, pizza sounds to be a good idea.

Me: Sure thing.

As the cool water of the shower was flowing on my body, I could remember each and every moment of my encounter with Michelle; it was so so wrong yet felt so so good. I tried to divert my attention from that incident and my attention fell right onto Sadia. She is neither cute nor gorgeous, she’s just sexy. Like with someone you really want to get dirty. A little darkish complexion, seductive eyes, a figure almost like rural women have, tight and curvy.

I hit myself twice, what am I keep thinking about? I am now at my girlfriend’s place and if everything is fine then I am going to have a nice romantic night with her after a long time. What else do I want? I am already guilty of cheating on her and now I am thinking about her roommate? I really started to feel ashamed of myself. I shook it all off and came out of bathroom. I went straight to Rishita’s room and wore fresh set of t shirt and shorts. When I reached to hall I saw Sadia was watching some song in TV and humming it.

Me: do you have pizza hut’s number?

Sadia: oh ya, one sec, and here it is

I have dialed the number and ordered a pepperoni pizza. Then I sat next to her.

Sadia: hey, if you don’t mind asking, how long you are going with Rishita?

Me: Amm, it would be more than a year.

Sadia: Don’t mind me saying this, but I feel you can do better. Sorry for being so blunt and direct.

Me: I don’t know what you are talking about. But I love her.

Sadia: oh don’t mind, just take it as a complement, I was just saying.

Me: love is not always about looks, it’s about love, care, emotions.

Sadia: yeah, I totally get it.

The pizza boy arrived almost in 25 minutes. After he is gone we realized we didn’t order any beverages. I was about go out to get some cool drinks when Sadia stopped me.

Sadia: you know what, just now I remember, we have a red wine bottle in the fridge.

Me: Amm wine? Well…

Sadia: Come on. Wine is way better than Pepsi. Unless of course you have a problem.

Me: ammmmm… Naah, no problem, even better,

So as it normally happens, we ate less pizza and drank more wine. Naturally we started to have more intense conversations.

Me: Hey Sadia, what did you exactly mean by I can do better?

Sadia: well, you know, you are tall, she is short. You are quite handsome and she is so so. To be frank you should have got yourself a sexy girl.

Me: (Not even knowing what I am speaking). It’s all fate, when I was single and alone I couldn’t get anyone better than her, so really got to settle with her.

Sadia: (almost leaning over me) I bet you have enough fun back in your town. It’s so convenient when your girl stays in another city. She doesn’t get to spy on you.

Me: No. not like that. I am true to her.

And the incident of yesterday’s evening was floating right in front of my eyes.

Sadia: I broke up with my guy about 6 months ago.

Me: Oh! Sad.

Sadia: you know why?

Me: why?

Sadia: cause he was a fucking impotent bastard.

Me: err…. Ohhh.

We drank some more wine. My mind was telling me things were out of control but I was hardly in a mood to stop. And then came the shocker!

Sadia: Want to bang me in your girl friend’s bed?

I was shaking my head in disbelief for those blunt words of her, but someone inside of me almost screamed in my ear, ‘you have done your friend’s girl, what’s stopping you now’?

Almost immediately we started kissing each other wildly. I tore open her nightgown and he freed me off my shorts and t-shirt, which were just burdens on our body at that time.

We were standing and kissing each other completely naked. I didn’t have any sense of right and wrong that time, the wine was really working on us. I remember when we are heading to Rishita’s room we hardly stopped kissing. We jumped on her bed. I was fondling her whole body with my both hands where her hands were busy extra time on my crotch. I chewed and sucked her nipples and breasts like a small baby, she was moaning like a real bitch in heat. I came down further to find her deep navel, while biting and licking her I came down to her most private part. Its lips were swelled and I could see the pink spot. I bit the part which is known as the sensitive most part of female body. She almost screamed with pleasure and pain. I was top of her and about to go inside her, when she stops me.

Sadia: No, not like this.

Me: huh!!

She pushed me down and sat on her hands and knees.

Sadia: Do me now.

My god!! That bitch wanted it in doggy style, kinky bitch…

This is the first time I was going to hump somebody in that fashion, I won’t lie, I was a little unsure. I was about to do her when she stops me again.

Sadia: Wait.

Me: ahhannnn!!

Sadia: Give me a minute.

She ran to her room and came back with her mobile and put it on the table.

Me: What are you doing?

Sadia: I am going to make a video of it.

Me: (A little scared) Why?

Sadia: Ah! Don’t worry I won’t show it to your little girl friend.

Me: (A bit assured) Ok, but then…

She jumped on me and kissed me. I stopped bothering about all the stuffs. That was the first time I had sex in that position and it felt heavenly. After we were done, we were lying side by side, the wine was still working on our head.

Sadia: Want to have more????

Me: I guess so…

Sadia: Let’s do something different.

She again positioned her in the same way again

Me: (Trying to smile) what’s the difference?

Sadia: Don’t you want to be a lucky man? Don’t you want to deflower a girl, pop her cherry?

Me: (confused) I think you had you a boyfriend and beside if you were a virgin I guess you are no more.

Sadia: I wasn’t exactly talking about that (Pointing her eyes at her back)

My fucking god! She wants in right in her ass. It was feeling dirtier, kinkier and sexier. It was a bad idea. I only felt that after 30 minutes. I don’t think she would have walked for another 2 days and I was tired and sore like an ox had a sex with 15 cows. This time we slept like logs.

As I opened my eyes it was such a horrid feeling. All the things came alive in my mind. First I thought it must be a nightmare or a daymare if I should say. Then I saw Sadia next me, naked and unconscious. I looked at the table watch; it was saying 3:17Pm.

It would have taken 15 minutes for me to get dressed and hit the road. My mind was blank, I wasn’t thinking anything. Anything like what if Rishita comes back and see Sadia in that condition or I have even left the door unlocked of the apartment, I only latched it from outside. I took a taxi and went straight to Airport. Luckily there was a flight to my city at 6:45pm. I bought the ticket and was sitting in the waiting lounge. I was too tired to think or analyze anything. It’s almost 6pm; I was already through with the security check when my phone started ringing. It was Rishita. My hands were trembling, there was no way I could attend the call. After sometime I received her text, she was held at her university for some more work, so she would only make it my 8pm. obviously I did not reply anything to her.


As the flight landed in the airport, I was not at all in a mood to go back my place. I tried to reach my friends. Vishal as usual never picked the phone, Rakesh was out of town. I turned to Shruthi with no other choice. I know I got to tell her everything and she is the one who could pull me out of this mess. Frankly in these situations all your guy friends do is to take you to nearby pub or hand you over a beer. Which were the last things I wanted at this moment?

I have called Shruthi; she was glad I was coming to her place but also worried as I returned back so early here. I didn’t tell her anything about the massacre I have done. As I reached to her place it’s about 9.30pm. I was exhausted both mentally and physically. As I entered in her house I noticed it was so quiet.

Me: where are uncle and aunty?

Shruthi: You forgot! I told you they went to to see bro in Dubai

Me: Oh! Ya I remember.

I was relieved; I didn’t know how to face her mom and dad with such guilty and repentful heart.

Me: (With a tired voice) I need a bath Shruthi

Shruthi: Sure, but would you tell me what happened? Why you look so dull and drained? And why you came back from your girl’s place so early? Did you fight with Rishita? Oh my god! Don’t tell me you told her everything about that incident?

Me: Stop it. Let me have a bath first. Please.

Shruthi: (With a little offended voice) Sure, I will get you a towel.

I was standing under the shower and thinking, what I have done, why have I done so. Everything had changed. I didn’t know if Rishita has found out about me and Sadia, I didn’t know if Mathew found out about me and Michelle. I didn’t know anything.

I came out of bathroom and checked and my phone, there were 5 missed calls from Rishita and a text from her. Seems like Sadia told her an important work came up so I had to leave. It was a nagging message from her asking why I did not inform her as left. Well seemed like it all went fine and Rishita did not find anything. It was a big relief.

