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Scientist 1: So you are telling me time travel is possible.

Scientist 2: Indeed.

Scientist 1: And all these while, we did not have any idea how to make that possible.

Scientist 2: As a matter of fact, we always did. We always had it right in front of us but we could never see it.

Scientist 1: I am skeptical. All these while we knew about it still couldn’t travel in time?

Scientist 2: That’s true. In fact, a lot of us did, without even knowing.

Scientist 1: I’m confused. I am really confused.

Scientist 2: About what?

Scientist 1: Alright say we have a time machine. Say as you have claimed probably you have invented the time machine. But what about the basic questions and paradoxes about time travel?

Scientist 2: What about them?

Scientist 1: What about ‘Grandfather Paradox, Bootstrap Paradox or Butterfly effect? How can you avoid them while traveling in time? Or are you going to throw the multiverse theory at me?

Scientist 2: Naah, they can be explained without creating multiple universes as their after effect.

Scientist 1: I am eager to know.

Scientist 2: Alright, let’s take the Grandfather Paradox as an example.

Say someone travels back in time and kills his grandfather before he even met his grandmother. Obviously, that means deleting his family tree from his grandfather and then the time traveler cannot exist and that’s impossible because he just went back in time from the present and he exists in the present. Hence a time travel when travel in time will not and must not have the power to change the course of history. Now it is quite naïve to expect some divine power will stop him from doing so.

In that case, the most likely proposed theory is the time traveler will be invisible. He will be a mute spectator and not only that, while he is there in the past, nobody will be able to see him. To make things simple, a time traveler’s conscience, his mind will travel back in time, not his body. So he will be witnessing everything but will not have the power to change anything, at the same time because he will be invisible to all the people in the past, he won’t come across in any harm’s way.

Scientist 1: Let’s say we accept this theory, but then that will bring us to the Bootstrap paradox. What if a famous movie director yet to be famous in time decided to travel in future. There he came to know he will make a movie in another 5 years which will make him famous worldwide. He watched the movie in future, came back in present and made the exact copy of it. So basically the original screenplay, plot and the movie is actually a copied version from the future.

Scientist 2: Yes, that just can’t happen. You cannot create the original by copying from one of copied piece from the future. That paradox has only one solution. The time traveler shouldn’t remember any detail of his travel, because if he remembers any of that can change the course of the history or future. So as he will be traveling in past or future, once he will come back he won’t remember any events.

Scientist 1: What if someone travels with a camera or portable recording device?

Scientist 2: Technically it is not possible, I believe that will not work either, first of all, the person will travel without a body, only his mind. And if he could possibly take it also, the electromagnetic field that will be created while traveling will damage any electronic goods.

Scientist 1: So the points we got from here are

  • A person can only travel in time without his mortal body, just his mind and he can only see but possess no power to meddle with anything.
  • Once he is back in presence his memory will not be able to remember anything he saw.
  • He cannot record anything either.

Then what is the whole point of traveling into time? It’s useless then.


Scientist 2: If only you think of conventional time travel that feeds into our minds for centuries then yes! But the truth is, people have already traveled in time.

Scientist 1: When and how?

Scientist 2: Time dilation, as described in the theory of relativity. The time moves slower than earth in space, due to the gravitational force, the earth’s rotation on its own axis and also for orbiting around the sun. Every astronaut who traveled in space starting from Yuri Gagarin, they all came back to earth a little younger.

Scientist 1: So………………

Scientist 2: Longer you travel in the space, slower the time moves. And then when you come back to earth, you see you are ahead of your time, or perhaps behind it.

Scientist 1: I don’t know what to say!

Scientist 2: Time travel is a one-way ticket, my friend. Once you travel in it, there is no way to go back and forth.

Scientist 1: We were never formally introduced.

Scientist 2: You can call me an alien, as I left the earth 500 years ago.

Scientist 1: …………………..

Scientist 2: have you ever thought about it? The people you call alien or higher intelligent being, what if they are the human who returned…. !!!



Time and time again





Just like every day, Vishnu was looking at Swati in the physics class. While professor Verma was lecturing about time and space Vishnu could only think about those deep dark eyes of Swati, she just joined his college, a late joinee. Rumor is that she is a close relative of Principal Chatterjee.

Vishnu sighed, why all these beautiful girls have to be related to high and mighty. In this case related to that stupid old fool!

“What are you looking at?” Swati whispered.


Year 2015:

“What are you looking at?” Swati whispered.

Vishnu felt like he woke up from his dream, his wife swati was looking at him with question and surprise in her eyes. Even their 5 years old son and 8 years old daughter also had the same expression in their faces.

“You’ve been starting at me for like 10 minutes now! Are you alright? Anything wrong?” Swati blurted. She had this uneasy feeling about this look of her husband. It’s the same silent stares he had way back in college.

“I don’t know, I might have been dreaming. Dreaming about our college days. You know, how I used to stare at you from the last bench. Only it felt so real, as if… as if I was there, right there.” Vishnu spoke.

“Ok, alright, enough of dreaming, now drink your juice, you’re getting late. Kids! Fast, finish your corn flex; dad will drop you up both at school.” Swati was feeling warm and li’l shy in front of her kids, she remembers the sweet old days.


Year 2000:

“What are you looking at?” Swati whispered again.

Vishnu felt like he just woke up from a dream. Was it for real? He and Swati are married and have kids?

What a weird dream! Also a dream he wants it come true. He looked at Swati and gave a stupid grin. Swati was looking at him with half curious half disgusted eyes. Man! How he wants her to be his life. Forever.


203 light-years away from Earth:

“Sorry Sir, there was a glitch found in the in space-time continuum in earth, it is promptly identified and fixed”

“Damn it. How long was the glitch? Was any living species of earth got affected?

“Only one reported Sir, a human called Vishnu shah. The glitch was hardly for a minute sir, as per the time calculation system of earth.

“Ok, is he aware of it? Is he suspicious about anything?”

“No Sir, the human thought he was dreaming. We had his brain scanned, his memory about the incident is slowly fading.

“Alright. Next time be careful, this shouldn’t be repeated again.”