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(This story contains sexually explicit contents and something that might be considered as social taboo. There are extensive usage of the F word and other abusive words.

The content may contains elements that are not suitable for some audience or readers, Viewer discretion is advised. Please do not read if you don’t like such contents or if you’re underage)






“So that bitch is coming?” As I looked at her from the bed, that was her first question. Sheryl was sitting in front the dressing table mirror combing her hair, topless and with her flimsy blue and white pantie on.

I made a grunting sound, “Argh, sweetie come on, we already spoke about it. She will be here for a day, just for a day.”

“And then you two will fuck whole day, haan?” She stopped combing, looked at me and made a face.

“Come on baby, you know I only love you.” I sound exactly the same how every other guy on this earth sound while convincing their girlfriend, we guys must learn better lines.

“Fuck you!” She screamed.

“That’s what we did whole night baby.” I couldn’t help smiling at her. She got up from there and crawled into the bed, I pushed my both hands under her armpits and pulled her at me, her breasts were hanging like two mangos over my face, I fondled the left one while sucking the right nipple.

“I’m not approving this, she won’t come here.” Her angry voice fell on my deaf ears as my mind wandered back in my past.

Fahima, my ex, a short, petite girl, with a heavenly smile and mischievous eyes. When we were dating she was still in college, an innocent 19 years old from a very conservative family. Maybe the conservativeness in her kept her innocence intact. I still remember the day when she came to my place straight from her college, her face was red and she was furious.

“Do you know what I heard today? A couple of guys were standing in the parking lot, they saw me and one of them called me shorty with huge boobs. Those wretched bastards.” I could see her fuming.

I laughed as I couldn’t help it, she really had such big breasts compare to her own size, “Take it as a compliment sweetie.” I remember telling her that while pulling her at me and held her lips with mine for a very long time.

But those were good old day’s way back behind us, it’s been 7 years from then. It did not work out between us because of her conservative family, we broke apart.

Compare to her Sheryl is just opposite, tall, slender, fair and super confident, a modern working woman from a very liberal family. We’ve been dating for a few months now and already we started spending a lot of time with each other.

So when I got a text from Fahi I was surprised and overwhelmed at the same time. The text was short and sweet. “Tiger, I am coming to your city. Can we meet?”

Yeah, she used to call me Tiger and that was a butt of many jokes between my friends. I was her Tiger and she was my Kitten. I called her to check on her and found she was coming here for a day and she was not comfortable staying in a hotel all alone. I invited him straight away to my place, she hesitated but agreed when I told her Sheryl will also be with us.

But as always, Girlfriends just hate their Boyfriend’s Ex for little or no reason. We were fighting since then. I thought a hot and steamy love making session will make her forget about it but apparently, I was wrong.

“I am not going to spend a night with my boyfriend’s ex under the same roof. Get that clear.” She pushed me and moved out of bed.

“Baby come on, I gave her my words. Do you want me to step back from my words? You know how bad that will make me look.” I was almost pleading. She already had my mobile phone in her hand.

“Call her and tell her she can’t stay here.” She spoke in a dry voice.

“You know I’ll not do that,” I replied back firmly.

“I am going to my friend’s place then, I am not gonna stay with her for whatsoever. Cheer up, I am moving out of your way. Go screw her brains out while I am not here, but then forget me.” She walked away swinging her hips and spreading anger through her footsteps.




It was Saturday and my girlfriend just walked out of me, I couldn’t make Sheryl stay. She just took off saying let her know if I changed my mind, else consider it over between us.

I was half lying on my couch playing with my mobile without knowing what to do when it rang, and to my surprise it was Fahi.

“Tiger, busy?” Fahi’s sweet childish voice almost took me back my past again.

“Hey, what’s up? When is your flight? Should I come to pick you up?” I tried to sound normal.

“No, come on, you have already sent me your address. But I am calling you for something else. I am not coming, my trip got canceled.” Fahi replied.

“Oh! Why?”  I couldn’t suppress my disappointment in my voice.

“Something came up at the last minute. It’s alright tiger, if we are supposed to meet again we will, Inshallah.” Perhaps I heard a tinge of sadness in her voice.

“Alright Fahi, you take good care of yourself and if your plans changed let me know.

“I miss you, Tiger.” She uttered those words and cut the call.

“I miss you too kitten,” I whispered but she wasn’t there on the call to hear it.

I dialed Sheryl’s number, she picked up. “I’m not talking to you.” That was her first sentence.

“Babe, Fahima is not coming. Her trip got canceled.” I replied.

“So you did not tell her not to crash in our place but she canceled her trip, right?” Her angry reply got me irritated.

“Yes, and you got what you want. What’s the problem here?” I replied irritatedly.

“My problem is that my boyfriend invited his ex to stay with us, no matter for how many days. What were you looking for? A threesome?”

I was about to answer Maybe but I controlled myself, “Come back home baby, I am waiting for you.” I tried to sound sweet.

“No, I am having a girl’s night out today, I will come tomorrow.” She announced.

“You’ll leave me all alone on a Saturday?” I did not try to hide my disappointment.

“Your punishment.” She replied and cut the call.

Damn! I thought, why we guys always get penalized like this, just imagine a guy saying his girlfriend or wife, today no sex, your punishment. I doubt any girl will even take it as punishment, they will happily go out or sleep. And then there is a myth women enjoy sex more than men, my ass.


As I have nothing to do the whole day, I slumbered lazily the entire afternoon and then thought of having a long walk in the evening. I have this habit of taking these long walks that sometimes I even go the distance of 5 km at ease. A disappointed mind just helped walking around without any aim or destination.

It’s around 5:30 in the evening when it started to drizzle. There was hardly any shelter so I stood under a tree and then I saw her.

A dusky voluptuous woman on the deserted road was struggling with her scooter and the engine won’t start. I looked closely and then I was shocked, that was Abhilasha!




I and Abhilasha dated for a year, she was a junior in my office. I remember the first day I saw her, there was an instant spark between us, and I know she felt the same. We spoke in the office cafeteria and got hooked up with no time.

She was a demanding girlfriend, in the all the ways. Let it be about dragging me out from my sleep for a long ride or movie or making it in a corner of a mall. Our affair was hot, fiery and too physical. We used to take bath together, stayed naked the whole day making love in every corner of the house, kitchen, and terrace or in the balcony.

But about 6 months ago it came to me as a shocker, she simply walked at me one day and wanted to end this relationship. To my surprise, she confessed she was engaged to a guy abroad and there were some issues going on, as all those things came to terms she wanted to go back to him and get married.

Few days were really difficult for me, as I was missing her so much, but there was little I could do as she wasn’t either answering my call or texts. And then I met Sheryl.


I was hesitant, as I did not know what to do, but at last, I made up my mind and slowly walked to her.

“Should I help?” I asked in a calm voice.

She looked up at me with her deep dark eyes while fanatically kicking the small kick starter of the scooty, for a second I guess she went numb.

“No, thanks, I am alright.” I could feel she was saying those words with clenched teeth.

“Come on Abhi, let me have a look.” I almost snatched the scooty from her.

After 15 minutes of struggle, we both understood this piece needed a mechanic. So we started walking with it side by side, without speaking to each other.

After a while, I broke the silence, “So you got married?” Though I saw no signs of a married woman on her but I had to ask.

“No, the engagement broke off.” She replied calmly. I was surprised, I mean she left me for her so-called fiancé.

“What happened?” I asked. “Apparently the guy and his parents felt I am too wild to be a good wife.” Her voice was as normal as it could be.

I looked at the sky, it was still drizzling but anytime it could start pouring.

“It’s gonna rain, my place is nearby if you want…” I asked.

“You stay alone?” She was curious, I knew she knew.

“No, but my girl is not at home, she went out.” I don’t know why I said that, but I did.

“Hmm.” That was her reply.

As we crossed the gate and parked her scooty the rain started to pour. By the time we ran into my house we were wet.

“I can lend you some of Sheryl’s clothes, I guess you will fit into them.” I offered.

“I rather wear yours.” She had a cold look in her but her eyes were smiling. “You sure your girlfriend won’t come back?” She asked.

“She might. So what?” I curled my eyebrows. “She ain’t a jealous kind.” I lied.

“So she won’t mind if I have to stay the night huh?” She and her mischievous smile. I didn’t answer.

“Do you want some soup? I am gonna make some.” I asked and walked to the kitchen. By the time it was raining cats and dogs outside.

“You know, I miss your chicken and spinach soup.” Her soft voice nudged me as I felt she was standing right behind me.

‘Cring, Cring!’ and the doorbell rang exactly at that moment.




I opened the door and to my surprise, it was Fahi standing there.

“Hey!!!” I said that when I was actually at my wit’s end.

“My plans changed again, I was trying to reach you but your mobile was unreachable.” She was looking a bit uncertain. “I took a cab and came here directly, it is raining bad out there, hope that’s alright.” I could sense the unsureness in her voice.

