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A tired soul with blues feed on empty words

Harnessing darkness, cultivating depressions

Smiling at its fate and gardening its worst fear

An endless loop call life and its gloomy inspirations


Standing aside, quietly and carefully, let them pass

Deserving happiness, sweet memories of glorious past

The screaming heart, while it’s getting skinned alive

And getting roasted in the low flames of betrayal of trust


Nothing seems so perfect, nothing seems so complete

Like it feels today, counting days, counting minutes and seconds

Yet hoping, perhaps there is solace, pieces of peace somewhere

But then all hopes fade away, leaving me on my own to fend.

Happiness. Sadness.

Happiness Sadness

Happiness is:

  • In a hot summer afternoon, on the terrace, raw mangos finely chopped, mixed with proper amount of sugar, salt, black pepper, chili powder and few drops of mustered oil, with school friends.
  • Reading your old comics of ‘The Phantom’ and realizing he is a better superhero without superpowers than Batman.
  • Remembering good old school days when you accidentally looked straight at your crush, realizing she was staring at you too.
  • On a rainy September night, sitting in your balcony all alone, listening to Gazals and rain, with a hot steamy cup of coffee.
  • Waking up hearing you mom’s angry and complaining voice, calling from downstairs, as your tea and breakfast is getting cold and how it’s a bad habit not to join your family at breakfast table, especially when you are at home after such a long long gap.
  • Durga Pujo. In Kolkata. At your street.
  • Dedicating one full day of your vacation, reading and watching Satyajit Ray’s classics.

Sadness is:

Tying your shoe laces, while checking on your laptop, with one eye looking at your watch, part of your mind calculating how fast you should run to catch the 9:05 bus and other part busy making notes about what to discuss on today’s client call, when you can hear your cell phone is ringing madly.

Another day. Another fight. Another corporate Monday…………………