After dinner we sat on the terrace and I told Shruthi everything that happened in last two days. She hit her forehead several times and was asking me again and again how I could do it.

Shruthi: God, if you boys can just keep the zip up of your pants you don’t run into troubles of these sorts

Me: I didn’t know what I was doing.

Shruthi: yeah! Right! You just fucked your friend’s girl friend and then your girl friend’s friend. How you gonna live with all these?

Me: I don’t know, I am just hoping Mathew and Rishita don’t find anything. Rest what I have done, I have done it already. I can’t make it right.

Shruthi: Do you really love Rishita?

Me: I do, you know I do.

Shruthi: God! I don’t understand you boys. Wherever you see an opportunity you go right in. no matter you are committed to someone or not.

Me: Shruthi, you know I am not like that.

Shruthi: Yeah! Anyway it’s quite late now, time to go to bed

Me: I don’t know if I could sleep

Shruthi: Oh ya! You slept enough these days.

Me: Don’t tease me shru, I think I better watch some TV

Shruthi: (While climbing down the stairs) Oh the TV is in my bed room. No one’s at home so I thought I keep it there so. You can watch it while I am sleeping.

Me: we are sleeping in the same bed?

Shruthi: why? You gonna fuck me too?

Me: Shru, stop it.

Shruthi: Then? I am so sleepy. Keep it in low volume

Shruthi was trying to sleep and I was flipping the channels. The match I wanted to see was abandoned because of rain. There was a B grade horror movie was showing in a channel. As there was nothing to watch, I thought why not some horror flicks. Shruthi wasn’t sleepy at all now and she was also watching it under the blanket, I always knew she is a scardy cat. After a while there was a passionate love making scene by one of the couples. Suddenly I heard Shruthi giggling under the blanket.

Me: Hey, what’s up?

Shruthi: (Still giggling) you got a hard on, gosh you are such a horny dog

Me: Hey! Come out

I was really embarrassed. Shruthi was still giggling.

Shruthi: My my, after banging two chicks still you are horny?

Me: Shru, please stop

Shruthi: (giggling hysterically) what did I do? I am not the one with a tent in the pant

Me: I am a guy alright, there was hot scene on TV, and it’s not that my junior is very obedient and all.

Shruthi: Oii, can I see it?

I almost jump back and sat.

Me: You crazy??

Shruthi: Nope, come on its ok, we are friends know

Me: No wait.

Before I could say or do something she grabbed my penis over my boxers. I gasped; her slender soft fingers were wrapping it around it. She giggled again.

Shruthi: It’s getting harder

Me: WHoaaa!! Stop..

One sudden pull she removed my boxer. I wasn’t ready for it at all. I was naked from waist in front of my best friend. My manhood was the looking like the pole for flag hoisting. Shruti stopped laughing and was watching it so keenly and surprisingly.

Me: Shruuuuutthhhiiiii!!!!

Shruthi: (slowly as if she is talking to herself) It’s so… BIG!!!

Then she did something I would never imagine her to do. She held it firm, brought it near to her lips. And licked the tip of it. It was so good, so damn good. She kept licking it for a while and then start sucking it hard. It was too much to take for me. She gave me a blowjob of my life. Once she was done, I was almost wild. I jumped on her remove her night dresses (A three-fourth and a t-shirt). We did not waste a single minute and once again I indulged into sex with a girl I never thought I would be with.

I was returning the favor by giving her a tongue right in her lovehole and then I realized we were in 69 position and she was giving me a blowjob for the second time. As we were done with that, we were about to make love when she said she always wanted to do it on terrace under the open sky.

We both naked and stripped ran to the terrace. As it was an individual house we had little to bother about anyone’s presence there and the neighborhood was already slept. I reached there, it was dark enough but we could see the stars above us. It was a magical night, we were just not able get enough of each other. How many times we made love… I don’t know. I vaguely remembered us coming down to the bedroom when it was almost dawn.

I got up with a heavy head. There was a nude girl sleeping next to me. Its just stopped feeling weird to me. I dragged myself in bathroom. Felt the cold water splash on my face.

I walked back slowly into the drawing room, took my mobile and sent an SMS to Michelle “Please forget everything that happened between us, it was just a weak moment when we gave in”. I rang up Rishita, she didn’t pick up. Expected as she might not awake by now. Then my eyes were drawn to another mobile phone lying on the table. It was neither mine nor Shruthi’s, but I saw it somewhere, who use Siemens mobile now a days?

All of a sudden my phone rang, it was an unknown number

Me: Hello.

Michelle: Hello, hello, can you hear me?

Me: Michelle?

Michelle: Don’t call or message me in my number. Mathew left his and took mine by mistake. Did you try to call me?

I cut the call, I felt like lightning struck

The phone rang again, this time it was Rishita. like a robot I pressed the green button.

Me: Hello

Rishita: You bastard! What have I done to you that you ruined my life? How could you? Out of everyone I trusted you most, and you!!!!

She was crying bitterly, still whatever bits and pieces she said I figured she was trying to transfer some documents from Sadia’s mobile to her. Unfortunately she transferred the files which were under password protection in Sadia’s memory card. I felt like banging my head on the wall. Why would I ever let that bitch record our kinky sex game?

I pressed the cancel button; the mobile screen was showing there were 3 missed calls already from Mathew while I was on this call. I switched off the mobile and tossed it on the table.

Then I heard 3 loud continuous doorbell rings and a voice…

Voice: Shruthi, open up. This is Abhinav. I forgot my mobile yesterday and you didn’t even notice?

Abhinav, Shruti’s Boyfriend……….


(If you are wondering why the name of the story is rectangle, let me tell you when it happened to me I felt Me, Michelle, Sadia and Shruthi are the four aloof points. And if I consider myself as the Point A, the other points B, C and D unexpectedly met me with three lines somehow related to one another led to a box of life.

Not happy with this explanation. Well, if you did not notice, cell phone/mobile phones played a big part in this story. If you don’t believe me read it again.

Now what is the normal shape of a mobile phone? )


A love story?

20110923223913_281_43_ghibli-1997-12_The Ocean Waves


[This is an old story I wrote back in 2010 and posted in a different blog. Unfortunately that blog site is not available anymore, hence posting it in my primary blog. It was an initial attempt of mine to write. Let me know how you like it through your comments and take the poll]


(Disclaimer: Some parts of this story has adult and sexual contents. Hence Readers/Viewers Discretion Is Advised. Please do not venture in if don’t like so or you are underaged)


When a boy and a girl are friends, I mean when they are quite close friends, that friendship is really complicated. Now this is an ingredient of an eternal discussion and argument whether a boy and a girl can really be friends or there is something calls ‘love’ always pop in.



I can always add some fuel in this fire by saying that; I don’t really believe that a boy and a girl can be friends in true sense. And I know, a hell lot of people won’t be agreeing with me. Trust me; I cannot prove them wrong or even right. So I m here to tell you a story, or shall I call it an incident? Cause it really happened in my life. Now I am not at all a good writer or a real good story teller, so proceed at your ‘own risk’.



Back in days, when I was a school boy. It was the year 1999, then I was in 11th was a pretty normal 16 years old boy, with all kinds of boyish attitude and desires and hobbies. I think that’s the age when we actually start thinking like a guy, I mean that strictly about chasing girls, saving pocket money and buying cards for the pretty girls in the class, school or in couching classes.

As we all know, true guys love only 2 things, ‘sports and girls’, and as Indians, we like mostly cricket as sports and a little bit of football.


I was always among those unlucky chaps who are always the second best in their life; no matter how hard we try we cannot simply be as good as the best lot or can say we are always the layer below the cream. I was not bad in studies, but my batch in the school (my school is quite a reputed one in my place) was a bunch of little geniuses. I mean we (I meant my batch) still hold the record of capturing 8 top places out of 10 in school finals.

