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**The chat window opens in facebook page**

She : You and I are done.

Me: Woah, what happened?

She: Why did you send a friend request to my sister?

Me: Well, she’s cute and I kinda like her.

She: You J***! We are so done. *Blocked*

**Another chat window opens**

Her Sis: Hey why did you add me here? Don’t you know my sis doesn’t like all these?

Me: I know, I just like you more.

Her Sis: Gosh! My sis will kill you.

Me: She already broke up with me, I told her.

Her Sis: You m*****, never ever talk to me. *Blocked*

** The door opens**

My Friend: Hey dude, what you are doing? Sorry I forgot to logout from facebook in your laptop.

Me: (Smile) I am doing nothing bro. nothing at all.