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The Story Within




He: I have created you. But I’ve no idea how should the story progress.

She: Did you hit a writer’s block?

He: Maybe. I don’t know. But I described you just the way I have ever desired somebody in my life.

She: So I am your dream girl…..

He: Perhaps, yes..

She: *Giggling* So Mr. Writer, are you falling in love with your own creation?


He: I don’t like this new character I have introduced in this story.

She: The handsome stranger you mean.

He: Yes. I think I will make him disappear.

She: *Sarcastic tone* Are you feeling insecure about him? That I may fall for him.

He: I portrayed you as a strong independent woman. I know you can’t be compelled to do anything.

She: Then let the stranger be in this story.


He: No. It can’t be.

She: Why? You said yourself, I can’t be forced.

He: Because I love you, and I can’t see you be with him.

She: But I don’t love you. Besides I am just a character in your story.


Journalist: *While taking the interview* So Miss Jhumpa Banerjee, what is your new novel is all about?

Jhumpa: Well, I am writing a story where a writer while writing a story slowly falling for the main protagonist. Someone he has portrayed as his most desired companion.

Journalist: Great. So how this ends? A happy ending or a tragic one?

Jhumpa: *Laughs* I can’t tell you that. You have to read the book. By the way I haven’t decided yet.


She: *Frantically knocking the coffin the door* No you can’t do this to me, let me out. LET ME OUT!!

He: Oh I can, remember I am the one who’s writing the story. So the handsome stranger you fell for turned out to be a serial murderer who kills his victims by burying them alive. As we are speaking he is slowly lowering the coffin into the 6-foot pit.

She: You can’t do this to me you sick freak. You created a character and then fell for her, and when she stopped your advances he are killing her. You can’t do this *Sobbing*

He: It’s all over now. You are buried under 6 feet and no one can hear you screaming. Goodbye Jhumpa.


Writer Jhumpa Banerjee opened her eyes as she was lying on her bed. All of a sudden she’s feeling suffocated. She tried to get up but couldn’t. It felt like she’s in a closed box and no matter how hard she is trying she just can’t free her arms and legs, and nobody seems to hear her screaming. Her body slowly started to sink in the bed.


Writer’s block

(Writer’s block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown. The condition ranges in difficulty from coming up with original ideas to being unable to produce a work for years: Wikipedia)


Sunday, 1:05 AM:

I was sitting in front of my laptop, my mind blank. Blank like clean white sheet of paper without a scratch of ink on it. My fingers on the keyboard aren’t running, they are stuck just like my mind.

Monday 2:30 AM:

There’s a plot dangling in my mind, from the morning. But I can’t seem to put it in words. It’s just not flowing out my mind to my fingers. And I am wide awake at this ungodly hour of night. My sleep eludes me, so is the plot in my mind.

Tuesday 1:45 AM:

I am writing few sentences and deleting them from 3 hours now. I am hardly pressing the enter button and frequently pressing the backspace button. Every sentence I am forming just not making the sense I want to make it to. I know I can’t sleep. Probably reading book will be a good idea. Moby-Dick should be an ideal one.

Wednesday 3:15 AM:

Another day, same old story. I am taking a walk on my lane at this lonely hour, dogs barking, and few other sounds making a very peculiar ambiance of this very silent night of September. I checked my mobile; it’s past 3 AM in the morning.

Thursday 2:00 AM

I guess I made some progress at last. I wrote half a page today. But I don’t like the characters in this. They are boring. They are so one dimensional. I am sure readers will find them the same way. May be they will think I am a ‘C’ grade writer, using the same characters in different plots, or is it other way around?

Friday 4:20 AM

I am lost again, and this time I am at sea. I have no clue how and where to go from here. I need a motivation, some driving power. I can’t sleep again; it’s been a week now. Time to watch some classics, I am thinking Godfather trilogy.

Saturday 2:35 AM

I checked my mobile again. There is no reply. It’s been a week and so I have asked her. She doesn’t say yes, she doesn’t say no, her eyes says yes, her lips says no