So I and the other people like me in the class always been overshadowed by this bunch brilliant pupils. Same in sports, from my class, there were 5 guys who were in the ‘under 17’ state cricket team and there were no doubt that, they will make it to the ‘under 19’ team as well. At that time practically cricket was the only sport existing in my school.



It was pretty much us or you can say ‘me’ at that time, that is, of course in school. In my colony I was famous as a no nonsense guy and a no nonsense ‘gully cricket team captain’ who was very keen about his team’s reputation. In my house I was regarded as an innocent guy who loves sports and knows nothing about skirt chasing. I was the youngest among my cousin brothers, and my brothers had already earned their names as brawl experts and womanizers (though I have doubts about using this word here, as we all are actually boys and we were only behind girls, no women. Still they were quite good at flirting and wooing girls). So I was mostly been termed as the only good son in the family who listens to his parents and uncles and aunts and don’t do ‘bad things’. Oh! Forgot to say, I was born and brought up in a joint family.



So in our colony cricket team, who’s I was the proud Captain, we had a special player. A left hand batter, left arm spinner, so a good all-rounder to have. I was also an all-rounder and loved to think myself as lance clusener, the South African all-rounder, he was a rising star then. Now having a left hander in your gully cricket team is like being a blind sultan having a one eyed wajir (Minister) in the land of blinds.


So ‘she’ was an important and valuable player in my team. YES!!! She was a girl. Arpita Sinha, that was her name and she was a true tomboy. Hardly ever saw her wear anything else then jeans and t shirt and a blue cap. Her BSA street-cat cycle, on which she hardly used to sit and paddle, always standing on the paddle and cycling. Participating and getting cuts and bruises in street racing was regular to her. She was quite a competitor when we guys used to brag about how many times we got our arm fractured or the number of injury marks on our knees and elbows.


Though she was a total tomboy, she was a good looking girl. I mean nobody ever mistook her as a guy in the group of guys. She got short hair, till her shoulder, and she got this real mischievous eyes and a double left canine tooth. I mean it was kind of wisdom tooth over her left canine tooth, and when she used to smile, boy! It used to make her smile look so cute. Once a while she used to get a these romeos following her from other colonies, but they used to give up too soon after knowing her properly.

The only thing used to irritate me like hell was, people calling me her boyfriend or asking her if I am her boyfriend. This matter went much worse when one of my teammate Dhritiman pointed his finger at me saying I am being unfair to him because of my girl friend and mocked me. This was just too much to take. I caught him by his collar and punched his face, and threw him out of the team. I was almost the crowned prince in my team. My dad, as he was a cricket player in his days, so I never had to ask him or beg him to get me the sports stuff. I always had extra bats for others, bowls and stumps and even for the trophies of the final matches I used spend all my pocket money. So no one in my team really confronted me about sending him out of the team or blamed me for being biased. But after the incident


I could always feel a strange step motherly treatment by my team mates to Arpita. Even she felt that and was kind of depressed about it, but I always supported her. She was grateful to me because of this and we actually became close friends after this incident.

In school, my dream girl, my fairy princess was Ekta. Ekta was one of the most beautiful and sexy girl of my school that time, she was in the same batch with me but in different section. Ekta, Bhaswati, Anindita and Preeta, they were the bandaged shoulders angels. Why bandaged shoulders? Well there is a little history behind it. Once we guys were ogling at them in canteen, suddenly Bhaskar sighed and said to me, ‘dude, I feel like these girls are like those poor cursed angels whose wings were ripped off and been sentenced here in earth as their punishment, they are so beautiful, they cannot be human’. Soham chipped in saying, ‘dude, let’s check their shoulders, if someone ripped their wings, they will sure have bandages on their shoulder’. We had a great laugh and from then we started calling them bandaged shoulder angels.

That time my heart used to beat only for my angel Ekta. I was ready to do all kinds of crazy stuff for her, starting from climbing to her balcony and proposing her with a rose, to write a letter with my own blood, etc etc. but just all other love stories, mine also turned to be one tragic one.

I always used to try and start a conversation with her. It mostly started with ‘hi’, ‘hello’ and ended with, ‘oh! So you have done your homework’ or ‘give me the notes of that subject if you have’. It was never easy to talk to her in school because she was almost always been surround by her friends and of course by our class and school hunks (I meant those stupid seniors of 12th, ohh!! How much I used to hate them that time). After school it was almost impossible to talk to her, unless someone really follow her till her house to catch up with her there (I did that too, though I found that her parents were not really very pleasant people).

Dear readers, you have to remember that, this is the story of those days when facebook and orkut hadn’t seen the daylight, email and chat was just been evolved and we kids have only heard about them. Mobile was those fancy items we used to see in our dad’s hand, even to touch it we needed his permission. Landlines were not really that convenient, as back then you hardly can have any private talk with any of your friend or even girl friend. Moms were always around us listening to each of our words and commenting on them appropriately. I really feel today’s school kids are lucky.

So all we guys had to do was to chose our coaching classes wisely, I mean those teachers and classes to whom our angels were going to. We just had to convince our parents to send us in those picked coaching classes. So I found out the teachers Ekta was going to and I joined in there. But here also the story was pretty much the same like school. A few flowers and bunch of honeybees buzzing around them. Ekta wasn’t the only pretty girl there I meant.

Ok, now let’s get back to the old track. I was then enjoying a very nice and special bond of friendship with Arpita. I mean, we were really good friends then, just like I was to all my good guy friends. We used share everything, used to wander around the city on our cycles, eat out and freak out together. We used to talk about everything, well almost everything, of course except my new found passion, ‘Masturbation’ and my limitless dirty fantasies about Hollywood actresses. One of the big topic of our chat was Ekta, she always used to say that, ‘Buddy, wish I could help you in this, but I’m illiterate when it’s about lovesutra’.


She never had any kind of feelings for any boy and also not about any girl (guess that explains that she was not a dyke). But our little friendship was not really accepted so easily by a few people. A few guy friends of mine, a few girl friends of her and ‘Smita aunty’, Arpita’s mother. They were dead against this friendship. I cannot blame Smita aunty for that. Poor aunty had to bear lots of taunts and twisted remarks by her ‘not so kindly neighbors’ because of her daughter being such a tomboy. So every time I used to go to Arpita’s place to call her for the match or something else, it was always Smita aunty who used to answer first. She used to come out to the main gate with one hand resting on her waist, “Don’t you people have anything better to do haan? Always playing and freaking around? In few days you will have your exams starting, do you remember that?” But aunty could never stop Arpita coming and playing with us. Because she had full support from her dad, for her dad she was his daughter and his son. Salil uncle, Arpita’s dad was fond of me, so aunty was never been a problem for us.



Then came the year Y2K, with the Y2K bug and then with the march of 2000. A painful month in the history of my life. The higher secondary exam was postponed till May. We were just finished with the Test exam and the 11th hour preparation of ‘the big exam’ was going on. Cricket, romance, wandering around, jerking off; everything came to a halt that time. Though a part of my mind was plotting a strategy of a daredevil mission. Mission ‘ask out Ekta on the last day of the exam’. All of a sudden one day Bhaskar and Shuvankar came to my place to drop the ‘FAT MAN’ and the ‘LITTLE BOY’ on my life. FAT MAN = Rahul asked Ekta officially to become his girl friend. LITTLE BOY = Ekta accepted. “That bastard asked out my angel before the bloody exam and my sweetheart betrayed me. I mean who asks out a girl before 3 moths of higher secondary exam, and “Ekta, won’t it be a big distraction for you? How could you say yes?”. ‘What could be more tragic? Now I can’t even challenge Rahul for a dual. “If I get a black eye or bruised lips or any sign of a brawl on my body, and mom finds out, I’m just dead. Now for revenge also I have to wait for 3 more months. Life is just so unfair”, I was thinking. I instantly developed a lifelong hatred and rage against all the people named Rahul in this world, including all those Rahuls who are been played by Shahrukh khan in his movies. “I hate Rahul, I HATE RAHUL! I will kill him, burn him, drill him, peel him.” That was all I was thinking about at that time.