“Come on in already. Don’t stand outside.” I hurried away from the door, as she came in she saw Abhi standing there looking at her with wondering eyes.

“Hey Abhi this is Fahima, She’s a…. amm friend.” I was almost at loss of words. “And this is Abhilasha.” I introduced Abhi to Fahi as well.

“Oh! I thought girlfriend’s name is Sheryl.” Fahi looked at me with lots of questions in her eyes. “Amm nope, she’s a friend.” I lied again.

I saw Abhi is walking towards the bedroom. “Hey, why don’t you go get changed and get freshen up?” I asked Fahi and show her the other room.

I walked into my bedroom where I saw Abhi sitting on the bed, “I did not know you have other plans. I am sorry to crash in. Do you want me to leave, I guess I can get a cab.” As usual in a cold voice.

“Chill, she’s a friend who is in the city for some work and gonna stay here for a night. No need to go anywhere in this bad weather. We have plenty of rooms in this place for us three.” I assured her.

“So you are going to tell your girlfriend that you gonna spend a night with two girls under the same roof when she is not here?” She tilted her head while asking that

“I rather not,” I replied and walked out of there.


I saw Fahi coming out of the other room, she was wearing a maxi, a green and blue one, she was looking sweet in that, at the same time Abhi walked out wearing my red t-shirt and Bermuda shorts.

“I am gonna prepare the dinner, would like to give me some hands ladies?” I was smiling.

By the time it’s 10 PM, we prepared the dinner, a simple one. Rice, masoor daal, chicken curry, and salad.

By that time both were aware that they both are my ex. You can hardly stop ladies from talking to each other and they have their wicked ways to extract information. I am not sure but maybe I saw a tiny winy bit of jealousy in their eyes when they learned both of them were in my life.

While having dinner Abhi looked at me, “You are such a player.” Fahi too looked at me, “Yes, that’s true.” she too had a mischievous smile on her face.

I smiled back at them, wish I could tell them I am no player but being played all my life.

The sleeping arrangement was quickly decided. Abhi and Fahi will be sleeping in the master bedroom and I will take the other bedroom, as there was no bed I decided to use an old mattress on the floor.




I wasn’t sleepy at all, I was rolling on the mattress and a part of me was feeling restless and horny. Last 3 months I hardly ever slept alone, Sheryl was always by my side.

I might have dozed off when I felt someone hands on me, soft and tender, with long nails. I held and pressed the palm and looked at her.

“Shhh! It’s me.” Abhi whispered. Her right hand was moving around my shoulder and chest. “Fahi is in deep sleep.” She tried to assure me.

Part of mine told me it’s wrong and part or mine said do heck with that, but before I could utter a word, her pair of lips were onto mine, sucking and biting my lips, and the tongue exploring depth of my mouth.

Automatically we got rid of our T shirts, while she was biting my lower lips, my hands were busy fondling and pressing her breasts, her soft, perky and smooth mounds. Her hands were active too, exploring my lower parts and trying to set free my shaft.

And suddenly there was a spark of light and the tube light in the room came alive, “Is there any water here?” I could hear Fahi’s voice and then I saw her, standing near the switchboard, looking at us with horror, while we two were half naked and embracing each other.

“I am sorry.” She almost mumbled to herself, switched off the light and rushed out of the room kept us speechless.

I almost ran out behind her, “Listen Fahi, listen to me.” As I entered into the master bedroom I found her sitting on the bed, in the faint light of night bulb.

“What you do is none of my business.” She sound hurt and broken.

“Believe me, I didn’t do anything.” I held her shoulder.

“Yeah, that’s right, not yet. But what’s your problem? Water is there in the kitchen, not in his room.” I could hear Abhi, standing behind me right in front of the door.

Fahi looked at her, even in that faint light I could tell, she got fire in her eyes. She held my shoulder and pulled me at her and we broke into a deep passionate kiss.

“He is mine, you whore.” Fahi hissed those words and pulled me at her with all her might, I almost fell into her. Abhi came from behind and held me tight with both her hands.

I lost my mind completely, I pushed them both on the bed, in one hand I was holding Fahi and sucking her lips and the other hand was pulling down Abhi shorts and reaching out for her privates.

It did not take us more than a minute to get rid of every bit of clothes on us. I was hungrily sucking Fahi’s big boobs while playing with Abhi’s lovebox, the love juice was flowing off and around.

I went down on Fahi and eating her up, teasing her clit and slurping it. Abhi pushed Fahi aside and held my hair by her right hand and literally sat on my face. My hands and fingers were extra busy pleasuring all the four entrance of two beautiful horny girls.

“Fuck her, fuck her, I want to see you fucking her.” Abhi whispered in my ear. I was going mad. I held both legs of Fahi and parted it as much as I could, held my shaft against the entrance of her lovebox and pushed with all my might. She made a carrying sound and I was buried deep inside her. I could only feel the warmth of her inside around my lovehandle.

I was pushing it deeper and deeper, making a grunting sound, I guess she was too reaching her climax when Abhi pulled me up. She was hissed like a snake.

“Enough of her, do me, fuck me now.” Abhi pulled me so hard that I fell on her, for a moment I felt bad about Fahi, she was I guess was about to have an orgasm.

I held Abhi’s legs and made them rest on my both shoulder and started to hump her like there’s no tomorrow. “Faster, harder, faster.” Abhi was screaming. I was thumping her like a mad bull in heat. When I felt Fahi’s hand on my shoulder and she was biting my right one.

“That bitch is in heat, fuck her like a dog.” Abhi murmured at me. I pulled out myself from her and held Fahi by the back of her neck and dragged in front of me. Abhi was lying there with both of her legs apart, I made Fahi kneeled like a dog on top of her.

While I was pounding Fahi with her on her fours, Abhi was twisting her nipples with her both hands, “You like his dick inside you, don’t you bitch, say yes, say yes!” Fahi couldn’t take it anymore, “Yes, I want him fuck me like a bitch, yes I do.” She was screaming.

I was almost losing it after the first round, I guess Fahi could feel me going soft. She immediately pulled my lovehandle from her and dragged and guide it to Abhi’s mouth. This time Fahi hissed like a Cobra, “Fuck her mouth, fuck her breathless.”

As I was humping Abhi’s mouth Fahi was cruelly enjoying the scene. As I was hard again, I pulled it out of Abhi’s and guided straight to Fahi’s mouth, Abhi moved in hungrily started teabagging me.

I was in the seventh heaven and was returning their favor by giving them both double shocker with thumb and middle finger.

We did 69 by turns while the third wheel licked us off. We end up spooning and doing it in cowgirl position for a couple of times. By the time we all three slept, we were too tired to even remember.


I got up hearing my mobile phone madly, I went to the other room and picked it.

“Baby got up? Still angry with me? I promise I will make it up to you tonight.” It was Sheryl.

I did not reply as I could see two beautiful women were asleep hugging each other in a beautiful Sunday morning, I had nothing to say, nothing at all.







Growing up

(This story contains sexually explicit contents and something that might be considered as social taboo. Please do not read if you don’t like such contents or if you’re underage)



Girls grow up pretty fast. They just do. It’s a matter of few days, a sweet plump teenage girl all of a sudden become a head turner, out of nowhere.

I was leaning on the wall of my terrace, I could see Mimi was there in her terrace to fetch the dry clothes. It was the month of May, a stormy month. I guess she saw the cloudy sky and windy afternoon as soon as she got up from her afternoon nap. Her eyes were still sleepy and her face was puffy, I guess she was alone at her place else her mom or maid would have been up on the terrace picking the dry clothes in hurry. My terrace is close to hers, just a distance of a short jump.

I went back in time while idly gazing at her. I still remember the day she was born, I was around 12 then. My mom told me our new neighbor who moved in last year got a kid, that the neighbor aunt delivered a baby girl today morning.

I went to see it, the baby, with my family. I saw a small piece of flesh with eyes, nose and ears. I wondered if it’s really even a human being, like one of us, I saw babies earlier but not this small.

Time passed by, that new born turned 2 in no time. It started to crawl around, treating my study table as her personal toilet, wetting my books, shitting on my table and tearing my notes. I wondered how to deal with it.

And the time went by, she turned 7, an irritating, nagging, running nose kid always clinging to me, demanding to take her to ice cream parlor and getting her chocolates. I cursed her, I cursed myself, I cursed the universe.

She stepped into her teens, she was 13 maybe. She was playing in a corner of my house when she came running to me, crying. There was a stream of blood flowing out, dripping off from her slender fair legs, her skirt was covering till her knee. I was the first man witnessing her in her first period. I called her mom and asked her to take care of her.

