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The Bad Guy




(Disclaimer: Strict adult content ahead, please do not read if you do not wish to, or if you are underage)



I opened the door and threw my wallet and mobiles on the couch. It was a bad day. Need some peace and good scotch.”Time to open a new bottle”, I thought.

And there’s a knock on the door, as I just closed it. Who could it be at this hour? I checked the time, 9:35 PM, whining and grunting I opened it.

It was Swati standing there, 19 years old daughter of my next door neighbor Mr Chakraborty, Principal of St. john’s college. As like all other neighbors of mine, I have the extra sweet relationship with them as well. People here know me as an alcoholic, womanizer and don’t give a fuck kind of guy. They hate my guts and I despise those miserable low lives.

I could see her eyes were red and swollen, dried tears on her cheeks, She has been crying for a while.

Me: “What happened?”

Swati: “The Students are again agitated, they surrounded the college and dad is stuck in there. Police are not able to penetrate; we don’t even know what condition he is in. Mom, me and sister are helpless, mom’s crying since evening.”

Me: “Good, serves him right.”

Swati:”How could you be so cruel, he was your professor once”

Me: And so I know, he deserves it.

I remember our violent clashes and arguments with him. I always hated too righteous people and he is one of them.

Swati: “Avik is your friend, call him, and tell him to release my dad”.

Avik is the leader of local student political group. I know the agitation is going on under his watch.

Me: “And why should I do that?” I asked looking straight at her.

There was change in her posture. All these while she was speaking in a low voice bending her shoulder and was not looking right at me. Now she was firm and steady and made an eye contact with me.

Swati: “What you want? To sleep with me? Tell me.”, She spoke in with an unshaken voice.

Me: “Yeah right! Go home. Let me see what I can do” I nearly closed the door on her face.

It wasn’t a tough task to call Avik and get Swati’s father out of the mess unharmed. Though principal Chakraborty was adamant to accept my help, his wife and both daughters were grateful.

After 3 days on a Saturday afternoon Swati brought a Tiffin box paratha and mutton curry.

Swati : “Mom sent it.”, she announced while placing it on the dining table. “And she said thanks again”.

She was a wearing a sky-blue color frock till her knees and a light pink color top, looked like she just had a bath and hair were open and still wet. I slowly stepped forward at her, caught her wrist and pulled hard towards me. She got imbalanced and fell on me. I held her waist, pulled her closer and kissed those soft red lips.

After almost a minute when we broke of our kiss, she leaned on me.

Swati: “I hate you. You have no respect for my father, you’re alcoholic, I saw you bringing those useless girls at your place every now and then, and you are ten years older than me.” She was almost out of breath while whispering those words.

Me: “Yeah! I am a bad guy”, and I lifted her like a doll in my both arms, carry her to the bed room and threw her on the bed. Then like a hungry tiger I leisurely crawled at her.

We kissed again and I shoved my tongue inside her. She looked at me with big dark eyes.

Swati: “No man ever touched me till today. I vowed to save myself for a better man”.

Me: “I assure you, I am the worst man of all you ever met or ever will.”

I placed my hand inside her skirt and with a swift pull I brought the undergarment to her ankle, the other hand was busy playing her soft bosoms. It barely took a minute to strip every bit her clothes. She didn’t resist at all.

I still don’t know how her tender fragile teenage body took the brutal assault. Mad with lust and desire I became a beast. After the storm we were lying naked in bed, in each other’s arms. She was sobbing and I was holding her tight, too tight.

Few days passed. On a Sunday afternoon when I was working on my laptop, there was a knock on the door.

As I opened I saw Iti, the younger sister of Swati was standing there.

Me: “Come in”. I invited her in. She stepped inside hesitatingly.

Me:”What’s up?”

Iti: “There is a guy bothering me, he is a student at dad’s college. I don’t want to tell him, he is already in too much trouble with the students. Swati is also acting weirdly for last few days. I heard that guy is also the part of same student political group who held my dad in the college that day”

I looked at her, closely. She has the same stature like Swati, almost the same height. She was in her uniform, plated hair, hardly 2 years younger than Swati. Same big dark eyes, puffy cheeks, red lips, same……….

Me: “I’ll see what I can do. Now go home”.


Ashok and his family

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It’s exactly 9:20 am in the morning, as always, Ashok is sitting on the branch of this mango tree just outside his house. This is where he can see his room right through the window.

He knows everybody in this house uses his room for their secret despising acts. Yes! Every one of them. But they don’t know Ashok knows about everything.


Now he can see his elder sister Preeti came into the room and locked the door. She is now calling her boyfriend Mahesh. They will speak for 15 mins and then she’ll leave for her college. Ashok knows this Mahesh is married with a kid and having relations with another 3 girls. How can her sister be so blind!!! Wish he could warn his sister.


As Ashok’s sister left, his elder brother Kishore comes in, within 5 mins. He’s got handful of money which Ashok know for sure is stolen from his dad’s purse. Kishore is pushing all the money in his school bag hurriedly. It’s just a year back his brother got dope addicted. Now he needs bore money to buy his cigarettes and daily doses of dopes. Ashok knows about this too. And he can hardly do anything about it.


It’s almost 10am now; he knows his dad is going to enter his room. He needs to discuss his dealings about the financial irregularities with his friend and partner in crime Rakesh uncle. It’s been a while his father is cheating his business partner ‘Agarwal’ with the help of his friend Rakesh. Ashok felt heavy in his heart. Is there no one who isn’t twisted in his family? He knows Agarwal came to know about his father’s murky dealings and planning to set trap for him. How can he save him from all these?


Ashok’s mother never comes in to his room; it’s been a year almost. Wait… what Ashok is seeing now?

His mother is in his room. She is turning pages of his drawing book and weeping. And in a flash he remembers. This is 12th August 2010. Same day last year, when he was sitting here, in the same tree, on the same branch. As he was peeping through the window of his room, he found his mother and Rakesh uncle was with each other. As he eagerly tried to stand on the branch to see what they were doing…..

Ashok will never forget that moment. When he was falling of the branch, horror in his mother’s eyes and the shocked look of Rakesh uncle.


Ashok felt the wetness in his eyes as he sighed heavily. Only if, he was alive now to tell every one of them of his family, how much he loves them.