I was angry, frustrated, upset and depressed. I needed to talk to someone about it. Talking to guys about this won’t do any good as I had an idea what might be their reaction, I saw Bhaskar and Shuvankar was laughing and falling on each other when I was cursing Rahul. I did not have any other close female friends except Arpita to discuss this. But I had a fair doubt in my mind about her reaction as she was no less than any guy in her attitude. Nonetheless I decided to tell her about this as she was the best friend of mine. So I called her landline. “Hello aunt…… err…” to my surprise, It was Arpita who picked up the call, now this was new. Every time, I mean those few times I ever called Arpita’s house, it was always aunty who used to pick up the phone. Arpita understood my astonishment and explained that her mom and dad is out to visit the ‘Durga temple’ with her just arrived relatives from another state and they will be back only in the evening. I told her I want to meet her, it’s urgent. She called me her home, as today that was the best place to meet with no Smita aunty to boss around.



I took my bicycle, barked at mom saying I am going to my friend’s place to study and started for her house.


This March and April is the time for the summer storms. We always had a few big storms coming at this time. I got caught by one of them midway. While cursing the storm my cycle fell on a ditch and bumped. It created few inches of vertical gap in the air between my bottom and the seat for a few seconds, and then I landed on the rod that joins the bicycle handle and its seat. I and my cycle embraced each other and I fell right on my face on the ground. Though my elbows saved my ‘handsome face’, which is definitely more handsome than Rahul, the skins of my both elbows were neatly peeled off.’ ‘More curses to god Zeus and also my newborn arch enemy Rahul’.



Somehow I pushed the bicycle and reached to her place and hit the calling bell. She opened the door and almost screamed seeing me. I was all covered with mud and blood. She almost dragged me in and pushed me in the bathroom and then got me some cotton and anti septic lotion. In half an hour I kind of recovered from the trauma of the cycle accident and then broke the ‘flash news of the day’, to her. She took it lightly, did not really laugh at it but advised me to forget her and get myself a new angel. I was in no mood of accepting any advice about giving up on Ekta. I was actually a little hurt and angry the way she reacted. I told her that. She playfully told me if I want she will bash Ekta up for what she did while I can take on Rahul. I was upset, so I kind of got agitated with her behavior. I pushed her on the bed and blamed her and the entire female community to be cheaters and back stabbers. I playfully threatened her that I will rape her here as no one is around and have my vengeance upon the girls. She got up with mock anger in her eyes and started hitting me. Though we were just kidding, as she hit my elbows I started bleeding again. It was paining so I screamed and asked her to stop. She turned a deaf ear to it and kept on hitting me saying she will teach me a nice lesson for trying to rape her.

To save myself from her, I ran towards the staircases which go to the terrace. She followed me, and caught me in the terrace. It was raining then, the storm was calmed. Little did I know, that another storm was waiting right in the corner which was about to make my life upside down.

I kept pleading her to stop, but she did not. Then I showed her how I was bleeding. She stopped then; we were already drenched in the rain, so we did not bother for a shelter, we sat right there. She was checking my injuries and then I saw it, ‘she was crying’!!! I was perplexed and shook her by shoulder, asked her why she is crying. She looked at me with teary eyes and said she did not want to hurt me but by mistake she scratched my injuries. Now I was completely puzzled and did not how to tackle the situation. I mean when we guys fight playfully, if we hurt our friend unintentionally, a simple sorry or ‘sorry sorry sorry’ always do. We seldom cry when we get hurt badly, ‘like got kicked in the balls’. But we don’t cry if we kick someone else’s balls.


So I gave her a tight hug and told her it’s alright, I am not feeling the pain at all, which was of course a big lie. While wraping my arms around her I was cursing the day, today it was real bad, first Ekta, then the storm and the accident and now this. And then, it happened. Accidentally our lips brushed against each other.

Well I know what you people thinking; I can read your mind. You people are now rolling your eyes and I can hear your sigh. Another bogus Indian romantic film story, this guy has nothing better to do so he is writing one crappy mushy mushy love story just as we see them every day in movies and television soap operas.

Now let me take you back to the story. I must warn you, ‘adult contains ahead’.

I was already in an awkward position holding my best friend in my arms while she was weeping and now I smooched her also, perfecto!! I was expecting a sudden push from her or the worst, a tight slap on my right cheek, she was lefty remember?

Instead, what she did I never expected. She hugged me tighter keeping her head on my shoulder and I was sweating while getting wet in the rain. Her soft and puffy breasts were rubbing against my chest and her nipples were hard, they were poking me! I am sure we were just feeling the same thing what Adam and eve felt after eating the apple. Our bodies were right on fire, could feel the adrenaline rush in each and every vain of ours. This time I kissed her, a real kiss. Her lips were under the command of mine; my tongue was exploring each and every corner of her mouth.


I cupped her breasts with my hands and started fondling those soft fleshy things, my thumbs was constantly rubbing her nipples while sucking her lips hard and was biting them occasionally. She was wearing a t-shirt and a ¾ jeans. In no time her grey and white t shirt got rid of her body; gosh!! she was wearing this sky-blue colored bra which was looking transparent after drenched in the rain. My hands were working overtime to unhook that bra, but I tell you guys, it’s no easy task to accomplish. At last her hands came forward to help to make those bosoms free from that piece of cloth.


I was speechless, dumbfounded, I was clean bowled by my own teammate. Two cute orange like bulges were looking at me with pink nipples and were inviting me suck them up. Well that’s just what I did. My hands were now busy undoing the button of her jeans and she was holding my hand, resisting. I did not stop. In few minutes we both were nude, without even a thread on our body right under the blue sky and drizzling rain. I hardly remember what we did, rather what I did after that. I was feeling like my body temperature rose to a level where a thermometer would have burst. All I can recall I was kissing her right there between her thighs and the next moment I was inside her. We both were shivering in each other’s arms. It seemed like we both are in a dream world of love, lust and ecstasy, literally in the seventh heaven. When we finally finished, we were lying side by side on the terrace for about an hour. I did not know how to react. A sweet, innocent and deflowered girl was lying beside me weeping. Perhaps I should have feel guilty at that time but all that I felt, was love, pure love.



We came down from terrace and I started for home, it was still raining, raining heavily. I was walking with my bicycle and her cute face which floating right before my eyes, it was getting hazy with the raindrops. I couldn’t gather enough courage to go and meet her after that day or even call her, neither did she. I got quite busy in next two month with my exams, entrance exams and all. Once the exam got over I went to her house with a greeting card which says ‘sorry’ and with another one which says ‘I LOVE HER’.


As usual Smita aunty came out, saw me and made a disgusting face. “Arpi went to her grandpa’s place for summer holidays, she won’t come back before a month”, saying this she turned and disappeared inside. I waited for whole month June. My gully team got dissolved because most of the guys were leaving the town to join their colleges. Rahul and Ekta already have been declared as a happy couple and they also got admission in the same college somewhere in Delhi. My friends, most of them were happy as most of them got their desired streams and colleges. Someone told me Arpita was going to Pune as she got her seat there. I called her home a few times, once she picked up but hung up as soon as she heard my voice, mostly aunty used to pick up the call and her answer was always “She is not at home”. I could clearly say that she was lying. She left for Pune after few days and from that day I never met her again or see her till date.



Sometimes when I sit back and think about her, I always ask myself, what have I lost? My best friend or my love? Or it’s both? I don’t know the answer. What do you think?


(I shall not disclose if this is a story of a pure fiction or a true occurrence, rather I would like the readers to comment what they feel about it.)