She was entering into her 16 when everything about her started to change. She was becoming moody, rebellious, unreasonable and beautiful. Once I saw her standing in the corner of the lane with her bicycle, she was in her school uniform, talking to a guy, perhaps from another school. They were talking, giggling and she was looking so happy. They saw me, I looked at her and then walked away.

That night I heard her fighting with her mom, screaming and shouting, I wondered what it might be. Next morning she was on my doorstep, with moist red eyes, accusing me of spying on her, telling on her. I tried to reason with her, that I never said a word. She didn’t listen to me and ran away cursing me that I shouldn’t find love, I don’t deserve that.

We started to grow apart, maybe she knew I never told on her, maybe she didn’t. She walked passed her 17th birthday. The little girl turned into a cute young lady in no time, I felt I witnessed a metamorphosis, from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

And then something brought me into the present. The sky was till cloudy, the wind was blowing hard now. I saw Mimi tripped, while trying to balance her as she had all dry clothes in her hands, on her shoulder. She fell down on the terrace, the hard uneven concrete surface peeled the skin of her knees and legs, the dry clothes were scattered, few were flown away, few were swarming on the terrace with the wind.

I couldn’t help but jumped to her terrace, held her and picked her up. She looked distraught, maybe because of the pain, maybe cause she couldn’t stop those clothes to fly away, maybe she just felt ashamed that she tripped right in front me in that fashion.

I pulled her up, maybe she was hurt but could walk, maybe she couldn’t. But I picked her like a cute doll in my arms, walked down from the terrace.

Her both knees were bleeding, so was her ankles. I took her to bathroom, cleaned her up and put her onto the sofa. I wasn’t sure what she was thinking, not that I cared much. I was looking for Neosporin powder and some cottons, she showed me.

I held her legs and starched towards me, as she was sitting in the sofa she kept her legs on my thighs. I sprayed the powder and rolled the bandages around them and then I looked at her.

Her skirt was above the knee, her fair and smooth thighs were glowing with water drops on them, where the thighs met each other, I could see a blue triangle. She was wearing a blue undergarment, nothing fancy, actually a normal one that covered her womanhood.

I got up and told her to go lay down in bed. She looked at me and said she won’t be able to walk till the bedroom. And I picked her up again in my arms, for the second time.

As I placed her in her bed, her bosoms were occasionally brushing against my shoulder. I was holding her too close to me, I could see right into her eyes, It was questioning me, it was questioning herself. Our lips met for a fraction of second and parted.

I pushed myself back and walked out of her bedroom, walked passed the hall to the main door. And then like a possessed man walked straight back to her. She was lying down there already, she was surprised seeing me back. We broke into a long kiss and then it felt so normal as we got rid of our clothes.

Her breasts were small, tender and fair, nipples were yet to change to dark brown but they were pink, small and perky. As I looked down, I saw her navel, not so deep, not so shallow, I caressed it. As I ventured into her most forbidden part, she blushed, pushed me aside and closed her thighs. Guess that’s always instinctive for females.

As she parted her legs after few strokes of hand, I went down on her, to eat her, to bite her, to make her moan and scream. She pulled me up, held her in arms, her eyes pleaded me to pierce her, to stab her, to go deep inside her.

She was soft, she was tight, she was warm, and she was a virgin. She was in pain but she was willing, her clenched jaw, closed eyes and sweaty forehead were telling her painful yet pleasurable happenstance.

I felt like a ragging mad bull, I looked at her. The girl I saw her in the first day of her life, the girl who crawled around me, the girl who played on my lap and the girl I saw in her first day of mensuration, I closed my eyes and I can hear her giggling back in time. I was thrusting myself into her as hard as I could, and I could recall every day I saw her growing up in front of me. I should feel guilty, I should have felt shamed. All I felt was her, and only her.

I stayed lying there, I could see her sleeping. Her face is carrying the impression of pain and ache, the bandages have come off and there’s blood on the bedsheet, some from her old wound, some from her fresh one. I kissed her forehead when I heard Mimi’s mom calling her name from the main gate. I looked her, and asked myself “should I leave or should I stay?”








[This is an old story I wrote back in 2011 and posted in a different blog. Unfortunately that blog site is not available anymore, hence posting it in my primary blog. Let me know how you like it through your comments and take the poll]


{This below story is an erotic drama, with heavy sexually explicit and adult contents. Viewer/reader discretion is absolutely necessary, please do not read it if you don’t like or you are underage. }


Preface: If you read the definition of rectangle you know or you already knew that it has 4 angles aka 4 corners. I don’t how many of you actually felt that our life is also like geometry. It’s starts with a simple point or straight line and as we go on it starts getting complicated. As a matter of fact the whole universe depends on geometry. Now I am writing this preface so you know why the name of this story is rectangle. Let’s begin…


It happened just a year ago, sometime during April 2011. The city was just started getting hotter and I was paying a regular visit to beaches. Somehow I always liked a particular beach nearby.
Mostly I used meet a friend over there. Mathew, an Anglo Indian and a good friend of mine. I spent a lot of time at his place with him and his girl friend Michelle. She was a real gorgeous girl, brown eyes, perfect figure and tall. Mathew was like a strong bull, 6 ft 2’’ and all muscles. Together they weren’t exactly like beauty and beast, but they were close enough.

I clearly remember that day, it was Friday afternoon, and I came home early from office. I was all set to travel to another city that night to meet my girl friend, Rishita. She was doing her MBA there, we started going out a few months back and then she got this opportunity in one of the reputed business school and left. Mostly I used to travel there to meet her. In case if you are wondering, we broke up. How? I am going to tell you in this story, have a li’l patience.


So as I was home early, I thought it would be good to chill out with Mathew for sometime as my train was leaving only around midnight. Him, me and Michelle, few beer cans and chilling on his terrace that was my whole idea. Little did I know what was waiting for me there and littlest did I know that it was going to change the course of my very life.

So I reached at his door around 5 o clock evening and hit the doorbell, there was no answer. I rang it twice, thrice, but nobody got the door. I was wondering if they were busy romancing in there. I almost started to leave and then I heard somebody opening the door. I turned around, it was Michelle standing there. Looking at her I could sense something was wrong. Her hair was all messy, eyes were red and swelled. She also looked a little surprised seeing me. She greeted me and asked me to come in. I was hesitant but nonetheless I entered.

Normally I feel quite at home in their place but today there was something wrong. I sat on the sofa and asked for Mathew. She was standing near the television. She mumbled something and went inside the kitchen. I called out his name a few times but there were no answer. I saw Michelle was bringing tea and snacks for us.

Michelle: He isn’t here.

Me: Oh! Where’s he?

Michelle: Who knows…?

Me: What’s wrong? You look… different, and where did that bull go?

Michelle: (Trying to smile) Am I? I really don’t know.


Now I was not that close to her but I was close enough as a guy should be to his friend’s girl friend. I looked into her eyes and said I won’t ask her what happened if it’s too personal and I could sense it very well that they got into some kind of fight. She kept silent. I stood up and was about to leave.


Michelle: are you leaving?

Me: Yeah, guess am not good enough to know your secrets but if you got anything to say…

She looked at me blankly and the burst into tears. I wasn’t prepared for it at all. She was crying inconsolably and I was trying my best to condole her. After a few minutes she stopped crying, but still she was sobbing. Then she told me they got into a bad fight few hours ago and Mathew slapped and punched her. I never knew Mathew could hurt her this way; they looked such nice couple so much in love with each other.

I didn’t know what to do at that time. A friendly hug seemed to be a good idea then. As I hugged her she was still sobbing and she held me tight. Now, she is really an attractive female and to be honest I had a childish crush on her when I saw her first time. I could tell from her hug that she is not wearing her garments under the t shirt. It was a strange feeling. After a while she tried to be normal and asked me if I am hungry. Her eyes were still teary; her hands are lazily resting on my chest and thigh. She wasn’t looking like the’ gorgeous Michelle Rodriguez’ but a cute, poor thing. I was still trying to console her and about to kiss her forehead when the accident happened. I don’t know what she was trying to do but she pushed her chin up, maybe she was trying to get up. My kiss landed right on her lips; damn I missed her forehead by miles. It was an awkward yet pleasurable silence as our lips parted not before 60 seconds almost. I could feel the taste of her lipstick; it tasted like orange.

We are speechless for around 2 minutes after that. Then she stormed into her bedroom. I was completely baffled and perplexed. I decided to leave, as I was crossing the door I remember I left my mobile inside. I went back in and took it. I don’t know if the devil himself whispered into my ears but something sure told me I owe an apology to her. So I went right into the bedroom without thinking much. I saw she was lying down on the bed on her stomach and it’s so easy to understand that she is crying on her pillow. I went and sat quietly next to her, kept my hand or her shoulder. She almost knew it was me as she did not seem to be surprised. She moved head from the pillow to my lap. I whispered,


Michelle: For what?

Me: For…. For kissing you, I swear I did not mean to kiss you that way; I just wanted to kiss your forehead

Michelle: You know… You know you are hundred times better than Mathew, your girl friend is so to have you.

Me: Really??

She got up and kept her head on my shoulder.

Michelle: Yes

Me: I should leave now

This time she looked right into my eyes, those big brown seductive eyes.

Michelle: (Whispered) No you won’t. No you won’t…

Our lips met for the second time and this time it was more passionate, more willing. She almost pulled me onto her. Her fingers were unbuttoning my shirt and I was removing her t shirt. I was so right; she is naked under her loose t shirt. Those big, firm and round breast and on top of them the pinkish nipples, they were more than perfect. My palms were holding and pressing then as she was kissing me vigorously. I tried to position myself, slowly coming down to her navel and kissing that cute body hole. My hands were working over time to get rid of her jeans shorts. As they come out the only thing hiding her lovebox now was her fancy thong. As I pulled that off from her, she was in front of me with her full glory. A pair of fair thighs hiding her womanhood, the pubic hair is trimmed and the lips are little swelled. As I parted her legs, I could see the tip has a drop of crystal looking liquid; I lost my sense and jumped in like a hungry wolf. It was an ecstatic journey of lust and desire. As I entered her it seemed like forever I can be in her, around her. She was moaning like a wounded animal as I was really hitting her libido. At last we reached to our climax, a rare feeling which I never felt with any of my ex or current girl friend and I bet neither she did. We were lying in be side by side and I was thinking what I had done. I turned to her and found she is already asleep after our exhausting and sinful encounter. I left almost immediately as I saw her sleeping, I have no idea how she would behave after getting up.

It’s around 8 o clock in the night, I was so confused what to do or what is the right thing to do. I am feeling so guilty about sleeping with my friend’s girlfriend. I wasn’t sure if I should travel to Rishita, my girlfriend, what would be the right thing to do. Should I tell everything her about this… no it would be too much for her to take. My final hope was my long time friend Shruthi.

She is someone I know with the coolest head and best decision making power. A friend of mine from college days. I knew if I tell this to any of my guy friends they would just make fun of it or say kudos to me. I knew how insensitive guys could be in all these matters as I myself would have done the same. I called her and told her everything that happened this evening. She listened to me patiently and then…

Shruthi: Do you know in what mess you put yourself in? Do you have any idea if your friend found out about this what will happen?

Me: I am a dead meat then, but I think Michelle won’t tell him, no way she can tell him, Mathew will murder her.

Shruthi: I think you better start to meet your girl, stay there for few days. Find out how things are here and then come back.

Me: you are telling me to run away like a coward?

Shruthi: Yes my Hero, don’t try to show you heroism in this, you will only end up beaten black and blue.

Me: What will say to Rishita? Do I tell her everything?

Shruthi: Are you mad? Of course not, don’t say a thing to her if you don’t want her walk out of your life. No girl can take that kind of shit.

Me: I am feeling so miserable.

Shruthi: You should, now go, catch the train, be with her for few days. You would forget about all these and she will also be happy to be with you for few days.

Me: I am lucky to have you as a friend; you are the best support I have.

Shruthi: Ok mister, enough of your emotional dialogues. Now you better start, you have a train to catch.


So I started for my girlfriend’s city, without knowing what’s awaiting for me there.

On the way I called Rishita. She told me she had some important project work in college, so she is leavening early around 6am and only could comeback by evening. Now she is not staying in hostel as there were some accommodation issues. So she and her friend Sadia decided to move in a rented apartment. I was happy as I could stay in her apartment with her. Last time she had problems with her warden for staying out late. I never met Sadia but Rishita told me she knew about me and it won’t be a problem.

It’s around 7am I reached there. As I reached to her apartment and knocked the door… my throat went dry, there was a female standing with almost a transparent white nighty, she got sleepy eyes, yawning and stretching herself. I could actually see her undergarments through her nightgown, as she was stretching her pointed breasts are getting prominent dangerously. “What is happening to me?” my conscience was asking me this question again and again. Somehow I stepped into the flat. It was a two bedroom flat shared by Rishita and Sadia. I kept all my luggage in Rishita’s room and sat on the bed when I heard Sadia’s voice, she was asking if I need something or if I am hungry.

I badly needed a shower. So I told her I should bathe first and then I could have some food.

Sadia: I am going to cook something for us, would you like to have rice or something else?

Me: Don’t bother yourself, we can order some pizza, let me get freshen up first.

Sadia: As you wish, pizza sounds to be a good idea.

Me: Sure thing.

As the cool water of the shower was flowing on my body, I could remember each and every moment of my encounter with Michelle; it was so so wrong yet felt so so good. I tried to divert my attention from that incident and my attention fell right onto Sadia. She is neither cute nor gorgeous, she’s just sexy. Like with someone you really want to get dirty. A little darkish complexion, seductive eyes, a figure almost like rural women have, tight and curvy.

I hit myself twice, what am I keep thinking about? I am now at my girlfriend’s place and if everything is fine then I am going to have a nice romantic night with her after a long time. What else do I want? I am already guilty of cheating on her and now I am thinking about her roommate? I really started to feel ashamed of myself. I shook it all off and came out of bathroom. I went straight to Rishita’s room and wore fresh set of t shirt and shorts. When I reached to hall I saw Sadia was watching some song in TV and humming it.

Me: do you have pizza hut’s number?

Sadia: oh ya, one sec, and here it is

I have dialed the number and ordered a pepperoni pizza. Then I sat next to her.

Sadia: hey, if you don’t mind asking, how long you are going with Rishita?

Me: Amm, it would be more than a year.

Sadia: Don’t mind me saying this, but I feel you can do better. Sorry for being so blunt and direct.

Me: I don’t know what you are talking about. But I love her.

Sadia: oh don’t mind, just take it as a complement, I was just saying.

Me: love is not always about looks, it’s about love, care, emotions.

Sadia: yeah, I totally get it.

The pizza boy arrived almost in 25 minutes. After he is gone we realized we didn’t order any beverages. I was about go out to get some cool drinks when Sadia stopped me.

Sadia: you know what, just now I remember, we have a red wine bottle in the fridge.

Me: Amm wine? Well…

Sadia: Come on. Wine is way better than Pepsi. Unless of course you have a problem.

Me: ammmmm… Naah, no problem, even better,

So as it normally happens, we ate less pizza and drank more wine. Naturally we started to have more intense conversations.

Me: Hey Sadia, what did you exactly mean by I can do better?

Sadia: well, you know, you are tall, she is short. You are quite handsome and she is so so. To be frank you should have got yourself a sexy girl.

Me: (Not even knowing what I am speaking). It’s all fate, when I was single and alone I couldn’t get anyone better than her, so really got to settle with her.

Sadia: (almost leaning over me) I bet you have enough fun back in your town. It’s so convenient when your girl stays in another city. She doesn’t get to spy on you.

Me: No. not like that. I am true to her.

And the incident of yesterday’s evening was floating right in front of my eyes.

Sadia: I broke up with my guy about 6 months ago.

Me: Oh! Sad.

Sadia: you know why?

Me: why?

Sadia: cause he was a fucking impotent bastard.

Me: err…. Ohhh.

We drank some more wine. My mind was telling me things were out of control but I was hardly in a mood to stop. And then came the shocker!

Sadia: Want to bang me in your girl friend’s bed?

I was shaking my head in disbelief for those blunt words of her, but someone inside of me almost screamed in my ear, ‘you have done your friend’s girl, what’s stopping you now’?

Almost immediately we started kissing each other wildly. I tore open her nightgown and he freed me off my shorts and t-shirt, which were just burdens on our body at that time.

We were standing and kissing each other completely naked. I didn’t have any sense of right and wrong that time, the wine was really working on us. I remember when we are heading to Rishita’s room we hardly stopped kissing. We jumped on her bed. I was fondling her whole body with my both hands where her hands were busy extra time on my crotch. I chewed and sucked her nipples and breasts like a small baby, she was moaning like a real bitch in heat. I came down further to find her deep navel, while biting and licking her I came down to her most private part. Its lips were swelled and I could see the pink spot. I bit the part which is known as the sensitive most part of female body. She almost screamed with pleasure and pain. I was top of her and about to go inside her, when she stops me.

Sadia: No, not like this.

Me: huh!!

She pushed me down and sat on her hands and knees.

Sadia: Do me now.

My god!! That bitch wanted it in doggy style, kinky bitch…

This is the first time I was going to hump somebody in that fashion, I won’t lie, I was a little unsure. I was about to do her when she stops me again.

Sadia: Wait.

Me: ahhannnn!!

Sadia: Give me a minute.

She ran to her room and came back with her mobile and put it on the table.

Me: What are you doing?

Sadia: I am going to make a video of it.

Me: (A little scared) Why?