Merry Christmas


Part 1: https://anibhoot.wordpress.com/2015/11/29/homework/

Part 2: https://anibhoot.wordpress.com/2015/12/15/punishment/


As bittu entered into the staff room, Firoz was standing there holding bittu’s note, enraged and fumed. He waved the page in front of bittu’s face which has the lipstick mark on it.

Firoz : “So Bittu, tell me why do you come to school? For this huh? Mr Casanova. Are your parents Mr and Mrs Sinha are aware of all these or I have to personally tell them?”

Bittu (In a dumbfound voice): “I… I don’t know anything about this. Please don’t tell mom and dad anything, please”

Firoz: “Stop being a skirt chaser or you’ll regret it, badly.” Firoz chucked the note on Bittu’s face and snarled “Now GET OUT!”



Bittu was standing in front of the cash counter as he was making payment to the old lady

The Lady in the counter: “Ahh, you have bought such a nice dress for your sister. But you’re sure it will fit her? I mean you could brought her along.”

Bittu: “Amm, this is not for my sister, actually for one of my, err… friend.”

The Lady in the counter (Making a face): “Hmm! So even school kids like you are having girlfriends and boyfriends, huh, don’t where this generation is heading to? Now here, the dress is packed. “


Mr Sinha (While taking a sip from his tea cup) : So bittu, you got the new cricket bat?

Bittu: “Ye…. Yes dad”

Mrs Sinha: Where’s it? Show me.

Bittu: “I… I kept it in the school store room, tomorrow is the match so I thought….”

Mrs Sinha: “Come on Bittu, such an expensive new bat and you kept it there? What if someone flicks it?”

Bittu (Smiling): “Don’t worry mom, it will be safe


Bittu: “Neeraj, can I borrow your bat for tomorrow? For the boxing day match between teachers and students”

Neeraj(Bittu’s friend): “Why? Didn’t you get a big cash from your dad for buying one?”

Bittu:”Amm, I spent it somewhere else.”

Neeraj: “I know where you spent it. On her, don’t you? Fine you can have the bat. But you borrowed 500 bucks from me?

Bittu: I’ll give it back next month.

Neeraj: “Yeah but this time you have to give me 1000.

Bittu: “Why?”

Neeraj(With a mischievous smile): “I too have my own expenses.”


Christie: “It’s for me? Why?”

Bittu: “Christmas gift.”

Christie: “Hmm, ok bye, mom’s calling me.”

Bittu: “Christie….?”

Christie: “What?”

Bittu(Sighed): ”Nothing.”


Bittu: “Sir, did you call my home? Asking for me?

Firoz(At Firoz’s house): “Ya, Neeraj told me you wanted to his borrow his bat for tomorrow’s match.”

Bittu: “ Aaaa….mmmm, Yess!!”

Firoz: “I played with this in my college days, now there’s no much use of it to me anyway. It’s yours.” He was holding his old elegant cricket bat.

Bittu: “But sir…….”

Firoz: “Bittu, this mid-term I want you to get A+ in Chemistry. Now take this and GET OUT.”


Christie: “First ball, clean bowled. Do you even know how to hold a bat?”

Bittu: “Raman sir was bowling, it was a low full toss, I was thinking whether to hit for a four or a six, then there was something distracted me. As I felt and breathe a strange sweet fragrance and I saw someone there on long off, dress in red. I stood there and closed my eyes, the ball took off my middle stump.”

Christie: “Idiot, I thought I would wear it in Christmas, not a day before, but you…..”

Bittu: More than half of my team are yet to bat. Could we go get some ice creams and sit under that tree?

Christie (Smile and tears): “Merry Christmas ‘My Santa Claus’.”

Bittu: “Merry Christmas Christie”









–     “Why are you making face at me?”

—   “My wish, did you see your face in the mirror? Go see.

–     “Hmm.”

—   “You sound like a baboon when you say hmm. Go wash your face, its reddish like a baboon’ butt”

–     “Ok.”

(After a while)

–     “Damn, my front tyre is flat”

—   “I know, I did that.”

–     “Why?”

—   “My wish, walk with me, there’s a cycle repair shop next to my house,   fix it there.”

(Walking together)

—    “Why you didn’t say anything to him?”

–    “Whom?”

—      “Whose ten fingers are printed on your cheeks, you idiot.”

–    “Don’t call me idiot.”

—      “I’ll call you whatever I want, you monkey”

–      “Fine, but at least don’t make faces at me.”

—       “Shut up, ok we’ve reached, see that’s cycle repair shop, now wait here.”

(After 5 mins)

—     “Here, your notes, go and fix your tyre now.”

–   “Amm, Actually, I…….. Wanted to tell you something.”

—     “Say.”

–      “I……. I like you… So much!”

—       “So? Go home. Bye.”


Bittu stood there for a while like a nincompoop as Christi made a weird face at him one more and quickly disappeared through the front door. He shook his head in disappointment and slowly pushed his cycle towards the repair shop.


(Next day)

Firoz sir was checking the homework submitted by his students in the staff room, he gave extra homework to Bittu for delay in submission. As he was turning the pages of the notes, his eyes stuck at the last page. It’s the impression of a pair of lips, as if someone applied orange lipstick and kissed that part of the page, below that it’s written “For You” with a feminine hand writing.

A volcano erupted inside Firoz’s head and his eyes turned blood red. He calmly turned to the office peon and said “Call Bittu.”


Pickpocketer – The End


It took a while for Arun to set his eyes in the darkness, small rays of light is falling onto the floor of the shop. Masand Lal’s jewelry shop, where Swapna works.

It’s been 6 months Arun is working in the coffee shop next to Swapna’s workplace. They were happy, Arun did not hesitate to ask out Swapna within a week time and she shyly agreed. Things were going fine when the fate decided to intervene. Swapna’s mother’s health started decorating, as the doctor’s reports came, Arun and Swapna came to know her mother needs a kidney transplant. In front of Arun’s very eyes his happy go lucky Swapna started becoming a shadow of her own self. Arun decided to take the matter in his own hand.

It’s 11:30 PM when Swapna’s mobile rang, it was Arun. The conversation lasted for 5 minutes and all Swapna heard is to pack all their bags as they are leaving the city today.

It’s almost 2 PM when Arun reached at Swapna’s place. “Is everything packed?” He asked. Swapna did not answer but her curious eyes were staring Arun. “I stole the jewels from Masand Lal’s shop, believe me, this is our best bet. Ask your mom and Ashna to get ready, we are leaving now.” Arun barked. “Are those jewels in that bag?” Swapna questioned.”Yes.” “Can I see them?” Arun gave the bag to her. She took it and moved back a few steps and tall figure appeared from her bedroom. Arun’s jaw dropped. It’s the same snatcher!

As Arun looked at Swapna she was smiling impishly standing right next to the guy who apparently snatched her bag that day.

“Bravo Swapna, I never thought your plan would be this successful. How do you know you could have trapped him this easy?” The snatcher was laughing.

“Oh I did not Rashid. That day when I asked you to take my bag and run I was just playing a prank on him, I spotted him long back as he was following me. But as they say, the prey itself walked into the trap. Even I never imagined he would be this useful.” Swapna was laughing too as she answered Rashid.

“Here mister, let me return the favor of that day when you tripped me off in the street.” Rashid face suddenly turned hard and cruel. Arun felt a strong thud on his left cheekbone, Rashid’s next punch landed on his stomach, he fell on the floor catching his belly while cursing Rashid and Swapna.

“Come on Rashid, let’s go, it’s already late.” Swapna pushed Rashid in urgency as they hurried through the main door closing it behind them.

It took few minutes to recover for Arun. His head was blank, got a bleeding mouth and aching stomach, still he was smiling. He is a street kid of his whole life and though the last 6 months changed him lot, he did not lose his instinct. He never doubted Swapna, but tonight after he stole all those jewels, habitually he hid his loots in a safe place. The bag they got has only the imitations, fake jewelries. If the street taught him anything that is never trust anyone.