Sadia: Ah! Don’t worry I won’t show it to your little girl friend.

Me: (A bit assured) Ok, but then…

She jumped on me and kissed me. I stopped bothering about all the stuffs. That was the first time I had sex in that position and it felt heavenly. After we were done, we were lying side by side, the wine was still working on our head.

Sadia: Want to have more????

Me: I guess so…

Sadia: Let’s do something different.

She again positioned her in the same way again

Me: (Trying to smile) what’s the difference?

Sadia: Don’t you want to be a lucky man? Don’t you want to deflower a girl, pop her cherry?

Me: (confused) I think you had you a boyfriend and beside if you were a virgin I guess you are no more.

Sadia: I wasn’t exactly talking about that (Pointing her eyes at her back)

My fucking god! She wants in right in her ass. It was feeling dirtier, kinkier and sexier. It was a bad idea. I only felt that after 30 minutes. I don’t think she would have walked for another 2 days and I was tired and sore like an ox had a sex with 15 cows. This time we slept like logs.

As I opened my eyes it was such a horrid feeling. All the things came alive in my mind. First I thought it must be a nightmare or a daymare if I should say. Then I saw Sadia next me, naked and unconscious. I looked at the table watch; it was saying 3:17Pm.

It would have taken 15 minutes for me to get dressed and hit the road. My mind was blank, I wasn’t thinking anything. Anything like what if Rishita comes back and see Sadia in that condition or I have even left the door unlocked of the apartment, I only latched it from outside. I took a taxi and went straight to Airport. Luckily there was a flight to my city at 6:45pm. I bought the ticket and was sitting in the waiting lounge. I was too tired to think or analyze anything. It’s almost 6pm; I was already through with the security check when my phone started ringing. It was Rishita. My hands were trembling, there was no way I could attend the call. After sometime I received her text, she was held at her university for some more work, so she would only make it my 8pm. obviously I did not reply anything to her.


As the flight landed in the airport, I was not at all in a mood to go back my place. I tried to reach my friends. Vishal as usual never picked the phone, Rakesh was out of town. I turned to Shruthi with no other choice. I know I got to tell her everything and she is the one who could pull me out of this mess. Frankly in these situations all your guy friends do is to take you to nearby pub or hand you over a beer. Which were the last things I wanted at this moment?

I have called Shruthi; she was glad I was coming to her place but also worried as I returned back so early here. I didn’t tell her anything about the massacre I have done. As I reached to her place it’s about 9.30pm. I was exhausted both mentally and physically. As I entered in her house I noticed it was so quiet.

Me: where are uncle and aunty?

Shruthi: You forgot! I told you they went to to see bro in Dubai

Me: Oh! Ya I remember.

I was relieved; I didn’t know how to face her mom and dad with such guilty and repentful heart.

Me: (With a tired voice) I need a bath Shruthi

Shruthi: Sure, but would you tell me what happened? Why you look so dull and drained? And why you came back from your girl’s place so early? Did you fight with Rishita? Oh my god! Don’t tell me you told her everything about that incident?

Me: Stop it. Let me have a bath first. Please.

Shruthi: (With a little offended voice) Sure, I will get you a towel.

I was standing under the shower and thinking, what I have done, why have I done so. Everything had changed. I didn’t know if Rishita has found out about me and Sadia, I didn’t know if Mathew found out about me and Michelle. I didn’t know anything.

I came out of bathroom and checked and my phone, there were 5 missed calls from Rishita and a text from her. Seems like Sadia told her an important work came up so I had to leave. It was a nagging message from her asking why I did not inform her as left. Well seemed like it all went fine and Rishita did not find anything. It was a big relief.

After dinner we sat on the terrace and I told Shruthi everything that happened in last two days. She hit her forehead several times and was asking me again and again how I could do it.

Shruthi: God, if you boys can just keep the zip up of your pants you don’t run into troubles of these sorts

Me: I didn’t know what I was doing.

Shruthi: yeah! Right! You just fucked your friend’s girl friend and then your girl friend’s friend. How you gonna live with all these?

Me: I don’t know, I am just hoping Mathew and Rishita don’t find anything. Rest what I have done, I have done it already. I can’t make it right.

Shruthi: Do you really love Rishita?

Me: I do, you know I do.

Shruthi: God! I don’t understand you boys. Wherever you see an opportunity you go right in. no matter you are committed to someone or not.

Me: Shruthi, you know I am not like that.

Shruthi: Yeah! Anyway it’s quite late now, time to go to bed

Me: I don’t know if I could sleep

Shruthi: Oh ya! You slept enough these days.

Me: Don’t tease me shru, I think I better watch some TV

Shruthi: (While climbing down the stairs) Oh the TV is in my bed room. No one’s at home so I thought I keep it there so. You can watch it while I am sleeping.

Me: we are sleeping in the same bed?

Shruthi: why? You gonna fuck me too?

Me: Shru, stop it.

Shruthi: Then? I am so sleepy. Keep it in low volume

Shruthi was trying to sleep and I was flipping the channels. The match I wanted to see was abandoned because of rain. There was a B grade horror movie was showing in a channel. As there was nothing to watch, I thought why not some horror flicks. Shruthi wasn’t sleepy at all now and she was also watching it under the blanket, I always knew she is a scardy cat. After a while there was a passionate love making scene by one of the couples. Suddenly I heard Shruthi giggling under the blanket.

Me: Hey, what’s up?

Shruthi: (Still giggling) you got a hard on, gosh you are such a horny dog

Me: Hey! Come out

I was really embarrassed. Shruthi was still giggling.

Shruthi: My my, after banging two chicks still you are horny?

Me: Shru, please stop

Shruthi: (giggling hysterically) what did I do? I am not the one with a tent in the pant

Me: I am a guy alright, there was hot scene on TV, and it’s not that my junior is very obedient and all.

Shruthi: Oii, can I see it?

I almost jump back and sat.

Me: You crazy??

Shruthi: Nope, come on its ok, we are friends know

Me: No wait.

Before I could say or do something she grabbed my penis over my boxers. I gasped; her slender soft fingers were wrapping it around it. She giggled again.

Shruthi: It’s getting harder

Me: WHoaaa!! Stop..

One sudden pull she removed my boxer. I wasn’t ready for it at all. I was naked from waist in front of my best friend. My manhood was the looking like the pole for flag hoisting. Shruti stopped laughing and was watching it so keenly and surprisingly.

Me: Shruuuuutthhhiiiii!!!!

Shruthi: (slowly as if she is talking to herself) It’s so… BIG!!!

Then she did something I would never imagine her to do. She held it firm, brought it near to her lips. And licked the tip of it. It was so good, so damn good. She kept licking it for a while and then start sucking it hard. It was too much to take for me. She gave me a blowjob of my life. Once she was done, I was almost wild. I jumped on her remove her night dresses (A three-fourth and a t-shirt). We did not waste a single minute and once again I indulged into sex with a girl I never thought I would be with.

I was returning the favor by giving her a tongue right in her lovehole and then I realized we were in 69 position and she was giving me a blowjob for the second time. As we were done with that, we were about to make love when she said she always wanted to do it on terrace under the open sky.

We both naked and stripped ran to the terrace. As it was an individual house we had little to bother about anyone’s presence there and the neighborhood was already slept. I reached there, it was dark enough but we could see the stars above us. It was a magical night, we were just not able get enough of each other. How many times we made love… I don’t know. I vaguely remembered us coming down to the bedroom when it was almost dawn.

I got up with a heavy head. There was a nude girl sleeping next to me. Its just stopped feeling weird to me. I dragged myself in bathroom. Felt the cold water splash on my face.

I walked back slowly into the drawing room, took my mobile and sent an SMS to Michelle “Please forget everything that happened between us, it was just a weak moment when we gave in”. I rang up Rishita, she didn’t pick up. Expected as she might not awake by now. Then my eyes were drawn to another mobile phone lying on the table. It was neither mine nor Shruthi’s, but I saw it somewhere, who use Siemens mobile now a days?

All of a sudden my phone rang, it was an unknown number

Me: Hello.

Michelle: Hello, hello, can you hear me?

Me: Michelle?

Michelle: Don’t call or message me in my number. Mathew left his and took mine by mistake. Did you try to call me?

I cut the call, I felt like lightning struck

The phone rang again, this time it was Rishita. like a robot I pressed the green button.

Me: Hello

Rishita: You bastard! What have I done to you that you ruined my life? How could you? Out of everyone I trusted you most, and you!!!!

She was crying bitterly, still whatever bits and pieces she said I figured she was trying to transfer some documents from Sadia’s mobile to her. Unfortunately she transferred the files which were under password protection in Sadia’s memory card. I felt like banging my head on the wall. Why would I ever let that bitch record our kinky sex game?

I pressed the cancel button; the mobile screen was showing there were 3 missed calls already from Mathew while I was on this call. I switched off the mobile and tossed it on the table.

Then I heard 3 loud continuous doorbell rings and a voice…

Voice: Shruthi, open up. This is Abhinav. I forgot my mobile yesterday and you didn’t even notice?

Abhinav, Shruti’s Boyfriend……….


(If you are wondering why the name of the story is rectangle, let me tell you when it happened to me I felt Me, Michelle, Sadia and Shruthi are the four aloof points. And if I consider myself as the Point A, the other points B, C and D unexpectedly met me with three lines somehow related to one another led to a box of life.

Not happy with this explanation. Well, if you did not notice, cell phone/mobile phones played a big part in this story. If you don’t believe me read it again.

Now what is the normal shape of a mobile phone? )


A love story?

20110923223913_281_43_ghibli-1997-12_The Ocean Waves


[This is an old story I wrote back in 2010 and posted in a different blog. Unfortunately that blog site is not available anymore, hence posting it in my primary blog. It was an initial attempt of mine to write. Let me know how you like it through your comments and take the poll]


(Disclaimer: Some parts of this story has adult and sexual contents. Hence Readers/Viewers Discretion Is Advised. Please do not venture in if don’t like so or you are underaged)


When a boy and a girl are friends, I mean when they are quite close friends, that friendship is really complicated. Now this is an ingredient of an eternal discussion and argument whether a boy and a girl can really be friends or there is something calls ‘love’ always pop in.



I can always add some fuel in this fire by saying that; I don’t really believe that a boy and a girl can be friends in true sense. And I know, a hell lot of people won’t be agreeing with me. Trust me; I cannot prove them wrong or even right. So I m here to tell you a story, or shall I call it an incident? Cause it really happened in my life. Now I am not at all a good writer or a real good story teller, so proceed at your ‘own risk’.



Back in days, when I was a school boy. It was the year 1999, then I was in 11th was a pretty normal 16 years old boy, with all kinds of boyish attitude and desires and hobbies. I think that’s the age when we actually start thinking like a guy, I mean that strictly about chasing girls, saving pocket money and buying cards for the pretty girls in the class, school or in couching classes.

As we all know, true guys love only 2 things, ‘sports and girls’, and as Indians, we like mostly cricket as sports and a little bit of football.


I was always among those unlucky chaps who are always the second best in their life; no matter how hard we try we cannot simply be as good as the best lot or can say we are always the layer below the cream. I was not bad in studies, but my batch in the school (my school is quite a reputed one in my place) was a bunch of little geniuses. I mean we (I meant my batch) still hold the record of capturing 8 top places out of 10 in school finals.

So I and the other people like me in the class always been overshadowed by this bunch brilliant pupils. Same in sports, from my class, there were 5 guys who were in the ‘under 17’ state cricket team and there were no doubt that, they will make it to the ‘under 19’ team as well. At that time practically cricket was the only sport existing in my school.



It was pretty much us or you can say ‘me’ at that time, that is, of course in school. In my colony I was famous as a no nonsense guy and a no nonsense ‘gully cricket team captain’ who was very keen about his team’s reputation. In my house I was regarded as an innocent guy who loves sports and knows nothing about skirt chasing. I was the youngest among my cousin brothers, and my brothers had already earned their names as brawl experts and womanizers (though I have doubts about using this word here, as we all are actually boys and we were only behind girls, no women. Still they were quite good at flirting and wooing girls). So I was mostly been termed as the only good son in the family who listens to his parents and uncles and aunts and don’t do ‘bad things’. Oh! Forgot to say, I was born and brought up in a joint family.



So in our colony cricket team, who’s I was the proud Captain, we had a special player. A left hand batter, left arm spinner, so a good all-rounder to have. I was also an all-rounder and loved to think myself as lance clusener, the South African all-rounder, he was a rising star then. Now having a left hander in your gully cricket team is like being a blind sultan having a one eyed wajir (Minister) in the land of blinds.


So ‘she’ was an important and valuable player in my team. YES!!! She was a girl. Arpita Sinha, that was her name and she was a true tomboy. Hardly ever saw her wear anything else then jeans and t shirt and a blue cap. Her BSA street-cat cycle, on which she hardly used to sit and paddle, always standing on the paddle and cycling. Participating and getting cuts and bruises in street racing was regular to her. She was quite a competitor when we guys used to brag about how many times we got our arm fractured or the number of injury marks on our knees and elbows.


Though she was a total tomboy, she was a good looking girl. I mean nobody ever mistook her as a guy in the group of guys. She got short hair, till her shoulder, and she got this real mischievous eyes and a double left canine tooth. I mean it was kind of wisdom tooth over her left canine tooth, and when she used to smile, boy! It used to make her smile look so cute. Once a while she used to get a these romeos following her from other colonies, but they used to give up too soon after knowing her properly.

The only thing used to irritate me like hell was, people calling me her boyfriend or asking her if I am her boyfriend. This matter went much worse when one of my teammate Dhritiman pointed his finger at me saying I am being unfair to him because of my girl friend and mocked me. This was just too much to take. I caught him by his collar and punched his face, and threw him out of the team. I was almost the crowned prince in my team. My dad, as he was a cricket player in his days, so I never had to ask him or beg him to get me the sports stuff. I always had extra bats for others, bowls and stumps and even for the trophies of the final matches I used spend all my pocket money. So no one in my team really confronted me about sending him out of the team or blamed me for being biased. But after the incident


I could always feel a strange step motherly treatment by my team mates to Arpita. Even she felt that and was kind of depressed about it, but I always supported her. She was grateful to me because of this and we actually became close friends after this incident.

In school, my dream girl, my fairy princess was Ekta. Ekta was one of the most beautiful and sexy girl of my school that time, she was in the same batch with me but in different section. Ekta, Bhaswati, Anindita and Preeta, they were the bandaged shoulders angels. Why bandaged shoulders? Well there is a little history behind it. Once we guys were ogling at them in canteen, suddenly Bhaskar sighed and said to me, ‘dude, I feel like these girls are like those poor cursed angels whose wings were ripped off and been sentenced here in earth as their punishment, they are so beautiful, they cannot be human’. Soham chipped in saying, ‘dude, let’s check their shoulders, if someone ripped their wings, they will sure have bandages on their shoulder’. We had a great laugh and from then we started calling them bandaged shoulder angels.

That time my heart used to beat only for my angel Ekta. I was ready to do all kinds of crazy stuff for her, starting from climbing to her balcony and proposing her with a rose, to write a letter with my own blood, etc etc. but just all other love stories, mine also turned to be one tragic one.

I always used to try and start a conversation with her. It mostly started with ‘hi’, ‘hello’ and ended with, ‘oh! So you have done your homework’ or ‘give me the notes of that subject if you have’. It was never easy to talk to her in school because she was almost always been surround by her friends and of course by our class and school hunks (I meant those stupid seniors of 12th, ohh!! How much I used to hate them that time). After school it was almost impossible to talk to her, unless someone really follow her till her house to catch up with her there (I did that too, though I found that her parents were not really very pleasant people).

Dear readers, you have to remember that, this is the story of those days when facebook and orkut hadn’t seen the daylight, email and chat was just been evolved and we kids have only heard about them. Mobile was those fancy items we used to see in our dad’s hand, even to touch it we needed his permission. Landlines were not really that convenient, as back then you hardly can have any private talk with any of your friend or even girl friend. Moms were always around us listening to each of our words and commenting on them appropriately. I really feel today’s school kids are lucky.

So all we guys had to do was to chose our coaching classes wisely, I mean those teachers and classes to whom our angels were going to. We just had to convince our parents to send us in those picked coaching classes. So I found out the teachers Ekta was going to and I joined in there. But here also the story was pretty much the same like school. A few flowers and bunch of honeybees buzzing around them. Ekta wasn’t the only pretty girl there I meant.

Ok, now let’s get back to the old track. I was then enjoying a very nice and special bond of friendship with Arpita. I mean, we were really good friends then, just like I was to all my good guy friends. We used share everything, used to wander around the city on our cycles, eat out and freak out together. We used to talk about everything, well almost everything, of course except my new found passion, ‘Masturbation’ and my limitless dirty fantasies about Hollywood actresses. One of the big topic of our chat was Ekta, she always used to say that, ‘Buddy, wish I could help you in this, but I’m illiterate when it’s about lovesutra’.


She never had any kind of feelings for any boy and also not about any girl (guess that explains that she was not a dyke). But our little friendship was not really accepted so easily by a few people. A few guy friends of mine, a few girl friends of her and ‘Smita aunty’, Arpita’s mother. They were dead against this friendship. I cannot blame Smita aunty for that. Poor aunty had to bear lots of taunts and twisted remarks by her ‘not so kindly neighbors’ because of her daughter being such a tomboy. So every time I used to go to Arpita’s place to call her for the match or something else, it was always Smita aunty who used to answer first. She used to come out to the main gate with one hand resting on her waist, “Don’t you people have anything better to do haan? Always playing and freaking around? In few days you will have your exams starting, do you remember that?” But aunty could never stop Arpita coming and playing with us. Because she had full support from her dad, for her dad she was his daughter and his son. Salil uncle, Arpita’s dad was fond of me, so aunty was never been a problem for us.