As Arun wiped the blood with his hand, he heard the vehicles and police sirens. “So that bitch called cops on me as well. Dirty whore.” he cursed under his breath. He quickly checked the main door, it’s bolted from outside. He moved the next room where Swapna’s mother and sister are supposed to be, there were none. Arun now was sure they were skilled actors playing their parts. He rushed to the kitchen; he knew the kitchen window is half broken and that’s the only way of his escape, he flexed his muscles.

As Masand Lal opened the shutter of his shop, he wasn’t surprise to see all his jewelry holders are empty, he expected that. When that waiter from the next coffee shop came twice in his shop with lame excuses he knew something is up. As he found the key of his shop is missing from his drawer, Masand Lal instantly replaced the jewels with the imitations. As usual the key magically reappeared in its place in half an hour but it couldn’t deceive Masand Lal. He was happy, now he can claim the insurance for his lost golds which are not even gold. Masand Lal removed the Lord Krishna’s image from his wall and his hidden vault emerged, as he opened the combination lock he felt a sharp pain in his chest, the vault is empty, the thief took the real jewels as well.

Arun was running in the empty streets. His heart was twitching as his eyes were wet. He really liked Swapna, but a street rat like him shouldn’t have dreamt for such bliss. He wiped his tears and clenched his teeth, he shall have his revenge.

The mall security guard was shocked to see the terrace door was ajar not locked. He took a quick look though and locked the door after him. No one would have noticed an old torn bag was lying with other garbage there, with 5 million worth of gold jewelries in it.

A Group


Present days

(4:30 PM):

Argha was standing in front of the door of his apartment, with a bouquet on his left hand. His right hand was busy pressing the door bell continuously. Argha was grinning to himself, Avantika must be mad at him now; frankly he didn’t know she will take his joke so seriously.

(4:15 PM):

The water of the bathtub has turned into blood red now. Avantika is slowly sinking into it, with both wrists slit open already. The pain is getting unbearable. She unhurriedly raised her right hand; it was still holding the razor blade with her two fingers. She felt it a little itchy as the blade touched her throat.

(3:55 PM):

Avantika stabbed Aman again, with the kitchen knife. She can see the disbelief in Aman’s eyes. This time she stabbed him on the neck, blood was oozing out of his mouth as Aman was making gurgling sound. In few seconds his lifeless body fell down on the floor. The floor was now all slippery and sticky with Aman’s blood.

(3:20 PM):

As Avantika opened the door, Aman stormed in. “Where is that bastard?” He looked like a complete mess. Abhinav came out to the drawing room almost at once. Avantika watched horridly as Aman nearly jumped on Abhinav. His both hands were clutching on to Abhinav’s throat and the grip was only getting tighter. Abhinav was gasping for air, trying to get out of that grasp of Aman. But his entire struggle proved futile and his body became still as his eyes and tongue looking almost popped out of his face.

Aman got up from Abhinav body and turned to Avantika. As she screamt and ran to kitchen, Aman followed behind her.

(2:00 PM):

“You did what? Say what you did again?” Avantika was screaming her head off to Abhinav.

“I killed Ayesha, I killed that bitch. She came to know about us. She was threatening me to disclose everything to Argha. Believe me I didn’t want to kill her, but she got onto my nerves, accusing me and you of betraying friends, betraying trusts.” Abhinav was blurting out everything in a breath.

“Why are you even here? Argha can come in anytime.” Avantika shrieked in terrified voice.

“I hit her with a bronze statue in the mid of our arguments, she fell down bleeding. I heard Aman’s footsteps and he was calling her name. I flee from there, I did not know where else to go. Please let me be here for some time.”


“Happy anniversary my love”. Argha called Avantika as soon as he reached office. After all it’s their first marriage anniversary and he wants to make an impression.

“Wow! Someone is in such romantic mood today.”

“You know how much I love you. But stay away from that flirt Abhinav. Now a days he is visiting our place a little too much” Argha said jokingly.

“What do you mean? Are you doubting me? Is that what I need to hear on our first anniversary?” Before Argha can say anything Avantika cut the call.

Argha felt a little dumb and awkward. Nonetheless he decided he will make it up to her in the evening.

Five years ago, in a college:

“Say cheese”, someone said and all five of them posed again.

Freshman 1: Those five people are always together right. Thick friends huh!

Freshman 2: Yep, that’s the ‘A’ group. Argha, Aman, Abhinav, Ayesha and Avantika. Aman and Ayesha are couples and Avantika is confused between Argha and Abhinav.

A Story


He wrote. “You look so beautiful in that pink and blue dress. When you smile, the heaven smiles, you speak like a nightingale; I hear the sound of thousand waterfalls when you giggle, those deep dark deep eyes is deeper than any lake of the world and those cheeks are rosier than any red rose. And here I am, looking at you like a fool”.

He looked at her while she was busy writing something and playing with a pint of hair with her left hand. He sighed and glanced back at his piece of paper before he throws it into the dustbin.

She wrote. “You look so handsome in that white shirt and blue jeans. You appearance has a sublime meaning, those strong arms can hold somebody secure and those stronger shoulder can carry anyone till the end of the world. Your soft speaking, naïve yet wise personality, there’s not one thing I dislike about you”.

She finished writing and looked back at him, saw him threw a piece of paper to the dustbin while taking the last few sips from his coffee cup. She sighed and tore the paper into pieces.

“She is so beautiful, so cute and I am such a fool, she must have someone better in her life”, He knew he could never gather enough courage to ask her out.

“He is so handsome and I am so ugly, he must have gorgeous girl with him” , She thought, she could never tell him how much she likes him.

Before he could reach out and shout, she started her scooty. The mini truck she didn’t see coming hit her down. She only saw him running at her and then its darkness.

“She wants to see you for one last time.” Doctor told him.

Miserably, hopelessly he entered the hospital ward room, sat next to her, looked at her pain clad face and closed eyes. He whispered, “All my love declared, for you, to you”. To his surprise, she opened her eyes and replied, “Mine too”.

Puzzled he looked at the doctor now laughing at them. “You kids are awful these days; you people needed an accident to declare your love? Sorry for my theatrics, but just couldn’t help. She just has few minor injuries and a fractured leg. If you take good care of her she would be alright in a month.”


She: isn’t it suppose have a tragic, sad ending?

Me: Yes, it supposes to, but then I thought a happy ending won’t hurt anybody.

She: Strange, so this time you won’t kill your character by the stroke of your pen; I wonder how all of a sudden you become so kind hearted?

He: Because I begged him not to kill you, because I pleaded him for our togetherness, happiness, because I told him, just

because you are a lonely and sad man, you have no rights to play with the lives of your characters.

And then they went back into the story and lived there happily ever after.


The Bad Guy




(Disclaimer: Strict adult content ahead, please do not read if you do not wish to, or if you are underage)



I opened the door and threw my wallet and mobiles on the couch. It was a bad day. Need some peace and good scotch.”Time to open a new bottle”, I thought.

And there’s a knock on the door, as I just closed it. Who could it be at this hour? I checked the time, 9:35 PM, whining and grunting I opened it.

It was Swati standing there, 19 years old daughter of my next door neighbor Mr Chakraborty, Principal of St. john’s college. As like all other neighbors of mine, I have the extra sweet relationship with them as well. People here know me as an alcoholic, womanizer and don’t give a fuck kind of guy. They hate my guts and I despise those miserable low lives.

I could see her eyes were red and swollen, dried tears on her cheeks, She has been crying for a while.

Me: “What happened?”

Swati: “The Students are again agitated, they surrounded the college and dad is stuck in there. Police are not able to penetrate; we don’t even know what condition he is in. Mom, me and sister are helpless, mom’s crying since evening.”

Me: “Good, serves him right.”