Then came the year Y2K, with the Y2K bug and then with the march of 2000. A painful month in the history of my life. The higher secondary exam was postponed till May. We were just finished with the Test exam and the 11th hour preparation of ‘the big exam’ was going on. Cricket, romance, wandering around, jerking off; everything came to a halt that time. Though a part of my mind was plotting a strategy of a daredevil mission. Mission ‘ask out Ekta on the last day of the exam’. All of a sudden one day Bhaskar and Shuvankar came to my place to drop the ‘FAT MAN’ and the ‘LITTLE BOY’ on my life. FAT MAN = Rahul asked Ekta officially to become his girl friend. LITTLE BOY = Ekta accepted. “That bastard asked out my angel before the bloody exam and my sweetheart betrayed me. I mean who asks out a girl before 3 moths of higher secondary exam, and “Ekta, won’t it be a big distraction for you? How could you say yes?”. ‘What could be more tragic? Now I can’t even challenge Rahul for a dual. “If I get a black eye or bruised lips or any sign of a brawl on my body, and mom finds out, I’m just dead. Now for revenge also I have to wait for 3 more months. Life is just so unfair”, I was thinking. I instantly developed a lifelong hatred and rage against all the people named Rahul in this world, including all those Rahuls who are been played by Shahrukh khan in his movies. “I hate Rahul, I HATE RAHUL! I will kill him, burn him, drill him, peel him.” That was all I was thinking about at that time.


I was angry, frustrated, upset and depressed. I needed to talk to someone about it. Talking to guys about this won’t do any good as I had an idea what might be their reaction, I saw Bhaskar and Shuvankar was laughing and falling on each other when I was cursing Rahul. I did not have any other close female friends except Arpita to discuss this. But I had a fair doubt in my mind about her reaction as she was no less than any guy in her attitude. Nonetheless I decided to tell her about this as she was the best friend of mine. So I called her landline. “Hello aunt…… err…” to my surprise, It was Arpita who picked up the call, now this was new. Every time, I mean those few times I ever called Arpita’s house, it was always aunty who used to pick up the phone. Arpita understood my astonishment and explained that her mom and dad is out to visit the ‘Durga temple’ with her just arrived relatives from another state and they will be back only in the evening. I told her I want to meet her, it’s urgent. She called me her home, as today that was the best place to meet with no Smita aunty to boss around.



I took my bicycle, barked at mom saying I am going to my friend’s place to study and started for her house.


This March and April is the time for the summer storms. We always had a few big storms coming at this time. I got caught by one of them midway. While cursing the storm my cycle fell on a ditch and bumped. It created few inches of vertical gap in the air between my bottom and the seat for a few seconds, and then I landed on the rod that joins the bicycle handle and its seat. I and my cycle embraced each other and I fell right on my face on the ground. Though my elbows saved my ‘handsome face’, which is definitely more handsome than Rahul, the skins of my both elbows were neatly peeled off.’ ‘More curses to god Zeus and also my newborn arch enemy Rahul’.



Somehow I pushed the bicycle and reached to her place and hit the calling bell. She opened the door and almost screamed seeing me. I was all covered with mud and blood. She almost dragged me in and pushed me in the bathroom and then got me some cotton and anti septic lotion. In half an hour I kind of recovered from the trauma of the cycle accident and then broke the ‘flash news of the day’, to her. She took it lightly, did not really laugh at it but advised me to forget her and get myself a new angel. I was in no mood of accepting any advice about giving up on Ekta. I was actually a little hurt and angry the way she reacted. I told her that. She playfully told me if I want she will bash Ekta up for what she did while I can take on Rahul. I was upset, so I kind of got agitated with her behavior. I pushed her on the bed and blamed her and the entire female community to be cheaters and back stabbers. I playfully threatened her that I will rape her here as no one is around and have my vengeance upon the girls. She got up with mock anger in her eyes and started hitting me. Though we were just kidding, as she hit my elbows I started bleeding again. It was paining so I screamed and asked her to stop. She turned a deaf ear to it and kept on hitting me saying she will teach me a nice lesson for trying to rape her.

To save myself from her, I ran towards the staircases which go to the terrace. She followed me, and caught me in the terrace. It was raining then, the storm was calmed. Little did I know, that another storm was waiting right in the corner which was about to make my life upside down.

I kept pleading her to stop, but she did not. Then I showed her how I was bleeding. She stopped then; we were already drenched in the rain, so we did not bother for a shelter, we sat right there. She was checking my injuries and then I saw it, ‘she was crying’!!! I was perplexed and shook her by shoulder, asked her why she is crying. She looked at me with teary eyes and said she did not want to hurt me but by mistake she scratched my injuries. Now I was completely puzzled and did not how to tackle the situation. I mean when we guys fight playfully, if we hurt our friend unintentionally, a simple sorry or ‘sorry sorry sorry’ always do. We seldom cry when we get hurt badly, ‘like got kicked in the balls’. But we don’t cry if we kick someone else’s balls.


So I gave her a tight hug and told her it’s alright, I am not feeling the pain at all, which was of course a big lie. While wraping my arms around her I was cursing the day, today it was real bad, first Ekta, then the storm and the accident and now this. And then, it happened. Accidentally our lips brushed against each other.

Well I know what you people thinking; I can read your mind. You people are now rolling your eyes and I can hear your sigh. Another bogus Indian romantic film story, this guy has nothing better to do so he is writing one crappy mushy mushy love story just as we see them every day in movies and television soap operas.

Now let me take you back to the story. I must warn you, ‘adult contains ahead’.

I was already in an awkward position holding my best friend in my arms while she was weeping and now I smooched her also, perfecto!! I was expecting a sudden push from her or the worst, a tight slap on my right cheek, she was lefty remember?

Instead, what she did I never expected. She hugged me tighter keeping her head on my shoulder and I was sweating while getting wet in the rain. Her soft and puffy breasts were rubbing against my chest and her nipples were hard, they were poking me! I am sure we were just feeling the same thing what Adam and eve felt after eating the apple. Our bodies were right on fire, could feel the adrenaline rush in each and every vain of ours. This time I kissed her, a real kiss. Her lips were under the command of mine; my tongue was exploring each and every corner of her mouth.


I cupped her breasts with my hands and started fondling those soft fleshy things, my thumbs was constantly rubbing her nipples while sucking her lips hard and was biting them occasionally. She was wearing a t-shirt and a ¾ jeans. In no time her grey and white t shirt got rid of her body; gosh!! she was wearing this sky-blue colored bra which was looking transparent after drenched in the rain. My hands were working overtime to unhook that bra, but I tell you guys, it’s no easy task to accomplish. At last her hands came forward to help to make those bosoms free from that piece of cloth.


I was speechless, dumbfounded, I was clean bowled by my own teammate. Two cute orange like bulges were looking at me with pink nipples and were inviting me suck them up. Well that’s just what I did. My hands were now busy undoing the button of her jeans and she was holding my hand, resisting. I did not stop. In few minutes we both were nude, without even a thread on our body right under the blue sky and drizzling rain. I hardly remember what we did, rather what I did after that. I was feeling like my body temperature rose to a level where a thermometer would have burst. All I can recall I was kissing her right there between her thighs and the next moment I was inside her. We both were shivering in each other’s arms. It seemed like we both are in a dream world of love, lust and ecstasy, literally in the seventh heaven. When we finally finished, we were lying side by side on the terrace for about an hour. I did not know how to react. A sweet, innocent and deflowered girl was lying beside me weeping. Perhaps I should have feel guilty at that time but all that I felt, was love, pure love.



We came down from terrace and I started for home, it was still raining, raining heavily. I was walking with my bicycle and her cute face which floating right before my eyes, it was getting hazy with the raindrops. I couldn’t gather enough courage to go and meet her after that day or even call her, neither did she. I got quite busy in next two month with my exams, entrance exams and all. Once the exam got over I went to her house with a greeting card which says ‘sorry’ and with another one which says ‘I LOVE HER’.


As usual Smita aunty came out, saw me and made a disgusting face. “Arpi went to her grandpa’s place for summer holidays, she won’t come back before a month”, saying this she turned and disappeared inside. I waited for whole month June. My gully team got dissolved because most of the guys were leaving the town to join their colleges. Rahul and Ekta already have been declared as a happy couple and they also got admission in the same college somewhere in Delhi. My friends, most of them were happy as most of them got their desired streams and colleges. Someone told me Arpita was going to Pune as she got her seat there. I called her home a few times, once she picked up but hung up as soon as she heard my voice, mostly aunty used to pick up the call and her answer was always “She is not at home”. I could clearly say that she was lying. She left for Pune after few days and from that day I never met her again or see her till date.



Sometimes when I sit back and think about her, I always ask myself, what have I lost? My best friend or my love? Or it’s both? I don’t know the answer. What do you think?


(I shall not disclose if this is a story of a pure fiction or a true occurrence, rather I would like the readers to comment what they feel about it.)





[Disclaimer: Strict adult and sexually explicit contents ahead, please don’t read if you don’t like so or if you are underage.]




As I opened my door unhurriedly, I saw the anxious faces of Mr and Mrs Chowdhury’s outside my main door. I wasn’t really trying to hide the beer can I am holding and I know it’s only 6 P.M, but who gives a shit anyway, the Chowdhury couple looked like they are into a big dilemma, so I lended my helping hand.

“Can I help you?” I asked them with sweet voice.

Mrs Chowdhury hesitated and the spoke, “Our younger daughter Rishita is getting married this weekend. We would be glad if you attend the ceremony and bless our daughter for happy married life.”

‘Ahh! So your less pretty daughter of yours is found a mate after all, do they know I have already did your elder one, Ishita’, I thought so in my mind and laughed. They must be very generous people to invite me, like all the other people in the neighborhood, they must know me as the alcoholic womanizer, a pathetic excuse of human being who picks up fights, use abusive language and stoop below the level of immorality time to time.

As they handed me over the printed card of marriage invitation, I have no choice but to ask them if they want to come in. “Please come in” I said, “Can I offer you something? Tea, Coffee. Beer?” I deliberately emphasised on the word ‘beer’. “No we should be going now, there are so many people to invite and so little time, Mrs Chowdhury thrown those words at me politely but firmly, though I saw a glimpse of light in the eyes of Mr Chowdhury as I uttered the word ‘beer’.

As they left, I closed the door almost immediately and jumped back on my couch, I already missed 5 minutes of the football match.


I remembered Ishita, Chowdhury’s 1st born quite clearly. Medium height, firm breasts, wavy hips and curvy abdomen, she was a big slut. We had fun for a year or so and then she got married to some rich businessman. I didn’t mind, by then I have found someone else, it wasn’t so that when I was sleeping with her she’s the only girl in my life. Never was much attentive towards her younger sister, she’s was little dark, skinny and introvert, not my type at all, truth is, she is not even attractive.

The best part of attending a marriage is you get to wear your ethnic dress which you hardly wear and get free booze and food. So I was in my black sherwani, taking the shots of vodka when I saw Ishita. Sure she has put on some weight, which is only natural for a 2 years old married lady, but she still have those curves. As our eyes met she gave me naughty smile. ‘May be it’s time to get lucky once again.’ I told myself. As I found her alone I striked a conversation with her and came to know she’s staying the 3rd bedroom on the 1st floor, of our whole conversation she was giving me those naughty smiles.

As I was interacting with other guests, I found another attractive girl Reema, turns out that she’s the cousin of the Bridegroom. As we were speaking, she was giving me a mix signal. I was no mood to throw away any opportunity to get laid. It’s almost 11:30, the marriage is over and there was a 6 hour power cut, the generator has already gave away and the everyone is awaiting for the power to come. As I saw Ishita next time I asked her, “Can I use the toilet of your room.” “Why not? Go right ahead.” She said.

I wasted no time and went next to Reema and whispered in her ear, “Meet me in the first floor in the extreme right corner bed room.” She looked at me with full of surprise, by that time I already started walking towards the stair cases. On my way as I saw Ishita I rolled my eyes and told her,” Once you are done, come up there to your room.” She didn’t say much but tossed a scared look.


As she entered the dark room I almost hopped on her. Before she could say anything I sealed her lips with mine. As she was struggling unsuccessfully to move away from my grip, I was mercilessly fondling her breasts and pinching her nipples. Before she could say anything I almost ripped off her clothes, her mehndi clad hands were trying hard to keep me away. As my hands reached to most forbidden place of her body, her womanhood, her resistance were getting weaker. I turned her and pushed her against the wall, her nude back and legs were exposed in front of me.

As I was trying hard to keep her legs apart, her muffled voice was begging for mercy. Franticly trying to get away from my grip. All of her struggle came to a complete halt as I entered her from the behind. It was a heavenly 5 minutes as my body jerked with the absolute sinful pleasure.

As Rishita was weeping and lying motionlessly on the table, I smiled, with Reema ignored me and Ishita failed to turn up So the newly wed bride is deflowered after all. She shouldn’t have mistakenly entered into her sister’s room.




The Bad Guy




(Disclaimer: Strict adult content ahead, please do not read if you do not wish to, or if you are underage)



I opened the door and threw my wallet and mobiles on the couch. It was a bad day. Need some peace and good scotch.”Time to open a new bottle”, I thought.

And there’s a knock on the door, as I just closed it. Who could it be at this hour? I checked the time, 9:35 PM, whining and grunting I opened it.

It was Swati standing there, 19 years old daughter of my next door neighbor Mr Chakraborty, Principal of St. john’s college. As like all other neighbors of mine, I have the extra sweet relationship with them as well. People here know me as an alcoholic, womanizer and don’t give a fuck kind of guy. They hate my guts and I despise those miserable low lives.

I could see her eyes were red and swollen, dried tears on her cheeks, She has been crying for a while.

Me: “What happened?”

Swati: “The Students are again agitated, they surrounded the college and dad is stuck in there. Police are not able to penetrate; we don’t even know what condition he is in. Mom, me and sister are helpless, mom’s crying since evening.”

Me: “Good, serves him right.”

Swati:”How could you be so cruel, he was your professor once”

Me: And so I know, he deserves it.

I remember our violent clashes and arguments with him. I always hated too righteous people and he is one of them.

Swati: “Avik is your friend, call him, and tell him to release my dad”.

Avik is the leader of local student political group. I know the agitation is going on under his watch.

Me: “And why should I do that?” I asked looking straight at her.

There was change in her posture. All these while she was speaking in a low voice bending her shoulder and was not looking right at me. Now she was firm and steady and made an eye contact with me.

Swati: “What you want? To sleep with me? Tell me.”, She spoke in with an unshaken voice.

Me: “Yeah right! Go home. Let me see what I can do” I nearly closed the door on her face.

It wasn’t a tough task to call Avik and get Swati’s father out of the mess unharmed. Though principal Chakraborty was adamant to accept my help, his wife and both daughters were grateful.

After 3 days on a Saturday afternoon Swati brought a Tiffin box paratha and mutton curry.

Swati : “Mom sent it.”, she announced while placing it on the dining table. “And she said thanks again”.

She was a wearing a sky-blue color frock till her knees and a light pink color top, looked like she just had a bath and hair were open and still wet. I slowly stepped forward at her, caught her wrist and pulled hard towards me. She got imbalanced and fell on me. I held her waist, pulled her closer and kissed those soft red lips.

After almost a minute when we broke of our kiss, she leaned on me.

Swati: “I hate you. You have no respect for my father, you’re alcoholic, I saw you bringing those useless girls at your place every now and then, and you are ten years older than me.” She was almost out of breath while whispering those words.

Me: “Yeah! I am a bad guy”, and I lifted her like a doll in my both arms, carry her to the bed room and threw her on the bed. Then like a hungry tiger I leisurely crawled at her.

We kissed again and I shoved my tongue inside her. She looked at me with big dark eyes.

Swati: “No man ever touched me till today. I vowed to save myself for a better man”.

Me: “I assure you, I am the worst man of all you ever met or ever will.”

I placed my hand inside her skirt and with a swift pull I brought the undergarment to her ankle, the other hand was busy playing her soft bosoms. It barely took a minute to strip every bit her clothes. She didn’t resist at all.

I still don’t know how her tender fragile teenage body took the brutal assault. Mad with lust and desire I became a beast. After the storm we were lying naked in bed, in each other’s arms. She was sobbing and I was holding her tight, too tight.

Few days passed. On a Sunday afternoon when I was working on my laptop, there was a knock on the door.

As I opened I saw Iti, the younger sister of Swati was standing there.

Me: “Come in”. I invited her in. She stepped inside hesitatingly.

Me:”What’s up?”

Iti: “There is a guy bothering me, he is a student at dad’s college. I don’t want to tell him, he is already in too much trouble with the students. Swati is also acting weirdly for last few days. I heard that guy is also the part of same student political group who held my dad in the college that day”

I looked at her, closely. She has the same stature like Swati, almost the same height. She was in her uniform, plated hair, hardly 2 years younger than Swati. Same big dark eyes, puffy cheeks, red lips, same……….

Me: “I’ll see what I can do. Now go home”.