Swati:”How could you be so cruel, he was your professor once”

Me: And so I know, he deserves it.

I remember our violent clashes and arguments with him. I always hated too righteous people and he is one of them.

Swati: “Avik is your friend, call him, and tell him to release my dad”.

Avik is the leader of local student political group. I know the agitation is going on under his watch.

Me: “And why should I do that?” I asked looking straight at her.

There was change in her posture. All these while she was speaking in a low voice bending her shoulder and was not looking right at me. Now she was firm and steady and made an eye contact with me.

Swati: “What you want? To sleep with me? Tell me.”, She spoke in with an unshaken voice.

Me: “Yeah right! Go home. Let me see what I can do” I nearly closed the door on her face.

It wasn’t a tough task to call Avik and get Swati’s father out of the mess unharmed. Though principal Chakraborty was adamant to accept my help, his wife and both daughters were grateful.

After 3 days on a Saturday afternoon Swati brought a Tiffin box paratha and mutton curry.

Swati : “Mom sent it.”, she announced while placing it on the dining table. “And she said thanks again”.

She was a wearing a sky-blue color frock till her knees and a light pink color top, looked like she just had a bath and hair were open and still wet. I slowly stepped forward at her, caught her wrist and pulled hard towards me. She got imbalanced and fell on me. I held her waist, pulled her closer and kissed those soft red lips.

After almost a minute when we broke of our kiss, she leaned on me.

Swati: “I hate you. You have no respect for my father, you’re alcoholic, I saw you bringing those useless girls at your place every now and then, and you are ten years older than me.” She was almost out of breath while whispering those words.

Me: “Yeah! I am a bad guy”, and I lifted her like a doll in my both arms, carry her to the bed room and threw her on the bed. Then like a hungry tiger I leisurely crawled at her.

We kissed again and I shoved my tongue inside her. She looked at me with big dark eyes.

Swati: “No man ever touched me till today. I vowed to save myself for a better man”.

Me: “I assure you, I am the worst man of all you ever met or ever will.”

I placed my hand inside her skirt and with a swift pull I brought the undergarment to her ankle, the other hand was busy playing her soft bosoms. It barely took a minute to strip every bit her clothes. She didn’t resist at all.

I still don’t know how her tender fragile teenage body took the brutal assault. Mad with lust and desire I became a beast. After the storm we were lying naked in bed, in each other’s arms. She was sobbing and I was holding her tight, too tight.

Few days passed. On a Sunday afternoon when I was working on my laptop, there was a knock on the door.

As I opened I saw Iti, the younger sister of Swati was standing there.

Me: “Come in”. I invited her in. She stepped inside hesitatingly.

Me:”What’s up?”

Iti: “There is a guy bothering me, he is a student at dad’s college. I don’t want to tell him, he is already in too much trouble with the students. Swati is also acting weirdly for last few days. I heard that guy is also the part of same student political group who held my dad in the college that day”

I looked at her, closely. She has the same stature like Swati, almost the same height. She was in her uniform, plated hair, hardly 2 years younger than Swati. Same big dark eyes, puffy cheeks, red lips, same……….

Me: “I’ll see what I can do. Now go home”.


The English willow



Almost all the crickets’ fans know about the English willow bats. They are considered the finest wood to make a cricket bat. Back in days and even today some of the legends of cricket prefer it over any other kind.

But this story is not about that but it’s about the owner of that cricket bat.

I was fourteen than, just promoted to 8th standard. During the adolescence period, we all encounter that serious urge to have an idol, whom we can follow, a hero, an icon. Mostly they are legends of sports or in real life the elderly young and popular guy in your neighborhood.

Back then, our hero was Robin or as we used to call him Robin da. (Da is the short form of dada which means elder brother e.g. bhaiya or anna, most of the adults are being addressed so by their juniors in the eastern part of India)

Robin da was a prodigy, equally good at sports and other activities, plays & theatres, poet recitation, a star cricketer for his college team and an awesome singer. During our childhood we were watching him with awe, wanted be like him. He was our ‘go to man’ for any trouble.

He had cricket bat, a UK made English willow once gifted by a distant uncle of his. That was his life literally. He hardly let any one touch it, even his closest friend. As being a kid then I was obsessed with that bat, always wanted to play with it. Robin da was fond of me, in fact because of his backing I used to be included in colony cricket team. But he never either let me touch that bat.

Our next door family was really close to us. Their eldest daughter Neelima, she was very talented, Very good at studies, good in music and arts and probably the most beautiful girl in our neighborhood. Neelu di (Di again is the short form of didi, which means elder sister and again in most of the eastern part it’s use to address) as I called her and Robin da was in same college. She was in 2nd year arts group, Robin da was in 3rd year B.Sc. We all knew they like each other. But they never spoke to each other till date. Not even a word.

Neelu di was so very fond of me. I was her sweet and younger brother from other parents. I liked her too. My friends used to pass comments about Robin da and Neelu di but I was absolutely reluctant that time about so.

It was in the month of January, our winter vacation was just ended. Robin da called me to his house.

“Would you do something for me”, he asked.

“Sure, why not, tell me.”, I replied.

He pulled out an envelope and gave it to me. As soon as I had it, I was trying to open it.

“Don’t, that’s personal. You have to give it to Neelu.”

I knew what that means and I would do it happily but then the Lucifer whispered in my ear.

“I will, if you let me play with your bat. There’s a match coming today afternoon.”

I could see his uneasiness, not because that he didn’t trust me with it but he never shared his bat with me.

“Take it or leave it. Either let me play with you bat or find a pigeon to deliver you letter”, I made a face.

“Ok, but I want it back right after the match, and this will be the last time. And don’t you forget to give this to Neelu first.” He said while handing over the bat and the envelope.

I hardly listened to him finishing his sentence, I snatched both the letter and the bat ran to the ground.

The experience of playing with that bat was out of the world. Smooth grip, slight curvature of its surface. As expected I completely forgot about the letter.

Evening that day when I went to his place to return the bat, he asked me,

“So you gave her the letter?”

I was dumbfounded and started to stammer. “I.. I forgot, I’ll give it to her tomorrow.

‘Thud!’ there was a sound and for few seconds I could see only darkness. It was a heavy and powerful slap from Robin da, while he was yelling at me I was still gaining my senses.

“Idiot, tonight she and her family going out for 2 weeks vacation, I told you to give the letter to her first, you useless stupid ass, I knew I should never depend on you.”

I almost ran out of his house while trying to hide my tears, I never expected Robin da to hit me that too so hard. All my respect and love for him was vanished in thin air.

I came back home, but returning home, I finished my unfinished job. I went to Neelu di’s place; she was outside so I waited for her till she came back.

“Neelu di, here’s a letter for you, from Robin da”, I gave it to her.

“Oh! What is in it?” She smiled and took it.

“How would I know, maybe he wrote how much he loves you an all”, I spoke uninterestedly.

“And how you know all that?” she asked mischievously.

“Well he definitely likes you more than anyone else, that’s for sure. For you he can hit me also”. I voice was full of pain and anger.

“What are you talking about? Why your left cheek is so red”, she tried to touch my cheek.

“None of your business.” I spoke those words and ran out of her home as well.

Me and Robin da was started to grow apart from that day. I was now more interested in football, almost stopped talking to him. He sensed that, he tried to apologies but I was in no mood to hear him out. After almost a year passed, one day after a match when I came back home I was surprised see Robin da at my place waiting for me.

“How are you?” he asked.

“Fine”, I replied. Indifferently

“Can we go to your room; I need to talk to you.”

“What you want to talk about?” I asked angrily

He almost pushed to my room, I was wondering why he was doing that, and then I saw it in his hand.

“Here, it’s yours”, in his extended hand it was the English willow.

“You keep it, I don’t need it. I even stopped playing cricket”. I was unmoved.

“I know that, and I know I am responsible for that. So I am offering this to you. Take it and forgive me. Start playing again.”

“Why such change of heart suddenly”, I asked sarcastically.

He smiled, “Neelu came and spoke to me today”.

Though I was angry with him, this news made me happy, at last they together, at last they spoke to each other. I was happy for them.

“But what about you? What will you play with?”

“I am buying a new one idiot”, he laughed.

“Ah, so that’s why you are giving me the old one? Ok, forgiven, but not before you give us a grand treat”, Now the tension between us was slowly easing out.

“Sure thing.’ He smiled again, “Now you take good care of my willow”.

That day night Robin da hanged himself. Police found his note which said ‘no one is responsible for my death’. I guess Neelu di herself told him, how her parents found a perfect match for her, a doctor from another city. They did not want to lose such a golden alliance and wanted to marry her off as soon as possible. Few days after that incident Neelu di got married and move to another city.

That night I did not go to hospital to see our Robin da for the last time, though all my family members went. I did not even go to the cremation ground. I cried whole night hugging that bat. And never I did forgive Neelu di,never!

(Based on a true event)


I want to feel you there, feel you in me                                                                   7039704-pink-love-backgrounds

To see if my heart truly missing you

So I can make it through, one more time

And make you say, you want me too.


Things won’t be the same, as they were                                                                                  sos_apps_1-750x375

And we shall not expect them to be

As broken hearts and wings never mend,

But we can be there, for each other maybe.


I need to feel your touch, your warmth                                                                                    Sun-Island-Resort-Spa-1

I got to feel you your love, if not a lie

To figure it out, you are not a dream

So save my soul, before I wake and die       .


Love Letter

handwriting chemist-with-vialshilarious-tattoo-of-ex-girlfriend

Anita was standing in the backyard of her house, watching the paper burned to ashes. She got the letter half an hour back.

She was surprised when at morning 9:30 her maid came to her and gave the letter. It was delivered to her by the postman. No one was at home today, her dad is on business trip, and mom is out early for temple. After all, their only daughter Anita is getting married this month.

She was speaking to Mohit, her fiancée, when she got the letter. There was no sender’s name, only her name and address on top, written urgent and confidential.

She opened it and felt a little jolt. It’s from Anant, her ex from college. Curiously she opened it.

As expected, the same old lines. How he missed her, how good they were together. He was always this boring. Comparatively Mohit is way charming and yes Rich!!! Of course there’s no comparison between an investment banker and a second class chemical engineer.

She read the last lines again. A bit strange, she thought. He wrote he doesn’t want any complications in her marriage and so advised to burn the letter. Of course she will. What did he think she will have a collection of his emo letter? Speaking of that, this is the hand written letter she received in years. What’s wrong with a email or Facebook massage?

Anant was restlessly tapping his laptop. Its 4:15pm IST now, he is on the connecting flight to South Korea to join his new employer, one of the largest chemical plant. People always under estimated him and his work but this time he will show the world. It should have been done now. His invention, the chemical which is 10 times stronger the cyanide, the letter is dipped into it and carefully placed in the envelope. As she reads it she will inhale the poison and her habit of keeping her index finger to her lips while reading would help better. Anant hopes Anita burned the letter as he asked her to do.

He closed his laptop. He’ll read the news once he reaches to his destination.

Love and Betrayal

three_cheers_for_sweet_revenge_by_ribkadory-d4b8h0g how_to_cheat_and_not_get_caught


*Phone ringing*

Neeta: Hellooo

Rohit: Hey darling, what’s up. What you doing?

Neeta: Nothing jaanu, missing you. At work?

Rohit: Yep. You didn’t go to college I see. Bunking?

Neeta: Ya jaan, not feeling well.

Rohit: Ok take care; I will see you in the evening. Whose there with you? Are you alone?

Neeta: Yes darling, my stupid roommate Ragini is in college.

Rohit: Aww! Take care of yourself. I’ll meet you soon.

*Neeta disconnected the call, made a face looking at her phone and started to check herself out in front of the mirror.*

*Phone ringing again*

Neeta: Hey handsome.

Navin : Hey sexy babe. What are you up to?

Neeta: Waiting for you handsome. I know you are standing there in the ground floor right in front of the elevator.

Navin: Keep the door open baby, I am coming to eat you up.

Neeta: *Giggling* I am waiting for you sweetheart.

*Navin and Neeta meet each other, the hugged and started kissing each other, Navin starts fondling Neeta’s breast*

Neeta: Ummmm…. Baby I need you now, need some hot, steamy sex.

Navin: Oh yeahh babe, you are such a bitch in heat.

* They both started removing their clothes*

Navin: Where is my cute and innocent girlfriend Ragini?

Neeta: Sent her to college. Ohh she is such a boring bitch.

Navin: I got to use the loo. By the time I come back, I don’t want a thread on your body and you should be in bed spreading those beautiful legs apart.

Neeta : *Giggles hysterically*

*Neeta drops her clothes and jumped on the bed. A shadow emerges from the balcony and slowly creeps beside her.*

Neeta: AAAAAaaaaa!!!!! (She screams with pain and horror as she got stabbed in her stomach)

Neeta: Raginiiiiiiii !!!! Noooooo !!

*Stabbed, stabbed, stabbed and stabbed again*

Neeta: Please spare me. *Coughing blood and saliva*. Please, please, please. I did nothing. He seduced me, Navin made me do all these, please don’t kill me.

Ragini: I know, but you deserve to die. I spare nobody who hurts, cheats and do wrong to my Rohit.

Neeta: Wh..oo!! Wh.a..t?? Wha..t are y….ou talking abo..ut?

Ragini: Hahahaha, I never told you and you never figured it out. Did you?

*Neeta looked at Ragini with utmost disbelief but by then her life is all set to free from her body*

*Ragini walks out of the room and enters into her bedroom where Rohit was standing, wiping blood of his knife, Navin’s lifeless body was lying under his feet*

Rohit: Ohh sis, it was so hard to hide in the bathroom for so long, but it was worth it.

Ragini: Hehehe, big bro now it’s time for us to move to a new city. Let’s find you another girlfriend and let me find myself another guy.

*Both smiles at each other, mischievously!!!!!*


Story of ………….


He said, “If we weren’t from this Indian subcontinent, our story would have been Different. At least Paris had Helen for a while, with him. They drank wine, made love and lived their moments.”

And he said, “I lost my kingdom, brothers, soldiers and wives, for you. And yet I never forced myself upon you, promised you everything I’ have and always been rejected for years by you.

Tell me, do you only see my ego, arrogance and lust? Don’t you see the love?”

And Ravan(A) threw the ‘The Iliad of Homer’ to Sita and went to his last war with Ram(A). Leaving her behind, ‘Guilty and Speechless’.



Just Friends…

Now it’s all over, we fell apart. So you have to ask me, “Can we still be friends?”
You want to play nice, you want to act wise, but you know broken heart never mends.
So you want to offer me a consolation prize, for the game we both played, but I lost.
The winner should leave with a winning note, so you took me, where once our path crossed.
Where once we met and promised to be together, forever. But promises are meant to be broken.
So now, as everything between us, turned into nothing; a few words though left unspoken.
But you don’t want to hear them, you are too blind to notice me, devastated and forsaken.
Standing in the rain and watching helplessly, as my beloved possession is snatched and taken.
So you touch my hand and ask me if I am ok, if I understand why I have to set you free.
“We will be friends, we will always be”, I know they are your last words to me.
Because you know, friends won’t be angry if you won’t call them before you sleep.
Because they won’t hold you anymore and won’t stop you go down and drown so deep.
I am telling you now, I am no friend of yours and you can forget it, as I will only refuse.
I never wanted a friend like you and I will never be in need of any, so don’t say it anymore.
All I ever asked for is your love and only so, don’t make the word friendship a dirty excuse.
And stop saying, “Can we still be friends? Only friends?”standing very next to my door.